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Top 10 Best Native Ad Networks For Advertisers in 2024


Native Ad Networks are a great source for advertising and people are preferring to move towards them, more than ever. But not everyone is familiar with what needs to be looked at before going for a particular one.

Every network has its own working and diverts its own set of traffic, it depends on the user what kind of traffic they want. Every source brings a different set of audiences, and not many support Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries.

best native ad networks

There are certain things that one needs to know about before going for a Native Ad Network such as the CPC or CPM Price, prepaid or postpaid, reach of the platform, etc.

These forms of ads are the most preferred because it is in-between the content, bottom, top & visitors get attracted because it looks very relevant. Find out which is the best Native Ad Network for you in the list of our top 10 best native ad networks.

Rise Of Native Ad Networks

Native Advertisement has faced the highest rise in the United States. The platforms are getting more and more customers in their favor, and the advertisements are also getting great responses. Although the funniest fact is that no user likes advertisements, still these are getting great responses. Why would something work well if it’s irritating? Well, the chronology behind this is ‘effective advertisement.’ If an advertisement has everything in detail and it looks attractive then bingo! Also, if the advertisement is related to the article, blog, or post’s relevancy, then a reader will focus on it.

Google also utilizes this approach by showing these ads on SERPs as well as when they’re displaying display ads alongside the related websites. Facebook is also working in this direction, and YouTube isn’t there, but soon it will be. Now if a platform like Google or Facebook is moving towards the Native Ads concept, then get the impact of it. There are various platforms that work accordingly in this direction, and it isn’t compulsory that each of them follows every niche. There are niche-based platforms present as well. Check it out below in the Top 10 best Native Ad networks review.

List Of Top 10 Best Native Ad Networks

Here are our favorites ranked top to bottom, let’s take a look at it:

1. Taboola

Taboola- Native ad networks Review

Taboola is a great and world-famous platform for native advertisements and helps marketers in reaching high relevant audiences and grows their traffic in possible ways. They have the ability to reach 1.4 billion people every month. They are connected with websites such as DailyMail, EuroSport, NBC News, The Weather Channel, and many more. These ad slots are present in a customized widget present at the bottom, top, or side of a blog post. The platform lets a person control their campaigns on their own and lets them set goals by editing the campaign. When the campaign is live, they can decide the way they want it to be delivered. For those who wish to get comprehensive reports for every campaign, then Taboola is the best platform for them. This way there’s always room to improve the strategies and their functioning. Taboola helps in targeting the audience in various ways and formats. We have also covered an in-depth Taboola review & you can check to know more.


  • Can target audience based on location.
  • It facilitates targeting with the help of connection.
  • It can target based on device and operating system as well.


  • Limited to only Tier 1 Countries.

Traffic: It can generate more than 50 percent traffic from Tier 1 countries such as the United States, Japan, and the UK (Tier 1).

Threshold: Starts from as low as $10 per day and works based on CPC and CPM on a Postpaid basis via credit cards, wire, and ACH.

Reach: It can target 1.4 billion users every month. 



One of the most used platforms of the industry, it is one of the pioneers of it. Launched in 2008, it is connected with millions of websites and has everything tailored for regional markets. It has a very user-friendly interface and requires a specific amount to start the first campaign. It can reach around 70 million people in a month and can bring in qualitative customers. There are various options post launching the ad such as retargeting, scheduling, frequency capping, and selective bidding that helps in various ways. The platform allows various businesses from different niches to promote their products and services. You can target the users by location, browsers, device, OS &, etc as well. It is a great Native ad network.


  • Can target audience based on geographical aspects.
  • Also, it can target based on language.
  • Works on the type of device and browsers as well.
  • Retargeting and Scheduling are available.
  • Works in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Countries.


  • The bounce rate might be a bit low.

Traffic: 8.29% traffic diverts from the USA (Tier 1), 6.09% to India, 5.57% to Vietnam, 5.25% to Brazil, and 4.42% to Indonesia (Tier 2).

Threshold: It starts at $100 a month and works on the basis of CPC. It works on a threshold basis and can accept payments through PayPal or Bank wire transfer.

Reach: Can reach about 70 million users a month. 

3. Outbrain

Outbrain-Best Native ad networks

The third most used platform in the world; its users don’t drift apart no matter what. The news even says that the platform may merge with Taboola, but it seems like that’s not happening for a long, long time. Marketers who already use it are pleased with the outcomes and how well is the product selling. Outbrain displays link boxes within the website pages. The ads show as recommend content that appears across various great websites such as Fox News, The Guardian, CNN, Daily Telegraph, Mashable, and much more content. But, there’s a clause for using Outbrain; it asks for high-quality advertisements, and then they approve it. This thing applies to both advertisers and publishers. To know more about it, check Outbrain review.


  • Fast and very easy campaign setup.
  • Specific Geo-Targeting.
  • Great return reports.
  • Excellent tracking.


  • No ad previewing once it is live.
  • Mostly works well in Tier 1 countries.

Traffic: 50% of the traffic is from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and France.

Threshold: Starts from as low as $10 a day on a CPC bid basis and only accepts MasterCard and Visa.

Reach: It can reach approximately 1.2 billion users a month. 

4. AdCash

AdCash- Native ad networks

AdCash is a completely transparent platform which is present in the pop-under market since 2007. In just a few years, they have raised themselves in the native industry since 2017. The platform is very easy to use and helps in running, managing, and analyzing campaigns. AdCash brings all the media buying as the platform is connected to all SSPs and their exclusive publishers. In 2018, they helped advertisers in saving around 11.8 million dollars with effective and non-fraudulent advertisements. It works on the basis of geo-locations and mainly targets audiences from France, the United States, and Germany.

It just takes around 3-4 hours to approve the campaigns and work in the right direction. There is also an option of Retargeting with the help of pixels and bid capping available. It charges based on CPC, CPM, and CPA. They have two campaigns method to create, namely Express and Advanced; the Express option is for beginners whereas Advanced is for people who know how to create Native ads & it’s working. It is also a great Native ad network.


  • Great targeting options.
  • Top Tier Geo Facilities.
  • Has a network with over 200 SSPs and exclusive publishers.
  • Dedicated support from account managers.
  • Understands the target audience in a better way.


  • The validation process is a bit slow.
  • Strict content guidelines.

Traffic: 50 percent of the traffic comes from USA, France, and Germany.

Threshold:$100 minimum deposit & CPC, CPM, and CPA based pricing.

Reach: Can reach millions of people throughout the month. 

5. Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini

While other platforms move from one place to another, this one is the only network that offers searching and native advertising in one place. A platform of Verizon Media, it is widely known as Yahoo Gemini and Oath Native. The content posted through this platform flows through Yahoo’s homepage and its other publications. It promotes content on platforms such as Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Groups, and Yahoo Lifestyle. This is the only disadvantage over here as rather than promoting content on various platforms, it just sticks to its base. At times, its reach feels a little bit limited. The platform supports various features.


  • Carousel Feature Present.
  • Works for Video Advertisements as well.
  • Functions on a real-time basis.
  • It has a ’tiles’ feature to list advertisements.
  • Facilitates dynamic creativity.


  • It doesn’t display ads on other platforms/websites.
  • It can reach only Yahoo Users.

Traffic: Almost like every other platform, more than 52% of the traffic over here comes from the United States, United Kingdom, and France.

Threshold: Prepaid system and one needs to add a minimum of 25 dollars in the account.

Reach: Yahoo’s platform can gather millions of users every month. 

6. Revcontent


A growing advertising platform, this one has strict requirements from advertisers and publishers. As they want to emerge with higher quality standards, they mostly prefer generating target audiences from the US and UK, which makes it a bit limited. But Revcontent can easily generate good viewers every month on each of their ad content recommendations. Their publishers include Forbes, Wayfair, Nasdaq, and various other elite companies. Out of these website platforms, the US generates the most traffic. They understand that not every website and business is the same, and that’s why they work differently for everyone. There are a few targeting solutions available over this platform which makes it a good Native ad network.


  • Facilitates Retargeting.
  • Works based on location and Geo-Targeting.
  • Can target audience on the basis of advertisement topic.
  • Works based on brand targeting.
  • Targets audience based on devices & etc.


  • Reach is quite low

Traffic: 50% of the visitors come from the UK and the USA (Tier 1).

Threshold: $50 minimum deposit. Not exactly defined as it works on a CPC bid and the price varies from location to location.

Reach: It can reach almost 50,000 users every month. 

7. Plista


Plista isn’t used that much in comparison to the high-end names but has approximately 1,500 websites in-touch. It is a global native ad network that has a great inventory based on premium environments. It supports three native advertisement formats, namely Native Recommendation Ads, Native Content Distribution, and Native Outstream Ads. Each of them has its own functioning and each ad fixes in its nearby data and reaches more people in the targetted groups. If there are any video-based ads, then the videos expand between the paragraphs and make it very visible to the users. Plista can generate various users at the same time and it is also a great platform to advertise in Tier 1 countries.


  • A great platform for video advertisements.
  • It can fit advertisements between any blog and article.
  • Works based on brand targeting.
  • Targets audience based on devices, Os, browser & etc.


  • No specified users.
  • Works in only Tier 1 countries.
  • Fewer features.

Traffic: 80% of the traffic comes from Poland, Australia, Russia, and Germany.

Threshold: Minimum deposit 100 EURO. Completely CPC and CPM based and there are no pre-identified packages.

Reach: Can connect to 1,500 networks every month and attract various users. 



TONIC. is a marketplace that can easily generate around 2 billion users and works on a Zero-Click basis. It offers Zero-Click PPR and full-page PPV advertisements. The user types a domain address from TONIC’s network to the browser’s bar and gets redirected to the advertising offer. Pop traffic is a type where the ad appears on the top of a publisher’s webpage and usually in a separate window. They provide mainly domain redirect & pop traffic. Marketers or advertisers, who are willing to sell products or generate leads with domain redirect & pop traffic, it is an excellent platform for them. There are low conversation rates, and the traffic might not get qualitative.


  • Can target based on Location
  • Keyword-based advertisements.
  • Categories and Advertisement Sources are present.
  • Can target audience based on devices and browsers.
  • Works for both Tier 1 and 2.


  • Low-quality traffic.
  • Few features.

Traffic: All the traffic comes from both Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries, but majorly derives from the 2nd tier.

Threshold: Requires a minimum deposit of 100 dollars via PayPal to start with a campaign, majorly works on CPM model.

Reach: Can reach a whopping 2 billion users around the world. 

9. Dianomi


A small-based but exclusive advertising platform, it mainly focusses on advertisers who offer finance and business-related products and services. Its reach is very less but provides every ad with a qualitative response based on the niche. Its advertisements are solely presented on finance publications or dedicated finance sections on various multi-topic websites. If someone particularly wants this niche, then they can always opt for it, but it isn’t useful for any other niche. They have a great finance network and work with 350 premium business and finance publishers. The Telegraph, Business Insider, and MarketWatch are their top-most reputed networks. Dianomi also provides detailed insights on the site visitor’s usual behavior, the topic of interest, and job functions. It also tells how well is the ad doing in front of the competitors and how well are the customers engaging in the ad. It is a fine Native Ad Network only for the finance niche.


  • It can promote videos and Infographics.
  • The best platform for b2b advertisements.
  • It can easily promote Whitepapers and Newsletters.
  • Understands the target audience in a better way.


  • No specified tiers.
  • Works well but limited.
  • Fewer features.

Traffic: Although unidentified, its 50% of traffic comes from Tier 1 Countries.

Threshold: $100 but it may change, It mainly works on CPC and CPM-based pricing models.

Reach: Reaches around 185 business news websites around the world.

10. TripleLift


It is a leading programmatic native advertising platform that has in-feed native advertisements included. It works with seamless automation to make native advertisements scalable and work at the same time. The ads promoted with this platform can get 3 times more attention to the product or service, this will increase brand awareness and purchase intent as well. TripleLift promotes content within efficient users and can generate great business. These ads can fit into every blog easily. It works on a CPC and CPM basis. It is a good platform but is still rising in the market.


  • Showcases content using images and branded videos.
  • Has the option of scrolling advertisements.
  • Carousel and Cinemagraph filtering available.
  • The window feature is also available.
  • Understands the target audience in a better way.


  • No specified tiers.
  • Very limited reach.

Traffic: Majorly connects with Tier 1 countries.

Threshold: $100 deposit. It is totally based on CPC & CPM pricing models and there are no unidentified packages.

Reach: Limited reach but can reach a good amount of audience throughout the day.

In Conclusion

There are many native advertisement platforms present online, and nearly every one of them works very well. It is estimated that in a while, the native advertisements will leave Facebook and Google behind. An advertisement works and succeeds at a platform where the audience is present. Nearly 70% of businesses are turning towards native ads, and are thrilled with the great responses. If you’d ask us the best platform for native advertising, then Taboola and MGID are the best in this field. With low prices, these platforms guarantee great results. Check out which one is the best according to you, and select them as your all-time native ad network.


Which is the best Native ad network?

As per our view, The best native ad networks are Taboola and MGID. They have the best reach and have great conversion results.

Is there any small level Native ad networks?

Yes, there are. Plista, Dianomi, and TripleLift are great platforms for Small-scale native advertisings.

Are there any Native Ad Networks that work in Tier 2 and 3 Countries?

Yes, almost every platform can do so, check out the details in our review for such details!

How to protect brand image while working with native ad networks?

Partner with premium networks that can fulfill your requirements, don’t fall into a hoax or hype. Next, place your bids carefully for better payment solutions and outcomes.

What are the platforms that work on CPC bid?

Nearly all top platoforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, AdCash, works on CPC bid models.

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