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Live Reacting Review 2024: Is This Tool Worth To Buy?


Live Reacting is a simple tool to create interactive live videos (games, countdowns, and votings) and publish them on a Facebook page or personal profile. It helps you to use trendy viral tools to bring more Facebook followers.

Live Reacting is the easiest way to create interactive live voting or poll on the Facebook page. With Live Reacting it is now much easier for the users, you do not need to set up additional software (Live stream, OBS, Wirecast, etc.) to stream, just a few steps and your live video polls get delivered on your Facebook page.

Live Reacting Review

Live Reacting Features Review

Live Reacting, giving various exciting features to its users. It creates Boost engagement as Live streams get from 5 to 20 times more comments and reactions comparing to usual posts.

There are more than 20 templates for the live video posts and the collection continues to grow. It is simple for everyone to use. A user-friendly interface lets you create a live video in 20 seconds and start stream without any third-party software.

Though it has a 10-15 seconds delay, this means that if the user voted his vote will be displayed in live video in 10-15 seconds. Before publishing, you can choose a video length of up to 24 hours long.

Video longer than 4 hours will be not saved on the page after the end of live streaming. Once you start a live video, Facebook sends notifications to all your followers and rank live videos in news feed higher than other types of content.

Besides that, once a user leaves comment his friends see it on their newsfeed and most likely join to live games. It produces viral effect on your live video and you can get way more views than followers on your page.

You can publish only on your Facebook profile or Facebook page where you have enough permission for publishing. 1 live poll costs only 4$ and it is very easy and fast to create. You don’t need to keep PC running whole time and your stream will work fine even if your internet connection is bad.

How users interact with live video depends on template type, users can interact with your live video through comments or Facebook reactions. For example: if you use the “voting by comments” template users leave comments directly on your Facebook live video post. It monitors and counts that comments in real-time and displays results inside the live streaming video.

Live reacting has come up with many live games. Two of which are:

Live Reacting Word Game:

You can create a live streaming word game to post on your Facebook page and engage your followers in a fun way. For this you need to start the online game with one click and then you can enjoy together with fans.

At the end of the game 1 final winner gets chosen. So, with just a few clicks you can launch it on your Facebook page and start engaging your users. This game is really powerful and engaging. You can even customize it by contacting the Live Reacting team via email.

Live Reacting Trivia Game:  

The well-known Trivia Game has been combined with Facebook Live and made a new exciting thing. A good old game in a new dimension, it is a real-time interactive game right inside a live video.

Users can interact with it using comments and Facebook reactions. With just a few clicks, you can launch it on your Facebook page and start engaging your users. Facebook’s algorithm can help you to get a large audience reach. You do not require any kind of software to get into the game.

It is, thus, easy to use and is customisable.

Wondering how does it works? Well, it mainly has few small steps.

CONFIGURE AND CUSTOMIZE: It configures parameters of your game (rounds count, questions, duration of round etc.) and customizes design to align with your brand.

POST TO FB PAGE: You just need to click one button to post it on your FB page.

LIVE GAME PROCESS: You don’t need to worry about anything here. The live reacting team monitors comments and update results inside a live video automatically. You can just sit and watch.

SHOW RESULT: At the end of the game they choose and display winners automatically.

Live Reacting Users


Are you nervous to host live streams in real-time? Are you a media company and want to stream your news, announcements, weather forecast, etc., and get way more engagement compared to usual videos?

You just need to upload a video and pick a date and time to start live streaming. Just with a click, post it on the Facebook page and watch your live stream while relaxing. You can stream .mp4 files.

You can configure it to be live up to 12 hours long. In case the video is shorter than a chosen duration of live streaming, it will be looped to match live streaming duration.

Thus, Live Reacting is a very good means to get live streaming videos, play live online games, begin countdowns and get live votes and much more.

Live Reacting Pricing

It has various price subscription plans. Opt for the one which suits your basics and go for it to get a new and varied experience online.

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