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Helium 10 Review 2024 + {Discount Code 55% Off} Promo {HEL5.


A good all-in-one Amazon tool acts as a blessing for a newcomer in the business. It isn’t easy to handle business and boost its ranking, therefore it is always advisable to have a good tool by the side.

Helium 10 is a great SaaS-based product that helps in boosting Amazon’s business with effective SEO, product research, and business management tools for the sellers. Helium 10 lets the users validate their ideas, amazing keywords, review & optimizes listings, and manage everything at just a single click.

Helium 10 Review

Find thousands of keywords in just a single click and never ever worry about finding the right choice anymore. They have a robust database of over 450 million+ ASINs which is a great thing.

It is more than just a regular tool and pretty different from all the others present in the market. They have several happy clients and are one of the most preferred ones in the market. Check out more about them in this Helium 10 review.

What is Helium 10 All About?

Helium 10

The tool was founded in 2015 and is a product of Pixel Labs LLC. With over 20 tools that are ready to help the users throughout everything, they wish to upgrade the regular sellers to the next level. The founder Many Coats and co-founder Guillermo Puyol had just one dream, to bring a rise in every Amazon seller’s business.

Many were himself an Amazon seller and knew the struggle with it. He aspired to have such a tool by his side, and as a result, he started building it accordingly. Helium 10 now manages every user’s business without letting them do a single effort and provides them analytics for powerful decision making.

Write listings like a pro without any issue with the help of this tool, and never be troubled in the case of ASIN. It also helps in marketing and scaling the business in the market with the utmost confidence. Helium 10 is a package of highly accurate, data-driven, and comprehensive techniques that are tough to neglect. They are headquartered in Irvine, California, and help people throughout the world with satellite spread.

Tools Present in Helium 10

1. Product Research

  • Black Box:

Black Box Product Research

Black Box is their first and foremost tool with some unique things present in it that helps in finding opportunities with smart and advanced filters. Find out products from their 450 million and above database with Helium 10, just lookout & review for the best product opportunity and make the best move.

Use smart filters to figure out the ‘winning’ products and also some ideas based on the exact requirements along with niches and preferences. There are some options that are going to help in searching, these are:

  1. Product category
  2. Estimated monthly sales revenue
  3. Price
  4. Weight
  5. Review Rating
  6. Number of Images
  7. Amount of sellers

With these options of Helium 10, a user can easily review & fetch out the best products that are profitable and are all-time hits. Black Box is one of those tools which opens up multiple opportunities for the sellers. The search results are out in merely a few seconds and altogether reduce the manual searching time.

Narrow down to the winning product in just a few seconds and all it takes is a few clicks to get Helium 10’s multi-faced algorithms running hard. It delivers the product, niche, keyword, targeting, or competitor results in just a few seconds.

Make better decisions with the help of strategic data and never lag behind. Get the data points that might be required to discover the potential selling products in untapped niches and have the least competition. Save, sort, and organize the results for some future references.

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  • Trendster:

Black Box Product Research

Visualize the sales with the help of their beautifully crafted intuitive graphs. It is a matter of just a few seconds to determine if the product will steadily sell throughout the year or there might be some demand fluctuations.

Rather than going for those products that could grab up the cash and stay in the inventory for a longer period, go for those that are fruitful and run well throughout the year.

Analyze & review the chosen product’s seasonal demand or either check the unforeseen trends in order to generate some great profits with the help of Helium 10. Trendster can help in capitalizing on the product’s trends and also produce some great year-around sales. All one needs to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Quickly figure out the seasonal trends for the products that are on the sourcing list


Enter any product or ASIN and get back visual outcomes in just a few seconds


See how the prices and sales are fluctuating for the given period of time


Pull the trend data that is required to determine what product is the most searched for every season


Clearly identify all the market trends and also take advantage of them to boost up the product sales

  • Xray:

Helium 10 Xray

A tool present in the chrome extension is a great way to provide validation to all the products. It provides powerful market insights that are available directly on the browser. Validate some potent tail opportunities for the products and also get the information that is needed to make the right call. Things it provides in the information are:

  1. Revenue Estimates.
  2. Price.
  3. Sales Trends.
  4. Sponsored ad analytics.

  • Profitability Calculator:

Profitability Calculator

While fetching out any product, it is ideal to bring out the profit margin before going for a specific product. Therefore, this tool provides a profitability calculator present in the chrome extension to calculate anywhere and anytime.

Just search for a product and turn the calculator on in the chrome extension, it’ll automatically add up the fee and shipping costs keeping the user’s location in mind.

Some other tools present under Product Research are:

  • ASIN Grabber:

Copy all the AINs that are required in bulk and quickly create some targeted ads. With Helium 10 ASIN Grabber, Find & review some potentially hot selling products that are limited to a specific season or specific occasions such as the month of Christmas!

  • Review Insights:

Get some detailed information according to past shoppers. Before going for any product, it is really great if one can fetch out the product history in some or the other way. Helium 10 Sort out and export thousands of competitor reviews in order to bring out valuable customer insights. Understand the issues the customers are facing in the product and try to figure out a better solution to it before selling.

  • Inventory levels:

Quickly find out the inventory levels of certain specific listings present on Amazon! Lookout at the pre-existing stock of the products selling on the platform easily.

2. Keyword Research

  • Cerebro:

Cerebro Keyword Research

Cerebro is a reverse ASIN-tool that helps a user learn something from the competitor’s keyword strategy. All they need to do is:

Enter an ASIN in order to uncover keywords for both organic and sponsored search results. Also, evaluate highly accurate keyword search volume.


Discover which particular keywords are ranking the competitors on the platform in order to optimize the listings. Raise up the sales and conversion rate with just a simple reverse ASIN lookup.


Determine the estimated sales required per keyword for ranking on page 1 of Amazon.

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Being a search tool, Cerebro brings out essential data such as the estimated exact keyword phrase search volume, estimated broad keyword sales search volume, and many other such data points that are crucial for an Amazon business. It also has several advanced filters that are available to tune up the competitive keyword research.

It can help to Narrow or broaden up the search, include or exclude certain specific phrases, and capture some long-tail phrases with the help of word count filters along with many other such options to sharpen up the focus ahead.

There is also a specific ‘CPR’ Formula that leverages some highly accurate search data to help get the Amazon Product ranking on Page 1. It also includes Cerebro ‘IQ Score‘ that lets one look at the potential keyword opportunities where low competition keywords come around with high search volume.

Discover & review the competition’s keyword strategy with the help of the Cerebro ASIN Search of Helium 10. Also, find the best relevant keywords that wouldn’t come to the seller’s minds easily. It provides the following details such as:


  1. Cerebro IQ Score.
  2. Keyword Suggestions.
  3. Exact Phrase Search Volume.
  4. Broad Phrase Search Volume.
  5. Sponsored ASINs.
  6. Competing Products.
  7. CPR Daily Total Giveaways.
  8. Rank Position.

  • Magnet:

Magnet Keyword Research

Discover some high value and relevant keywords for Amazon with the help of Magnet. They have currently launched up their second version, which is more advanced and better. Magnet has the largest database amongst all the Softwares in the market, which makes it unique and different from the others. It provides some actionable Amazon-related search terms and long-tail keywords to the users.

Keywords are the most important thing to boost up the ranking, and they sure well to do that! Find high-volume search terms that prove out to be relevant and worthy to the product listing. Use the advanced filters present such as count, search, volume, broad volume, number of competing products, etc. in order to sort the keyword listings with criteria that actually matter.

Stop guessing and bring out the proper intel for the Amazon SEO Strategy. Just enter an initiating a.k.a. ‘seed’ keyword and get back a whole list of relevant keyword suggestions to give the traffic a solid boost. It also reveals all the data that is required to measure up the keyword success such as estimated search volume and many other such things. It gets all the numbers that are required to give the products a launch that brings them to Page 1. Find products that buyers would also want with this powerful Amazon Research Tool. It provides things such as:

Magnet Tool

  1. Magnet IQ Score.
  2. Keyword Phrase.
  3. Broad Phrase Search Volume.
  4. Exact Phrase Search Volume.
  5. Sponsored ASINs.
  6. Headline ASINs.
  7. Competing Products.
  8. CPR Total/Daily Giveaways.

  • Misspellinator:

Misspellinator Keyword Research

It extracts up the misspelled keywords that bring no outcome to the product, hence the users ought to have these spelled uprightly. Boost up the sales with easy easy pickings and also take advantage of frequently searched for but often misspelled wrongly keywords.

Misspelled terms barely have any competition, therefore those are a great way to boost up sales. Plug them up to the product listings and that’s it! Get ranked with the help of them. Whenever shoppers enter commonly misspelled keywords, they’d be redirected to those products which is a great thing.

Extract all those keywords on the basis of how often they are searched. Finding such keywords on your own includes hours of boring research, and rather than doing that, use the tool in order to bring out some of the most common variations with the highest search volume in just a few seconds.

Save all that hassle of sorting out all those random misspellings. Export these directly for processing with the help of this tool that seamlessly works together and makes the work way much easier than before.

3. Listing Optimization

  • Frankenstein:

Helium 10 Frankenstein

This tool helps in bringing out all those keyword lists into one big traffic booster. Save time and effort with thousands of keywords processed in just seconds. It also helps in ranking higher in the A9 search engine by targeting the best keywords.

Increase traffic and convert more sales with some higher Amazon product rankings. Frankenstein is the best keyword processor that can be used for all optimization efforts. Take a huge list of keywords, it doesn’t even matter if there are a thousand and transforms it into one whole manageable group to use it in the Amazon listing optimization efforts.

When the Amazon keyword research list is combined, it is then cleaned up and turned into a better group. This makes the keyword listings better and powerful at the same time. Filter, review, and sort all the keyword results with the help of the wide output settings and de-duplication filters in the Helium 10 Frankenstein tool. Remove unwanted characters and words, sorting the keywords by popularity.

Also, sort the keywords by frequency in order to identify which search terms show up quite often. These keywords provide a great outcome when it is incorporated into one Amazon package. At the same time, improve the Amazon product ranking in the A9 search engine and get better traffic to the listing.

  • Scribbles:

Scribbles Tool

Don’t miss even a single keyword from the listing and also validate all the desired keywords. Some of the greatest advantages of this tool are:

  1. It validates all the keywords that are used by most of the users as possible in the keyword description.
  2. The tool makes creating optimized product listings using all the preferred search terms.
  3. Ensures that a seller has used the correct number of keywords if they have a specific limitation to stick to.
  4. Includes all the convenient features in order to retrieve the previous listing drafts. It also has the ability to import the listings from the Amazon account.

Scribbles is specifically designed to prevent sellers from excluding certain keywords. It makes drafting all the product listings extremely convenient and easier. The tool automatically populates the ‘used keywords’ data field as one adds up a given keyword to the title, description, or in the product’s bullet points.

All the unused keywords are not included in the title. Description or the bullet points will be present in the ‘unused keywords’ lists so that one knows that these are also there.

Helium 10 Scribbles review keywords & everything from its database & also allow to add up and include the best keywords in the front end & back end of the product listings in order to make sure that the listings are well optimized. This leads to better sales and also modifies the text field lengths so that one can use the tool regardless of any character limitations in any certain category. Scribbles makes:

Helium 10 Scribbles

  1. Master keyword list.
  2. Title & Description.
  3. Keywords.
  4. Bullet Points.

  • Index Checker:

Index Checker by Helium 10

With the help of the Keyword Index Checker, the task that takes hours will take way less than 30 seconds, thanks to its fast algorithm! It helps in doing the following things:

  1. One can check to see if the products are showing in the search results with the help of the top keywords in an instance.
  2. With Helium 10, Find out & review if there are any bad keywords affecting up the product listing in any way or even causing other high-volume & profitable keywords not indexing.
  3. Enter the Product ASIN of any other competing product in order to find out what keywords are ranking for them and what isn’t. Also, dig into certain profitable keywords that can be used to give organic traffic boost.
  4. Use various ways together in order to get the product indexed. Get the detailed information to take the required steps towards proper indexing in the Amazon search engine and don’t leak the potential sales.

After all the efforts, not landing up with the help of popular keywords isn’t acceptable by any seller. These potential profit leaks will be costing some serious revenue and in the end, will lead to endless regrets. With the help of this index checker, the seller doesn’t need to be clueless about what is happening and can check their keywords pretty often to discover any issues.

Also, they can take the desired actions to make sure they are well indexed for any future searches. Be clear which keywords are exactly being indexed on Amazon.

Enter the competitor’s ASINs and quickly discover what terms are ranking for them and what isn’t. One may find some profitable keywords that the competitors are using and they’re not so that it can be incorporated into the SEO to increase traffic on the product listings.


  • Refund Genie:

Helium 10 Refund Genie

Got some money stuck in the FBA process but can’t take it out? The Refund Genie helps to do so by automating the complicated task for lost and damaged inventory. Here are the ways how the tool does its work in the best manner:

  1. The Refund Genie makes the process easier rather than going for the refund process that is time-consuming and confusing.
  2. The software Helium 10 Refund Genie auto checks & review the five different reasons for the FBA inventory reimbursements.
  3. Just copy and paste the pre-written messages for sending along with the Amazon Seller Reimbursement Requests.
  4. Receive the FBA refund estimate totals in seconds that usually take hours when it’s pulled out manually.
  5. View the previous reimbursements and also view the current Amazon seller refunds the are yet owed.
  6. Amazon creates different reports for different marketplaces at the same time accordingly.

  • Alerts:

Alerts Tool

The marketplace is a very tough place if we look at it carefully, and therefore one needs to have a hijacker and product monitoring tool by their side. It is tough to prevent hijackers from entering the product page without having 24/7 surveillance software.

The Alerts tool will keep on monitoring all the ASINs and will instantly alert the user when any other seller tries interfering or sell counterfeits of the product or try to steal the brand authority. Protect all the listings from one easy-to-use dashboard as the tool provides surveillance for an unlimited amount of ASINs and listings.

The user has the ability to monitor the entire FBA inventory from one place. Its Users will stay easy and with the assurance that their products & listing are safe day and night.

The tool provides immediate alerts if something happens, and it is always better to respond to it right at that moment to avoid any more such issues. Constant monitoring of the listings allows the users to be ready when any such risk is detected. These alerts also help in reporting the hijackers to Amazon so they too can take care of it and remove them from the marketplace. Here’s what it actually lets the users do:

  1. Helium 10 Alerts feature constantly review and monitor the product listings and receive instant updates if there is any hijacker altering any of the listings.
  2. Prevent the sale of fraudulent products that may cut into profits or devalue the Amazon brand.
  3. Automatically import the ASINs into alerts or enter them with the manual process.
  4. Monitor all the ASINs 24/7 in real-time.
  5. Gain the utmost peace of mind with the fact that the ASINs and inventory are protected against fraudulent takeovers and counterfeit products.
  6. Captures daily screenshots of the listings and forwards them directly to the seller.

  • Inventory Protector:

Helium 10 Inventory Protector

Product launching can lead up the listing into vulnerabilities, and it is advised to protect these listings from malicious competitors or coupon stackers who have the ability to wipe out the entire inventory. Therefore, it is better to have a tool such as an inventory protector that is going to limit Amazon customers from buying large amounts of discounted products. All the seller needs to do is:

  1. Set a minimum order for the product, stay protected against shoppers who can use discount codes, and wipe out huge amounts of inventory in times of promotions.
  2. Some competitors tend to do something extra to spy on the inventory levels. A common way to do so is by adding 999 units of the product in the shopping cart to see if the seller can meet the demand or not. Limit the maximum purchasing to a certain amount to keep the business safe from any shady practice.
  3. The simple dashboard organizes all the ASINs and protects all the products from being oversold in just a few clicks.

  • Follow-Up:

Follow-Up by Helium 10

One thing written on the platform is true, that every business might begin with customers, but what makes it successful is happy customers. Not all sellers have time to develop effective communication with the sellers, and it’s not good to leave the sellers disappointed during any situation.

For this, the tool acts as a savior and provides a customizable and effective experience for the clients. Focus on marketing moments rather than spending all the time on follow-ups. Craft some email sequences in order to kick-in order deliveries and other event triggers. Some amazing things it does is that:

  1. Its user-friendly interface saves a lot of time. The simple and easy-to-use dashboard organizes all the activities. Just view the orders, set automation, build email templates, manage products, and many such things.
  2. Get some customer issues and concerns answered in an instance. Also, it provides follow-up with orders to obtain valuable feedback, improve seller reputation, and get some great sales.
  3. Write emails or use any such template provided on the Helium 10 platform. Include some of those that are written by some of the best and accomplished sellers on Amazon.

  • Mobile Application:

Helium 10 Mobile Application

They wish to provide critical data at the fingertips of users and they have an application for both Android and iOS. With the Helium 10 application, users can review the same analytics and notifications with just a single click on the mobile device. It also provides instant alerts and critical sales data at times when the sellers need it the most.

Stay up-to-date with the product’s performance and get a glance at the profits, and it also makes it easier for keeping track of the inventory. It has an intuitive display so that users find everything on the mobile dashboard specifically designed for brief glances and quick clicks.


  • Profits:

Profits by Helium 10Profits have multiple data points and plays a big role in the Amazon business if seen in an overall manner. By having visual data, both positive and negative, one can get the best insights on the financial health across all of the product listings.

By all these activities, one can make their minds up on whether they wish to have the products or not. Users can check out their gross revenue from the sales and net profit from today, yesterday, the past week, or any other time range chosen such as monthly or yearly.

By utilizing those data, Helium 10 Profits tool can easily review & calculate which products are helping in making good money and which are costing pretty much & staying in the inventory for long.

Helium 10 Profits Tool

The ‘Performance Matrix’ agenda expands on the basis of gross revenue and net profit data by adding up the analytics of the past 30 days, month-to-date, and year-to-date measurements.

Some of the additional factors are estimated profits, units sold, orders, ROI, promotions, profit margins, refunds, and the seller’s ASIN Account.

The tool also displays up Inventory levels where a user can see the days at which their inventory was at the highest and lowest levels through intuitive graphs. In addition to that, the Bestsellers graph highlights the top-selling products as well as sales trends.

  • Market Tracker:

Market Tracker Tool

Track the big picture of the market and take a huge lead in the industry with the help of this tool. It helps in always making the right move and get ahead of the competition with a keen view of the market.

A user can track their position in the market, how the competitors are performing, and the overall health of the market.

Users can also create up ‘customized markets’ where the smart algorithm gives product suggestions that allow creating a stand with pinpoint accuracy. The tool is a godsend as it helps in taking a giant step ahead of the competitors with distant and complete market metrics.

Market Tracker by Helium 10

It discovers what the competitors are doing way before they check out anything. Also, it helps users learn more about what drives the product performance to a greater extent. This way, the sellers can take the necessary step ahead. Widen up the insights and go beyond just tracking a few keywords or products.

Everything is present under one dashboard of Helium 10, analytics, insights, and rankings in one package. Helium 10 lets the users review the market share, new entrants, competitor data, reviews, sales, BSR, pricing, revenue, and many other such things.

Helium 10 Market Tracker

The sellers can stay in the loop always and make the best decisions for their business. The Market Tracker Tool is updated on a daily basis so that the sellers can stay on top of their markets, keep their business healthy, and analyze past data to make better decisions in the future.

  • Keyword Tracker:

Keyword Tracker Tool

Simplify the entire monitoring process and check out the Amazon product ranking easily. The keyword tracker tool helps the users in finding where they stand by tracking the organic and sponsored position of keywords in one easy to view ranking dashboard.

Also, it boosts the users for faster insights with the Rocket Boost Feature which allows reviewing keyword ranking data for any boosted keyword every hour for 10 days. Here are a few ways in which Helium 10’s Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker can help in outranking from the competitors:

  1. With their intuitive designs and easy to use interface, tracking the keywords, and optimizing the Amazon Product Listing has become easier.
  2. It lets the users monitor the important keywords for profitable Amazon niches they are targeting.
  3. One can know what works and what doesn’t by logging in the changes they made in their marketing and optimization efforts.
  4. It tracks the competition and sees how one stacks up against its SEO Strategy. In addition to that, it views how every change affects the search with real-time Amazon keyword monitoring.
  5. The users can generate valuable data on the keywords they track. It includes ranking, percentage changes, ranking trends over time, estimated monthly changes, and many other such things.


  • ADS:

Helium 10 ADS

Helium 10 also features a PPC Management software where the users can place their product ads. There is also an option to automate the advertisements and the seller doesn’t need to monitor it recklessly.

They ask the users to leave the tough task on them as they run PPC Campaigns like never before with smart suggestions, simplified campaign management, and clear metrics.

Everything is available at the fingertips and the seller just needs to focus on one thing, and that is SELLING! They’ll handle the rest and require no monitoring at all.

The seller can analyze the campaign performance and quickly go through what’s working and what isn’t. There is a clear chart present that just requires a glance and quickly displays metrics such as the top sellers & ACoS Campaigns. This helps in seeing how well are the ads impacting the sales.

Also, one can improve the ad performance by some better suggestions and bids provided by the tool. They provide bids on the basis of metrics that matter to the sellers such as ACoS, CTR, and CPC. The ADS Beta also generates certain new and negative keywords using advanced & rule-based algorithms.

Decision making becomes easier since they leverage everything with regards to campaigns such as ACoS to make some strategically optimized decisions. The tool also provides easy access to search terms which gives the seller a clear picture of what needs to be optimized in order to get more sales.

ADS Tool

One can manage their business easily with barely any issue since the tool makes changes in all the campaigns instantly.

Helium 10 analytics ad manager pages allow the sellers to review & adjust the bids easily and budgets, add up some new keywords or instantly add negative targets to their campaigns in just some clicks.

Optimize the PPC Campaigns with them and start selling more, however, only those can access it who use the above tools anyway.

  • Portals:

Portals by Helium 10

Portals Tool helps in taking over the traffic and show multiple customer journeys in one destination. They drive external traffic from anywhere across the world virtually in the customer funnel and then bring them directly to the product page.

With their easy build, conversion-optimized landing pages, product landings pages are made to be user-friendly and are specifically designed for Amazon Sellers.

The pages can be customized in just a single click and one can easily populate them with the product information directly on Amazon. They also open the doors for any new traffic source from social media, paid ads, email lists, and many other such alternatives.

Helium 10 Portals Tool

There are pages for the entire funnel that nurture the customers to make repeat purchases. One can make repeats with the help of ready-to-use sales, email opt-in, thank you pages, and more such things.

This also helps in building up their brand and create an identity with their own customized pages outside of Amazon. The tool does all the hosting tasks and leaves only the customers with the users.

It easily integrates with multiple applications and marketplaces including Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook, and more such tools.

Features of Helium 10

1. Training

They provide Amazon FBA Training to all their users who are new to the selling platform and don’t know a lot about it. Helium 10 has partnered up with Freedom Ticket and together they bring a technical run-through on how to sell on Amazon. The course includes up-to-date information and best practices available in the market. Helium 10 training takes place for 8 weeks and includes 60+ videos, real data, review slides, and 30+ handouts.

2. Podcasts

The software features some of the best podcasts that provide insights on how to boost everything on Amazon. Any user can listen up to them while jogging, walking, or doing some other tasks. Who said learning has to just be in the way of academics, these podcasts also work well! Serious Sellers Podcast has tied up with Helium 10 and their podcasts are available on other platforms along with Helium 10.

3. Webinars

Helium 10 experts conduct webinars every time and then to ensure that the users are having a great experience. Each time, they offer something new to the users and improve their knowledge with some extra information. There are also offering some pre-recorded webinars present in their archives that the users can go through in case they haven’t attended it earlier.

4. Project X

There are many people who aren’t quite interested in theoretical or example learning, and for those, these case studies act as a true savior. Project X features some live real-time user case studies that the sellers can go through and understand what’s going on in the market. They provide 14 episodes that take the sellers across the success journey.

5. Helium 10 Elite

The feature presents some extra things to the users. Anyone who subscribes to this can unlock its highest-tier plan and use the 20+ software suite. In addition to that, they get access to all the live webinars and exclusive in-person workshops. They also get free entry to their next social event and free access to 5 previous expert training. Forum Access is provided only to elite members.

6. Guides and eBooks

There are several sellers looking for the answers to their questions about selling on Amazon, and apparently, these guides & eBooks are going to help them in various ways. They have some ultimate guides present where the users can find all their answers and also some eBooks they can go through.

7. 24/7 Customer Support

Still not satisfied with the product and facing any issues? Don’t worry, Helium 10 provides 24/7 support to all their customers. All they need to do is just submit the request and that’s it! They’ll reach out in the shortest span of time and solve the issues in the best manner.

Pricing Packages Review of Helium 10

Every package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and apart from that, they also have a free trial. Here are the pricing packages provided by them:

Helium 10 Pricing Packages

Free: $0/Month.

Platinum Package: $97.00/Month.

Diamond Package: $197.00/Month.

Elite Package: $397.00/Month.

Pros & Cons of Helium 10


  • Free 30-day trial.
  • All-in-one platform.
  • Dedicated research outcomes.
  • Requires very little monitoring.
  • Supportive Community Group.
  • Detailed keyword insights.
  • Different Pricing Packages.
  • Includes different resources of learning.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.


  • Some tools cost extra separately.

Hellium 10 Customer Reviews

While nearly 92 percent of the users have had a great time with the tool, some testimonials motivate the users to operate it for their business.

A review from Wei-Chou-Chen reads that Helium 10 has so many powerful tools present in just a single package, and it offers a lot to the users. The Freedom ticket integration makes the package even better, as per his reviews. He would definitely recommend the tool to other people.

Helium 10 Testimonial Proof

Another review from Jasmine reads that Helium 10 offers a lot of amazing tools to start with for a business, and the free version is a great way, to begin with, the analysis & research journey.

These reviews might seem short and sweet, but just like this, there are thousands of happy customers loving the tool and absolutely suggesting the same to other users.

True Fact: How we managed to earn a whopping $1,42,000 in Just 11 Months! 

Helium 10 Case Study

While we are covering a review for the tool, we ought to mention some great profits attained by us with the help of it. As new sellers, we were unknown to a lot of things and this software looked like a savior for us.

We went for the Platinum Package which seemed great for our business. From Product Research Tool to Cerebro, the journey went amazing and there were a lot of products displayed to us based on our choice of niche.

Next, the calculator helped us pick the right one based on the desired profit margin, which was again very assisting. Cerebro helped in identifying the competitor’s strategy and this created a path for us to walk on. Magnet found the best longtails to bring up our SEO Score and boost the ranking of brand & product.

Frankenstein Tool was specifically great as it created lists of multiple keywords and then identified the best for our business. A great advantage we got was the protection from any sort of phishing or so we got from Alerts Tool, and in addition to that, we didn’t even have to go for another tool looking for PPC Advertising. Whilst paying for some extra tools such as the PPC Manager and Traffic Control, we were earning extra already! In just 11 months, earning almost 140k seemed like a dream, which we achieved. The tool at first may seem a bit expensive, but when it actually starts working, anyone would realize that this tool is a godsend!

Final Verdict – Is it Worth The Money?

After using it ourselves, we cannot say that this doesn’t work. The amalgamation of these tools acts as a blessing for the business and rather than jumping from one platform to another, it makes it possible for the user to stick to one area of working.

This SaaS-based product has EVERYTHING. Name one thing that isn’t there, which is impossible. Some people may find it a bit overwhelming, but in reality, it is pretty facilitating. From Product Research to Marketing, it provides A to Z service to the clients, which is a great thing.

Apart from that, there are several resources to learn from such as Webinars, eBooks, Podcasts, etc. and yet if someone isn’t satisfied, they have customer support!

The options are endless, and so are the requirements of the business. Therefore with this tool, all the requirements can be met with utmost ease and comfort. It is totally worth it and a YES from our side!


What is the best part about Helium 10?

There is nothing that can be claimed specifically best in the tool since the entire platform is AMAZING! But, to mention, the best part is the Listing and Optimization option that saves a ton of time by providing the best listing optimizations.

Is Helium 10 value for money?

Of course YES! Helium 10 is pretty amazing and provides the best services and makes it possible for users to stay at one platform and not go anywhere else. If we look at it, the tool has all the things that everyone desires to have.

Is Helium 10 a Chrome Extension or Software?

While the platform is a SaaS-based product, it is also available as a Chrome Extension. Some tools work in the chrome extension and it'll display data anytime the users look for anything, whereas some things work on the web-based software.

Does Helium 10 have a free trial?

Yes, Helium 10 has a free 30-day trial and the software also have a free package that anyone can subscribe to.

Are all prices inclusive the tool suite?

No, this is the only con over here, since some tools come at an exclusive price. Else way, one has to pay an extra amount for some services.

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