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Elementor vs WPBakery: Which One Is Best Page Builder?


The reason behind every successful online business is an attractive website where the visitors can convert into customers. To create the landing web pages we need a developer or web designer, but nowadays with just a few clicks, we can build our landing pages without any requirement of coding and designing skills.

The popular content management system WordPress makes it easy to create a site by offering various customization options. Previously, it was difficult to customize the WordPress site according to our needs but now there are plenty of tools and widgets in WordPress that makes our work easier.


The page builders hit the market with the customization tricks and the different page builders like WPBakery, Thrive Architect, Elementor, and others are added the advantage to build a good-looking website.

Do you feel difficult in picking the best page builder for your website then, in this article we’re going to compare Elementor vs WPBakery page builders, and from this, you can decide which page builder will be the right pick for your business website and then implement it.

What is WPBakery?

WPBakery is one of the page builder plugins for WordPress that helps to make your website more attractive to visitors. WPBakery was previously named as a visual composer and at present, it is rebranded as WPBakery website page builder.


It is the most trusted page builder plugin for WordPress, they have millions of users and it allows the users to create, edit, and customize the pages with the layout they want.

The drag and drop feature of WPBakery helps to customize every element of your web page as well as posts easily to look more attractive. We can see some of the components to customize like content slider, backgrounds, add more columns, etc.

Without any need for any coding skills, one can easily design a website with WPBakery and with ease & quickly create a website as you imagine. 

In this Elementor vs WPBakery review, let’s see the different features and other components in full detail that helps to build web pages.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is the best WordPress page builder which can create, design, and develop your web pages fast and easily. It offers a drag and drop builder, and you can edit it live & preview the changes in real-time. You can build the web pages with Elementor, as it brings high-level design layouts to build your website with the frontend feature.

Along with designing features, it provides a template library, widgets, and many more to build your landing pages as you like.


Elementor has millions of active installs and it is declared as the most popular WordPress page builder with an easy user-interface, flexible styling options, theme building, and other powerful features.

In the pro version, you can experience even better more features that help you to build a most attractive website. Let’s get into the features comparison between WPBakery vs Elementor.

Differences Between WPBakery vs Elementor

  • Elementor and WPBakery offers unique features, coming to Elementor, it offers integrations, theme content, hotkeys, marketing tools. Whereas WPBakery offers an Auto Shortcode mapper and it is multilingual ready.
  • Elementor and WPBakery have editing tools, designing tools, premade templates, WooCommerce builder, mobile editing tools, and API.
  • Elementor has a Theme builder and Pop up builder and it is not available in WPBakery.
  • Elementor integrates with CRM, Email marketing, social media, and other apps and WPBakery integrates with some addons and over 15 predefined layouts for web pages.
  • Elementor supports with help center, video tutorials, knowledgebase, FAQ pages and WPBakery through video tutorials, lifetime updates, FAQ, Video Academy, Blog, Online support.

Key Features of Elementor & WPBakery

WPBakery & Elementor offers various features to the WordPress users to create the website and if we compare both of them, they offer rich features to create web pages easily without designing skills.

Elementor Features

Elementor page builder got its popularity because of its simple interface and a wide range of features. You can create and design high-professional & quality website within minutes in the pro version and Elementor builder offers unique and ready-made templates that help in building the web pages. The main features to explore in Elementor are:

Elementor Essential Features

Drag and Drop Editor

It has the most intuitive editor in WordPress and you can simply drag & drop, and customize your pages quickly.

Templates and Widgets

Elementor Widgets

It offers more than 300 beautifully crafted templates that can fit any business industry, pick the right ones to build your website. Also, you can create any content you need as it offers dozens of widgets to do whatever like buttons, forms, tables, faq’s, headlines, etc.

Responsive Editing

Elementor allows you to create 100% mobile responsive websites with the help of its mobile editing tools and if necessary you can do changes to the website according to the device. With the mobile editing tools, change the size of the fonts, change the column width by selecting a perfect column layout, etc.

If you want your website to look good on various devices, then all you need to do is just change the breakpoint values of tablet, mobile, and desktop.

Popup Builder and Theme Builder

Elementor allows you to create popups as you want without any restrictions or limitations with targeting options through Popup Builder. On the other side, without any coding skills, it is easy to customize every element of your website with the help of Theme builder.  

WooComerce Builder

With the help of Elementor, you can take control of your own WooCommerce store and even you can design your store as you want to look more attractive. 


It allows you to go through every layer or every website page and at the same time, you can quickly glance into the custom changes. Through indicators, it will be easy to navigate the pages.

Site Settings

Elementor gives access to control all the global elements at one place such as layouts, theme styles, lightbox settings, and many more.

Colors and Fonts Sizes

Elementor Fonts and Colors

Arrange font sizes as you want from titles, button texts, to paragraphs and even it gives access to use the global fonts. With just a simple click you can apply those global fonts whenver you want.

Design your website with global colors, so that it looks more attractive and all you need to do is just save it. After saving them, you can upload the colors at any part of the website as you want.

Background Elements

In Elementor, you can add background gradient colors, images to any WordPress page or posts and also add videos in the background for your site to make it more attractive. Even you can add another layer of color, image for your background, and also customize them according to the device.

CSS Custom Filters

You can add custom CSS and apply them overall to the site or to the specific element. And you can play around with the image setting in Elementor by using CSS filters and also add effects to it.

Section Width and Height

Elementor Layout Features

You have a complete control on different sections when you design the website pages as simple as you want. It means you can build full width pages by using any theme and it will be done easily with the stretch section feature.

Mobile Responsive

Elementor Mobile Responsive Feature

The Elementor’s mobile editing tools help you out to create 100% responsive website that works on all types of electronic devices. Automatically it can perform all the things for responsiveness but if you want particluar font size on the particluar device then you can change it with this editing tool.

It allows you to change the column layout along with the column width. To make your website more adaptive to the devices then all you need to do is simply change thr breakpoint values of mobile & tablet. 


Elementor ECommerce Feature

For e-commerce stores, it allows you to create advanced tables for prices that display your products, and also you can add menus, catalogs to the website. You can use the filter option to categorize the products/services to display what exactly you’re going to sell on the WooCommerce store. Add to Cart button must be added to your product page, along with that you can create my account page, single product page, checkout page, payment page, and tracking page.

Forms and Integrations

Elementor allows you to create contact forms, subscription forms, login forms. The user after creating a form, looks for the action button for submission. So, you have to create this action button and also a confirmation email either in HTML or plain text mail.

Elementor allows the integrations of MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConverKit, Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, Zapier, AdobeTypeKit, Discord, GetResponse, Drip, Recaptcha V3, Facebook SDK, Mailer Lite, Slack, Font Awesome 5, Custom Icon Libraries.

Social Media Platforms

Elementor Social Media Feature

It allows you to share the content to all the social media platforms with the help of custom designed Blackquotebox and also can share the best lines to the Twitter platform. If you to get more social media profiles interactions, then you have to add social icons to all your posts. For example, if you add facebook widget, then there is a chance of getting more enagagements, shares, as well as likes.

Affiliate Program

Elementor Affiliate Program

Elementor offers an affiliate program where you can refer your friends & earn a commission,  It offers an exclusive affiliate kit of Elementor logos and banners to promote.


The Elementor is translated to over 50 main languages and hundreds of translators are contributed for Elementor that makes it easier for the visitors to understand across the world.

Video Tutorials

If you don’t have any idea about creating a website, then for you people Elementor provides some video tutors and it gives a step by step training on how to create a website effortlessly. So, learn website creation and also customize the website according to the business requirements.

Pros and Cons of Elementor


  • It has different editing options
  • Elementor has WooCommerce builder & Theme builder
  • Works perfectly with any type of theme
  • It comes with various third-party plugins
  • New features are regularly updated
  • The creation of a website process is easy & quick
  • Can work with any kind of plugin


  • Drag and Drop features does not allow to adjust the padding as well margin
  • Does not offer any marketing features
  • Not provides a great support system

WPBakery Features

Drag and Drop Builder

WPBakery Drag and Drop Builder

It offers a drag and drop feature that allows you to create the pages easily for your website, blog, and portfolio without touching a code.

Frontend & Backend Editor

WPBakery Frontend & Backend editor

The intuitive frontend editor in WPBakery allows you to edit instantly with ease by using the most popular editor WYSIWYG.  With backend editor, the WordPress editors can build posts, custom post types, and pages and it is a correct solution for rich layouts for the content which you like to view in the schematic mode.


You can build your website with any type of theme by using WPBakery and it means whenever you want to change your theme you don’t need transfer from one builder to another builder.

Template Library

In WPBakery, you can get a unique template repository pro-designed layouts and you can install any template that you want to build the website within minutes. Although it offers a variety of templates on a weekly basis, it uploads new templates.

Content Elements

WPBakery Content Elements

It offers pre-packed 50+ content elements and so within minutes, you can create posts and pages by simply drag and drop elements to your site. WPBakery offers everything to your site from simple text block & buttons to advanced accordions and posts grids.

Templates and Presets

You can save your WordPress layout template without scratching it every time with the WPBakery page builder template manager. It offers 100+ predefined templates to your pages and constantly increases the templates and if you don’t want to change content elements settings over and over again then WPBakery allows you to set as a default or else you can preset it.


WPBakery page builder has more than 250+ unique add-ons that will take your pages to the next level and there is a new world to discover from rich element bundles to revolutionary WordPress features.

Design Options

WPBakery Design Options

WPBakery offers colors, paddings, and other options that can fit your websites, blog or e-commerce store and you can use it anywhere you want.

Mobile Responsive

It automatically takes care of your website’s responsiveness and instantly adapts the website to all types of devices. You have the option to check it in your browser window. Even there are some other tools in WPBakery to fine-tune the responsiveness of your website.

Grid Builder for media, posts, portfolio

You can create unique grid templates with this Grid builder in WPBakery page builder and the grid builder has everything to make a portfolio, photography, etc.

WooCommerce & SEO Yoast Compatability

WPBakery For Woocomerce & Yoast

You can edit your WooCommerce store to the next level with WPBakery and it offers all WooCommerce shortcodes ready whereas the content elements have full compatibility with E-Commerce plugins for WordPress.

WPBakery follows SEO practices and also compatible with the best SEO plugin for WordPress – Yoast SEO.

Custom CSS, Works with Multisite & Social Plugin support

WPBakery works for your posts, pages, and for any custom post type like a WooProducts page or a portfolio. Even you can add a bit custom CSS to your WordPress website directly from the builder or otherwise can go with advanced settings.  If you’re running multisite then WPbakery is for you to run it without any problems and this plugin is compatible with all the social media plugins that help to share the content easily.

Auto Shortcode Mapper

WPBakery Auto Shortcode Mapper

With revolutionary shortcode mapper, you can add any WordPress plugin shortcode to WPBakery and you can access & display everything from it.

Fonts, Images, and Icons

It offers Google fonts which is easy to fit the WordPress website and also it is easy for you while writing the content or articles. It gives full control to the users, so with just a click can change the shapes, colors, and icons as you wish. To look your content more attractive and stylish, from the media library just select the images with the overlay filters.

Full Width and Full Height Sections

WPBakery allows the users to create full-width and full-height sections as it look more effective on slideshows. 

Does the website works when i didn’t renew the license after a year?

Yes, without any doubt your webiste works but the point here is it does not provide access to operate the site. Your website stays on the internet without funtioning of activities like support, updates, and others. 

Multilanguage Support

WPBakery Multilingual

You have to make sure to adapt the WordPress language to your visitors/audiences and also to speed up the management of the content by editing it in your native language. It offers multiple language packs including Spanish, English, French, and many more profiles that available out of the box.

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials provide a step by step guidance about this builder and give pro tips on how to create & customize a website with this WPBakery page builder.

Pros and Cons of WPBakery


  • Frontend & Backend features are available
  • Various Addon options
  • No need for programming skills
  • Use any element with ease
  • Comes with a Multilingual support
  • Has different content blocks


  • Some glitches and bugs are there
  • Difficult to use for beginners
  • Pricing is expensive
  • Page speed is slow
  • Features are limited

Pricing Plans of Elementor vs WPBakery

WPBakery Pricing Plans

WPBakery Pricing

One can build a WordPress website like a Pro by using this WPBakery. 

Regular Version – $45

  • For one website 
  • Updates are free 
  • The premium support is available 
  • It gives access to the template library

Extended version – $245

  • It is suitable for Single SaaS Application 
  • Updates are free forever 
  • Has premium support to the users 
  • Can integrate with different themes

Elementor Pricing Plans

Elementor Pricing

Essential – One pro website – $49/year

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • Premium Support

Advanced – 3 pro websites – $99/year

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • Premium Support

Expert – 25 pro websites – $199/year

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • Premium Support
  • Elementor Expert Profile

Studio – 100 pro websites – $499/year

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • VIP Support
  • Elementor Expert Profile

Agency – 1000 pro websites – $999/year

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • VIP Support
  • Elementor Expert Profile

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Many of the users are likely to prefer different page builders that can meet the requirements in creating and building a web page/website. Coming to the topic WPBakery vs Elementor, here are some of the reviews given by the users and from this, we can understand how it shows the impact to their online business by using this plugin to the WordPress.

Elementor Testimonials

Elementor Testimonials

WPBakery Testimonials

WPBakery Reviews in Press
WPBakery Testimonials

Conclusion: Who Wins The Battle?

WPBakery & Elementor, Both of these page builder plugins help to build websites quickly and easily. WPBkaery is limited in features when compared to Elementor, and WPBakery doesn’t offer a free plan but you can try it by your demo sandbox but Elementor has a free plan.

Without any requirement of coding and designing skills, you can build web pages with these plugins and Elementor has an easy interface that can save time and effort than WPBakery.

The editing option in WPBkaery is slower and not intuitive as the Elementor editing feature. The pro version of Elementor is always up to date in adding new features and improvements and also offers more opportunities and rapidly growing the add-ons community.

The main disadvantage of WPBakery is it uses a lot of shortcodes and also causes lag sometimes in backend editing sometimes. But coming to Elementor, before buy you can use the free version and analyze the features how it helps to build a website.

This is the main advantage of Elementor that grabs the attention at the same time it is filled with networking, media, marketing, content creation, and more than the WPBakery. At the final conclusion of this WPBakery vs Elementor post, we recommend to go with Elementor as it has more options, add-ons, and many resources that require to build a website.

FAQ’s of Elementor & WPBakery

😇 What's the difference between Pro and Free version of Elementor?

The free version of Elementor allows the users to explore drag and drop editor, templates, and widgets. The pro version of Elementor offers the users in different modes like Essential, Expert, Advanced, Studio, and Agency. These will help you to create a professional website that can speedup the workflow, gives access to the support, build more advanced content, and the visitors convert into customers.

👊What happens to the site when if didn't renew the license after one year? Does still i works?

The answer is yes, the existsing projects or site will remain intact. But there will be no access to the options, support, capabilities, templates, updates and widgets that a pro version offers.

🤔What is the best way to test WPBakery before purchasing?

WPBakery is not having a direct free plan to test and so you can try WPBkaery page builder on their demo server by creating a personalized sandbox.

✌️What WPBakery offers after a Sale support?

Before get started with WPBakery page builder, it can help with video tutorials and extensive documentation. If you have any queries, you can go to suppoert ticket without hesitation which is available at the official website of WPBakery support.

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