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Best Amazon FBA Courses (2024): {3rd One is Most Selling}


Fulfilled by Amazon is one of the best platforms for upselling products. People have a High-Level of trust level in their products, therefore people are ready to pay any possible amount for the same.

One might think what is the use of Amazon FBA courses, but in reality, they help in holistic learning and create a better business mindset. ๐Ÿ’ฅ ..๐Ÿ’ฅ

Here are some of the top choice courses that provide the best learning, check out ๐Ÿ”ฅ 5 Best Amazon FBA Courses that are hard to not like. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

๐Ÿ‘€ Let’s Look:

โฃ๏ธ List Of Best Amazon FBA Courses

Here are the top 5 FBA courses, ranked from Top to Bottom, and provide holistic knowledge.

๐Ÿ”ฅ 1. Freedom Ticket Course

Freedom Ticket

Freedom Ticket is a great Amazon FBA Course that includes all the important details. It comprises different modules and the mentor, Kevin King, is a master in all ways. The best part is that unlike other expensive courses, it is yet an affordable approach.

With this course, a student can leverage Amazon’s trust for huge amounts of search traffic and quality. Building a real business on Amazon and sell products in the name of the brand becomes way more possible once someone goes for this course.

There are several opportunities awaiting and several people have become able to double up the sales whilst having potential returns on investment. It is a complete A-Z Amazon seller education course and one needs to dedicate 8 weeks to complete the course.

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What you’ll learn?

From product research, suppliers, to advertising, they teach everything that one needs to know about the selling platform. Whilst there are several courses present, not all guarantee effective results.

There are some great strategies, techniques, case study and ideas present. That’ll blow your mind…๐Ÿ˜˜ย ๐Ÿ˜

Modules present in Freedom ticket:

1st Week- Introduction: From welcome toย details about the course.

2nd Week- Amazon & Business Basics: From basic business requirements to what one should expect before starting.

3rd Week- Branding, Money & Millions: From how to invest in a good manner to managing the cash flow.

4th Week- Picking a Successful Product: From Introduction to the Helium 10 tools to how to find the winning product.

5th Week- Suppliers, Orders, & Shipping: From where to source the products from to how to package products for international shipping.

6th Week- How to Compete & Win Big: From brand registration and gating to some things one needs to know about making sales.

7th Week- How to Create High Converting Listings: From Introduction to product listings to creating the final product listing.

8th Week- Ranking, Advertising & Promotions: From setting up promotional discounts to having a final wrap to the course.


The platform currently has a single pricing package, but one can also pay in installments for the course. The installments still feel a bit expensive, therefore paying at once seems like a better thing since it saves a lot of money.

Standalone Access:

  • One-time payment of $997.
  • 3 installments of $397 each.

Pros & Cons of Freedom Ticket


  • Understandable.
  • Detailed 8 weeks of training.
  • A-Z knowledge of Marketplace.
  • Private Mentor Sessions Weekly.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • None.

What does one get in the course?

  • 8 weeks of training with 2-5 hours of instructions on a weekly basis.
  • 90+ videos and more than 21 hours of content.
  • Downloadable slides for every module.
  • Downloadable written notes for every module.
  • 30+ handouts of detailed sourcing, accounting, common mistakes, and many other things.

Why Freedom Ticket?

This course is great for every one of those who wants flexible learning regarding Amazon FBA. Kevin’s private teaching works in the best manner and wants to earn well by upselling on Amazon. Freedom Ticket Course is the best in the market and is also a very affordable option.

๐Ÿ’ฅ 2. Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course

Another successful course in the market, this one is developed and drafted carefully with Jim Cockrum’s mindset. The course has all the modules that one needs to know about Amazon FBA and is a very detailed course.

However, it is not one short course, it requires a lot of dedication and time to achieve the final results. It comprises of all the strategies and plans that are going to help in having great sales with just a few steps. They provide several videos, webinars, and PDF files.

Also, they have a forum where people come and share what worked for them and what are the possible measures of success. Proven Amazon teaches everything about wholesaling, retail arbitrage, private-labeling, second-hand dealings, and online arbitrage. Overall it is a great course but has a very old and dull layout.

Modules present in Proven Amazon

Proven Wholesale Sourcing: In this module, the coaches teach how to find wholesale deals both locally and globally.

Bundling Course: They teach how to utilize and optimize product listings in the best possible manner.

Buy local sell to the world:ย A guide to find local products and sell them globally to earn huge profits.

Promotional Selling Company Sourcing: Launch exclusive private label products and that too at affordable prices.

Proven Team Bundling:ย Sourcing profitable inventory from affordable places.

Merch Course:ย How t sell custom t-shirts and items on Amazon.

Product Partnering: How to manage inventory without keeping it in a private warehouse.



The price for this course is currently $799 a year and if you wish to pay it monthly, then it’d be $29 per month.


Pros & Cons of Proven Amazon


  • Created by Top 10 Amazon FBA Experts.
  • Helpful and supportive Forum and Facebook group.
  • Great price and cost-efficiency.
  • Great strategies and steps.
  • The training is very detailed.


  • Dull and old website layout.

What does one get in Proven Amazon?

  • PDF Files.
  • Recorded Webinars.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Different Presenters.
  • Product Sourcing Guide.
  • Community & Forum Access.

Why Proven Amazon?

Proven Amazon is one fine crafted course, and has all the modules. Although its course dashboard and layout feels like it is a bit dull and old, it provides extensive details and information that one must know for Amazon FBA. It is also very affordable and at just 79 dollars, it is a steal!

๐Ÿค— 3. Just One Dime Course

Just One Dime

Just One Dime is an AMAZING Course, and it has a detailed extensive knowledge of both Amazon FBA and Book Arbitrage. Although both of them are separately priced, the main Amazon FBA course is really great.

One can build a great income on FBA with the help of this course and guides the students towards every step of the operation. This is not just a regular course, but has data worthy of 5 courses and also more how-to videos more than any other course present in this industry.

Many of their students are now millionaires and all the data provided by them is something that they too have experienced on the platform. The content is all step-by-step and it is huge to go through this entire content. Though the only con is that it is very expensive.

Modules Present in Just One Dime:

1st Module- Establish Business & Brand: From strategizing the brand to guiding towards business insurance.

2nd Module- Master the Market: From listings & terminology to differentiate between some of the best products.

3rd Module- Manufacture The Product: From finding & Negotiating with the suppliers to shipping the product to Amazon.

4thย Module- Launch The Brand:ย From understanding the power of launching to other advanced launched strategies.

5th Module- Expand The Reach:ย From optimizing the sales to handling hijackers & blackhat competitors.


  • One-Time Payment: $1997

Includes all the features from the course.

  • Three Installments: $597/Per Installments:

Excludes bonus courses, potential product ideas, and supplier information.

Pros & Cons of Just One Dime


  • Great Learning Methods.
  • Private assistance and support.
  • A-Z coverage on Amazon FBA by the course modules.
  • Extra bonus learning.
  • Supportive and Interactive learning method.
  • In-depth details are available.


  • Some things are only available to one-time payers.
  • Very expensive.

What does one get with Just One Dime?

  • 200+ step-by-step training videos.
  • 500+ training slides.
  • 2-3 hours of weekly group coaching.
  • 3 private 1×1 mentor sessions with Amazon Expert Coaches.
  • Interactive Quizzes.
  • Suppliers to help to build up the products. (One-time payers only).
  • Amazon Seller Community that cares about the student’s success.
  • Team of 20+ staff members and coaches.
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions.

Why Just One Dime?

The course is very amazing for those sellers who want to earn huge amounts with some tactics that are not available in any course. Their database is very big and therefore the course takes a lot of tie in learning. Although the great part is that the course is very detailed and totally worthwhile for new time sellers.

๐Ÿ‘ 4. Amazon FBA Ninja Course

Amazon FBA Ninja

Now, this course is also by one of the masters in the industry, Kevin David. One can easily develop their business from scratch with the help of this course and even those people who aren’t satisfied with the results of their business can enroll.

This course is very detailed and the students can easily grow up from finding products to finally advertising the same. It is a well-proven course but the only con is that it still feels a bit limited in comparison to others and is also very expensive.

There is no need to do any extra hard work since this course facilitates quick decision making and lets the students develop a great business mindset. It’s the best FBA course that can grow your sales on Amazon.

Modules present in Amazon FBA Ninja:

1. Product Research: They teach how to find products from the internal data and check out internal markets.

2. Suppliers & Shipping: They teach how to find the best and most trustworthy suppliers in the world and also how important it is to have a reliable source that can provide a consistent supply.

3. Listing Optimization: They teach how by using some special keywords one can improve the Amazon Ranking plus have a great sales output and bring the brand to a recognizable position.

4. Product Launch Strategies: They make the students understand the concept of promoting the products, running giveaways, and creating follow-up emails.

5. Amazon PPC, ClickFunnels, Facebook, and Instagram Training: They teach how to use PPC advertisements in the business’s favor and leveraging them in order to maximize the product’s sales.

6. Amazon Seller Central Hacks: The course explains all the top tips and hacks he uses to this day to maintain his top Amazon seller ranking.


The students can either pay once and for all at $1,997, or they can pay five installments of $599 each.

Pros & Cons of Amazon FBA Ninja


  • Very easy to understand.
  • Kevin’s special guide.
  • Detailed 6 modules.
  • Bonus learning options.
  • Extra learning options for free.


  • Very expensive course.
  • Very limited in comparison to others.

What does one get with Amazon FBA Ninja?

  • Extensive Library.
  • Exclusive Tour.
  • eBook.
  • Webinar Access.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Live Q&A Session with Kevin.

Why Amazon FBA Ninja?

From product research to final seller central access, they provide everything one needs to know about Amazon FBA in the best possible manner. But, this course is ideal for newbies even though it is available for pre-existential sellers.

๐Ÿ‘Š 5. Amazing Selling Machine Course

Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine course is present in the market for a while now and is currently on its 12th version, therefore one thing that’s sure is that several people use it. It is a comprehensive course that helps to learn the selling tactics of Amazon and also has a greater outlook on the market.

But, the course is very very expensive, so one must be ready to invest a good amount of money. It consists of a total of 11 lessons and the modules are pretty detailed and make a person a straight expert in Amazon.

These modules help the users in understanding and making the right decisions for the business. Amazing Selling Machine Course lets you learn everything on how to elevate the product and build your brand image with it.

Modules present in Amazing Selling Machine:

1st Module- Learn to Find a Perfect Product: One gets to know which product is a hot seller, how to analyze the competition, and the criteria to finalize the products.ย 

2nd Module- Detail about Suppliers, Samples & Profit Numbers:ย It works on making the students look like a true โ€˜professionalโ€™ so that they can work in the FBA field with no hindrances.

3rd Module- Ordering Inventory & Building Up Brand:ย Get an overview of how to build up the brand, send emails to clients frequently, and how to operate the autopilot mode.ย 

4th Module- Build Your Brand Assets: The module teaches essential elements such as having a blog and multiple social media account. It also teaches how to set up an autoresponder for an email list and a landing page of the website that helps to elevate the businessโ€™s structure and reputation.

5th Module- The Perfect product Page: It makes the students understand copywriting and the importance of pictures and also gets them to know about good keyword research thatโ€™ll help in boosting the product rank.

6th Module- Have A Perfect Product Launch: Launch the products in the market and help the sellers claim themselves as pioneer sellers. They teach the ‘launch, blitz, and rank’ formula.ย 

7th Module- Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools:ย Consideration of tools that are going to help in promoting the product and boosting the ranking on Amazon.ย 

8th Module- Your Business Going To Next Level:ย Everything about scaling and growing the business in the end.ย 


It costs a whopping $4,997 in a single-time payment, or one can go for EMIs of 6 months that cost $997 a month. The course is very expensive for a person who wants to learn about the platform.

Pros & Cons of Amazing Selling Machine


  • Complete Amazon Training System.
  • Help from other community members.
  • Lessons are easy to understand.
  • 30-day money-back.
  • Updated with the latest trends.


  • Extremely expensive.

What does one get with Amazing Selling Machine?

  • A new set of 8 weekly coaching calls.
  • Guide to Amazon Branding Tool Suite.
  • New 8 module class.
  • Private sourcing agent bonus.
  • Launch strategies.
  • Amazon Market Research Chrome Extension.

Why the Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is surely a great course, but keeping the pricing n mind, only those who are dedicated to holistic learning and are willing to spend this huge amount must go for it. It is an extensive course with knowledge that no other course can ever provide.

๐Ÿค— Final Say On Best Amazon FBA Courses

Working with Amazon isn’t as easy as it seems, it requires understanding, hard work, and some strategies. There are literally THOUSANDS of Amazon FBA Courses in the market, but out of them, the best ones are mentioned above.

Although all of them are great, our personal recommendation would be Freedom Ticket and Just One Dime because of the efficient knowledge they provide and the great details present in them.

But, in the end, it’s the student’s decision to finalize the course they want to pursue and attain knowledge from. Having an Amazon FBA Course might seem a bit unreasonable, but in reality, it helps the students in numerous ways.

It builds up a business mindset and lets them have access to strategies that don’t just regularly arrive in the human’s minds.

Find out what suits your requirement and the little investment will take the Amazon FBA business ahead to another level. All these courses are present and one just needs to find the right one for their business.

๐Ÿค” FAQs

๐Ÿ‘Š Which is the best Amazon FBA course?

The best Amazon FBA course is Freedom Ticket, it is affordable and has everything one needs to learn about the selling platform.

๐Ÿ˜› Is Amazon FBA Course important?

Yes, if anyone wants to go for Amazon FBA must join a course in order to have a better outlook of the platform.

๐Ÿ‘ How much does an Amazon FBA course cost?

Usually, it begins with somewhere 700 dollars, and it goes ahead and at Max it costs around 5000 dollars.

๐Ÿ˜‡ Are Amazon FBA Courses worth the investment?

Yes, these courses might look a bit expensive, but in the end it is worth every single penny.

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