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edX vs Coursera: Which One is Better Online Learning Platform?


We are lucky to have various online education platforms where we can easily gain knowledge and earn skills at our own pace.

These online education platforms are providing in-depth analysis of each course and will help you in career development.

But the point is which online education platform is the right to pick and to learn the professional courses. 

edX vs Coursera

Today, we have edX vs Coursera, the top most online education platforms as they offer different online courses and programs. The main advantage is you can learn whenever you want according to your choice as the courses are available based on your flexibility and convenience.

πŸ€— What is edX? Online Courses By Harvard, MIT & More

EdX Review

We have one of the online education platforms called edX with more than 3000 online courses, over 300 programs, and till now more than 34 million students are trained on this platform. 

The different training programs offered by edX are taught by the industrial experts and the faculty of top-ranked universities across the world. You can learn any technical course on edX platform such as Engineering, Data Science, Business, and many more.Β 

If you want to unlock any skill and gain knowledge with any course, then edX is for you as it can easily propel your career and helps you to get a degree. For businesses, it also a great platform because it helps to teach your employees and also create a culture of learning with different courses. 

Enabling Transformation with edX


When you engage with different video lectures at edX, you can learn new skills and gain knowledge as it will provide complete information on any topic from data visualizations, graphics to interactive elements. 


You’re just not only learning courses in edX online learning platform but also gaining practical knowledge of the courses, and programs. This means you’re going to participate in quizzes, open source assessments, virtual environments, and many more after completion of the topic to test the knowledge. 


What you learn today with edX will help you to transform your career in a brighter way as the education at edX will teach you in the context of the job. 

Pros and Cons of edX


  • Offers Accredited certificates
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • Available courses are from beginners to advanced
  • After completion of course at edX, earn a degree
  • Various programs are available like MicroMasters, MicroBachelors, etc
  • Offers courses at the university level
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Courses are available at an affordable cost
  • You can learn at any time and anywhere



  • Not all courses are affordable
  • When you pass with a grade then only it provides a certificate
  • If you’re not self-disciplined, then it is quite challenging to learn a course
  • It does not offer a proper course structure
  • Some courses did not cover full topics.

πŸ€— What is Coursera? Online Courses From Top Institutions


Coursera is another online education learning platform that takes your career into the next step as it provides a world-class learning experience without any limits. It collaborates with more than 200 leading companies and universities. If you want to accelerate your career, then Coursera is the pick as it offers many options from various courses to university degrees. 

With Coursera, you can gain practical knowledge and top universities will provide quizzes to test your knowledge on the topic that you learned. Coursera has more than 35 million users, more than 2700 courses, over 150 university partnerships, and full degree programs.   

Gain Expertise in the Latest Skills 

In Coursera, you’re going to learn specializations and courses in humanities, computer science, and many more subjects. All these courses will be trained by different experts from top universities who have knowledge on all the topics. 

Learn Job-Ready Career Skills 

Coursera is just not only teach you programs, as it prepares the students with the skills that are required for their dream jobs. It teaches artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cloud engineering, and many more. 

Earn a Degree 

You can earn a degree with Coursera, as the instructors at Coursera are from the world’s leading universities in different fields like business, computer science, and also in many more areas. 

Upskill Your Organization

You can train your employees as Coursera is available with different skilled programs, so upskill your organization’s employees with on-demand development and training programs. 

Pros and Cons of Coursera


  • Comes up with professional services
  • It offers flexible timetables
  • Has a lot of features
  • Getting a degree with Coursera is easy
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Instructors are highly-professional
  • World class learning experience
  • Offers job ready skills
  • Interesting degree programs
  • Help to accelerate your career
  • Earn practical skills with experts
  • Earn industry recognized credentials
  • A lot of courses to explore
  • Hundreds of free courses



  • Some courses are expensive
  • Some instructors or trainers are shy in front of the camera
  • The courses are not suitable for beginners
  • Waiting periods

πŸ‘€ edX vs Coursera Learning Technology Difference

The learning technology of edX and Coursera is different, let’s see and compare how these online learning platforms will help the students during the learning process of a course or program.

How edX Courses Are Best?

edX learning technology

Let’s look into the edX learning technology 


edX allows the students to learn the course or program at their own pace, this means you have the freedom to learn at any time and anywhere. If you didn’t understand any topic, then the video lectures of your course can be paused, speed up and rewind to learn. 


The courses and programs at edX are available at your own pace, which means as mentioned that you can learn them at any time whenever you want and wherever you want according to your convenience. 


edX is a learning platform, and you can learn some new things every time and what you learn with edX, you can showcase your skills after completing the course in the form of a certificate, and earn a degree.

How Coursera Courses Are Best?

What Coursera offers

With Coursera, you’re going to experience world-class training from the instructors for anyone and anywhere. Its main focus on flexibility, convenience, job-relevant online learning, and many more. 


Every student at Coursera is going to learn from the experts with more than 200 leading companies and universities. You can earn recognized credentials from the top companies and universities and start achieving your goals. 


If you want to explore new courses, then Coursera offers hundreds of free courses for you, and also for paid courses you can start learning with a free trial. With Coursera, enjoy a high-quality curriculum of courses at affordable prices, with flexible scheduling, and earn a university degree. 


According to your timings, get on-demand video lectures of the course or program that you pick for mobile and desktop. You have the opportunity to select from hands on projects, free courses, stackable credentials, and certificate programs. 


You’re going to learn the master essential career skills according to the comprehensive skills data and with applied learning, you’re going to build both personal and professional skills. So, start learning with Coursera and achieve all your goals with ease. 

πŸ€” How edX vs Coursera, Both Works Differently? 

edX or Coursera, both have the instructors of leading companies and universities, and they help to train not only the students but also many organizations across the world. 

For Whom edX is?

edX for learners

edX online education platform is for learners, businesses, and educators. Now, we’re going to explore how edX helps all these people in-depth. 

edX for Learners 

If you want to expand your knowledge, then edX for learners will provide various courses and programs, and all you need to do is just explore the courses it offers and pick one that you want to learn. From this, you have to propel your career and if you complete a course then you’ll get a degree certificate. 

edX for Business

edX for Business

edX is an online learning platform for everyone, it is suitable for all types of ages including those who are ready to boost up the skills and ready to start the career. It will provide the courses from in-depth sharing knowledge of different topics to skill-based training programs.

Verified certificate courses, professional certificates, executive education, MicroMasters programs, Master’s Degree programs, and much more are available. You can create an extraordinary career for tomorrow when you start learning from today with edX and for businesses it allows you to unlock the potential of your organization or company when you upskill your employees with edX and build a culture of the learning environment. 

edX for Educators 

edX for educators will deliver exceptional online learning experiences with innovative teaching and learning solutions in this modern digital era. It is designed for thousands of learners and access to various courses and for interactions, it engages the students in deep learning with multiple assessment types.  

  • Designed by Educators for Educators – It offers enhanced course catalogs, creates faculty-led blended learning experiences including delivering more self-paced courses to the educators.
  • Data-Driven Insights and Analysis – Learner dashboards, and Administration at edX will provide powerful data insights that turn into successful milestones and learner progress.  When you have to look into the progress of students, you have to encourage them by finding their course engagement, and performance data. 
  • Informed by the Science and Learning – Every course at edX is paired with the application, feedback, that results in developing the skills for learners. 
  • Design the Solution that Works for You – To know about the curriculum of the course and the classroom schedules, Curriculum experts will work with you to map the course for your classroom. 

edX for Schools and Partners

edX schools and partners

edX is one of the most popular online learning platforms where the courses available from different institutions to share the knowledge in learning and teaching.

edX is not only an online training program but also high-level program management, course strategy, build, design, run, re-run consultations involving data analytics, on-board technical support, and many more.

edX is having a partnership with various leading organizations across the world including some multinational corporations and academic institutions.

For Whom Coursera is?

Coursera is suitable for everyone including Business, Government, and Campus. In this comparison of edX vs Coursera, Let’s see how Coursera provides benefits to all categories of professions.

Coursera for Business 

Coursera for Business

With Coursera, you can create a true business impact as it provides world-class training developed by leading companies and universities across the world. The companies use Coursera for businesses because it delivers the goals by building critical skills, realize the value of technology investments, and build a data-driven digital fluent workforce. 

Coursera for Campus

Coursera for Campus

Coursera provides job-relevant education for the students, staff, and faculty with access to over 4200 courses and you can transform your university with Coursera. 

  • It provides standalone courses for credit in the core curriculum. 
  • It enables the faculty based on the curriculum with high-quality content.
  • It makes the student stronger with job-relevant skills. 
  • Without an increase in the cost of infrastructure, it increases the student capacity. 
  • With a stronger global reputation, it attracts the new students 

Coursera is a platform for job-relevant and online learning programs 

  • Deliver world-class online learning – With content and certifications, engage the students from leading companies and top-ranked universities online, offline by downloading classes on any device. 
  • Build credit-eligible courses – To create credit-eligible courses at Coursera, you have to leverage academic custom assessments and integrity tools. 
  • Author your own content at ease – In Coursera, you can use private authoring capabilities for the creation of courses, assessments, hands-on projects, and many more. 
  • Provide hands-on learning with guided projects – It helps the students to learn job-relevant skills easily and quickly with more than 450 step by step guided projects.
  • Enable students to learn anywhere, anytime – You can take the course at anytime and anywhere as it gives access to learn from any type of device. 

Coursera for Government 

Coursera for Government

With the top learning skills at Coursera, transform your workforce by connecting citizens and employees to the world-class online learning platform from top-ranked universities and leading companies. Through the workforce recovery initiative, Coursera has reached the citizens in more than 100 countries worldwide to learn the skills and implement them. 

πŸ˜‡ What edX and Coursera Offer us?

Online learning platforms are creating a great impact for the students to learn different skills that help to boost the career. edX vs Coursera, both platforms offer online courses and programs and let’s see more about the series of courses. 

πŸ’₯ What edX Offer Us?

What EdX offers

If you want to advance your career or want to explore new skills in a new field, then you can proceed with edX online learning platform as it helps you to achieve your goals. There are different lists of courses at edX and all you need to do is just select the course that you want to certify and start learning. 

Courses and Series 

If you wanted to learn something new means, there is a list of short courses that are available on the edX platform. No matter what subject you select, there are multi-course series that attain to start learning and expand your knowledge with ease.

The instructors or trainers at edX are from top-ranked universities and leading companies, so you gain more knowledge on the subject you pick with ease. They teach you high-quality content and it creates trust that you’re going to learn something new from the course or program every day. 

Professional Programs 

If you have excellent skills in the program, then there is the possibility to achieve all the goals that you dreamt of. So, for these people edX online learning platform provides career-focused courses and programs that help you to build skills.

To expand the knowledge at edX, you have the opportunity to pick the course that you want to learn as it provides real-world skills where you can groom and apply for your future benefits.  

Path to Degrees 

The series of courses at edX will help to build the career in Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree, so you can start learning with this platform to gain knowledge today.

From Bachelor’s Degree to a Master’s Degree, you’re going to achieve everything that you want with edX. If you’re serious about your career then edX online education platform will help you to train in all aspects to build your future career.

Master’s Degree

The Master’s Degree at edX is built with top-ranked working professionals, as these are affordable to pick and accelerate your career with ease.

The Mater’s Degree is a complete 100% online format schedule where you can learn the classes at any time and anywhere according to your convenience. All these programs at edX will teach by the faculty as like on campus and also the same as a first-rate curriculum. 

πŸ’₯ What Coursera Offer Us?

Coursera online degree programs

The best part of the Coursera online learning platform is it offers different programs that advance your career in all areas. You’re going to explore new courses with this platform and build your career with ease, and all you need to do is just pick a course and start learning according to your convenience. 

Top Online Courses 

You can find various courses that are from beginner friendly to advanced learning skills like from introduction on cloud computing to programming languages, and many more are available. 

Top Online Specializations

In this, you’re going to learn the subject specializations of the subjects that help to implement on your jobs like Python, Graphic Design, Data Science, and many more. 

Online Certificates 

In this, you will be trained with different certification courses like Big Data Certificate, Google Cloud Architecture, and many more. 

Online Degree Programs

You’re going to pursue various online degree programs like computer science degrees, Business degrees, and many more with Coursera. 

Master’s Degree

If you have a Master’s degree means, you’re open to path a career in many fields and if you’re looking to change your career or advance your career in a special field then Coursera has different programs from the top universities, just pick the Master’s Degree Program and achieve your goal. 

Bachelors Degree

If you want to learn a new skill, then Bachelor’s Degree at Coursera is available at affordable prices and the instructors or trainers are from the leading companies and top-ranked universities across the globe.

πŸ’™ Testimonials of edX vs Coursera

The students and many other organizations are learned different courses offered by edX vs Coursera, and they are given some reviews on a complete overall experience on learning the courses and how the instructors help the people to learn the courses with ease. 

edX Customer Testimonials 

EdX reviews

Coursera Testimonials

Coursera Testimonials & Reviews

🎁 Pricing Plans of edX vs Coursera

Here are the pricing plans:

edX pricing Plans 

Pricing Plan of EdX

The price starts from $299 USD for professional certificate programs and earn a digital certificate. For MicroBachelor programs, you can try it for free of cost.

The XSeries programs are available for free of cost and the advanced course price starts from $135USD. The price of the short courses starts from $99 USD and the MicroMasters starts from $600. The Master’s Degree course costs range from $10,000 USD. 

Coursera Pricing Plans

Coursera Pricing Plans

Coursera offers some courses that are absolutely free of cost and some other courses or programs’ costs may vary.

Coming to Coursera for business, for the team, it costs $319/year/user and this plan is suitable for smaller organizations that want to empower employees with new skills, and at the same time, it gives unlimited access to catalog. It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

And for Enterprise, that means for larger organizations, go with a free demo and then purchase the plan as it provides unlimited access, skill metrics, integration to drive success, and user analytics. 

πŸ”₯ Final Words On edX vs Coursera

Select edX if 

  • To explore and programs many courses like Natural sciences, and all
  • Offers courses from top-ranked universities and leading companies across the world
  • Some courses are available for free of cost, so you can give it a try and purchase the course

Select Coursera if 

  • You want to focus on professional training like Business Degrees
  • 7 days free trial period
  • Offers 14-day refund policy after purchase
  • For large business, you can proceed with a free demo
  • offers high-quality courses from partner institutions

edX vs Coursera, both are the leading online learning platforms that offer various courses to the students, and if you’re looking for the best pick, then it completely depends on your requirement of the course that you want to learn.

🀠 Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ€— Are edX or Coursera certificates are worth it?

Yes, most of the courses are accredited by the top-ranked institutions and it is so valuable to build your career. So, most employers will recognize your certificate.

πŸ‘Š edX vs Coursera, What are the major differences in there courses?

Coursera will give professional training subjects and courses, whereas edX has more to explore the subjects from professional courses to basic subject knowledge like Natural sciences, and many more.

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