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How To Download Free Cydia February 2024: {Without Jailbreak For iPhone}


Wait What, Are You a iPhone User?

That means you are restricted by Apple by using some cool features like a cool theme that your non iPhone friend might have .

But what if i say you can use them the way you always wanted using cydia download free application?

cydia download free


Today, we are going to discuss about Cydia:

Cydia is used as a third party application mainly built for the iPhone, iPad and iPod users including a number of themes, app, tweaks and what not.

Developed by Jay Freeman (Known as Saurik), You can customize your iPhone or iPad using cydia free application with it’s jailbreak feature

Now, This handy guide contain all the information that you need to know about how to get cydia, how does it works, how cydia install free and much more.

Without wasting much time, let us get started:

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cydia free downloadWhat is Cydia Installer?

With more than 4 millions downloads the featured cydia app has become most popular to be used by iPhone and iPad users.

Although you can not download cydia directly from the official site, but it can be downloaded in certain ways which in this article, we are going to discuss.

Cydia download free version plays as a jailbreak to the ios application store. Through jailbreaker only a user can download and install all the features from a thousand of options like music, themes, tweaks, apps and much more and can even customize your iphone or ipad in the way you want.

latest cydia download free after being released in 2008 as an alternative installer app on iOS 1.1, used as an open source application is now also used by android users as its new version is for android users too.

This famous cydia download installer allows the users to even build their own apps that are not provided by the Apple store.

What yo need to do is, you first have to jailbreak your phone and only then using various other installation tools, you can Download cydia full version easily.

Features of Cydia Installer

After looking after the informative introduction about the cydia download free packages, its high time to get into detail.

We are going to discuss the most important features of cydia that made it so successful in the users.

Here it is:

  • You need not a have a pc or any other device for using this best featured cydia app, you just need to use Safari application and here you go, you can get this app in your iOS device.
  • You need not to get confused about the steps of downloading it. It is just a click away! yes just a click and you are ready to get cydia download free music and much more and can install instantly on your iPhone and Ipad or other devices.
  • If you are loving cydia download free iOS 11 much, then you must be wishing to have more features of it. you can get it easily using cydia upgrade pro free download and continue enjoying its amazing features.
  • The part that attracts a tons of people to it is that it is compatible to all the iOS devices and their versions.

After going through these above mentioned, i bet you won’t be able to resist yourself to give it a try.

Now the question that arises at this point..

How will you get Cydia?

There are various ways that we are going to discuss through which you can get cydia app and can customize your iOS devices.

By the way, there is a way through which you can get cydia download free apps using safari or by using jailbreak in your iOS device.

To Know More, Watch it out:

A much easier way you can opt is Cydia Pro, it is the only way to download cydia download free iOS to your iPod, iPad and other devices.

Cydia Pro is the most easiest and trusted site from you can download the app without any difficulty as it has the most user friendly interface.

Hence these below methods are used to get cydia download free apps & sources straight and simple:


Using this best cydia installer, you can easily download the app in your Apple devices. Go through these steps carefully:

Step 1: First and important thing you have to check that you should have the latest version of iOS installed in your Apple device.

Step 2: Now next you have to go to the pre-installed safari browser in your iOS device

safari for cydia

Step 3: Now type the URL to open the website and tap on that to open. you can enter the latest iOS version in the URL to get the free games download via cydia.

Step 4: Then the web page will start loading, when it finishes loading, then you would be able to see an upper arrow at the bottom most part of the page, tap on it.

Step 5: As soon as you will tap on it, you will get to see new options on that screen only. From those options, you need to choose options that you have to add-on the home screen.

Step 6: Now after the previous step, you would be able to create the shortcut of cydia download free online on your home screen.

Step 7: Rename the download application as cydia.

Step 8: Now you have the cydia free app on iphone, hence tap on it to launch it

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Now you are ready to use and enjoy the new themes, games, music right away on your iPhone giving your phone a cook look after all.

Now it’s time to discuss the second method to customize your iPad, iPhone or any other Apple devices to enjoy the amazing features by installing cydia latest version free download.

The name of the method is jailbreak your  iPhone or iPad by Pangu. It is the most popular and efficient method of jailbreak your Apple devices.

Let’s get into it:


Step 1: The very first step is to launch the iTunes and connect your device to the computer.

Step 2: Then backup all the apps and then close the iTunes.

Step 3: Next you have to download Pangu for the jailbreak of your own device whether it is iPhone or other Apple gadgets to get full version cydia download.

Step 4: Then open utility like Administrator mode in windows after connecting your ios device to Computer or Mac.

pangu download free

Step 5: Now you have to wait a bit as soon the jailbreak recognize your device, as soon as it detects the device, tap on the start button to initiate the whole process.

Step 6: Then allow the utility to jailbreak your device to get cydia free download untethered.

Step 7: You will be assured that the jailbreak process is completed once you get to see the cydia download free jailbreak version on your home screen.

Step 8: Click on the latest cydia app to configure and then it will start downloading.

So these were the steps for successful downloading and installing real cydia download free app on your Mac or your computer. Try it today!

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Why should We Jailbreak and install Cydia?

Jailbreak is worth to choose for iOS customisation. cydia free download for Mac pro offers partial as well as full jailbreak.

For gaining the complete iOS experience, one should always go for full jailbreak. Jailbreak not only helps in customizing the iOS but also grant system access, management like admin level and many other features that Apple has restricted to use to its iOS users.

I Do Not Want Cydia Or Jailbreak Anymore. What Should I Do?

But what if you do not wish to keep jailbreak for long?

Do not worry, you can un jailbreak your iPhone and update or restore options at any instance by using the new tool known as cydia impactor, that makes cydia a reversible process.

It is most preferred as it makes cydia download free and easy because you can download cydia again and again and still keeps you on to the jailbreak opportunity.

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What are the Categories Of Jailbreak?

There are three categories in which jailbreak is categorized. These are mentioned below:

  • Untethered Jailbreak
  • Tethered Jailbreak
  • Semi-tethered Jailbreak

Let it discuss them one by one.

Tethered jailbreak: Everytime you reboot your device, you are required to connect ios device to the computer in Tethered jailbreak.

After every reboot, user have to mandatory jailbreak the iphone or his or her any of the other iDevices.

Semi-tethered jailbreak: Without any mess, Semi-tethered jailbreak always permits the user to reboot the iOS and other devices but sometimes as untethered jailbreak it requires to jailbreak again as the jailbreak apps are not accessible after the reboot.

Untethered jailbreak: Untethered jailbreak is something that does not gets end up even after the rebooting the devices.

The above mentioned Pangu and other tools is one of its kind and still many of the cydia lovers are looking for a better Untethered jailbreak option to use.

Velonzy Cydia installation Guide

Based on the donations by pangu 8 team, Velonzy is not at all a free service. Velonzy in return have uploaded email to pengu 8 official site by which they offers free services to download cydia through velonzy hacked online jailbreak application.

Velonzy is compatible to the various iOS Versions,The list is out there:

  • iOS 11.3 beta
  • iOS 11.2.6
  • iOS 11.2.5
  • iOS 11.2.2
  • iOS 11.2.1
  • iOS 11.2
  • iOS 11.1.2
  • iOS 11.1.1
  • iOS 11.1
  • iOS 11.0.3
  • iOS 11.0.2
  • iOS 11.0.1
  • iOS 11
  • iOS 10.3.3

You must be wondering about the Device compatibility, so let me tell you Velonzy is compatible to all the 62 bit devices and 32 bit devices for cydia download and free cydia apps.

Now its high time to make you aware of the installation process of Velonzy jailbreak install app. Note it down:

Step 1: First you have to Register a Velonzy account through your email.

Step 2: As soon as you will register the velonzy account then on your email you will receive a link for the installation. Open it and tap on “Register UDID” button.

Step 3: After tapping on the Register UDID button, you will be redirected to install UDID installer menu and in the process, you will be asked to provide the passcode of your device.

It is just a part of the process. Do not expect installation at this stage as we are here providing only the UDID to the Velonzy database

Velonzy cydia

Step 4: Now as soon as UDID will be entered in the database of Velonzy, you will be allowed to install Velonzy Jailbreak app installer for direct cydia free download.

Step 5: After Installing, open the velonzy app and go to the jailbreak app list in it. After getting into it, click on App managers.

Step 6: In the App managers, go to Cydia and tap on it. After tapping on it, it will automatically generate the developer code. Copy the generated code from there.

Step 7: After copying the code, you have to go back to Velonzy jailbreak app installer and paste the copied code there.
Step 8: You would be able to see a button of install now as soon as you will paste the code at the blank area. if needed or asked, provide the device passcode also
Step 9: After finishing all these above discussed points correctly, you would be able to see the best recommended cydia app icon on the device home screen.
Now, we would like to discuss about the cydia impactor as our next installation guide is based on it only. so it is necessary to make you aware of what exactly it is.

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Cydia Impactor:

Cydia impactor also called as cydia eraser basically is a graphical user interface tool that is compatible to windows, Mac, Linux users.
You are allowed to un jailbreak your device using IPA file even without losing the ability of jailbreak.
For getting the latest features of cydia impactor, always opt for the latest version of it.

Electra Cydia installation for iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 11 (PC Required)

Follow these following steps to install Electra cydia for iOS 11.1.2 to ios 11. check Now:

Step 1: First of all, you need to download Electra.IPA and cydia impactor.

Step 2: Run cydia impactor after connecting your iPhone or iDevices to the computer or Mac. After the connection, you have to drag the downloaded Electra IPA into the cydia impactor immediately.

Step 3: Now in the sideload Electra.IPA, you have to enter the Apple Id and password into the device.

Step 4: As soon as the sideloading process will get completed, the Electra jailbreak app will be seen by you on the home screen of your device

Step 5: This step requires the verification of the developer profile. For the verification, Go to the settings, then click on General and Profile and Device management option and after that click on Trust option.

Step 6: After after it, Run the Electra app on your device and then click on the jailbreak button to begin jailbreak on the device

Step 7: Your device will automatically reboot once the jailbreaking process will get completed and now you would be able to see cydia download free on the home screen of your device.

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G0blin Online Cydia installation for iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10

Follow the steps discussed below to install g0blin Jailbreak easily even without PC to get cydia download free for iOS without any mess. Go through them carefully and note it down if needed:

Step 1: The very first step is to install any of these two zJailbreak & Xabsi. Through zjailbreak & Xabsi you can jailbreak your device even online by the Pigsy online JB app.

Step 2: Now, after the first step you have to go to zJailbreak & Xabsi, that is the installed app store and have to open Pigsy online JB app from there.

Step 3: After opening Pigsy online JB app, click on the install button there and then enter your passcode.

zJailbreak & Xabsi cydia

Step 4: After entering the passcode, tap on the install. wait until the installation gets finished.

Step 5: Now as the Pigsy online JB app has been installed in your iOS or iDevices. so that means you have to verify the developer profile.

As mentioned earlier also, to verify the developer profile, you have to first go to settings, then there you have to click on general option.

After that, click on the Device Management option from the general and at last click on Trust.

Hence, your developer profile has been verified! This is one of the very important step to get cydia download free without pc.

Step 6: Next you have to go to the home screen of your device and have to launch Pigsy online JB app and click on G0blin Button from there.

Step 7: As soon as you will click on G0blin Button, it will start installing it on your device.

Step 8: After finishing up the installation, you need to run the G0blin app and then click on the jailbreak option.

Wait until it gets finishes, as it takes some time.

Step 9: Finally you would be able to see the cydia download free iDevices App icon on the home screen of your iPhone or any other Apple Product.

so, these were some extra ordinary methods that we discussed in this somewhat different article about free download cydia app store.

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You Must be wondering about various terms or questions related to today’s topic that is cydia free download pangu. Here are the certain list of all the questions with their accurate answers from which you were struggling so far. Note it down:

Q 1. What is cydia?

Ans: Cydia is a third party system that allows us to get access a number of apps, themes, tweaks and much more just like your non iphone friend.

Q 2. Can we download cydia without jailbreak?

Ans: No! Generally, you can not download cydia without using jailbreak. What you are supposed to do is first jailbreak your Apple Gadget and only you were allowed to download and install it.

But you will be happy to know that you can get cydia now using a new methodology called CydiaMate.

Q 3. Can we delete cydia? If yes, how?

Ans: Yes, you can delete cydia by just simply upgrading and restoring your iPhone, iPad or other Apple iDevices.

Q 4. Can we download cydia from Apple App Store?

Ans: As told previously, cydia is a third party application. so it can not be downloaded from Apple App Store.

Q 5. I want to upgrade it, what will be the consequences of it on cydia?

Ans: Cydia installer will get deleted automatically. Jailbreak is a way of deleting it. As soon as you will upgrade or restore it, it will delete all the media and tweaks you had downloaded.

Q 6. Is jailbreak is safe to be used?

Ans: It is safe to use as long as you follow the procedure with good care.

I recommend you to before getting into the process, first go through the compatibility requirements of your iOS or other iDevices.

Q 7. Who developed cydia?

Ans: Cydia was developed by Jay Freeman (also known as saurik).

Q 8. Is all versions uses same jailbreaking?

Ans: According to the different tool version, certain jailbreaks are available.

You are required to go through the guide for the version you want to jailbreak as there are slight changes in the tool versions.

Q 9. Which is the latest jailbreak available currently?

Ans: iOS 9.2-iOS 9.3.3 is the latest jailbreak available currently. After it, till iOS 9.3.4 to iOS 10.3.2 there is no proper jailbreak found.

But now you can use cydia mate as cydia installer. in this you can enjoy various features of cydia even without jailbreaking your phone.

Wrap Up: Method For Cydia Free Download

Well, we discussed each and every mandatory point related to cydia free download in much easy and effective way that it could be.

The jailbreak method is the most effective one to install cydia on iphone but still before downloading it, do not forget to update your phone first and then only choose the version that suits to your device.

We hope that you are now all set with the topic and had clearly cleared up all your doubts but still if there is any, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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