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Truvid Review: Best Video Advertisement Platform Of 2018


What is Truvid?

One of the newest tools for doing so is Truvid, which has already gained a lot of popularity within a few months of its international launch.

They are steadily making a name for themselves in the field of video advertising platforms and tools which help promote and advertise your online videos according to the fluctuating market trends.

Truvid ReviewThe field of internet media and media advertising has experienced a considerable boost throughout the 21st century. Today achieving fame and success through social media and online video portals like YouTube, Vimeo,, etc. has become weekly task for millions across the world. You can become an internet sensation overnight with one viral video!

However sometimes success through uploading online videos doesn’t come that easy. There are situations or probably some genres of videos that require some extra efforts for advertising and promotion.

So in this post I will tell you everything you need to about this interesting new video advertising tool called Truvid!

What is Truvid?

Truvid is a full featured online video advertising platform that was developed for the sole purpose of bridging the gap between publishers, advertisers and content owners.

The platform employs sophisticated and leading technological tools to mediate between them and provide a perfect match between audiences and content.

Banking on the expertise of Branovate, an innovative premium digital video company, Truvid has become a leading international video platform, striving for excellence to deliver a top notch video advertising experience to all their partners and clients by committing their intelligence, creativity and energy.

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Highlight Truvid Features

Truvid has all the right features and tools that a full featured online video platform must have to provide the most profitable balance between publishers, content owners and advertisers.

For Publishers

  • Add an additional revenue stream
  • Create compelling video content and increase user duration
  • In just a few clicks, you can embed HD, premium videos into your website
  • Choose and implement a wide range of non-intrusive user friendly widgets

For Content Owners

  • Advanced monetization tools
  • Reach an audience of billions
  • Predetermine pricing and fixed rate
  • Use their advanced platform to monitor and control your content
  • More than 500 premium niche publishers
  • Expose your videos to billions on high traffic websites

For Advertisers

  • Audience Insights

Use their sophisticated technology to gain valuable insights on audience behavior. Thus, allowing you to deliver more meaningful videos online.

  • View-ability

Advertisers are guaranteed high view-ability ad placements, increasing time spent on site, allowing premium video consumption for targeted users.

  • Brand Safety & Transparency

Partner with top tier publishers and 3rd party fraud prevention companies to ensure full transparency and security measures in addition to proprietary software technology.

  • API integration

Get programmable access to every service and feature within the truvid platform using their simple API integration

Leading Media Partners

Truvid have strong tie ups with the most leading names in the world of media advertising. These tie ups give videos advertised through Truvid a promising boost with the best possible profits.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Aol.
  • ComScore
  • Tremor Video
  • Couch Base
  • SpotX
  • MaxCDN
  • Elastic

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Truvid features in details

Truvid is one of the very few online platforms of this type in the market. Their objective of taking video advertising to a powerful level and bridging the gap between Publishers, Content owners and Advertisers has already garnered widespread critical and commercial acclaim.

Holistic white label solutions to enterprise clients using full stack OVP technology.

Market leaders from all corners of the globe can seamlessly connect content, Brands and Media under one sophisticated platform using Truvid’s advance OVP and customize it to fit their needs.

Another cookie point is that Truvid has API connections to well-known, established and popular media as well as demand ad servers that will empower you to fit into an instant live ecosystem and turn your business into an active marketplace moderator.

Truvid live marketplace to provide maximum exposure to quality demand sources.

Content owners, brands or media providers can share business and growth through a virtual community of their own. Anyone connected with the marketplace can build an immediate revenue stream by showcasing their inventory and command the best price.

Demand partners can create a perfect match between content and audiences, creating the ultimate viewer experience by receiving instant access to premium media sources.

SSP for publishers to demand the best price on every impression.

Truvid offers its users one of the most advance SSP technology in the market. This SSP technology allows media owners to employ innovative ad formats and viewable widgets to extract professional content and monetize ad revenues.

HTML 5 media player for flawless video streaming, lightweight and quick loading.

Truvid offers its native HTML5 media player which incorporates advanced advertising customization gestures powered by an advanced and sophisticated bidding technology, allowing you to achieve superb ad revenue optimization and top fill rates.

Advance Content Management Platform to captivate you audience instantly.

Content owners can gain maximum exposure while distributing their work to a loyal and growing audience of billions by instantly partnering with top tier publishers. Truvid’s premium technology allows you to control distribution, and see exactly where your content is being consumed.


Truvid Facts & Figures

The platform is very reliable and growing quick and that can be easily concluded from the following stats.

  • Over 100+ videos are added daily.
  • 6 widgets to increase your engagement.
  • 100% brand safe content.
  • 100,000+ videos in their library.
  • 20 top tier content providers.

The strong tie ups with the most leading names in the world of media advertising is helping Truvid grow their network and audience seamlessly as time is passing by.

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Conclusion: Is Truvid really worth it?

Video advertising is not a very easy task if you try to do it yourself. The entire procedure requires systematic monitoring, analysis and research of the prevailing media market and social media trends. Handling everything yourself, becomes a tedious task.

Truvid attempts at creating a clean connection between Publishers, Content owners and Advertisers through their advance and powerful technologies including their OVP and SSP technologies, thus taking your media advertising campaign to the next level. You should surely hold their hand if you want effective and profitable advertising of your videos!

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