Top 25 Puzzle Games of 2015 for Android Users

Android is an incredible operating system. This OS, which was launched by Google, has been coming up with some very interesting applications and games.  Android has wide varieties of different kinds of games to offer. Puzzle games of Android are very interesting. You can find different types of puzzle games in Android with different difficulty levels.

Top 25 Puzzle Games of 2015 for Android Users

In this article, I will discuss about the top 25 puzzle games which are available in Android.

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Puzzle games have always been interesting. They require high level of IQ, logical reasoning and of course a great deal of patience. If you are looking for different kinds of puzzle games at the same place, then you must opt for the Android operating system. Here is a brief over view on the different kinds of 25  puzzle games you can find in Android

  1. Tem Million: It is a half dragon crawler and a half puzzle game. It is quite similar to bejeweled puzzle. Here you will have to defend yourself from the bad guys using all the available resources. Your objective is to upgrade your castle.
  2. Where’s my water? : This a very popular puzzle game and is being liked by all age groups. It requires a bit of logic, physics and common sense.
  3. Cut the rope full free: This particular game consists of 400 different levels. Here, your objective would be to feed a little monster with some candy.
  4. Unblock me free: It is a typical block puzzle game, where you will have to shift all the blocks one by one to unblock the blocks which are red in color. It comes with different difficulty levels.
  5. Monument Valley: This game has a lot of beautiful graphics to offer. In this came your objective would be to help a prices reach her destination, which is a beautiful place on the earth.
  6. Threes: This game is all about tiles. Here you need to match the tiles and try and score as much as you can. It is a very interesting game with minimum design.
  7. Centre Jour: It is a very innovative puzzle game introduced by Android. Here you will have to collect all the blue orbs and then without falling in the spikes you will have to cross the finish line.
  8. Strata: It is a very funny game with minimal design. Here your objective would be to create a layer using the colored ribbons.
  9. Duet: In this game you would be in control of two vessels which you need to control while avoiding various obstacles.
  10. Triple Town: In this puzzle game, your objective would be to build a big city using all the resources available to you. You might have to arrange for the resources.
  11. Jigty Jigsaw Puzzle: This is one of the traditional puzzle games where you are supposed to create a shape by joining different pieces.
  12. Hitman: In this game you will have to accomplish your objective by avoiding your enemies. Your objective would be to take your target out.
  13. Traffic Jam Free: This is a very funny game where your objective would be to come out of a traffic jam.
  14. Super Hexagon: It is one of the most difficult puzzle games where you are supposed to protect yourself from colliding with the walls.
  15. World of Goo: This game is designed with nice graphic and animation. Here, your objective would be to go to the next level using Goo.
  16. Burn the rope: A very interesting game, where you would have to move to the next level using a rope which is on fire!
  17. Splice: In this game you will have to create structures using cells. In this game you require some amount of mathematical knowledge.
  18. Candy Crush Saga: This is a very simple game. Here you need to mix shapes which are similar in nature. More you mix, the more points you score.
  19. CSI: Hidden Crimes: In this game your role is that of a CSI member and your goal is to find a hidden object.
  20. Blek: In this game, your objective is to collect the colored circles which are available while avoiding the black holes.
  21. The Room Two: It is one of the most interesting puzzle games. It requires a lot of thinking and game play.
  22. Hundreds: In this game, you are supposed to deflate or inflate the circles. Your objective is to collect a sum of 100.
  23. Hoplite: It is a tactical puzzle game which full of very interesting graphic and animation.
  24. Angry Bird: One of the most popular types of puzzle games. Here you need to use the birds to destroy certain targets.
  25. Flow Free: In this game your objective is to join dots within a line. It requires a lot of patience to play this game.

I hope you  like these top 25 puzzle games for android  users, do you want to share more puzzle games feel free to share in comments.

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