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WPBakery Review (9/10): Best Page Builder Plugin {PROOF?}


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A good looking website attracts the visitors who can convert into a customer for your business. So, you have to turn your WordPress Site Pages and posts into an amazing website with the help of a WordPress page builder plugin.

In this article, we’re providing a deep WPBakery review along with its features, Pros and Cons, and everything in detail.

WPBakery Page Builder Review

Here is a popular WordPress page builder plugin WPBakery that allows you to create and customize your website layout without any knowledge of coding skills. The WordPress beginners may suffer to customize the page layouts to a website but with WPBakery you can easily customize your page layouts.

WPBakery page builder can take full control of your site and can build any layout as you want with the drag and drop builder option available in it. This plugin is the most trusted page builder plugin and it is experienced by many WordPress users. Now, let’s have a look at this WPBakery review, what exactly this plugin offers and what features it provides to a WordPress user.

🔥 What is WPBakery Page Builder?

WPBakery is the most famous page builder plugin in WordPress that makes your site look amazing and attractive to visitors. WPBakery page builder allows you to build any layout with intuitive drag and drop without any programming skills and so you can create a website as you want.

WPBakery Responsive Design

It is the most trusted page builder plugin for WordPress users with more than 4,300,000 as this allows the users to create, edit, and customize their website with the layout they desire.

It is just not a drag and drop builder but allows you to customize every component to your web pages and posts. The components such as parallax backgrounds, adding multiple columns, content slider, full-width images, etc.

This page builder pops out everything required for a site without any knowledge of programming skills. In this WPBakery review let’s see the different features and other components that help to build web pages easily.

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💥 Features of WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery is the primary pick by the WordPress users to build pages for their site and it is available with rich features including drag and drop option. It offers all the premium class features to you and without using any coding skills, you can use this builder to create web pages.

WPBakery Features

In this WPBakery review, we ensure in providing every component to create a website, portfolio, blog, and portal as you like.

Front End and Back End Page Editor

Your idea is the content and you can implement it with WPBakery for the WordPress site by frontend editor. You can build impressive layouts with this frontend editor that attract visitors to come to your site and convert into a customer. With Frontend editor it is easy to build responsive website pages by using the brand new responsive design controls.

WPBakery Responsive WordPress Websites

The advantage of a frontend editor is you can check automatically how the content looks on different screens like mobile, tablet, desktop to make ensure everything is designed according to your requirements.

Along with the frontend editor, it provides a backend editor that allows you to manage the content and update it easily. You can quickly build any type of page or post within your WordPress dashboard and the backend editor feature is the most beloved feature that can manage all your edits with rich layouts that can view in schematic mode.

Work with any WordPress Themes

WPBakery Page Builder Themes

Whenever you decide the theme you don’t need to shift themes because WPBakery page builder has the access to work with WordPress themes. At the same time, there is no requirement to learn each tool for your WordPress sites as this plugin will makes your works smoothly.

Content Elements, Templates, and Addons

WPBakery offers WordPress with ready-to-use content elements and within minutes you can easily build pages as you want. It is pre-packed with 50+ content elements and all you need to do is simply drag and drop the elements to your site. For your website, it provides everything from simple text block & buttons to advanced accordions & post grids.

WPBakery Content Elements

You can download any template to your website as the WPBakery plugin offers unique repository templates with pro-designed layouts. The template library has a huge variety of templates and on weekly basis, it gets updated with new ones.

If you want to build a website page in a unique way then WPBakery is the only page builder with 200+ add-ons. There is a whole world to discover with this plugin from rich element bundles to revolutionary WordPress features.

WP Bakery Skin Builder

WPBakery Skin Builder

You can make your website pages look more stylish by using the built-in skin builder at WPBakery as it provides various designing options and styling elements that can make a perfect fit for your brand.

Template Library

To build your pages in seconds, WPBakery access premium class templates through the online template library and you can download any template for your page without any restrictions.

WPBakery Template Library

Create your Layout Templates

The WPBakery page builder manager allows the users to save the layout of your WordPress as a template and you don’t have to make it from scratch every time.

Access to Predefined Templates

If you don’t have any idea on how your website to look and create it, then don’t worry WPBakery offers more than 100 predefined templates. You can choose from those templates and even it constantly increases the number of templates in it.

WPBakery Templates

Create Element Settings Presets

It is easy to change your content element settings at WPBakery and even you save them as a preset or else you can set them as a default. Now, you don’t need to change the settings again and again.

WPBakery Page Builder API for Developers

WPBakery is a page builder that works user and developer-friendly and in this adding new content is pretty much easy. Now, let’s see how a developer can handle this.

WPBakery Page Builder API

Extend With API

WPBakery is extendable through API by offering a wide range of options for different developers.

Solid Coding and Technologies

WPBakery page builder ensures to follow high standards of coding and the developer ensures to work with those standards. It relies on the technologies such as Bootstrap, Grunt, Less are the technologies that loved by most of the developers.

If you’re not a developer then no problem, WPBakery has the extension functionality and it extends with a brand Shortcode Mapper. So, you just add third party shortcodes to this builder and then access the codes from the elements menu of WPBakery page builder.

Comprehensive Documentation

WPBakery page builder always maintains knowledge base documentation by adding new examples and also ensures to up to date regularly.

Professional Online Support Advanced Grid Builder

WPBakery has highly responsive customer support with a dedicated high-quality team to connect the users from Monday to Saturday. They help you in every task and handle your requests to keep your website on track productively.

WPBakery Grid Builder

It even bundled with the advanced grid builder with tons of options and more than 40 predefined styles that allows you to create grid templates. It has everything to display posts, any other custom posts type, portfolio, media in the grid, masonry grid, and other types of grids. You can control animation, position, appearance, and elements of individual grid items.

Responsive Design & Mobile Ready Layouts

Your content can access on all types of devices with WPBakery page builder without using any extra programming skills it works easily. It has the capability to adapt the site to mobile phones, tablets, desktops and also allows you to check directly in another browser window. Even WPBakery offers tools that fine tune into device responsiveness to your website.

WPBakery For Woocomerce & Yoast

Woo Commerce Compatability

If you want to take your Woo Commerce website to the next level the edit your store with WPBakery page builder. It offers shortcodes ready like as content elements and also ensures full compatibility with an ECommerce plugin for WordPress.

Yoast SEO Compatability 

It follows the best practices of SEO that is to ensure all your website content is indexed and there is full compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugin Yoast SEO.

👊 WPBakery Supports: Let’s Review it

WPBakery Support

We have many page builders in the market but WPBakery is the most recommended page builder by many WordPress users as you can build your site within minutes. You can build a complex and rich-content website quickly and also it offers some additional features while building a WordPress site.

Here we review all features of WPBakery:

WordPress Role Manager

If you want to build a site for your customers or if you’re running a multiuser WordPress site then you can easily set up the suitable roles that fit your company and your customer requirements.

Custom Post Type Support

You can work with any custom post type support as your wish and of course, this builder works with all your pages, posts, and custom post types like a Woo products page or a portfolio.

Default WordPress Widgets

Just with a single click, WPBakery gives access to 13 default WordPress Widgets and also allows to use of default WordPress shortcodes freely.

Custom CSS Support

If you are likely to add a bit of Custom CSS to your WordPress website then WPBakery allows you to do it directly by going to the advanced settings.

Work with Multisite Network

If you’re running a multisite network then don’t worry, this WPBakery is for you to work with all your multisite without any troubles.

Social Plugin Support

WPBakery page builder is compatible with the most beloved and popular social plugins and so you can share your content across the social media platforms and web easily.

Best Slider Plugin Support

WPBakery is compatible with Master Slider, ThemePunch Slider, and Layers Slider. So, you can create a web page with different sliding options as you want.

Compatible with ACF

Through WPBakery and ACF, you can unlock the secret powers of WordPress and for your posts, pages, and grid elements you can use ACF.

Contact Forms and more

Through WPBakery page builder, you can use your favorite WordPress form plugins as it is compatible with Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7.

Compatible with the Best

You can use all the tools and the best plugins safely that are available in WordPress by using WPBakery page builder and it ensures compatibility on the regular basis.

Always Native WordPress way 

WPBakery page builder always loves and respects WordPress and also it follows in the native way of WordPress on how to do things and every time it ensures that it is aligned with WordPress.

😇 Popular Tools & Libraries in WPBakery

WPBakery has some popular tools and libraries like:

WPBakery Tools & Libraries

Google Fonts Integration

WPBakery offers the best Google fonts so that it is easy to insert within the WordPress site and helps to create or write more engaging articles.

Icon Libraries and Social Icons

From the best icon libraries that are available within WPBakery, it accesses multiple icons and it also allows to add the social media icons to the WordPress site. With just one click you can control the colors and shapes of the icons.

Image Filters for Media

You can keep your content consistent and stylish by enhancing the images with beautiful overlay filters in the Media Library.

Parallax backgrounds and Video

WPBakery Parallax Backgrounds

From YouTube videos, you can create a parallax background effect to your website with video background or images. Now, it is easy to make a background for your WordPress site with Parallax.

Full Width and Full Height Sections

For your website, you can create full-width sections and full-height sections with WPBakery page builder to create the effect on slideshows.

Multilingual WordPress Websites

You have to make sure to adapt the WordPress language to your visitors or audiences and also to speed up the management of the content into your native language by editing.

WPBakery Multilingual

Multilingual Ready and RTL Support

It offers multiple language packs including Spanish, English, French, and many more profiles that available out of the box.

Multilanguage support

To create multilanguage websites easily, you have to work with the plugins like qTranslate and WPML. WPBkaery has the compatibility to access to such plugins that allow translating the content into your native language.

👍 WPBakery Tutorials & Support

The most interesting part loved by most of the WPBakery users are its support and tutorials. In this WPBakery review, we’re going to see what kind of support it offers to a customer.

WPBakery Video Tutorials

Premium Online Support

To handle all kinds of requests by the users, WPBakery offers top class online support and the requests are handled instantly by the team of this page builder.

Knowledge Base Video Tutorials

You don’t miss a single thing with this WPBakery page builder as it has a rich library of video tutorials. The video tutorials provide a step-by-step guide to use this builder and give pro tips on how to create a site with this builder.

Lifetime Updates Free of Charge

It is a guarantee that a user to do not have to pay extra for the updates of the WPBakery page builder. If once you purchase the WPBakery page builder, you can access a lifetime program and the updates of the plugins are absolutely free of charge.

🔥 Unlimited Layouts, Easy and Fast

WPBakery Page Builder Layouts

You can build any layouts for your WordPress site with WPBkaery page builder as it offers the best features on the WordPress plugin market and also can create a site easier and faster than ever before.

✌️ Review of Pricing Plans by WPBakery

You can start a WordPress site like a pro with a WPBakery page builder. If you want to use it for a single site then go with a regular version that costs $45 and in this payment mode, it offers free updates, premium support, and access to the template library.

WPBakery Pricing Plan

The extended version of WPBakery page builder costs $245 and you can use it in a single SaaS application, free updates, premium support, and theme integration. The payment method is done by VISA and PayPal and the payments are processed through Braintree gateway.

🤗 Pros and Cons of WPBakery Page Builder

Pros and Cons of WPBakery Page Builder


  • Front End Page Builder
  • Back End Page Builder
  • Tons of Addons
  • Good Elements to use
  • Multilingual Interface
  • Various content blocks


  • Glitchy and Buggy
  • Very Complicated to use
  • Limited Features
  • Little bit Expensive
  • Impact on the page speed

✔️ WPBakery Testimonials and Reviews

WPBakery Testimonials

Many of the users recommended WPBakery page builder as it satisfies the need that requires to create and build web pages. Here are some of the WPBakery review given by the users and from this, we can understand how it shows the impact to their online business by using this plugin to the WordPress.

💥 Final Say On WPBakery Plugin

In this article, we explained that how WPBakery deals everything about the functionalities that helps to create a website and this WPBakery plugin is one of the popular page builder and also well known for the WordPress users as drag and drop builder plugin. Without using code, you can create and build web pages through a WordPress site as it offers different elements and options.

WPBakery Conclusion

To look your site more stylish, it offers different features with front end and backend editors at the same time it offers many layouts & themes to design the site. If you’re not a developer, no problem you can use the plugin with ease and WordPress beginners may feel complicated to use this plugin.

There is nothing much worry about them as they can proceed with tutorial videos offered by WPBakery to learn. It has a huge number of addons and the pricing of this wp builder is not too expensive. Start a WordPress site with a WPBakery page builder that looks your website more stylish and attractive to visitors.

🎁 FAQ’s

😇 Is there any test before using WPBakery page builder?

Yes, by creating a personalized sandbox you can test before buying WPBakery Website through their demo server.

👊 Is it allows to add own shortcodes to WPBakery page builder?

Yes, you can use with an inbuilt feature called shortcode mapper as it is the advanced way for developers and the easy shortcode integration.

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