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Outbrain Review: Why This Native Ad Network Leads On Top?


Native advertisements are a great way to boost sales of any product and service, therefore for those, one should have a great ad network to bring high-quality traffic and great conversion rates.

Outbrain is an amazing native ad network that is present in the market for a while now and has both happy advertisers & publishers. Advertisers don’t have to spend a fortune to get their brand in limelight, and publishers are also able to monetize their websites or applications with this ad network.

Outbrain Native Ad Network Review

It is an exclusive ad network that has some great opportunities for both advertisers & publishers. They make sure to provide a hundred percent genuine traffic with proper source analysis & no bot interference.

They have a great reach and ensure that the advertisers get the audience they desire to have. There are some great features present over here for both advertisers and publishers, check out more about it in this Outbrain review.

What is Outbrain all about?

Outbrain Review

Outbrain is a well-known native ad network and believes that this advertisement format brings a great amount of attention to any product or service. According to them, native ads are the best way to target the audience rather than Popup & Push advertisements which visitors usually find irritating. They have partnered with some of the eminent publishers of all time such as Hearst, CNN, The Guardian, MSN, Sky News, etc.

Outbrain is built on innovation, leadership, and success & is now one of the largest native ad networks in the digital industry. The founders, Yaron Galai & Ori Lahav founded Outbrain to sort the issues of several publishers, and now they are one of those who provide the best and highly-qualitative ads to them so that they can have effective monetization from their publishing platforms.

They have more than 290 billion discoveries every day, target audiences from more than 55 countries, and work in 14 different languages for the user’s understanding.

Outbrain Review for Advertisers

Outbrain for Advertisers

1. Demographics

There are several advertisers who wish to target audiences from several categories & in Outbrain there’s an option to target the audience on an interest basis. Those who wish to target a specific age group, people by gender, or any other such category, then they can do so with the utmost ease, thank the Outbrain ad network.

2. Lookalike

The prime goal for every advertiser is to find more and more people who are interested in the products or services belonging to that niche, Outbrain finds out consumers who might be interested in those advertisements and are willing to go for that products/services. Get effective sales whilst the ad network finds out interested buyers from the same niche.

3. Promote The Brand

Outbrain lets the advertisers promote their brand with some amazing and attractive ad creatives. It lets them create ad copies that are fun and engaging, whilst fulfilling the purpose of targeting the audience. With this, they can build awareness, educate, and make interest to the visitors in finally buying through those ad creatives.

4. Drive Performance Goals

Add up those people who are purchasing via the advertisements & getting in the sales funnels in order to drive efficient performance goals for a longer span. They also provide data on advertisements that can help advertisers to drive better ad performance for any product/service sales.

5. Grow The Audience

Grow your audience and attract more and more people towards the product/service with the help of Outbrain. Improve the sales since they have a massive reach that will help in growing the audience. This way, one can reach out to more people and bring the brand in limelight.

6. Select The Smart Ad of Choice

Advertisers can select any kind of native advertisement format that works for their business from the different options present at the Outbrain Ad Network. Also, fuel memorable actions on the advertisements as the Native ad format has different variants available on the platform. There are very few native ad networks that have different sub formats for displaying these kinds of advertisements.

7. Use Video Ads

Want to advertise with video advertisements? Then use this ad network as they let the user advertise as ‘storytell’ in order to engage the visitors with all the 3 senses. Make flexible video ads that are highly audience engaging, not too lengthy to annoy the visitors, and aware of the product or service being offered by these ads.

8. Easy to Find The Relevant Audience

It displays ads to the relevant audience that might be interested to buy the product or service and bring great sales. They target the audience on the basis of niche and category the advertiser requires to and they make sure the traffic is highly-qualitative, with zero bot interference.

9. Interests

With Outbrain, advertisers can ensure that the targeted audience is having an interest in the advertisements or not. At the end for any advertiser, what matters the most is convincing the audience, and the ad creatives made with the help of Outbrain can really help in achieving great results.

10. Retargeting

With retargeting options, target the same visitors via multiple advertisements at the same time. Provide some valuable information to them about the product present on the site and convince them to purchase it ahead. At times users visit the site and still not purchase the product, target them so that they are willing to complete their final purchases.

11. GEO Targeting And devices

Display the advertisements to the target audience across different parts of the globe. Target the people via geo-locations and on several devices that the visitors tend to operate. With Outbrain Native Ad Network, one can easily engage more than 1/3rd of the world’s consumers on the open web.

12. Preferred Channel Buying Option

There’s an option to select the channels according to traffic quality, categories &, etc. Advertisers can buy traffic from selected channels that are relevant & look more interesting to them, it may take some analyzation to review Outbrain channels performance but this can BOOST business to the next level. There is every single option to create advertisements with the proper filter & targeting.

13. Fast Approval

Outbrain always tries to review & approve every ad creative very fast, if the advertiser is working with them from a long time then they can connect with their account manager for the instant approval process of ad creatives.

Pros & Cons of Outbrain For Advertisers


  • Multiple targeting features.
  • Great options involved with advertisements.
  • Several targetting options present.
  • Drive the audience based on a niche interest.


  • No free trial.

Outbrain Review For Publishers

Outbrain for Publishers

1. Manage Control And Monetize

Manage the advertisements as required on the web property and monetize really well from them. It’s completely the publisher’s call on how to place the advertisement so that it is able to generate more clicks, getting them a better revenue.

2. Highest And Best RPMs

Get the highest and best RPMs as they have some great advertisements from highly qualitative brands. All the advertisements provided by them match the industrial standards and help in the publishers in effective monetization.

3. Grow Total Revenue

Their optimization facilities are pretty great and they ensure that the audience is very well engaged in these advertisements. They display advertisements to the publisher with regards to the niche or genre so that the visitors on the website find products or services they might be interested in.

4. Full Editorial Control

The publishers have complete editorial control on the Outbrain panel to decide & revi1ew what advertisements their visitors might be interested in witnessing. Optimize the user’s experience by having full control over everything that is present on the web property.

5. Leading Advertisers Connected

Outbrain is connected with the best advertisers in the industry who have some highly efficient ads and consumers who are willing or most probably click on the advertisement. They don’t connect the publishers with anyone and make sure that they get something worthy of their web property.

6. Video Engagement

Engage the audience coming on the websites with some highly qualitative video advertisements. Drive awareness about the product or service present in the ad to generate better revenue with some huge number of clicks. These high-impact native videos can drive better results and lets one get great profits.

7. Smartfeed

Add up the editorials, videos, and sponsored content into one personalized feed and create a better experience for the visitors. They can provide both video and content ads to engage the users in a personalized experience and the publishers will be able to monetize in great manners.

8. Optimization Engine

Review & Optimize the ads by viewing the progress of the same on Outbrain. It provides detailed stats & reports on advertisements and tells whether there is any need to remove it or keep it on the platform.

9. Native Ad Server

Publishers have the opportunity to bring their page into light with the help of Outbrain.  They have a reach of more than 35+ social, native, ad mobile networks. Their native ad server is very huge and is inclusive of some of the top names present in the industry.

Pros & Cons of Outbrain For Publishers


  • Variant ad servers.
  • High Payout.
  • High-quality ads for better revenue generation.
  • Lets the publishers choose according to interest.
  • Smartfeed.
  • Personalized wholesome experience for visitors.
  • Fast Approval.


  • Must Reach Minimum $50 Threshold To Withdraw Funds.

Outbrain Extra Features

Outbrain Smartfeed

Find all the latest news, and see how the web’s smartest feed involves information about turning visitors into all-time engaged audiences. Their newsfeed is present for all the users and they can keep up with the latest trends.

Outbrain Company News

Outbrain is a massive network with lots of companies in touch with them. They have news content that is highly recommended to read from platforms such as Business Insider, Ad Exchanger, AW 360, etc. All these blogs and articles are very interesting to learn and keep one up to date with the market.

Blogs And Case Studies

There are many people who love to have some real-life learning, Review the case studies on the Outbrain blog to learn more about the native ad network & make money ideas. In addition to that, there are both kinds of blogs, regular and tech-based.

55+ Countries And 14 languages

With their 18 offices spread throughout the world, they work for more than 55 countries and can provide services in 14 languages so that there is no language barrier for anyone.

Outbrain Advertising Pricing Basis

Deposit: Starts from as low as $10 a day on a CPC bid basis and only accepts MasterCard and Visa.

Final Verdict- Is It Good Native Ad Network?

Yes, Outbrain is one of the top 3 native ad networks working throughout the world. They provide great services to both advertisers and publishers.

They have a mind-blowing reach which lets the advertisers target the audience from anywhere across the world and lets them have a higher conversion rate on their products or services. Though their prices are slightly expensive than any other ad network, they still have the best results in the industry and are connected with some eminent web publishers such as Business Insider &, etc.

Whereas on the other hand for publishers, the options might be a bit limited but still worthwhile to publish some ads on the website. Even publishers are able to monetize with the utmost level of ease and without any confusion.

They let them have full ad revenue and also provide them editorial control so that they can decide what advertisements are the best for their page. Also, they can customize their package of ads and decide what they want and how it would be the best option to do so. Overall, they have amazing options for both advertisers and publishers, and it is hard to miss an ad network like theirs.

In Conclusion

Amidst thousand ad networks in the market, the best ones are those that provide a higher conversion rate and are highly monetizing for publishers. Outbrain is one of those networks that provides the best services and also has the greatest outcomes. Advertisers don’t need to worry about traffic quality and target audience since whatever they provide, is the best in the field. There are so many amazing things in this native ad network, that it is hard to miss about it. Overall, it is one of the greatest ad networks in the market and we totally recommend it! Hope this Outbrain review helped for both advertiser & publisher to get all the information.


Is Outbrain's reach good enough?

Yes, Outbrain has an amazing reach and it targets the audience with the utmost efficiency.

Is Outbrain good for publishers?

Yes, Outbrain is very good for Publishers and helps them to monetize their web properties in great ways.

What payment terms & methods Outbrain support?

Outbrain has a minimum deposit of $10 and works on a CPC basis. They accept MasterCard & Visa for payments.

As an advertiser, Is it possible to create demo campaign?

Yes, Anyone can create a demo campaign with Outbrain to test its abilities. It has a user-friendly interface that advertisers will love while making a demo campaign.

How does Outbrain target the audience?

Outbrain targets the relevant audience on the basis of categories, niches, geo-locations, devices, & etc.

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