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Xiaomi Mi Band Review: Cheap and Effective

If you are planning to start a fitness routine and looking for the gadgets which can help you track your progress then Xiaomi has a surprise for you. Xiaomi has launched a fitness band called Xiaomi Mi Band.It’s the most basic of fitness trackers and as Xiaomi is known for releasing products at affordable prices, Xiaomi Mi Band is not going to drill a hole in your pocket. The Xiaomi Mi Band is as simple as a fitness tracker can get. There is no display on it.

Xiaomi Mi Band

The sensors of the Mi Band are housed in a poly-carbonate body with an aluminum top with chambered edges.The capsule ­shaped Mi Band measures just 14 x 36 x 9 mm and weighs trifling 5 grams. There are two golden colored charging ports. There is a facility of three LED lights, whose color can be set as green, blue, red and orange.

Mi Fit app: The Mi Fit app is the heart of the Mi Band. The app is available on Android and iOS for free. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. It has to be paired via Bluetooth to the smartphone app to sync recordings. You can switch off Bluetooth on your mobile to save battery and pair it only when you wish to see results.

Xiaomi mi band

At the first step you will have to sign in with their Mi account or create a new account. The app will ask for personal information like gender, birthday, height and weight. Users will have to set a daily target from 2000 and 30,000 steps. The app makes band to vibrate and notify users about incoming calls and also work as a alarm clock. The band will vibrate to wake you in the morning. The incoming call alert works when you are within the Bluetooth range.

What exactly does the Mi Band along with Mi Fit do It tracks the total number of steps, distance and approximate amount of calories lost everyday and also tracks your sleep cycle. If you are wearing the band while sleeping, it will show you the time you actually slept and woke up in the morning. The night mode shows the hours of deep sleep you had.

Xiaomi Mi

The Mi band counts the number of steps you took in a certain period of time. The app then calculates and shows the amount of calories you burned in that span After the initial excitement, you might lose interest in the band. It just continues to store data which is of very little use. The activity bar chart shows your fitness trend and initially, the band will motivate users to complete their daily goal to be active.

The band just focuses on making you walk or run to reach your daily goal.The Mi Band tracks sleep, counts steps, work as an alarm, notifies about incoming calls and battery lasts a month. With self motivation and these features if you think the Mi Band can help you to be fit, then go ahead and buy it. After all, it is just 1000 bucks.

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