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EcomHunt Review: Does This Product Hunt Tool Worth To Buy?


Described as the drop-shippers favorite weapon to ace the e-commerce business, ❣️ EcomHunt captures the market by spying on products that are hot and trending amongst the buyers online and packages the list with all the relevant and helpful details a seller can ever need, to list, promote and scale their products.

EcomHunt Review

💚 What is EcomHunt? In-Depth Review

EcomHunt is a product spying tool that enriches your niche with a curation of products, carefully studied and chosen to help a seller and a drop-shipper find their profit-making product lists.

It manually finds the winning list on daily-basis for a user’s perusal and the user can choose the products to target from the list which ultimately saves a huge amount of effort and money that goes into niche-building, originally.

Basically, this spy tool engages with the APIs from various platforms, extracts the data, studies and uploads it manually for its users. All your competitors are covered in the process and it weighs the products against the selling and scaling capabilities, to find the best.

Additional to this, it also covers a range of data points that help a seller to list and draw significant profit margins. You may choose to list it anywhere you wish to, be it eBay, Amazon or your own store on Shopify or WooCommerce.

🤔 EcomHunt: Is It Best Product Hunt Tool?

EcomHunt Product Hunt

Drop shipping is in the spotlight these days where you get to play along e-commerce business and earn, without really having a stock in your inventory!

EcomHunt comes with the power to drive that game with a curation of hot-selling products that have received a lot of likes & reviews by users on social media & other platforms and a list of features and additions that are as explained below.

The products can be filtered according to a buyers’ choice of sorting (newest first, oldest first, and orders), category (any specific target market you wish to explore), offer types and range of days in which they’ve been added to the website (for example- Last 7/14/30 days and last one month)

Offer types have three options to select from, which is ‘Free+Shipping’, that is a product has to be free to unlock in case you’re not a paid user and has shipping included. The other option is ‘Funnel’, that is all products that will appear in the search will have additional information on the sales funnel and analysis for it. Similarly, last option says ‘Retail Price’, which means products filtered will have another data point to their list in detail.

💥 EcomHunt Features For Dropshipers

Or, a user may directly type in the product name and search results for that specific niche!

Product Description

The way a product can be defined, structured in writing and explained to a buyer along with all the specifications of the product. This comes first before anything else, and has to be a complete top-notch description that covers all the positives of the product, so it is advisable that you just don’t copy and paste what they propose as a sample. It will not outstand in the market to sell as there are already a large number of free and paid users of EcomHunt. Plagiarism is not a good demon.

Product Images

Puts it out for buyers to see even before he/she could start imagining about how a product could look like after he reads the name. These are high quality images that you can source and use at your own online store, just pay attention to the watermarks (if any) on the photos.

Costs, RRP (Recommended Retail Price) Profits & Margins

Given the competition in the dropshipping market, it is necessary to have a product evaluated for its costs, retail price, and profitability before you base a business on it.

EcomHunt Profits & Costs

Direct Import to Shopify

With this option, a user can anytime import the details of the chosen products to their own store at shopify, but one must make sure to edit the description and other details in order to prevent plagiarism and have better rankings for your products.


EcomHunt analytics help you to find out profits, CPA, Source (from where the products have been researched and extracted), orders, votes, review count, and ratings. Not just that, it even shows the data on the engagement of users on a listing in numbers of likes, comments, shares and reactions.

EcomHunt Analytics

Saturation Inspector

That explains the saturation of a product in the market, in the terms of stores selling it online, currently. If too many stores are selling it already, it is pretty saturated for your market then.

EcomHunt Saturation Inspector

More winning products from the same category and a list of popular keywords around the product that should be used in marketing the product. Other features include paid features that are available to pro members only and are as follows:

  • Links to different stores, AliExpress listings.
  • Sell with Oberlo button.
  • Advertisements and videos, be careful about the watermarks in case you’re planning to use them for your own ads.
  • Targeting, which is not really tested by EcomHunt before they share it online. Before launching, you must test the same or similar targeting with relevant interests and active pages related to the same product.
  • Real buyer review from AliExpress
EcomHunt Ads Targeting

🔥 EcomHunt Tutorials & Community

All this together gives a user enough data to gauge the products, create a listing out of it and then work on selling strategy. Adding to this, they have more guiding features like:

  • Webinars and Tutorials, both available for limited access users and pro users, distributed over the website itself and platforms like YouTube. They share teachings to improve and scale the sales using products listed on EcomHunt.
  • Blogs on other insightful topics like what Shopify apps are must-haves, winning products lists and other frequently asked questions before you ask.
  • AdHunter, which is a winning chrome extension of EcomHunt that helps you find and review the real competitor’s Facebook ads and other social media ads data. You get the all the relevant information around those ads like- demographics, traffics, etc. at your disposal. Goes without saying that though this plugin is free of cost, but you need to have an account to use it.
  • EcomHunt community, which is huge and established as a private Facebook group. Once a user signs up on a paid subscription he/she gets invited to the community group with a link in the email box. It is flooded with more lessons and takeaways from others’ experiences which you can learn/implement for free!
EcomHunt Community

😍 Review Of EcomHunt Pricing Plan

EcomHunt has two kinds of memberships allowed- Free and Pro. For free membership, all you have to do is sign up on the platform and confirm the email through the verification link received in your inbox and there you go!

For a Pro plan, beginning from the day of payment, you get a 30-day trial period after which if you wish, you may cancel and get a full refund of the amount you paid for.

Pro Plan Inclusions

EcomHunt Pro Pricing

  • Billed at $29 per month via PayPal, they’re currently offering an early bird discount (30%) for their new patrons, that is $20 per month. They’re also offering a 41% discount on their annual plan for a very limited period these days.
  • Has unlimited products for a user to see, scroll and select.
  • The products are updated on a daily basis, that is, a new list every 24 hours!
  • It gives a user access to all the features and data points of information around the product.
  • Support team available for a 24/7 assistance at your service!

Free Plan inclusions

  • Available on Free sign up with
  • Has limited products, that is only 2 products per day and 5 saved products.
  • Products have limited information points accessible from the list of features explained above, rest are locked.
  • The products aren’t shared on daily basis. The products appear on your list on the third day from when they’ve been researched. Plus, no access to the community is allowed.

😛 Final Verdict On EcomHunt Review

In a crux, EcomHunt is the cheapest option available online as a product research tool or a dropship spy tool, that procures all the information around a product as its focal point, for you to succeed. It has got all that you need to start a new journey or kick-start your old business online, again.

You save immense time and money on creating campaigns, and figuring out the target audience on Facebook, which is provided, ready-made for your Ads. Since they’ve put a lot of effort and heart into hand-picking selective products for you, this tool remains unbeatable on the scale of affordability, productivity and quality.

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