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NordVPN Review – The Fastest VPN of the World

Willing to browse online securely? Want to access websites that are blocked in your country? If yes then going for a VPN is a better option. There are number of VPNs available around the web. To find the best one is a big challenge. We have tested a VPN for our readers – NordVPN. It is the best VPNs in the world that works at TCP/IP layer to ensure that all the apps are totally secured. This VPN protects your

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Upgrade to Maxthon MX5 Web Browser

Maxthon, a top-notch web browsing tools developer, announced on August 8,that it has launched a beta version of its new Maxthon MX5 browser –the ultimate information assistant that serves as a platform to provide valuable services and content to its users. According to Jeff Chen, Maxthon CEO, “The traditional browser is dying. Web browsers have, for the most part, been defined as just simple presentation tools. But we’re saying, hey wait, a browser can be much more than that. It’s

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M4VGear Review: Best DRM Converter For Mac & Window Devices

M4VGear is an innovative software tool available in the market either for Mac or Windows version to convert iTunes video M4V to DRM free video & audio in format such as MP4, MOV, MP3,AVI, AAC etc or other portable devices like Samsung, PS3, iOS devices etc . “M4VGear for Windows was released on 24th December, 2013″. This version of M4VGear DRM Media Converter for Windows is compatible with all of these operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & also Windows 10.” It is a very reliable tool,

Read more Review: Best Resource for Free PowerPoint Templates

How do you tell a long story short? Pictographs are said to be the best means of communicating human brains without disturbing them with boredom. It is this fact which places Power Point Presentation as the apex of any. Time after time, every student or professional needs it and finds himself trapped among the default white pages of PowerPoint. The pressure of creativity is ridiculous and often distracts you from the mainstream idea of presenting meaningful data. Enter Free PowerPoint

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11 Biggest Technologies that Have Reduced Human Effort

In this modern day and era, technology has replaced nearly everything. Some have argued that it has been both beneficial and disadvantageous. Some people have said that technology has ended up replacing human employment and hence leading to the lack of jobs for human beings and now with technology; most things are not done manually but let’s not dwell on the negative. Latest tech news has also let to time-saving for most of us. From our offices to our homes,

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Top 10 Best Rated Antivirus 2016: Best Antivirus Comparison

A computer virus is a malware program which is transferred to your computer by some external source; a virus when opened in your computer multiplies itself and integrates with various files and folders on your drive. Once they have replicated themselves successfully they harm your files and hard drives. It occupies your hard disk space; steal your private data and credit card information. These viruses can also spread via the files you share with others. In today’s world where the

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How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

A portable storage device acts as the other half of your equipment that acts as your entertainment cum storage system for those enjoyable moments. Although we may already be surrounded with Wi-Fi hotspots and cloud technology, but it is the SD card inside your phone that actually runs the business. As such they even come with password protection and folder lockers to prevent any breach of security. But these methods cannot always dominate what’s coming, and your SD card ends

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Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools

No matter what era it may be, time management is what acts as the crucial difference between success and failure. From a petty thing like collecting laundry to keeping track on upcoming meetings, they all require a discipline for a proper accomplishment of plans. Even if you ask your friend to remind you of something, but who is to remind them? Bring peace of mind to your confusing days with meeting scheduler tools. These tools function on all ends by

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Tools for Picking the Perfect Domain Name

Make a website out of it or sell it online, domains are the virtual property of this century. A perfect way to put your ideas into actions, these websites could actually be your long-term asset. But choosing a name for this brainchild of yours could be quite a trick. The significance that a name can create is clearly reflected in its price tag, and you wouldn’t want yours to be a lower one. Of course, you can think of a

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