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Taboola Review: Is It Profitable For Advertiser or Publisher?


Native Advertisements are one of the best forms to boost the sales of any product or service. But one thing that matters the most is traffic quality and conversion rate.

Taboola is known throughout the world for its extensive & great reach and they have highly qualitative traffic. While other native networks tend to work in only Tier 1 countries, Taboola tend to bring traffic from each of the tiers.

The network drives efficient market results and creates meaningful engagements for both advertisers & publishers. They have a premium environment and there is no chance of any bot traffic.

Taboola Review

Every user provides a positive review about Taboola because they have many happy users, their services are amazing to give a boost to any business in a digital way.

Both advertisers and publishers are satisfied with their amazing services, they have a good reach with the high authority websites such as Business Insider, Bloomberg, USA Today. MSN, etc. Taboola works really well for both sides, check out some great things about them in this Taboola Review.

What is Taboola all about?

Taboola is a native ad network that is present in the industry for a while now and currently ranks on the Top 3. They have some great advantages for advertisers such as creating flexible ad creatives and targetting the desired audience.

They ensure that the advertisements promote the brand to an audience similar to previous buyers and those who might be interested in buying the product or service. Also, for publishers, they provide them a medium to monetize their web properties with advertisements that are related to their niche and display them to the visitors.

Taboola has a massive reach of 1.4 billion unique users and works with more than 10,000 premium publishers & brands. For years now, Taboola has been able to maintain a status of the largest discovery platform and they provide a great conversion rate to advertisers.

With amazing services for both advertisers and publishers, they have managed to stay ahead from all their competitors. Check out the great opportunities present in this ad network that both advertisers and publishers love to access.

Taboola Review For Advertisers

Taboola for Advertisers

  • Helps in reaching an audience of 1.4 billion:

Their reach is massive and advertisements reach 1.4 billion people from the Taboola advertising platform, and it is huge. The advertisers can take advantage of this reach and take their business to a great extent with their reach.

  • Great conversion rate:

What matters the most is the good conversion rate, which apparently they never fail to provide. They can target audiences from all the tier countries and the traffic is highly qualitative, which brings a good conversion rate to the advertisements.

  • Position the brand:

Position the brand on good and eminent websites/applications as their reach goes on to Business Insider, Bloomberg, USA Today, MSN, Fox News, etc. Their tie-ups are highly elite and successfully get brands the recognition they deserve.

  • Creates Meaningful Engagements:

They Create some unique and magical experiences for the audience by showing the best ad creatives to the visitors arriving on the publishing websites. The creatives cast by them are very engaging and attract the visitors very easily. Although it definitely depends on the advertisers and their choice, these eye-catchy advertisements are the ones that bring the products & services good limelight.

  • Data-Rich Recommendations:

They ensure that the brand reaches all the desired audience by leveraging some huge amount of advertiser data that powers up the Taboola engine. At Taboola, advertisers get traffic in the form of people who have their interest lying in the Product/service niche. Their recommendations make sure to get a great amount of traffic with the advertisements.

  • Flexible Ad Creatives:

They help in making ad creatives that are highly attractive and are visible to the people, in not one but numerous ways. From video ads, social ads, to even content ads, they also provide newsfeeds advertisements.

  • Drives Results:

What is the biggest requirement for any advertiser, of course, high-quality traffic which converts well? The Taboola ad network works dedicatedly to drive results. Advertisers can reach market KPIs at every stage of the purchasing journey. With the right mix of audience segmentation and optimization attempts, they work very hard to bring a highly-qualitative traffic and conversion rate.

  • Target the audience:

They are able to target the audience with the utmost efficiency. Taboola targets the audience by looking at the advertiser’s choice at first, and then they also use their ‘third-party data’ or ‘marketplace’ audience that is directly accessible on the platform.

  • Easy To Retarget:

Manage and optimize the campaigns throughout the purchasing journey of visitors with the Taboola Ad Network. With the help of highly attractive video and content ads that create brand awareness, use the retargeting strategies that are aimed towards visitors who are closer to the point of sale. Target the audience about the same product with different kinds of advertisements.

  • Optimization at proper scale:

Facilitate campaign management with the help of Taboola’s full-service platform. Advertisers can also use the smart-bid option to automate and maximize the campaign’s scale and performance level.

Pros & Cons for Advertisers


  • Campaign Optimization with automation.
  • Massive Reach.
  • Works in all countries.
  • Helps in making flexible ad creatives.
  • Brings a higher conversion rate.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Multiple Languages.


  • No-Free Trial.

Taboola Review For Publishers

Taboola for Publishers

  • High usage:

Several publishers and digital property owners use the Taboola platform in order to drive great revenue with ad monetization. Nearly 10,000 publishers are currently using the platform to monetize from their blog page.

  • Editorial Insights:

The Taboola network provides required insights for the advertisements through which the publishers get room to decided which advertisements accurately suit their platform. With A/B split testing and alert notification, they inform which campaign is the best for their publishing site.

Acquire audiences with the help of the ad’s positive ROI, and keep these advertisements for a longer time on the website. This way one can earn with the revenues per visit and also the revenue insights.

  • Audience Exchange:

Drive some great quality traffic with the help of the Taboola Ad Network and earn some great amount of revenue from these advertisements. Also, with some partners and third-party sites, exchange some great amount of traffic.

  • Engagement:

Engage the visitors arriving on the website with these highly amazing creatives. Once they find out some highly required products on the visiting page, they’ll show their interest and that’ll help in attaining some amazing revenue. Maximize the time on site, pages per session, and improve user satisfaction.

  • Organic Video Growth:

Embed an all-new video player for advertisements and analytics. Increase room for video advertisements and engage the visitors in some extensive video content.

  • Recirculation:

Recirculate the same advertisements for the desired post-click behavior, and improve ad revenue in order to monetize the from the traffic! Take the visitors straight from the content and video ads to straightaway purchases.

  • Personalization:

Personalize the advertisements with the help of the user experience and optimizing the situations for every visitor. Also, differentiate between loyal visitors, fly-by visitors, and video fans to decide who needs to see what kind of advertisements.

  • Monetize:

Drive revenue from all possible platforms and include both applications and newsletters in the same. Publish advertisements in the newsletters, on the websites application, and somewhere between articles and blogs!

Monetize with the advertisements as they are in touch with some of the largest sponsored content marketplaces in the industry. Also, achieve some great market leading monetization with the help of seamless and non-intrusive in feed video experiences.

  • Qualitative Content:

Use their qualitative content in order to achieve some great traffic on the ads present on the website. Taboola works through a dedicated content policy and review everything with their enforcement teams & create content to protect the business.

  • Publisher Tools:

There are some great publisher tools through which the publishers can manage the content using editorial control. Also, there are options such as keyword filters, category selection, content promotion, and block capabilities.

  • Consumer Choice:

The audience can block the content & filter it what they want to see with the utmost ease, with the help of Taboola. Therefore the publishers would make sure they only show content that is relevant to their webpage or application.

  • Huge industrial standards:

Taboola recklessly invests in brand safety efforts such as the TAG verification feature and ads. They have formed a union against malvertising and are committed to the best quality traffic for both advertisers and publishers.

Pros & Cons for Publishers


  • Easy to use.
  • Wide publisher network.
  • Lets post on both websites and applications.
  • Different publishing tools.
  • Qualitative video and content advertisements.
  • Higher Revenue.


  • Minimum $50 Threshold.

Extra Features Review for Both Taboola Advertisers and Publishers

Taboola Newsfeed

1. Taboola Newsfeed

Taboola Newsfeed provides information on everything and also brings a qualitative scrolling experience that every user loves to have. On social networks or straight-up to the ad pages, these are present everywhere. They are real game-changers for both advertisers and publishers.

2. Blogs and Case Studies

Like other advertisers and publishers, do you also want to have some extra information about native ad networks? Then go through their great blogs and read case studies that are highly informative and helpful for learning anything.

3. Different languages

There are different languages in which the Taboola ad network can work. The languages are:

  • English.
  • German.
  • French.
  • Spanish.
  • Portuguese.
  • Chinese.
  • Japanese.
  • Korean.
  • Russian.
  • Italian.
  • Polish.

4. Recorded Webinars

Go through their recorded webinars and learn something extra from world-class and famous native ad network providers. These webinars are really good and help in clarifying the concepts.

5. eBooks

There are also some great eBooks present over here about native advertising. Anyone who is absolutely new to the concept, can go through their eBooks once and sort the issues.

6. 24/7 Support

If anyone from both advertisers or publishers faces any issue, then they can always contact the ad network for some extra support. This is a great thing since they always provide opportunities to sort issues instantly.

Taboola Ads Payment & Pricing

Deposit Amount: Starts from as low as $10 per day and works based on CPC and CPM on a Postpaid basis via credit cards, wire, and ACH.

Final Verdict Of Taboola Review- Is it Really Profitable?

Yes, Taboola is an all-inclusive Native Ad network that has the best reach and services. Their ad network is one of those platforms which can provide high-quality traffic on the advertisements. In addition to that, the publishers can also get really amazed with the monetizing amount attained from each and every advertisement posted on their websites.

There are some great features available on the platform, such as the high audience reach and multi-solution for both advertisers and publishers. It is not even that expensive for native advertisements and works in every country, providing traffic from each of them.

Also, they provide room to create flexible ad creatives which makes barely anything missing from here. It is a great ad network to use and go through. Those who want to seriously earn something from advertisements, or someone wants to bring great sales on the product, then this network is for them. Hope you like this Taboola Review.


How good is Taboola's reach?

Taboola's reach is massive and they can easily target billions of people across the world when required.

How do I know if Taboola is good for advertisements?

Want to try out how Taboola actually works? Take up the opportunity to create a demo campaign and know how it works.

Is Taboola value for money?

Yes, Taboola is pretty good in what they do and they provide amazing results to the advertisers. Also, they help publishers in monetizing through efficient ways.

How to pay on Taboola?

Taboola is very flexible in terms of payment, and they accept Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, and ACH.

Is Taboola good for publishers?

Yes, Taboola helps publishers in efficient monetization and provides them advertisements that are up to the mark.

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