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Viral Launch Review: Amazon FBA Tool {7 Figure Secret}


At times people want to have an all-in-one Amazon research tool but aren’t able to find the perfect one but for them, Viral Launch comes in as an amazing amazon FBA tool to go for. Viral Launch provides everything from great product insights to even keywords that might be required in both campaigns and product descriptions. At times when a person finds & review any product, they still aren’t able to find out data about it, but apparently, the Viral launch tool does it in seconds.

Viral Launch tool also facilitates calculating efficient data such as profits and stuff with its calculator. It helps in long-term scaling and does various tasks to promote businesses’ profits. Check out more about it in this Viral Launch Review.

What is Viral Launch? How to Find 7-Figure Keywords

Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch lets the sellers bring out efficient data on Amazon FBA products and makes it more comfortable for sellers to find the best products in the market. It performs deep data research and is integrated with Amazon FBA. Viral Launch access various opportunities of the market and spots out the best things for the sellers.

It also keeps an eye on the competitor’s strategies, tracks the progress of a business, and optimizes the product listings accordingly. Viral Launch is very similar to the other FBA software’s in the market, only it is more convenient and has more features in comparison. Apart from just focusing on the Google SERP Ranking, it also focuses on the product’s Amazon FBA Rank. Viral Launch tool suite where multiple functions are combined to make one proper in-line system.

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Viral Launch Features

1. Keyword Manager

After finalizing the product, another most important thing is getting it into the rankings on Amazon FBA. Therefore, this Viral Launch platform has specifically dedicated Keyword Planner which finds out the best Low Competition and high converting keyword in low budget. It also keeps track of the highly competitive keywords and presents the entire data about it, which makes it easy to pick the right keyword for advertisement.

Viral Launch improves ranking and optimizing insights to highlight the product more in the eye of a buyer. Save a lot of time that usually goes in keyword research when performed manually.

Boost Amazon sales with keyword opportunities that the competitors are missing out on. All the data is real-time Amazon based, and it also has a free listing builder! Rather than finding competitor keywords at once, it let the sellers have an all-in-one insight option by just asking them to enter the product ASIN. Their industry-leading search volume estimates, they are able to get their hands on the Amazon data that is updated multiple times throughout the week.

2. Product Discovery

Product discovery is a task that Viral Launch can fulfill in just a few seconds. Find the best products to sell on Amazon and also beat the competitors by finding the best opportunities quicker. Viral Launch tool review everything & provides accurate sales estimates and is actually built on real-time Amazon historical data from the selling platform’s catalog. It lets the sellers find products that they literally ‘dreamed‘ of selling by just asking them to enter the product name, category, etc.

All the products match up with the high-level standards of Amazon sellers. It is the fastest possible way to find out all the information one may need to finalize the product for selling.

It provides better estimates and suggestions that lead to the best and most profitable products. Viral Launch’s product research tool lets a person leave all their excel sheets behind that goes into product decisions. Instead, it let them have all the information such as product price, profit margin, brands, etc. Use the tracker to quickly find out and reevaluate the favorite ones.

3. Kinetic PPC

Give the ad efforts some rest and let Viral Launch manage & review PPC advertisements for the Amazon FBA business. Create customizable rules through which the advertisements can achieve the best return on the ad spend. Get access to efficient data for advertisements and also find out whether it is providing the right outcomes or not, with that data there is always a room to improve and change the advertisements in a better manner. Develop some strategies with this tool to drive profits via Amazon PPC, organic and genuine sales, etc. The keyword research works with this feature, therefore be it keywords for title & product description or be it for PPC campaigns, it provides the best and most working keywords for both of them.

Leave all those tiring and tedious spreadsheets behind and just let Viral Launch find out what search terms should be kept and what should be discarded. Sellers can keep track of every small progress taking place in the advertisements so that they can monitor everything anytime.

How to analyze whether the traffic is organic or PPC based? It’s very simple, just let the PPC tool analyze how much contribution is coming from the advertisements. Kinetic PPC is a great source to have PPC advertisements running for the Amazon business whilst performing everything related to Amazon FBA.

4. Listing Builder and Analyser

With their listing builder feature, a user can always build up their product lists with the best keywords present for the specific product. Viral Launch analyzes & reviews SEO related things from the Amazon algorithm, which boosts the rank on Amazon search pages and the list is prepared by specific experts who know how to target any user’s mind.

Not many Softwares have such things present, but apparently, this one has, and it works really well. Effortless find out the best keywords and add them up in the listings so that they can be used from time to time for future references. Their proprietary ARCS technology evaluates up to 10,000 keywords on a daily basis to find out the most efficient keywords.

Understand how the products are doing with the competition by comparing the prices, revenue, and sales. Compare the listing’s content to that of the competition and understand how the product is keeping with the market. Receive a list that is full of solutions that one can use to start improving their sales.

5. Split Testing

Listing Dojo

The company has its own split-testing tool running by the name of ‘Listing Dojo.’ This tool runs tests on a few product descriptions, determines price points, titles of the product, and image variations. It then determines everything and shows the best combination of two products that’ll sell the most. For those who sell multiple products, they can use this tool in their favor. With this tool, multiple products can be sold at the same time with extensive profits.

6. Keyword Research

While many people use other tools and chrome extensions for keyword research, this tool scrapes off data straight from the Amazon Platform. Rather than doing guesswork and spending a lot of time on searching the best keywords, this tool does that in a few seconds. The feature works really well and gives out data based on historical search volume trends. It also considers Amazon Data that is updated multiple times a week and then analyzes everything accordingly.

7. Competitor Intelligence

Why perform guesswork on what the competitor is doing when this tool provides all the data related to them. The tool Viral Launch review & extracts all the data from Amazon and provides the data that improves the business’s ranking on the selling platform. Save a lot of time that might go into spying and finding the data related to the opposition.

It is not just a basic complementary tool, but it provides unparalleled insights. Just enter a product ASIN to get loads of information that includes a list of their top-performing and underutilized keywords. It also provides the ability to their users to analyze and track the indexation, keyword ranking, sponsored ad ranking, sales, pricing, product reviews, search volumes, notifications, and many other such things.

Basically, it provides everything that the competitor has on their selling page and its backend. Competitor Intelligence feature lets the sellers get the crucial keywords used by successful competitors, find opportunities that usually the sellers are missing out on, and lets them stay ahead. With their industry-leading features, one can get to know the ideal CPC bids, Sponsored Index Tracking, Hourly Keyword Tracking tool, Product comparison, deep product analysis, and a lot of things.

8. Market Intelligence

Anyone can confidently source products that’ll work really well in a seller’s favor. With the Viral Launch’s Chrome Extension, a person can depend on the detailed trustworthy data that can do wonders and bring an opportunity of upselling as well. Bring the product ideas a justice by analyzing and validating the data with the custom algorithm that follows a dozen in-house rules before bringing out anything. This also helps to understand the market & provides the entire data for determining sales, price, and reviews. It provides the best and most accurate sales estimate that is based on real-time and historical data. Should one go for this product, or should they not?

See the cost and profits of the products by using their built-in calculator. Depend on all of their trustworthy data and bring validation to all the product ideas. Understand how the market is doing with the product of choice as the market intelligence provides all the historical data, price, and product reviews.

In this Viral launch review, we mentioned 2 extra features which will help you to figure out Amazon FBA problems with free FBA Courses + FBA Calculator

9. Free Amazon FBA Courses

There are a few podcasts and ebooks present that let one learn more about how the FBA Platform works and how to interpret better sales data. Following the data, anyone can reach up to a good point and it promotes product discovery to a whole new extent. There are a few articles as well that are updated on the blog page of the product and these let them understand more about the platform in a better way.

10. Free FBA Calculator

There is an Amazon FBA Calculator that includes the fee for the platform with the shipping costs and then brings out the amount of profit that can be earned on the platform. This resolves the major issue that comes with keeping up with the ever-changing fee amount in mind and resolves all the calculation issues. Just enter the purchase price and everything will be done automatically, with the best profit possible outcomes.

Look Over Viral Launch Pricing Packages

Viral Launch Pricing Packages

There are four packages available, ranging from $59 to $99 every month. The prices can be discounted for those who want to use it for a yearly basis. All the packages provide Robust data information and are seamlessly integrated with keyword statistics. Check out what all comes in every package.

1. Beginner Plan – $59.00:

For those who want to begin with this platform and want to start a new Amazon FBA business, then this platform is very helpful for them. With their industry-leading research tools, discover the best products. The market intelligence feature and competitor intelligence feature are included in this plan. It also includes:

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • 3 tracked competitors.
  • Product Discovery.
  • Product idea score.

2. Pro Plan – $99.00:

For someone in the growth stage of their business, this is the right package for them. This will help in making data-driven decisions that’ll scale a business to greater heights. It includes:

  • Product Discovery.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Marketing Intelligence Feature.
  • Listing builder.
  • Listing analyzer.
  • Competitor Intelligence Feature.
  • Keyword Manager.

3. Brand Builder Plan – $149.00:

This brand builder plan is for ambitious workers who want to dominate the industry with their dedication and amazing products. It’ll promote the sellers to take a business to another level by unlocking data and insights.

  • Product Discovery.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Market Intelligence Feature.
  • Competitor Intelligence Feature.
  • Listing Builder.
  • Listing Analyzer.
  • Keyword Manager (US Only)

4. Kinetic Plan-$199.00:

This plan is best advised for pre-existing brands who want to bring their business a good image and make good profits. With lesser efforts, one can get great results and have organic traffic on their product page.

  • Sponsored ad management.
  • Product Discovery.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Market Intelligence Feature.
  • Competitor Intelligence Feature.
  • Listing Builder.
  • Listing Analyzer.
  • Keyword Manager (US Only).

Viral Launch’s International Reach

Viral Launch Reach

It is surely a great tool, but its reach is massively dependant since if someone buys it and the tool won’t work, they might be highly disappointed. Before buying Viral Launch, check out & review everything if it’s present in your country and does it work well over there or the product reach is limited. The platform is available in 10 countries, take a look at the names and their domains:

  • The United States (.com)
  • The United Kingdom (
  • Germany (.de)
  • Canada (.ca)
  • Japan (
  • France (.fr)
  • Italy (.it)
  • Spain (.es)
  • India (.in)
  • Mexico (.mx)

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Viral Launch tool is surely good, but there are some things we too didn’t like. Check out these pros and cons before finally buying it.


  • Easy to Use.
  • Detailed Product Insight.
  • Specific Competitor Data Tool.
  • Keyword Research Tool.
  • Works on all marketing aspects.
  • Great pricing packages.
  • Well designed and Intuitive.
  • Responsive Customer Support.
  • Solid AI Algorithm.
  • Help in ads as well.
  • Free course.


  • No free trial.

Advantages in Detail: Real Benefits

  • Easy to Use:

Viral Launch tool has nothing manual or techy involved that can make the process tough in any way. It has a very friendly user interface and all filters are very simple and basic to learn.

  • Detailed Product Insight:

The product insights are very carefully scraped out and consist of everything from past history to the present success rate so that a person can make their decision accordingly.

  • Specific Competitor Data Tool:

The competitor data is also very well specified and includes what keywords they mostly use along with the keywords that are least utilized by them. This gives an idea of how to match their pace and stay ahead of the others.

  • Keyword Research Tool:

The keyword insights arrive directly from the Amazon Database and it opens an opportunity for tons of new search terms. No software provides such detailed keyword insights, making it a one-spot for all.

  • Works on all marketing aspects:

The tool works on all marketing aspects and works on the basis of their in-house rules that provide the most trustworthy data. It analyzes all the market aspects and brings out a hundred percent accurate data.

  • Great Pricing Packages:

There are four packages ranging from beginners to advanced and are super affordable as well. Anyone can decide & choose a package based on the requirements as there are a variety of options available. There are specific discounts for yearly purchases that make it even more worthwhile.

  • Well designed and intuitive:

Viral Launch structure is very well designed as it begins from a course and ends to the advanced level of FBA marketing. This makes the tool very worthwhile and a total value for money with its robust set of features.

  • Responsive Customer Support:

Customer support is available 24/7 and they respond in an hour of the complaint usually. Many users have found the answers right on time which is something very great.

  • Solid AI Algorithm:

The AI Algorithm runs with a specific set of rules and provides a detailed guide to all the products, keywords, and competitors’ data. It also works really fast and brings out the information in a few minutes.

  • Helps in ads as well:

With the Kinetic PPC feature, a seller can advertise their products. Viral Launch Kinetic PPC review & find the effective keywords to bring a BOOST in sales. All the campaigns can personally to be managed by real-time Amazon sellers.

  • Free Course:

The free courses have proven to be helpful for beginners who want to quickly start selling on Amazon FBA and don’t have much time to go for a course. This saves a lot of money as well as a person gets enough knowledge to go ahead. If you want to learn things at a more advanced level then there are many popular paid courses in the market for Amazon Fba business like Amazing Selling Machine & etc.

Testimonial Claims

Viral Launch Testimonial Proof

There are several Viral Launch reviews & testimonials claiming some amazing things that have benefitted many people. Tom Wang, the founder of ‘eComHub,’ claims that he has used various Softwares, but this one is by far his favorite. He claims that this tool is his go-to whenever he is in an urge to find out something about FBA products. He uses everything from Product Research to Keyword Optimization and loves how easy and intuitive this software is. It has truly derived some great results for his FBA business and brought his brand to s greater extent he too didn’t think about it. Just like him, there are various testimonials that claim they love this tool to the core.

Viral Launch Client Testimonials

Next, there’s a testimonial from Liran Hirschkorn, the founder of Amazing Freedom. Liran claims that the software’s suite of tools is a life changer for many Amazon FBA sellers and even for him. He uses the tool on a daily basis and it had helped him and his clients make data-driven decisions for their respective businesses. Liran loves everything from finding the best profitable products, opportunities in keyword research, evaluating competitors, and discovering new products. This tool has helped him and gives him pretty much everything to get the new edge. Such testimonials are seriously motivating and encourage a person to go for the Viral Launch. It doesn’t seem like a bad decision at all and in fact, this feels like one of the best decisions anyone can ever make.

Final Verdict- Is it Worth To Buy?

Surely there are a thousand tools in the market, but none of them is even closer to the Viral Launch as it’s an all-in-one place with effective keyword optimization, product research, and PPC management. Viral Launch is pretty amazing and guarantees safe results to its clients, whilst being very affordable. From Split Testing to even Profit Calculator and free online course, this platform is a one-stop for all and saves all the costs that usually go into payments of other tools. At a maximum of $200, Viral Launch provides all the external tools feature that are usually purchased separately and works more than any other Amazon FBA Research Tool.

Viral launch tool is a perfect example of multitasking and does everything that’s needed in an Amazon business such as finding the ideal products and market research insights. Upsell your products like a pro and find the best profits that’ll always be scaling and are never-ending.

In Conclusion – Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch’s services mainly include all-in-one management of the Amazon FBA business, and they surely do the task really well. Overall, it is a must buy and one must go for it since at times a person wants to have a tool that works as an all-in-one but proves out to be really very expensive. In this review, you will find some of the best things present in this tool that bring out a massive difference in an Amazon business.

All these saved costs can be used in any other business works and this way, a person can expand their business from more than one product. In comparison to others, their outcomes are a hundred percent genuine and pretty perfect as well. Hope you like this viral launch review, Just buy it and have access to the software right after it!


Does Viral Launch have a free trial?

No, there is no free trial for Viral Launch. Therefore if someone wants to try or test it, then that cannot happen.

Is Viral Launch value for money?

Yes, Viral Launch is a great platform as not only it does the product and keyword research, but it also has a PPC manager to boost the product ranking and image.

Does Viral Launch have 24/7 customer support?

Yes, Viral Launch has a 24/7 customer support and anyone can contact them anytime they want to.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is Web-based tool that provides product data for Amazon and also works on efficient keywords, Amazon PPC Advertisements, and marketing intelligence. It is a all-in-one software that works on A-Z of an Amazon business.

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