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Vultr Review 2024: Is It Worth? + Get $100 Free Credit


Vultr is an adaptable and one of the highly ranked & recommended cloud hosting providers, that have furthered the streamlining of businesses in terms of simplifying the complex cloud hosting environments. It has 17 data centers spread across the map of the globe with an efficient team of engineers and developers behind their high-performance cloud computing environment in all the cities of the 4 major continents.

Vultr Review

Vultr wears its passion for the game on its sleeves and has positioned itself as a safer, easy to use, extensive service provider in the market with which anyone can deploy their application or website on VPS at an affordable price with guaranteed performance and scalability.

You get your own server, customize it from a range of configurations and connectivity options, go through a quick setup process, choose the operating system and scripts to auto-install and you’re good to go!

Vultr is committed to solving your problems related to infrastructure and allows you to shift your entire focus and strength towards coding and development of the website or application. Let’s see more in this Vultr review, how it does that and how that can be essential for you.

Vultr Features, Performance Review & SLA

Compute Instances

It offers powerful compute instances, with a speed boost from 100% local SSD and high-performance Intel CPUs. This involves Intel SkyLake processors for the deployment of 2GB+ plans which is 58% faster as compared to Broadwell architecture.

The price begins from as low as $2.5 per month and can go up to $640 per month, based on your requirements of storage, CPU, memory, and bandwidth. Best part? They have an option for hourly charges! You can use the server for as long as you want and then delete it without paying for it when not in use.

Vultr Instances

High Frequency Compute Instances

More suitable for demanding applications, it offers instances powered by high clock speed CPUs, that is 3+ GHz processors, which is 89% faster in terms of CPU performance. The memory performance is backed by NVMe solid-state local storage, boosting the overall throughput. The pricing starts from $6 per month and $0.009 per hour. Make sure to review all the customization you choose before deploying your VPS or Server on Vultr.

Vultr Pricing & Storage

Bare Metal

This is nothing less than having an entire dedicated server to yourself with full control of the environment, direct access to the server resources without any virtualization layer between the custom OS you choose to run your application and the host OS running on the physical server. This helps a lot in boosting performance with no noisy neighbors and no shared resources.
Bare Metal, a single-tenant environment is currently available only in 7 locations across the world. It is available for $120 per month which covers 2X240 GB SSD, E3-1270v6 processor, 32768 MB memory, and 5000 GB bandwidth.

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Object Storage

Does your application run with an S3 API? You can now point to Vultr’s URI and access token. The object storage is an option you can keep to have add-on storage in the future on demand plus, integration with S3 enabled applications. You may reduce or expand your storage by removing or adding objects and pay only for what is used.

This makes sure that data is readily available and accessible to the audiences, anytime. Other than this it also provides internet accessible media storage to store static files like images, audios, videos, etcetera. And there is an option to save huge historical data and files, recovery data, etc., for future references at no extra costs. Priced at $5 per month, object storage includes 250 GB file storage, 1000 GB outbound data transfer, and inbound data transfer. Rest is completely flexible, that is you pay for what you use and nothing more!

Vultr Pricing

Block Storage

Create extra storage without affecting your cloud instance local disk, using the SSDs. You may up and down as many instances and attach/mount block storage volume to them as and when you like, while you pay only for the hours you’ve used the platform for. This goes in compliance with the hourly and monthly rate caps by Vultr.

Vultr Block Storage

Dedicated Cloud Instances

With dedicated resources like CPU, SSD drives, RAM, etc., which makes it different from cloud compute instance since you don’t have to deal with neighbors anymore! You can rent out 25%, 50%, 75%, or even a full server with dedicated resources to yourself on the basis of hourly charges and monthly charges in case you exceed 672 hours of online activity in a month.

Vultr Dedicated Resources

Load Balancers

From the dashboard, you can deploy the load balancers in a click and have all the configurations and automation running in seconds. A load balancer is used for horizontal scaling, has a built-in health monitor and automatic failover. You can just add or remove instances as much as you like to and the load balancer will route the traffic smartly on its own. Also, it allows you to secure your data with SSL certificates that you purchase and set up on your own.

Global Datacenters

Vultr offers a global network, with 17 server locations across the world that ensures you get a low latency and high-performance network irrespective of where the application is deployed. Analyze & review to choose Server from any of the locations which are nearest to your customers, Vultr Server locations are Singapore, Tokyo, Miami, New Jersey, Atlanta, Toronto, Seoul, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Silicon Valley, Sydney, and Paris.

Vultr Globally

Advanced Networking

You can connect your existing corporate network to the Vultr cloud with your own IP space in three easy steps. This improves the server’s availability and localized content delivery which is faster. And then there’s ‘Vultr Direct Connect’ that allows you to have dedicated private connectivity between your network and Vultr platform. This indirectly improves security and privacy, directly affects network performance, and controls bandwidth costs, positively.

Lastly, ‘Native DDoS Mitigation’ services, that are available in only 11 locations for now helps in adding an extra layer of protection with real time monitoring, analytics and instant reporting mechanism in place. Available at $10 per month for up to 10 GBps, this might be available for beyond 10 GBps in future.

Vultr Reserved IPs

Control Panel & APIs

With just one single panel, you get to exercise control over entire infrastructure. All that you have in one panel has been listed below

  • One-click Deploy mechanism – You can deploy your instances in a few seconds.
  • Powerful yet simple APIs to automate the systems.
  • Team management – Where you can enable single sign-in options for your team members, manage a team of users with their restricted access and share API access and other privileges based on your requirements.
  • Easy-to-use Interface, that works well with any kind of device you’re logged in from and is as smooth as ever.
  • Infrastructure Control Panel – Access Servers hosted on Vultr, track & review their health, flexible and intuitive settings management that gives you control over bandwidth usage, CPU usage, backups, DDoS, etc.
  • Account Management Panel – You can keep an eye on real time billing information, pay using a choice of payment option such as Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc., integrate an account with SSO for multi-factor authentications.
  • Technical Support Panel – which is based on an efficient ticketing system that is as speedy and reliable as a live-chat mechanism.
Vultr Setting Management

Flexible Operating system choices

Vultr offers an array of Operating systems at your disposal, so you can have any number of combinations of OS for your application out of Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora CoreOS, CentOS, Debian, OpenBSD, WordPress, and more. This never affects the speed of the server or your uptime, at all!

One-Step Deployment Of Apps

With the single click, you can choose the application to deploy on the server and begin with your customizations and further configurations as you would do normally, on any server.

ISO Upload

Custom bootable OS, can also be directly uploaded on the server using the installation file called ISO, and a snapshot can be saved for future deployment on any other server. Vultr also ensures that the data will not be lost in case the OS ever gets corrupted! You get a library to choose the ISO from, choose the server size and location and then Vultr starts with deploying your instances using the selected ISO.

Vultr Products

Service Level Agreement

Vultr is known for its high-performance cloud computing system, giving the users a smooth transition and stable, automated, easy to use services. They boast about their service level agreement to a 100% Node uptime and 100% Network uptime with more credit hours in your account proportional to the number of servers you’re hosting and on the basis of affected instance hourly costs, in case of downtime. Refer to the image below for an idea.

Vultr Service


Get Vultr $100 free credit for trial before you proceed with the paid plans so that you can review the platform & try their services. Vultr has broken the barriers of affordability for those looking for high-performance cloud computing options on a fairly low budget. A user enjoys full control over the network and system with a lot of options to choose from, a lot of auto-installations/automation to perform in seconds, and has a reliable, powerful, and fast server at work.

In terms of ease of use and setup, this platform is highly recommended. Though they have a ticket support system, it is sufficient and pretty reliable and has a low turnaround time. It is likely to gain more users in the future for sure, with this range of quality services and recognition from their current users will take them a long way.

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