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How To Use iMessage On PC, Windows Or MAC {100% Working}


Today we are discussing about imessage app problem only and we will resolve it by providing solution on how to get iMessage on pc.

If you are a Mac user, then it’s quite easy for you folks to use imesage on mac but if you are a windows user, then my friend there is a problem.

imessage on PC

With the various updates of imessage, it is quite easy for the users to use it over the work place or home to chat with friends using imessage.

No matter where you are you can easily sign in to iMessage and can talk endlessly to your friends or family.

Now, you must be wondering that the apple users must be enjoying the online browser based of it. if you think so, let me tell you, it’s absolutely wrong. There is no browser based service available of imessage. 

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Yeah, but there is a thought From Apple, that it wants to keep the services limited only to its gadgets, that it Mac or iDevices.

If this happened, it will be quite tough for the Windows users to get imessage chat on pc.

Before getting started up, first let me clear up about all the information regarding it. like:

What exactly is a iMessage chat app?

I am pretty sure that you must have used that old traditional texting methodology and apps and had paid a huge bill of it too as the service taxes charged were keen high.

imessage for pc windows

But this drawback is removed by the most trending imessage chat application Which provides its users a full set of features and facilities such as safari browser,sharing media, group chats, effects, app store and many more that you can not found in those traditional chat apps .

Not only this, it is also free of cost! so just relax and chat unlimited! cool though!

PC Software Information about iMessage

All the basic but important points that each and every user must know about imessage on windows is depicted in the table below. Go through it thoroughly:

Name iMessage On PC
Supported Windows Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Uses Operating System Windows
Recently Updated Feb 6th, 2018
File Size occupied 10.5 MB
Customer Rating 4.6
Total Downloads till now 12 Million+
It’s Official Website

Now, after looking upto the pc features of imessaging, it’s time to look further that the services we will get benefited by it:

iMessage Chat App Features:

  • Effects: imessage is the best featured chat application with a number of advanced features included in it by default. one can customize using these awesome affects.
  • Share Media And More: using this cool imessage chat application, users can share pictures, videos, audios, GIFs and much more with your near and dear ones.

Also, it includes a feature of sending real time location service to let your family that you are safe enough and is there for the people you love.

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Along with it, you can send the important doc files, pdfs, ppt and much more work related contents too within no time.

  • Versatile: This best rated imessage chat application works well enough with the Apple users like iPhones, ipads, apple watches etc. Do not worry if you don’t use Apple products, use imessage for windows on pc to connect over the same app.
  • Handwritten messages: Type anywhere, type anytime! This feature of imessage gives you freedom to type the message to your friends, to your family and just hit enter. it’s now their responsibility to send as it is to the receiver end.
  • Synchronise your text: Oh no, Your Phone get broked? Now how will you receive notification from the best rated imessage chat application?

Relax, Relax because imessage has the feature to sync your messages with your email! simple,isn’t it? you can now recover your messages from anytime, anywhere and from any device also.

  • Coventional switching: internet sucks sometime! we understand that and so does imessage! do not worry if internet goes down as imessage provides you the feature to use it even offline.

Now your chat would not be interrupted anymore as by default your messages would be going and delivering.

Time to look at some iMessage stickers and reaction features:

  • Stickers: Stickers makes chats interesting though! The cool imessage stickers helps the chat going as it has above 100 collections available and there is also a feature to download external stickers according to your choice and can be used to sync with your text.
  • Use Animations: It is one of the coolest feature of imessage app in which we can send animations to our near and dear ones and also these animations can be used as background image also.

so use it much as you can and make your conversation more interesting!

  • Group chat: As name suggests, group chat means when you chat with a tremendous number of people at the same time like in common more than two people.

Unlike other chat applications, imessage allows one to talk to much people instead of talking to only one person at a time.

  • Use Reactions: Does not know how to reply to a particular message? use reactions! Apple provides 6 reactions consequently, they are:

Thumbs Up, Thumbs down, Ha-Ha, a heart and a pair of question as well as exclamation mark.

Does not want to buy Apple laptops? Do Not worry, there are various other ways to use imessage for windows on pc that would help to send or receive messages even without an Apple computer. what are we waiting for now? Let’s get started:

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  1. Remote Access: Chrome’s Remote Desktop feature is one of the simplest method to reach out the imessage using your linux or windows computer. To access imessage, you first need to add Chrome Remote extension to the devices you want to connect

Let me explain you better, Follow these steps for better understanding:

Step 1: Start your Windows as well as Apple MAC.

Step 2: Now, you need to download chrome remote desktop on the windows pc, as shown in below figure.

iMessage On PC

Step 3: See the picture below to understand better. after downloading the extension, you have to launch it.

iMessage For PC

Step 4:see in the picture becausenow it’s time to download and Install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

iMessage On Windows

Step 5: After the installation, you will get a folder of pictures as shown in the image below. just follow it for the next move:

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How to use iMessage On PC

Download iMessage On PC

iMessage On PC Free

Download iMessage For PC

Step 6: After going for all those mentioned steps, you will get a code as featured in the image below:

iMessage On PC App

Step 7: Last but not the least, now you can easily use imessage on computer efficiently

The demerit of this method is as for the remote access, you need to have an Apple pc at first.

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2. Use A Free Emulator

Time is changing, so even the computers. If you have a window pc but you want to enjoy the features of an Apple pc, the you can even do that also.

You just need to download an emulator just like the other apps you download it for pc.

Now the question arises that what would be the best emulator to do so? I personally suggest iPadian.

Actually imessage is not available for other computers except for Apple. But using iPadian, you can easily convert the dmg file into running into your windows pc.

Now you must be thinking how to use it? Follow the mentioned steps to know how:

  • First downlode the iPadian, the most versatile simulator ever just like you download other apps on your windows pc
  • Then, double-click on the exe file.
  • When the installation gets completed, run the emulator.
  • Now complete the various other formalities that they ask for and the emulator will set up then
  • when you are done, search for imessage on the search bar and then double-click on the search result to launch it

It’s none other surprisingly that iPadian could be used to play Famous ios game too besides using best recommended imessage chatting app, so it simply means a lot of interesting things could be done using it.

The updates are updated in a regular basis, if there is any problem coming across, it will be sorted out soon.

3. Get Notifications of Ios on Your Windows

Another method to get notifications is use a bridge. Yes, there is a solution by which you can easily connect your iOS device to your computer and can get text messages, phone’s notifications, chat with your near and dear ones, send links, send files and much more interesting things.

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There will be a thinking going on in your mind that what’s that solution, the name of that solution is Pushbullet.

For better understanding, check this video out:

This app is loved specially by those people who spends long hours working on their laptops and Pcs and just hate being disturbed by those beep sounds of notifications on their mobile phones.

4. Jailbreak Your iPhone

Jailbreaking your ios device is more complicated in comparison of others but i must say, it is more useful. But not to worry, use Cydia.

Cydia is basically a directory of applications which can be only used in iPod Touch or jailbroken iPhone.

Now, what you have to do secondly is to purchase an app named Remote Messages, from the Bigboss repo which is found inside the Cydia only and it costs around $4.

Now a question might be hitting your brain that what does it do? It simply connects the IP address of the Iphone on the browser by :333, means Remote messages sets a web based interface in general.

Do not get confused. This app will make you understand all the things. for the security purpose, you can use passwords.

To sign into imessage on pc, all you need to do is open the web browser and enter the Ip address generated by the port number, that all described above and here you go!

Enjoy instant imessage chatting app right away!

Is there is any Alternative Messaging App?

Yes, there is! There is a modern and trending application like the imessage chat on pc and it’s name is Telegram.

In real, Telegram functionality is much more modern in comparison to imessage and the integration method of apple with the other products.

It has a vast method of integrating people who you would not believe, like using it, you can even create a group of around 5000 people.

Also it supports seamless synchronization, self destructing messages and much more. interesting isn’t it?

Along with it, it can run over all the operating systems and you can even send large documents, files and much more to your friends or your office colleagues.

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How to Exactly use iMessage On Desktop?

Still in doubt? Relax we are here to help you out. imessage for windows and Mac is interactive and quite easy to be used.

you can enjoy the versatile features of imessage as explained above in the following manner that i am going to describe here.

Go through these steps carefully to know the certain ways that would definitely help you out:

  1. At first, open the Messages app button by clicking on it.
  2. After it, you have to go to the setting option and then toggle the imessage button.
  3. Now what you have to do next is make an apple ID.
  4. If you have that already, then simply log in that.
  5. After logging up, you can see an option of compose message. it can be seen in top right corner of the screen
  6. Click on the compose option, as soon as you will click, you could see that a blank space arrived to write down your message there.
  7. Write down your message there and then when you are done, click on the send button.
  8. As soon as you click on the send button, you can see that your message has been sent.
  9. The button shows two color. First, the blue send button. it means that using imessage, you can send the message and the green button of send button shows that the message will be sent by message.
  10. When you will be writing your message, you could see a camera button in the bottom left corner of the screen. This is for sending the media file through your device. you can send whatever the file you want to send whomever you want.
  11. For attaching the file, simply click on the media you want to attach on the message in the top rated imessage app. after clicking, it will get attached automatically to the message and thus like any other message, tap on click button and taddaa! it has been sent!

These all were the trusted and easy ways to get imessage on pc quickly but we understand, there must be still some questions that would be running in the corridors of your mind.

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Here are the frequently asked questions asked about the download imessage on pc.

Have a look:

Q 1. What is counted on imessage on desktop? either data or SMS?

Ans: imessage on phone or desktop requires internet to work efficiently. It does not look over the SMS, it only counts data for it.

Q 2. What is the method to send imessage for Pc SMS to my other friends who is an non-Apple user?

Ans: As mentioned previously imessage is not available for the users other than Apple users. imessage is not available for the non-apple users.

Q 3. Can the address that is linked to the imessage on my pc be changed?

Ans: Yes, address that is linked to the imessage on my pc be changed.

Q 4. Can i delete imessage pack on my phone? if yes, how?

Ans: yes, you can delete the imessage pack on your phone. you can delete it using the App Drawer.

Q 5. I want to add sticker pack on my imessage on pc app? What i should do for it?

Ans: Two choices are there to add sticker pack on your imessage texting application, these are as follows:

  1. Enable the option to add apps on your devices automatically
  2. or you can add the manually sticker packs to your apps. if you would ask personally, which one is better. I would recommend to add apps on your devices automatically.

Q 6. I downloaded the sticker pack in the iMessage chat application on pc, but I am not able to access it. what should I do now?

Ans: if the Automatically Add Apps option is disabled on your smart gadget, then you need to enable some sticker apps manually.

You have two choices as mentioned above, either add the apps manually or enable the automatically add apps option in your device.

Q 7. Can I get iMessage on pc from windows store?

Ans: No, iMessage for pc is only available for Apple store. it is not available for non-Apple users.

Q 8. Can i make video call using iMessage application?

Ans: No, you cannot perform video calls using imessage chat application for mac but instead of it, you can initiate the video call.

When you initiate a video call, imessage redirects you to a special app called FaceTime app which is designed for video calls only.

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Q 9. Do i need to download iMessage on my Apple device?

Ans: No, it is itself inbuilt in your iOS device. separately one need not to download it.

What required is to just enable the setting on your phone, that’s it. by default it is enabled/turned on actually.

Q 10. Can I uninstall iMessage?

Ans: No! It comes inbuilt with the ios devices. so you cannot uninstall or remove it.

But if you do not want to use it, simply go to setting menu in your device. choose Message option from there.

When you will choose this option, you will get to see an option to enable/turn off option. Tap the option and now you would receive send text in SMS format.

Q 11. Is imessage and SMS are same?

Ans: NO, absolutely not! You might be thinking what is the difference between these two then.

Some of you will still think these two are same, but you are wrong at this point of thought. Let me clear your doubts out. There are certain points through which you can understand better:

  • imessage is used only for Apple or mac devices. It is not supported on every device, whereas the SMS can be sent to any device, not necessary having Apple pc or phones.
  • Secondly, the word limit in SMS is fixed, that is 160 characters but in imessage, the characters can be used endlessly.
  • In SMS, the work service is based on billing provided by your service provider not by the data. But if you have imessage account on pc, it completely based on wi-fi or internet (data) not on the billing service.

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Time To Wrap Up:

imessage is one of the incredible application that is used by the Apple users to share different kinds of files, photos, location, contacts and much more.

As we have discussed in this article, imessage on pc are limited to only the Apple or Mac users. The users except Apple or mac are not given access to it.

we hope one day, Apple will make it all platform accessible so even non-mac users could use from anytime and from anywhere either from college, home or work place but unfortunately the day has not arrived yet.

So it’s necessary to know that the tricks that are discussed above to use the good features of imessage even without being a mac user.

All you need a chrome extension, remote access or ipadian emulator which gives you access to use Apple features straight on your windows pc.

Aside from featured chat app imessage, there are other various effective and popular applications available like facebook messenger, vibe, kike, Telegram, hike, skype etc which can be used as an alternative options in place of imessage.

So, enjoy texting, endless chatting with this imessage emulator pc and stay connected with your friends, family anytime, anywhere!

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