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Dropified Review 2024: Is This Dropshipping Software Worth?


Dropified is the best dropshipping software that makes it easy for people to begin with a new business, connect with the suppliers, and sourcing products.


No need to worry about packaging, shipping, and inventory storage, one can start a business with a little investment & no need to purchase inventory.

One just needs to find the products they wish to sell and market their business, Dropified will do the rest.

Dropified Review

The biggest issue dropshippers face is searching for reliable suppliers and the best dropshipping app to work with. Many customers claims that dropped has very interesting features that make them unique in the competition.

So In this Dropified review, we’ll elaborate on every feature, benefits, working, pros & cons, and is it with the money? Dig into this detailed guide.

Dropified Review: Find Product, Promote & Start Selling

Earlier known as Shopified, this application is present in the market for a while now. This software helps in building up eCommerce businesses easily and also lets them fulfill orders very fast.

Dropified Dropshipping

With this application, it is easy to research and import products from various sources. If there’s an urge to save time and money by leaving all those hectic tasks aside, then Dropified helps in numerous ways to eliminate that.

Dropified saves from problems in various ways and relieves from the daunting processes. It simply makes lives effortless and helps in focussing on other important things of a business. The application also helps in saving the money earned and gets everything at a possibly lower price. It offers more and more products and creates better opportunities.

Adding Products manually usually takes around 10 to 15 minutes, whereas, with this app, these can be added within a span of 10 seconds. Product Pricing is also updated within a minute and there’s no need to waste regularly 10 minutes in a row. Also, the orders are fulfilled automatically all it requires is 1-20 seconds of monitoring. There’s no requirement of gushing behind order completion. Let’s take a look at the features of the application.

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Fast Order FulfillmentDropified Fulfill order

Unlike other apps where product tracking and knowing product availability becomes one hell of a task, this application makes the work easy. With its automated functioning, it can check the product’s availability, the orders with regards to it, and can track it as well.

This makes an e-commerce business way more efficient and problem-free. Apart from that, they also easily track data and can review a product at a glance. All a person needs to do is look at the notification, ht’s it! This saves a lot of manpower that can be used in some other work.

Dropified Features 🌟

Dropified Product Features

1. One-Click Ordering

The hassle that comes around with other platforms such as copying and pasting customer information, is not present over here. A person can simply place orders in a click and they don’t need to worry about anything else.

2. Ordering Modes

There is control of everything and even one can decide through which mode do they order. The application provides three options that are one-click, step-by-step, and one-click with shipping selection. It can automatically adjust based on your inventory levels as well.

3. In-App Image editor

All advanced and straightforward edits can be made with the help of the In-App Image Editor. This feature can edit all product images easily and inside the web application and there’s no need to transfer images to another editor.

4. Image Extractor

This feature is truly amazing as Dropified can extract and scan all the pages and can find out both product images and descriptions together. So there’s no need to going through and scroll something recklessly when there is Dropified software.

Dropified Product Image Features

5. Easy to follow training

In case someone doesn’t know how to use the application, then there are training modules awaiting. There are detailed modules that help in raising the automated business. Also, these modules can help take their business to a whole new level. You can read this Dropified review we will cover all about it.

6. Easy and Quick Customer updates

All the updates with regards to customers receiving orders, sending any new updates to customers, and many other things. This simplifies the process and saves a lot of time and also helps in taking good care of customers as well.

7. Managing Stores Together

In this case, the Dropified App works like a POS System. All the data from multiple stores is generated to a single company with this platform. Also, the inventory lists and updates can be made with the help of this feature.

8. Adding Products with one click

Rather than creating new inventory sheets and taking the hassle of manually adding each product, this option lets add and place products in the store in barely a click. This makes functioning very easy and saves a lot of time.

Dropified Add Products

9. Auto Order Tracking

Order tracking is a very complex job and it wastes a lot of time in knowing which product is currently at what location. Dropified constantly works in the background and checks all orders and tracking updates. It also does many other detailed things.

10. Great number of Product Pages

There are more than 30 catalogs present on the platform and anything can be updated with it. The best part is that there are so many products present and anything can be added with the help of a single click.

11. Price changing alerts

If the vendor whose in dealing is changing prices regularly, then the Dropified Application notifies with every new update. This can help in deciding the new price and profit margin to keep.

12. Finding ePacket Products

At times when we start businesses, we look at products and are manually adding everything to our inventory list or product boards. But over here, all a person needs to do is click on the products and it’ll automatically add up to the list.

13. Product Boards

Here, hundreds of products can be added to the Dropified application and then can be organized based on the business’s niches. For example, if a business is dealing with electronics, then products can be added in a click in various niches such as earphones, televisions, speakers, etc.

Dropified Product Reviews

14. Automatic Price Multiplier

Dropified can automatically multiply all the prices and populate them with prices that are based on the profit requirements. It can also add prices based on the markup.

15. US-based Database

Now, get in touch with customers faster as there is access to various products that ship from the US. Generally, there are over 10,000 products that are brought up from the United States and are shipped on a regular basis.

16. Easy Setup with variants

The Variant Setup helps to create loads of variant products and does many other things altogether. It saves a lot of time and makes work very efficient. This time can rather be used in other few things of business.

17. Checking Product Availability

Product availability can be checked at any time of the day and it can notify if any product that is a big seller is going out of stock. This is one of the best features of this platform as one doesn’t need to go through stock lists and everything is automated.

New Dropified Features

18. Unlimited Sub Users

Apart from the person who is mainly accessing the store, there are various sub-users who can access the store online and can manage the Shopify store from one particular place.

Dropified Review: How To Use

Dropified Add Product

While we talk about how Dropified works, it promises to save sellers for approximately 20 hours in a week this automated functions makes it easier and comfortable for a user.

To begin with a great user experience, a person need to create an eCommerce Store and of course, a Dropified Account.

Dropified can be integrate with platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, gearbubble PRO, CommerceHQ, Amazon, eBay and many other sites.

This way, there is a powerful eCommerce Store and reliable suppliers working together and making great money. The integrations have no limitations and there are various combos that can be set up in lesser than 3 minutes.

Once the store is set up with Dropified, here are a few things need to be done:

Browse, Pick, and import that you prefer to sell. With the integrated platforms, there are over a thousand products that are available.


Products imported will then appear in the inventory list with the apt product description and images. These can be customized with the help of the features and make it ‘brand-suitable’.


Once these things are done and edited based on the brand’s requirements, everything is ready to be on the eCommerce Platform.

After the manual things are done, here’s how the Dropified App works:

After the customers place an order, Dropified will place the order at the suppliers and there’s no need for any manual order finalizations.


Once the order is accepted, the supplier will ship the product to the customer.


The customer’s shipping information is automatically mailed to them.

Dropified Automatic fulfill

Fulfilling all orders manually and monitoring everything along with it is a very hectic task and quite unmanageable at times. Dropified automated feature’s ease up the business and make a room for more orders. Once the orders are placed and all details are entered, the features automatically update all these details and sends them to the suppliers. All Dropified needs is a ‘click’ and it’ll start working accordingly.

Dropified Vs Oberlo

There are many things to look at before starting a Dropshipping, most importantly, choosing the best dropshipping apps. Although Dropified & Oberlo both are similar, there are a few reasons why Dropified is better. Both of them have an extension and are in high-level competition, there are various reasons why Dropified is the best oberlo alternative.

  • Product Reach

Oberlo can reach somewhere between 10,000-30,000 products to sell. Dropified, on the other hand, has a great product reach which is at a minimum of 15,000 and ends up to 50,000. So, you get one plus point to figure out best product to sell.

  • Support from eCommerce Platforms

Oberlo is only supported and integrated with Shopify, and Dropified is integrated with 4 platforms namely WooCommerce, GrooveKart, Shopify and CommerceHQ.

  • Yearly Plans

Apparently Oberlo has no yearly plan and no discount for users who wish to use it for complete 365 days. Whereas Dropified has two yearly plans that save somewhere between $96 to $3060 every year. So dropified is cheaper then oberlo, it’s make the platform dedicated to their client’s betterment as well.

  • AliExpress Research Tool

Oberlo doesn’t support the AliExpress research tool which works for a product. Whereas Dropified supports both its packages for this tool.

  • Auto Place Order Button

With dropified, various orders can take place at a single time. Oberlo has no such feature and order placements happen manually. Dropified is more faster to place an order in comparison to Oberlo.

One thing that’s absolutely clear is that Dropified is very rich feature-wise in comparison to Oberlo. It is more functioning and easy to use.

So, dropified is a much better platform than Oberlo.

Dropified Fulfillment Features

Dropified Pricing Packages 💸

There are two packages and a free 14-day trial available on the platform. Therefore if someone needs to know anything about the product, then they can check out the trial version of the app. Here are the details of the features in every pack:

Plan 1- Free Trial

The trial version is slightly different than the elite plan as it has a few limitations, but it is available for free for a span of 14 days. Here’s what one gets:

  • 1 Store Limit. 
  • A maximum of 500 saved products.
  • A maximum of 10 Product Boards. 
  • A Maximum of 50 1-Click Add to Shopify.
  • Maximum of 50 products on the eCommerce store.
  • Up to 50 Automated 1-Click orders.
  • Bulk Editing of Products.
  • 10,000+ US-based products ready to ship.
  • Product Price Changing alerts.
  • Product Availability Alerts.
  • Updates in Inventory.
  • Automatic Price Changes.

Plan 2- Builder Plan at $47/month

Dropified Builder Pricing

This plan is a great option for beginners in this business. Here’s a detail of what all is included:

  • 1 Store and after that one wishes to add, then it’s $27 per store. 
  • An unlimited amount of products can be saved.
  • An unlimited number of Product Boards can be created.
  • An Unlimited Number of Orders allowed while using 1-Click Technology. 
  • Bulk Editing of Products.
  • 15,000+ US-based products ready to ship.
  • Product Price Changing alerts.
  • Product Availability Alerts.
  • Updates in Inventory.
  • Automatic Price Changes.

Plan 3- Premier Plan at $127/month

Dropified Premier Pricing

This is the biggest plan that the company offers. It includes everything in an unlimited way and is a great plan for permanent users.

The plan includes:

  • Add as many stores as per the wish.
  • An unlimited number of saved products.
  • It can create unlimited Product Boards.
  • An Unlimited Number of Orders allowed while using 1-Click Technology. 
  • Bulk Editing of Products.
  • 50,000+ US-based products ready to ship.
  • Product Price Changing alerts.
  • Product Availability Alerts.
  • Updates in Inventory.
  • Automatic Price Changes.

Dropified Pros and Cons

Before buying it, look at the pros and cons of the Product:


  • Great application for eCommerce.
  • All in one platform.
  • Can Manage various stores together.
  • Saves time and money in various ways.
  • Lots of products to choose from.


  • Not much difference between the Builder and the Premier Plan.


  • Great application for eCommerce

Unlike other applications that provide lesser features and even charge more, this application makes online business easier with its automation features. Also, it charges way less than other apps.

  • All in one platform

The platform includes everything at a place and there absolutely no need to shift to any other platform. One can do editing over here, can change prices, and set up automated inventory and prices. Why would one turn to any other place if everything is over here?

  • Can Manage various stores together

Handling various stores is tough and creates a lot of problems. Therefore, the application provides the option of adding a few stores together and manages then like an accurate POS System.

  • Saves time and money in various ways

There’s no need to have a warehouse to store goods and it clearly saves a lot of money that goes in extra shipping and inventory storing. Next, the automated features make way for more orders to bring a lot of ease, this saves a lot of time. 

  • Lots of products to choose from:

There are a lot of products to choose from the US-based platform. More than 10,000 products are available for sale and each of them can be added in the inventory list and product board.


  • Not much difference between the Builder and Premier Plan

There aren’t many differences between the elite and unlimited plans. There’s nothing more than adding a few paid or free extra stores, and it’s not worthy to buy something that’s 70 dollars more. However, if someone has too many stores online, then they can buy the unlimited plan.

Dropified Reviews & Testimonials

There are various testimonials that claim dropified is amazing tool to use in every store, it’s very handy and saves a lot of time. Reviews also claim that it is by far the most important app for Shopify and it is way more affordable than the competition. It is an essential app for selling online and is the best dropshipping tool in the dropshipping industry.

There is no dropified review that claims it is a scam and nearly everyone appreciates it. This software is a no brainer and makes working a lot easier than expected. If you consider testimonials, then this product will help in various ways.

Dropified Reviews & Testimonial

Dropified Review: A must-buy Product! 😍

If you ask us how is this product, we say that it’s totally worth the money and every online businessman should buy it. It is an impressive dropshipping app that attracts various users because of the ease it brings to the business. With features like 1-Click buying and adding, automation and multiplied pricing, and automatic inventory updates, this application is surely making eCommerce a lot more easy use and accessible by everyone.

Usually, store owners are not able to manage online business due to the last of information, but here, the business can be managed without any hassle and trouble and almost everything happens automatically. Overall, it’s something that’s worthwhile for the investment.

Dropified Integrate

The next time there’s a doubt that should this be bought or not, read this Dropified review and there won’t even be a need to search once again. Whatever this product does is truly amazing and no other dropshipping platform can provide this. This Application can be downloaded as a Chrome Extension or also can be used in a complete web-based manner. There is no usage issue and overall its pretty easy to use and even a newbie can use it.

Dropified is also very facilitating and brings a whole new level of ease. If there’s a new business, the initial stages go through a lot of struggling phase and bring a lot of troubles. Therefore for those businesses, this platform is the perfect one, to begin with, and there are no second doubts in the same. Just download the application and purchase the desired package and that’s all!


😍 Is the Dropified Application Value for Money?

Yes, it is totally worth the money. Even testimonials claim that the Dropified Application eases up lives to a whole new extent.

👍 Does Dropified Application’s one-click feature truly work?

Yes, once a person clicks on a product, it doesn’t even take long and the product board is updated within 10 seconds.

❣️ Does Dropified Application work for beginners?

Yes, it is a total blessing for beginners. In fact, newbies don’t need to work on the tougher pattern, this makes it easier right from the beginning.

🤔 Can Dropified Application manage a few stores together?

Yes, it can manage as many stores as one wants under the platform. It can also automatically work on all platforms without having to monitor each and every.

👊 Is there any way to learn the Dropified Application?

Yes, there is a detailed training guide present alongside the detailed modules where people can learn anything they want to about the platform. These modules are easy to follow and step by step.

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