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Brain Sensei PMP & CAPM Review: Is This Prep Course Worth?


The different online learning platforms are providing exceptional knowledge to the students, learners, and this helps many people in the world to start their careers. The main advantage is you can learn any course or program at your own pace, and at any time & anywhere. 

If you’re looking to ace in PMP and CAPM exams, then we brought a platform Brain Sensei that helps you to earn a certification with ease. To get more details, then proceed with Brain Sensei PMP review & CAPM as well and analyze how it helps to get certified on these courses. 

😍 What is Brain Sensei?

Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei is one of the online learning platforms as it offers PMP & CAPM courses to learn and earn project management certifications. It teaches the courses in a storytelling way so that the students can get engaged and understand the concepts in the easiest way. 

Along with engaging story lessons, it provides practice questions and quizzes where you can test your knowledge up to date. It helps to prepare the courses by targeting more especially on the areas where you’re lack and this makes you focus perfectly on the concepts. Our Brain Sensei PMP & CAPM review will give out clear findings on its teaching procedures, course details, pricing, and many more. 

🤔 What are the Benefits of Brain Sensei? 

The main advantage of learning PMP and CAPM courses at Brain Sensei is it provides materials that help you to prepare for the exam. The storytelling approach of teaching will give your clear insights into the concepts and also you can remember them easily.

At your own pace, you can learn the courses and no matter whether you’re starting a new profession or want to become a seasonal project manager, the courses CAPM & PMP at Brain Sensei will help you in every aspect to review and proceed in your career. 

  • Brain Sensei’s PMP course gives 35 contact hours or PDU’s and you need to take the exam as a practice and on the other side, the CAPM course will give about 23 education hours to learn completely. 
  • Brain Sensei is a 100% risk-free investment because it is a 100% pass guarantee online learning platform and many of the students are given positive reviews on the platform. 
  • If you’re not satisfied with what you invested in this platform to learn PMP or CAPM course, then if you report the problem, the team will automatically get alert and respond to give your money back. 
  • This online learning platform has helped many people around the world and get certified in PMP and CAPM courses. Especially the project managers of different companies like Microsoft, Apple, Uber, Disney, and many more are certified. 
  • The courses are taught with engaging, enjoyable, effective, and the story based learning process will help the students to stick with the course and quickly understand the topics. 
  • Brain Sensei does not provide any boring lectures to the students and the content that is taught will be easily reviewed & absorbed by the students as they can learn everything at their own pace. 

🤗 Story-Based Learning with Brain Sensei

Story-based learning - Brain Sensei

To ace your PMP & CAPM exams, the Brain Sensei’s power of story based eLearning platform is for you as you’re going to understand & learn all the concepts with ease. To motivate the students, Brain Sensei created the eLearning adventure with a female Samurai and a set in Feudal Japan. This woman has an epic mission i.e., to get certified on PMP and CAPM courses and to become a successful project manager. 

In reality, humans are hardwired for stories and they always find & connect with different types of books, video games, movies, and many more. So, these will make sure to cause attention and grab the knowledge of the concept easily. This is the main reason to teach the concepts of the PMP and CAPM courses in story-based, at the same time learners can remember the topics for a long time. 

Brain Sensei built the courses in storytelling concept and the teaching is in a fun, interactive, and effective way and so the learners can prepare for the exams to ace in PMP and CAPM to get certified. The mimics and real-time concepts of the course will help in their future endeavors. It’s time to get everything that you want to ace the exam with Brain Sensei online learning platform. 

👊 Review on Brain Sensei Certification Courses 

The advantage of learning PMP and CAPM courses at Brain Sensei is it gives exercises to test your knowledge and this will review & identify the spots where you’re weak. And also the quizzes and exercises will give an idea about what you learned and what you have to learn. This builds confidence to learn more concepts in the areas that you lack in the topics and Brain Sensei will provide the up-to-date materials of the PMP and CAPM courses to ace your exam whenever you prefer to take it. 

✔️ 2024 PMP Prep Course

PMP Course - Brain Sensei

In PMP Prep Course at Brain Sensei, you’ll get 35 contact hours/PDUs, and the course covers both predictive i.e., traditional or waterfall, and adaptive i.e., agile or hybrid project management practices. It allows you to prepare for the current exam by learning and understanding each concept of the course with ease.

The money you paid for the course has a 100% refund guarantee and this online learning platform is 100% risk-free to invest and learn the course. The main reason to pick this Brain Sensei is it ensures to prepare for the exam and also gives 100% pass guarantee assurance for every learner. 

  • For PMP eLearning course program, it provides 9 interactive story based modules to learn. 
  • It provides four practice exams including 800 practice questions and this helps the students to learn every concept of the course that is available. 
  • Brain Sensei offers base knowledge assessments with the questions to identify & review the blind spots that you’re lack and gain knowledge in those areas. 
  • It gives the students 13 interesting storyline challenges and they have to complete them. 
  • After completion of learning, it gives the summary of the course by mentioning the key points of each concept as a recap to mark them and remember for a long time. 
  • If you get stuck at some point and don’t know the solution then it gives an opportunity to connect with the Brain Sensei Facebook community to get support for clarifications for the queries.
  • Everyone has to follow up on the emails that are filled with tips, reminders, and tricks to understand the concepts during the learning period. 
  • Brain Sensei always allows you to track & review your progress on how much you learned and how much have to learn by conducting multiple self-assessments in each module. 
  • Brain Sensei provides excellent support system to the students and they are responsible for all the queries and the average response time is less than an hour. 

✔️ CAPM Prep Course  

CAPM course - Brain Sensei

In CAPM prep course at Brain Sensei offers 23 contact hours or PDUs, you’re going to review & learn every concept easily and quickly as the instructors provide teaching in a storytelling manner. This helps you to understand the topics and can easily grab the concept to remember for a long period. 

  • It offers story based eLearning of nine interactive modules. 
  • The four practice exams with 600 practice questions are helpful for you to cover all the topics that are available in CAPM. 
  • It discovers questions to reveal your blind spots and make sure to hold a grip in those areas too. 
  • It provides 13 exciting storyline challenges and you have to complete them to know in what areas you have the knowledge and in what areas you’re struggling to learn. 
  • Provides a summary of the key points as a recap on what you’ve learned and these points are very important to learn in a brief before attempting the exam. 
  • The Facebook group of Brain Sensei will help you to clear all your doubts and the community will help you to get out of where you stuck while learning process. 
  • The tips, tricks, and reminders are provided by Brain Sensei through email and you have to follow them & use them while preparing for the exam. 
  • You can track & review your progress while attempting the assessments provided by the Brain Sensei and you can get all clearance from all the doubts through its customer support system as its average response time is less than one hour. 

🔥 Student Reviews on Brain Sensei 🔥

The students of Brain Sensei who took the courses PMP and CAPM have shared their experience in the form of reviews. Most of the students are given positive responses and the best part is they like the unique teaching i.e., story-based teaching which helps to learn and understand the concepts easily. They said that the tips, tricks, and reminders that they follow up through the emails help everyone to pass the exams. Here are some of the Brain Sensei student’s review screenshots, have a look into them, and from this, we can examine how this platform helps the students and gives confidence throughout the learning process. 

Sudent Reviews - Brain Sensei

😘 Pros and Cons of Brain Sensei


  • Esay to use interface
  • Complete PMP course training platform
  • Offers CAPM course
  • Provides quizzes, assessments, and exercises
  • 13 storyline challenges to complete
  • 9 intercative learning modules for the courses
  • Story based teaching
  • Excellent support system
  • Tracks progress
  • Provides tips, tricks, and reminders
  • 100% pass guarantee
  • 100% Refund guarantee
  • 100% Risk free
  • Six months access of courses
  • High-quality intercative content
  • Free Trial period



  •  Pricing plans of courses are expensive
  • Course design
  • No more cons

🎁 Review on Pricing Plans of Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei will give a free trial period and you’ll get full access to the first module of both the courses PMP Exam Prep and CAPM Exam Prep. In this free trial period, you’re going to learn the fundamentals of project management which is guided by the Brain Sensei instructor whom you pick. Its unique storyline approach will definitely attract the students that help to understand the concepts easily as well as quickly. 

Pricing Plan of PMP Course - Brain Sensei

The actual pricing plan of the PMP Exam Prep course at Brain Sensei is $800 value but at present, you will get in $499.99 for 6 months of access. The pricing plan of the CAPM Exam Prep course is $349.99 with 6 months of access and in this plan, you’ll get 9 modules with four full practice exams as well as up-to-date course materials at a single plan.

Pricing Plan of CAPM Course - Brain Sensei

💥 Conclusion

If you’re looking to learn and ace the exam to get certified in PMP and CAPM courses, then Brain Sensei is the online learning platform for you to learn at your own pace. To achieve your goal as a project manager then this platform will give assurance in providing top quality learning experience with a 100% pass guarantee. 

The main advantage to pick this platform is it provides a learning story-based and so every student can easily understand the concepts. Another big thing is Brain Sensei provides various assessments, quizzes, and exercises of each module to track & review your progress. These exercises will help to identify the spots in what areas you’re weak and in what areas you’re strong. 

If you have any queries then you can immediately consult the Facebook community of Brain Sensei and the team will respond or otherwise you can contact the chat support system they’ll respond within an hour. The pricing plans of the two courses PMP Exam Prep and CAPM Exam Prep both are a little bit expensive but worth to invest. Go with the free trial period and give it a try to analyze how the Brain Sensei platform works for you.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments, this will help others who read this Brain Sensei review to make a better & unbiased decision.

🤡 Frequently Asked Questions  

😇 How Brain Sensei is good to learn PMP course?

The PMP Course at Brain Sensei is a cost-effective video training platform and it is highly interactive which makes the learning concept easy at the same time more fun than expected.

✌️ What is the device or software required to take PMP and CAPM courses?

The recent or latest version of Google Chrome or Internet Explorer is enough or else Firefox is tested to work fine. Even these courses are available on iOS or Android devices including tablets.

👍 How does one pass the courses?

It is completely based on the achievement of 80% that you gain on each module of the four practice exams. You can review the score on the portal of Brain Sensei for each module you attempted.

🤞 Does everyone need Microsoft Project to complete the course?

The templates included in the course and it is a bonus that helps the students who want to avoid starting from scratch to their own project management documents.
The ones who use the Microsoft project, they’ll leverage the Microsoft project template which is provided by Brain Sensei and if you do not use this means can cut back from the course. Yes, it is a complete elective item and also helpful for the students who actively manage the project.

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