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15 Best Kik Games June 2024: {Top Picked Online Games}



Sometimes it’s quite difficult to start a conversation even if the other person is a friend, because you have nothing to talk about.

You are running out of the topics and this creates a very uncomfortable condition to handle.

So You must Play Best Kik Games

I know there are some dating activities like mini golf, bowling etc that you can obviously try out but just going out with the person and watching moving, eating will won’t work at all.

Best Kik Game

You need to be more creative and for that only you can try out the best featured kik games.

They not only turns the things in favor of you but also open the gate of flooded conversations, as you have a number of things now to talk about as they are the most creative kik games ever.

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What Exactly Is A Kik Game?

We understand that after a certain phase of period, things starts fading down, uninteresting chats is there and now you starts thinking that the person opposite to you has changed.

But it’s nothing like that, things has not been changed, it’s the chat that has converted boring and uninteresting.

To spice up the things, you need a unique featured kik game that would bring up the relationship on track. You can play it with anyone, either with your friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone whom you love.

Talking about kik games, let me first make you understood about what is meant by Kik.

Kik was first invented as popular Kik messenger that was designed for smart phones.

Now you can say there are various other messenger like whatsapp, vibe, imo etc apps are already available. so why one should go for good kik games.

Before answering your this question, let me ask you a question, Which of the app you know till date allows you to make a meme, that is in trend now?

The answer you would end of thinking is no one! This best featured Kik game allows to use it even for making memes also! exciting it is!

Along with it, you can use it’s other features such as group chats, where you can talk to a multiple people including the people like your family, friends, all your near and dear ones at a same platform at a same time.

In addition to the chat app, what makes it different from the other chatting apps is its cool featured best kik game.

Apart from peer to peer chatting, it allows to send various pictures, stickers, media files, doc files, voice recordings, videos and much more. It does not end here, it got it’s in built in browser in 2012.

Also, it offers services such as anonymous chats, most entertaining kik games, listening music, promoted conversations, play videos, make memes, sending gifts and even more enormous featurs.

But there is a eligibility criteria to use it. one must be above 13 years to use this highly recommended kik games.

Now, It’s the right time to make you aware to the best listed kik games which you would definitely find worth to play. Without wasting much time,

let’s get started:

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1. Mafia Gangs

mafia gangs kik

As name suggests, this exciting kik game include the gangsters that are recruited by you only. You can make a large group of gangsters and to play further can buy advanced weapons for the members.

You will be allotted a number of missions in which you will get earning points that could be used for the business profit. If you win most of the missions, you would be given the offer to rule the gang and can influence other cities or gangs as well.

This leads in becoming your gang more popular and let you to earn much profit. There are some daily activities which you have to keep eye on through which you can expand your gang and get more money which would be fruitful for your business.

Using that earned money you can buy advanced and much strong weapons for the gangsters and can even buy more gangsters also.

The community involved In this best kik gangster game is mind blowing with super cool graphics used.

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best wasabi kik game

Love cooking? if yes, this best kik multiplayer game is for you. You might have tried cooking sushi with your mother in the kitchen.

In the game, you have to make delicious food items specially sushi and have to win the daily challenges. For making any of the delicious items, you first need to sort out the ingredients used

You can also invites your friends to compete for more fun. At first you will be a card in which all the ingredients names has to be written.

Then after sorting out the ingredients, you have to rush to the pantry to gather all the items. The winning of any player depends on certain things. first you have to complete the dish before your opponents.

Also take care of the presenting the dish and last but not the least, the winning in this best cooking kik games also depends on how the ingredients are used in the delicious sushi dish. it should be used wisely.

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3. Would You Rather

best would you rather kik game

Want to reveal the secret of your friends?

Try this best kik question game in which you can get to know a lot of secret things about your friends.

To get the secrets out, there are certain rules you need to focus on. At first, the questions should be challenging one. Do not ask that are easy to answer.

Also, if you are asking the question with having the two options with it, then the person who is answering need to give the explanation as well.

For example, if you will ask what you like chocolate or tomato, it does not make any sense. so it is important to ask a tough one, like whom you will save first, your friend or lover if they both are in the same problem.

Ask like that. You can play this well featured kik game with anyone whom you like, even with strangers too.

As you will ask questions and they will answer you out with the one option out of two, with the explanations attached with it, then it will provide a endless conversation topics though.

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4. Fill in the Blank Game

fill in blank kik game

Fun is guaranteed in this best kik chat games as all you need to do is make a list of 10 or more questions with a blank space in it which your opponent have to fill out.

You can get to know various interesting stuffs about some one’s life like what’s the priority in his/her life, whom he or she likes and what not.

For example, these are the ten questions you may ask the person opposite to you:

  1. I Like BLANK
  2. I Love BLANK
  3. I have a secret crush on BLANK
  4. I Want to go on road trip with BLANK
  5. My Best Friend is BLANK
  6. BLANK is my favorite holiday destination
  7. BLANK is my favorite actor or actress
  8. I Really admire BLANK person in my life
  9. BLANK is my idol person
  10. I want to get married with BLANK.

Interesting isn’t it? Try these out and reveal dark deep secrets at a stroke.

5. Zombie Invasion

best zombie invasion kik game

If you are a thriller gamer, then for sure this most adventurous kik game is for you. It is one of the heart throbbing game in which one have to run to save their life from zombies attack.

Zombies will run after you to attack you. you will feel like in real you are struggling to save your life as it has fantastic sound effects as well as the graphics.

You are safe in the game until you are safe from zombies. Along with this, you also have to collect medicines, food, shelter and a car for the survival.

Zombies will attack you so in that case you will need medicines and other gamers will also attack you to take away your food or medicines.

So you have to protect yourself from the zombies as well as from the other competitive gamers to excel in game.

If you are like best thrill kik games, then you are at the right spot, because it is full of challenges that you would love to face.

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6. Movie Line Game

best movie line kik game

Pretty old but interesting game! This is one of the best kik games idea that people from every age group loves to play.

What you need to do is guess a movie line. You can limit the movies about some fixed generation.

You can even limit the pickup movies line from a particular actor or actress too. so that it would be easy for you as well as your partner to guess and enjoy the game.

But if you will take help of google, then there is no interesting part to play it on kik. Because you are taking help from google, then it will be as lame and boring and rather calling it best kik answer game, call it google game.

Hence, both the parties should agree on the decision that none of you will take help from any of the other sources.

7. 20 Questions

best twenty questions kik games

It is one of the perfect Kik games to test your IQ Level. The rules are much simpler than any of the discussed game till now.

What you exactly have to do is, let us suppose, there is two of the players. you and your friend. one of the both have to think about a certain object and the other have to guess the object that the opponent is thinking.

The guesser have to ask 20 questions and the thinker have to answer it in either yes or no. If yes, then the questioner will ask question again related to the previous correct answer.

If you are the thinker, always think about the object that is hard to guess. It would be challenging to your opponent partner.

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8. 2048

best 2048 kik game

This is one of the most best challenging kik games that you could ever played. You can play it as single player or with your friends, that is as a multiplayer.

The rules are simple and the interesting one. In the start may be you find it difficult to play but if you once start playing it, it will become the most addictive kik games to play.

When you first enter into the game, you will got three blocks written 2, 4 and 8 on it. you can slide it up, down, left or right to form similar pairs.

Suppose you make a pair of similar digits, that is 2 with the same value of 2, then it will result out into the value of 4.

The main aim of the game is to form a value 2048 and if you fail, you will loose the game. A 4*4 sized block space is provided, and if there is no space left for the further combinations, then in this point also you will be defeated in the game.

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9. Where Am I

best Where am I kik game

Similar to 20 questions, it is best game to play on kik that attracts a number of people though. The difference is only that instead of object, a person has to think about a place.

Same as 20 questions, there will be two players. the thinker have to think about a place, and the guesser have to guess the place based on the answer by the thinker in yes or not.

Let me make it simple to understand by giving you an example. Let us assume you are the one who have to think about the place and have to give the difficult hints to the other who have to answer.

The hints should be from tough ones to the simpler ones, to make the game engaging and let the conversation going on.

Suppose you are thinking of a place London. Now how you have to gift the hints is mentioned below:

  1. The people are so styling there
  2. The people are so generous there
  3. They like to have fish and chips.
  4. Buckingham Palace is near to the place.

Now, see the above two hints are difficult to guess as there are much place where the people are generous as well as stylish but as soon as you look the last option, you could easily say that the right answer is London.

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10. Make Four

best four in a row kik game

It is one of the popular kik games to play in which you have to connect four of the pieces in a row to win.

You can play it with your friends or either with the bot. As bot are artificially intelligent, so it is quite difficult to defend them as they play with some mind freaking moves that make this best kik games interesting even more.

You can also play it with your group of other friends or strangers but to win you must have to make the fours faster than them.

11. Kiss, Marry, Kill

best kiss marry kill kik game

This best kik game online is quite different from the other discussed above.

It can even put you in a difficult and awkward situations sometimes as in this game you have to choose three people, out of them, one whom you would like to kiss, one to marry or the last one to kill.

You can play with your close friend with a number of mutual friends in between you two. You both need to write down their names in small chits of paper.

Then one after another you both have to pick the three chits from the cluster and from the three chits picked, you have to name the person whom you would like to kill, marry and kill.

It is sometimes embarrassing to prefer a person over another. so i personally suggest that  it’s better to play this new kik messenger game with your best friend who understands you better than any other common friend, as it is bad as hell to hurt someone’s sentiments.

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12. Pretend To Be Someone

best pretend to be someone kik game

This is one of the most freaking kik game to be played. You can play with your friends and can have a lot of fun.

In this game, you and your friend both have to choose a character first. The character can be anything, real, imaginary, living or dead and then you have to mimic in the message.

You can even choose a cartoon character whom you admire or any superhero too. One of you two have to mimic and the other one have to guess whom character you are mimicking.

This best fun kik game is a ton of entertainment and fun while playing. Be in the character and let the fun begins.

13. Truth or Dare

truth-or-dare kik game

Truth or Dare is the most played kik messenger game ever. Everyone reading this article must have played this game once in his or her life.

There are two options there, either truth or false. if one picks truth then there will be a question asked by the other player and you have to answer it with truth.

But if you choose dare, you have to face and complete the most challenging task that will be assigned to you by your game partner.

You can play it as best kik text game but for assiduity, the other must send the pictures to prove that yes, he or she has completed the dare .

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 14. Prism

best prism kik game

The discussed game 2048 is the best kik number game but the prism is the best kik color game. The rules are same as 2048 but it is quite easy and fun that it as there is no target goals to achieve.

From even spicing up the visuals, you can play this game in quite a number of ways.

You can end of challenging others no matter friends or strangers either in the matter of high scores or the advanced stages they are playing.

N matter how you play this game, but there is one assurance there. The assurance of never ending fun, joy and excitement.

15. Story Builder

best story building kik game

Another excitement game is here. This kik chain messenger game is a lot of to enjoy.

Let us look how it goes: first you and your friend have to exchange a word with each other one by one. as if you say a word, your friend will say another word that would help in making a story.

Either the story will contain some hilarious jokes in it or even a single word spoken by your friend even can ruin your whole story.

But at the end of day, there is no looser or winner but you will surely end with a lots of fun with this best kik forwarded game.

There are certain doubts which people usually faces while playing or texting on the best kik messenger game. We understand, that is why we have made a list of top asked questions people generally ask while using this application.

Have a look:

Q 1. What is the minimal age to join kik? Is there is nay age restrictions?

Ans: Yes, there is age restriction regarding joining the famous kik game app as one should be above the age of 13 to join the kik app.

Q 2. How much i have to pay to download kik?

Ans: It is completely free to download as well as use. you need not to pay anything for using it.

Q 3. How can i get kik app?

Ans: Kik is compatible for ios, windows as well as android. So no matter which platform you are using, you can download it on that without any problem.

Q 4. Can i have more than one account to use kik?

Ans: Yes, but with different e-mail id’s. You can log in to the different account with the same device once you logout from the previous account.

Make sure to read all the unread messages as after logging out, it wipes out all your history from the security point of view.

Q 5. What happens if i break the privacy rules of kik?

Ans: If you break down the privacy rules of kik, you will be banned permanently from using the app again.

Q 6. I want to use kik contacts, what does it costs?

Ans: It costs nothing. it is absolutely free of cost.

Q 7. How can i deactivate my kik account?

Ans: Go to “My profile is visible”-checkbox on your profile page and uncheck it. That’s all you need to do.

No one would be able to see your profile until you check in again.

Q 8. How can i restore kik messages from my iphone?

Ans: Using a software called dr.fone – iOS Kik Backup & Restore.

Using this software you can restore all the messages in no time.

Q 9. How can i know that i am using kik update version or not?

Ans: 1. Click settings in the app

2. Then go to Help & About us section.

3. Lastly click onto update kik option.

Q 10. Can I be logged in on multiple devices at the same time?

Ans: No, you can be logged in one device at a time. To logged in to other account, you must have to first get logged out from the currently indulged account.

Concluding Up: List Of Best Kik Games 2024

Here are the various best kik games discussed that you can use right away for the endless talks, fun, enjoyment and much more.

Invite your friends to play this well featured kik games. Also, you can talk to strangers and can get to know what exactly a personality he or she holds.

Choose the game from the list that attracts you more, that you can enjoy more and get ready to explore the people of world.

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