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5 Best Antivirus Software 2024 [2nd One is Most Trusted]


Is Your Digital World Secure Enough?

Did you ever worry about bad computer viruses and hackers?

In the big, wide online world, there are lots of sneaky cyber bugs and tricky thieves ready to cause trouble.

Think of having a superhero shield, always ready, always strong, keeping all those nasty cyber problems away from your computer and your important stuff!

Let’s find out together which one can be the superhero shield for your digital world!

Importance of Robust Antivirus Software

I just wanted to share something important with you all. So, my computer and I have been through a lot lately.

Without an antivirus, it was like my poor PC was fighting bad bugs all alone. Pop-ups kept jumping out everywhere, it became so slow, and some of my files even disappeared – so frustrating!


I couldn’t play games without interruptions, and doing office work became a headache. Trust me, having a good antivirus is like having a superhero for your computer.

It kicks away the nasty bugs, keeps your files safe, and makes sure your computer runs smoothly.

So, let’s not let our computers fight alone – giving them a strong antivirus friend can really save the day!

Take care and happy surfing!

1. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is an all-encompassing solution, renowned for its robust multi-device protection against numerous digital threats.

Its reputation is built on consistently powerful performance detecting and mitigating various malware, including ransomware, phishing attempts, and zero-day exploits.

BitDefender antivirus

The software’s feature set is enriched with a VPN, anti-tracker, and advanced parental controls, making it a comprehensive choice for users who need extensive cybersecurity functionality.

Its multi-layer ransomware protection provides an additional layer of security by protecting your files from encryption by ransomware.

Key FeaturesProsConsUSP
Advanced threat defenseExcellent malware protectionCan be resource-intensiveMulti-layer ransomware protection
Multi-layer ransomware protectionWide range of featuresOccasional false positivesRobust privacy tools
Safe Files and Secure BrowsingHigh performanceSome tools might be complex for beginnersComprehensive security suite
VPN and privacy toolsExcellent user interfacePricier than some competitorsAdvanced threat defense
Parental control and anti-trackerConsistent high scores in testingVirtual Private Network (VPN)


BitDefender Pricing
Bitdefender ProductNumber of DevicesOld PriceSavingsTotal Price for 1st Year
Internet Security3 Devices$84.99$50.00$34.99
Total Security5 Devices$99.99$60.01$39.98
Family PackUp to 15 devices$119.99$75.00$44.99

2. Norton 360 Select with LifeLock

Norton 360 Select with LifeLock incorporates an advanced suite of cybersecurity features, ensuring thorough protection against multiple digital threats alongside focusing on identity theft prevention through LifeLock.

Home Page

The identity theft protection feature monitors and alerts you to a wide range of potential threats to your identity.

Coupled with real-time threat protection, secure VPN, parental controls, and substantial cloud backup, it’s a multifaceted solution that seeks to provide a wide spectrum of protection services beyond traditional antivirus capabilities.

Key FeaturesProsConsUSP
LifeLock Identity Alert™ SystemRobust security suiteCan be expensiveLifeLock Identity Theft Protection
VPN for online privacyExcellent malware protectionSome system impactSecure VPN
Parental ControlTrustworthy brandOccasional upsell annoyancesParental Control features
Real-time Threat ProtectionComprehensive feature setReal-time threat protection
100GB Cloud Backup100GB cloud backupExtensive security and backup features


Norton Pricing
FeatureNorton AntiVirus PlusNorton 360 StandardNorton 360 DeluxeNorton 360 with LifeLock Select
Price (First Year)*$19.99 (66% off)$39.99 (57% off)$49.99 (58% off)$99.99 (44% off)
Number of Devices1 (PC, Mac, tablet, or phone)3 (PCs, Macs, tablets, or phones)5 (PCs, Macs, tablets, or phones)N/A (Not specified)
Antivirus ProtectionYesYesYesYes
Malware ProtectionYesYesYesYes
Ransomware ProtectionYesYesYesYes

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3. Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus has been a stalwart in the cybersecurity arena, offering a gamut of features that provide robust protection against various digital threats.

Known for its intelligent antivirus capabilities, Avast scans for security and performance issues and guides the user on how to fix things instantaneously.

Avast antivirus

Offering a wide array of security features, including Wi-Fi security scanning, secure shopping, and VPN for safe browsing, Avast ensures a protective shield against malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cybersecurity threats, making it a versatile choice for comprehensive digital protection.

Can slow down the system during full scansProsConsUSP
Intelligent AntivirusExcellent malware protectionCan slow down the system during full scansAdvanced Application Protection
CyberCaptureNetwork scanning capabilitiesCan slow down system during full scansCyberCapture Technology
Wi-Fi InspectorUser-friendly interfaceSome features are paid-onlyWi-Fi Inspector
Smart ScanStrong and customizable protectionOccasional false positivesSmart Scan Technology
Ransomware ShieldWide feature setRansomware Shield

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Avast Pricing
PlanNumber of Devices30-Day Money-Back GuaranteePricing (First Year)DiscountMonthly Price (After First Year)
Avast One Essential1YesFree Trial AvailableN/AFree
Avast One5Yes $50.28 (50% off)50% off$4.99
Avast One Platinum30Yes$119.88 (52% off)52% off$9.99

4. NordVPN Threat Protection

While primarily celebrated for its VPN services, NordVPN has extended its offering to encompass threat protection with the introduction of NordVPN Threat Protection.

This feature seeks to integrate the robust, privacy-centric benefits of a VPN with added defense mechanisms against cybersecurity threats like malware and phishing.

Nordvpn antivirus

It is not categorized as traditional antivirus software but acts to shield users from digital threats by blocking dangerous websites, malicious downloads, and unwanted ads, thus providing a secure browsing experience.

Key FeaturesProsConsUSP
CyberSec technologyExcellent VPN serviceCan be pricierCombination of VPN and cybersecurity
Threat ProtectionSolid malware and threat protectionNot a traditional antivirusCyberSec technology
Secure and fast browsingUser-friendly interfaceMay lack some advanced featuresSecure and fast browsing
No-logs policyReliable and trustworthyLimited server locations for some featuresRobust no-log policy
Multiple device supportIntegrated internet securityMultiple device support


NordVPN Pricing
Subscription PlanMonthly PriceTotal Price for First 2 YearsSavingsVAT30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

5. Surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark is primarily known as a VPN provider, so ensure their antivirus offering is accurate for 2024.

Presuming they have entered the antivirus market, Surfshark Antivirus would be expected to offer a solid integration of cybersecurity mechanisms with its well-regarded VPN services.

Surfshark antivirus

Surfshark already stands out for its privacy protection, multi-device support, and user-friendly interface in the VPN domain.

If they have ventured into antivirus, users might expect an efficient blend of antimalware, anti-phishing, and secure browsing features, neatly bundled with their existing VPN services.

Key FeaturesProsConsUSP
Real-time scanningSimple interfacePotential lack of advanced featuresSeamless integration with VPN
Safe browsingAffordable pricingLimited customer supportAffordable digital security
Threat defenseEasy to set up and useLimited antivirus featuresEasy-to-use interface
Surfshark VPN IntegrationSeamless integration with VPNMight not be as robust as other antivirus solutionsSecure browsing via VPN
Multi-device supportBroad device and platform supportMulti-device compatibility


PlanMonthly Price12-Month PriceAnnual Price After 12 Months30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Surfshark Starter$3.99/mo$47.88$69.76 (plus tax)Yes
Surfshark One$4.09/mo$49.08$84.99 (plus tax)Yes
Surfshark One+$6.49/mo$77.88$99.00 (plus tax)Yes

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Which Antivirus Reigns Supreme in 2024?

Feature/SoftwareBitdefender Total SecurityNorton 360 Select with LifeLockAvast AntivirusNordVPN Threat ProtectionSurfshark Antivirus
Malware ProtectionYesYesYesYesYes
Ransomware ShieldYesYesYesNo (Not traditional AV)Unknown
VPN IncludedYesYesYes (Separate)YesYes
Identity Theft ProtectionNoYesNoNoNo
Parental ControlYesYesYesNoNo
Performance OptimizationYesYesYesNoNo
User-FriendlinessHighHighHighHigh High

My Personal Experience With These Antivirus Titans

Trying out these five antiviruses was a cool journey for me. Bitdefender, Norton 360, Avast, NordVPN, and Surfshark all brought something good to the table.

But Norton 360 came out as my favorite buddy in keeping my computer safe.

Why? Well, Norton 360 didn’t just look out for my computer; it also kept an eye on my info online with LifeLock. It’s like having a guard who watches over both my home and my wallet.

It protected me from nasty computer viruses and also checked to make sure nobody was trying to steal my identity. I felt covered with an extra layer of safety, and that peace of mind was a big deal for me.

While the others were great in their ways and kept threats away, Norton 360 gave me that little extra care that made all the difference. So, in my book, it takes the top spot for 2024!

Your Digital Guardian: How to Choose It Wisely?

Determine Your Device and OS

Operating System

Antivirus software varies depending on the device and its operating system. For instance, the antivirus needs of a Windows PC might be different from that of an Android smartphone.

Start by listing your devices and their operating systems, then look for software that specifically caters to those platforms.

Some antivirus brands might offer great protection for Windows but may lack features or performance on Mac.

Feature-based Prioritization

Feature Based Prioritzation

Instead of just seeking generic protection, identify what features matter most to you. For example, do you want a VPN included?

How about parental controls or protection against webcam spying?

Some antivirus solutions might offer identity theft protection services or tools to enhance your online privacy. Prioritize these features based on your personal or professional needs.

Performance Impact

Performance Impact

Every antivirus software has some impact on system performance. Check independent lab tests or user reviews to understand the extent of this impact.

You don’t want software that offers great protection but makes your device sluggish or unresponsive.

Ideally, an antivirus should run in the background with minimal interruption to your normal operations.

Customer Support and Update Frequency

Customer support

An overlooked aspect when selecting antivirus software is the quality of customer support and the frequency of database updates.

Software that is regularly updated ensures you’re protected against the latest threats.

Furthermore, reliable customer support means you’ll get timely assistance when you face issues or have questions.

Explore Real-world Reviews and Independent Testing

Customer reviews

Beyond the marketing pitches, it’s invaluable to read reviews from actual users. Websites like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives provide independent evaluations of antivirus software, assessing their protection levels, performance impact, and usability.

By combining insights from independent tests with real-world reviews, you get a holistic view of an antivirus’s effectiveness and reliability.

🔥 Final Say

In 2024, with the digital landscape being more interconnected than ever and cyber threats continuously evolving, antivirus software remains a critical shield for devices worldwide.

These programs not only detect and remove malicious software but also protect against sophisticated cyberattacks, ransomware, phishing schemes, and newer threats emerging with advancements in technology.

As we increasingly rely on digital platforms for daily tasks, online transactions, and sensitive data storage, ensuring our devices are secured with reputable antivirus solutions becomes indispensable for maintaining privacy, safeguarding financial assets, and preserving overall digital health.


What are the top antivirus solutions in 2024?

The top antivirus solutions in 2024 include Bitdefender Total Security, Norton 360 Select with LifeLock, Avast Antivirus, NordVPN Threat Protection, and potentially Surfshark Antivirus.

Which antivirus offers the best identity theft protection?

Norton 360 Select with LifeLock offers specialized identity theft protection through its LifeLock Identity Alert™ System, ensuring users are alerted to potential threats to their identity.

How do the premium antivirus solutions differ from freemium ones?

Premium antivirus solutions often come with a wider range of features, including VPN, parental controls, and more extensive cybersecurity tools. Freemium versions, like Avast One Essential, provide essential protection but may lack advanced features or have limitations.

How often do these antivirus solutions update their threat databases?

Reputable antivirus solutions frequently update their threat databases, sometimes multiple times a day, to protect against the latest threats. Users should always ensure their chosen software is set to update automatically.

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