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Before submitting your post for thought, please note the subsequent guidelines:

Submission of your guest post doesn’t guarantee publication. Your submission are going to be reviewed and if it meet our guidelines it will be probably be published.

Below are our standard style and submission guidelines. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Submissions with a “visit my site” or “check out my product” kind feel won’t be accepted. Likewise, submissions that seem to be strictly PR- or SEO-related won’t be accepted.
  • Posts should be high-quality, original content (i.e. not published anyplace else online).
  • Please create a combined effort to use correct writing system, descriptive linguistics and punctuation. owing to time constraints, submissions that need excessive editing can’t be accepted.Make sure any links in your post are relevant and valid.
  • Links deemed to be immaterial to the most idea of your post are removed without warning. Likewise, any non-working links are going to be removed swiftly.
  • Posts can’t be blatantly promotional.
  • Links to your website or journal ought to be enclosed within the bio at the end of the post. Links linking to relevant content on a blog from the body of the post is appropriate, however shouldn’t be promotional in nature.
  • Posts will be submitted as HTML via .txt or normal text will be submitted using Word.
  • Author bio up to a hundred words (can embrace links)
  • Optional: Bio image (no over a hundred x 100)
  • Optional: extra pictures (charts, graphs, logos, etc.)
  • Author Bio with Google+ profile.
  • working Profile to ensure that person is not spammer.

Promotion & Reader Interaction:

  • TechNoven promote all posts via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. It is also highly likely that your post will be syndicated by one to 10 other blogs.
  • Guest bloggers are encouraged to distribute their post throughout social media.
  • Please check the blog post intermittently to respond to any comments.

Note: You’ll be able to use concepts, ideas and lessons you’ve got written concerning within the past as long as the content itself is new.

Style Guide To Be Followed:

  • Article length: More than 500 words, Can be exceeded if article is highly influencial.
  • Post titles: Initial caps, no over 70 characters long
  • Subheads: use of subheads (H2, H1, etc.), bulleted lists and unordered lists are inspired for a positive user experience and readability.
  • TechNoven is versatile on the amount of links in a very post, however stay affordable.

Images & Graphics:

  • Format: .jpg or .png
  • Size: no larger than 600 pixels wide
  • Sourcing: source pictures at the top of the post and embrace links for attribution when required.
  • Bio headshot:
  • You may offer up to a  100 x  100 head shot to incorporate with the bio.

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