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Vision Helpdesk Review: Best Software For Customer Support


Are you a businessman looking for helpdesk software that can manage all of your online customer support? Well, if yes then you must check out Vision Helpdesk software immediately.

A good Customer support always helps in the efficient working of a business and keeps its targeted audience intact. It bridges the gap between you and your customer and this is what every businessman aspires for.

Having a good contact with his customers so that the needs and aspirations of people can be achieved through his business is what a businessman looks for.

Vision Helpdesk Review:

It’s one of the best helpdesk software you can choose from the available ones. It absolutely helps you in achieving the aim of getting a highest possible connection between the business and its target audience.

Vision Helpdesk

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What is Vision Helpdesk software?

Vision helpdesk is one of the best platforms for managing customer support channels efficiently. It helps in managing wide range of channels such as calls, chat, email, web forms, Facebook, and Twitter all under the same head software.

Products of Vision Helpdesk Software:

Vision Helpdesk offers three products:

  1. Help Desk Software (multi channel help desk): This product mainly enables users to centralize all their customer conversations via phone, chat, email, web portal, Facebook, and Twitter. This is done through all in one multi-channel ticket management software.
  2. Satellite Desk (multi brand/company help desk): This product helps in managing IT service desk functionality or customer support for businesses having multiple companies, products or brands at one place with a single centralized portal. Branded client portal is assigned to each brand or company.
  3. Service Desk (ITIL/ITSM desk): Vision ITIL desk follows the discipline of IT service management (ITSM). This product is a service desk that includes CMDB, Release Management, Change Management, Solution or Knowledgeable Management, Problem Management, Incident Management, and Asset Management.

Best Vision Helpdesk Features:

Well, when it comes to providing different features of customer support, Vision helpdesk is a pioneer. The features it offers are:

  • Easy-to-use software: One of the best features of Vision helpdesk software is its efficient working structure. It is very easy to use as it simplifies the operations. It offers a clean design with good user interface experience that engages staff agents and reduces their repetitive work.
  • Scaling: Vision Helpdesk offers module-based architecture which means that you can use features that you need and disable the features that you don’t. Vision helpdesk can be scaled to match your requirements irrespective of the fact whether you are a start-up, enterprise or a MNC.
  • Global-friendly: Satellite Desk is an ideal solution for organizations that run multiple companies or multiple brands in different geo locations, with multilingual end users and different time zones. Each brand can have its own customer panel among others.
  • Help desk security: Vision Helpdesk offers SaaS and Download versions. In turn, both of them offers security features like database password encryption, no plain text passwords, two-factor authentication, password strength calculator, IP-based access, SSL support and more. Thus, focus has been paid on the security features too.
  • Customizable and developer friendly: Customers can freely modify existing functionalities, and add new features and modules. This is an exclusive feature that Vision Helpdesk offers. It is completely customizable and offers 90% open source code.

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Vision Helpdesk Pricing:

Vision Helpdesk offers three SMB and enterprise pricing plans to meet the needs of different users as per its products. These are stated below:

visionhelpdesk pricing

A. Starter Help Desk – $12/agent/month (billed annually)

Basic help desk features
Multi channel support
Free Support
Software Updates

B. Pro Help Desk – $20/agent/month (billed annually)

All the Helpdesk features
Multi channel support
Free support
Software updates

C. Satellite Help Desk – $24/agent/month (billed annually)

All the Helpdesk features
Multi company support
Free support
Software updates

D. Pro Service Desk – $32/agent/month (billed annually)

All Satellite help desk features
ITIL/ITSM features – Service Catalog, Asset Management and Contract Management.
Free support
Software updates

E. Ent Service Desk – $48/agents/month (billed annualy)

All Satellite help desk features
ITIL/ITSM features – Service Catalog, Problem, Change, Release, Asset/CMDB and Contract Management.
Free support
Software updates

Why You Must Go With Vision Helpdesk?

Vision Helpdesk Working CompaniesIf you are thinking why you should opt for Vision Helpdesk, then you must consider the following points:

  • Amazing features like multi channel, converting emails into tickets, staff management, task management, client management, knowledge base management, SLA and escalation,  survey, custom fields, responsive customer portal, help desk automation, help desk reports etc.
  • The multi channel feature allows you to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat, Emails, and VOIP, and manage different communication channels at one centralized place.
  • The Ticket billing feature of this software is also unique. It offers paid technical support to the customer’s end users.
  • The satellite helpdesk solution product of Vision helpdesk allows customers to manage support for multiple brands and companies from a single staff portal. The wonderful thing is that each brand can have its own customer panel.
  • The Service Desk plan is well-rounded and feature-rich product, with many possibilities to integrate with other service providers.
  • Vision helpdesk also includes helpdesk gamification and help desk automation. Staff collaboration tool also helps the staff in sharing knowledge based articles, get comments and suggestions from colleagues.
  • The pricing of this software is very flexible and it is trustworthy software to choose.

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Vision Helpdesk V5 version has recently received the PinkVERIFY™ 2011 certification. PinkVERIFY is a service that evaluates IT service management (ITSM) tool sets for ITIL compatibility.

PinkVERIFY™ Logo


So, this certification officially and legally confirms that Vision Helpdesk – Service Desk Software is compatible and complies with the Best Practice ITIL Standards.

Being a businessman, you would not like to compromise with your customer connections that would create a lacuna between you and your targeted audience. This software actually weeds out that part.Vision Helpdesk Review

It heeds greatly in providing customer support at its best and managing all the channels of customer conversations. You can choose the subscriptions as per your needs and use this software at its best.

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