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Oberlo Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing & Verdict


There are many people who want to initiate with a dropshipping business, but don’t have an efficient dropshipping tool by their side. Oberlo is the best dropshipping tool present and it has several features such as product research & looking up for the competitor prices. It is the world’s largest product research and dropshipping tool that lets the users find products whilst adding them up to the Shopify store with the utmost ease.

Dropshippers do not need to have their own warehouse, but they definitely need to manage their inventory from a distance. With Oberlo, the store owners can make sure that the inventory is safe and secure, regardless of which warehouse it is in. Automate a lot of things related to dropshipping such as order placement and tracking, whilst having no need to particularly manage a warehouse. Usually, product research takes a lot of time when done in manual terms, but Oberlo ensures that the dropshippers don’t have to worry about the same and take care of all the suppliers.

Oberlo Review

At times dropshippers have to contact several suppliers and still do not get the best price, but with Oberlo, one can find efficiently priced products at just a single click. Update it on the store and just track the shipment, it’ll take place on its own. It is also designed as an extension specifically created to help people access the eCommerce environment. Instead of buying, storing, and then delivering to customers, dropshipping with Oberlo becomes very easy and hassle-free. Ship it all from AliExpress directly to the buyer with any Shopify store. There are some amazing features of this dropshipping tool, check out more about it in our Oberlo Review.

What is Oberlo all about?


Founded in 2015, Oberlo is now the most popular dropshipping tool in the industry. It lets the users find products and update them to the store in an instance. There is absolutely no need to worry about inventory, and there is no hassle to contact any kind of supplier. In many ways, Oberlo eases up the tasks and removes a lot of responsibility from the shoulders. Find reasonable products that are highly qualitative from AliExpress more conveniently with the help of Oberlo. Also, let the Oberlo tool package and ship the products to the customer without worrying about shipments at all! The Oberlo app is available to install on Shopify store so merchants can take care of other things present in their business.

But, it only works with Shopify, so if someone wants to use it for another CMS, then sadly this won’t work. Oberlo is feature-packed and has the best of everything present over here. It is the most attractive dropshipping option present in the industry, read Oberlo review features below for more to get information in detail.

Features Of Oberlo Dropshipping App & Extension

In this Oberlo review, we have mentioned all it’s 15+ main features in detail which every dropshipper must know before going to start. There are many dropshipping platforms such as HyperSKU, Dropified, Spcoket, etc. in the market & Oberlo is best in one of them.

1. Find Products to sell

Oberlo Product Research

Find the best products to sell online as they have a huge product database to look from. Discover a million products that one can sell on the store from a variety of niches. They have products from different niches, for example, men & women fashion, home decor, sports, beauty, and many such others. When it comes to product research, the choices are many and all of them are some of the highly qualitative ones.

2. Data-driven decision

The database includes every small information for the products and they show which products are the top-selling ones. Find some of the best and winning products with their order volume feature, One can discover sales trees of the products in order to find the success rate. The data includes sales trends from 30 days to 6 months, and there is also an option to track analyze the competitor’s selling status & condition. They have some exclusive product import and page view strategies to look at.

3. More time for marketing

Rather than spending a lot of time in tackling the suppliers and managing the product shipping manually, save a lot of time that goes into these things with Oberlo. They reduce all the hefty tasks since the supplier ship the products directly to the customers. This gives them more time to focus on marketing and customer service.

4. Automate Dropshipping

Oberlo Dropshipping Automation

The free Oberlo chrome extension allows the users to directly add up the products to the Shopify store from AliExpress. With just a single click, everything takes place and the users don’t even have to worry about what is going on. The extension also automates order fulfillment so that the dropshippers can focus on making more sales and taking in more orders.

5. Customize the Products

Want to efficiently buy products with proper customization? A person can handpick all the product photos on their own and personalize them for the clients. So if there is any dropshipper wishing to private label the products under their brand name, then with Oberlo, they don’t even need to worry about any such thing.

6. Set Competitive Prices

Any dropshipper can use their extensive database to set the prices based on the profit they want. Whilst saving the shipping and storage costs, one also gets efficient prices as they intend to provide the best possible price. Based on their industry standards, one can decide what stays the best and how much profit margin one can attain. Several sellers have also been able to earn more than 20 dollars on each by buying for a dollar and selling for 24 ahead!

7. Variant Mapping

Dropshippers can merge several similar products from different suppliers and separate both colors & sizes on their product pages. Say, for example, a supplier provides a product in green and the other one provides it in black, then dropshippers can sell both of these products by getting it from both suppliers.

8. Track customer orders

There’s no need to take any headache, but one can easily track all the shipments so that they can update the buyers.Β This helps in responding to the buyers easily and also know what is going on step by step. The delivery information is up-to-date and also the expected delivery dates are mostly accurate.

9. Unlimited Monthly Orders

One can place as many orders as they want with the help of the Oberlo dropshipping tool without upgrading the subscription plan. Unlike other tools that limit the number of orders placement, they don’t do that at all. So if any dropshipper has a huge selling base, then they can always go for any package they want to, depends upon feature requirements.

10. Change Suppliers

In case if the supplier is providing inconsistent performance or is unable to meet the demands, then it’s not compulsory to stay with one for a long time. Also, if any dropshipper has found a supplier with better pricing options, then why not? There is absolutely no limitation and one can work with as many suppliers as they want to.

11. Monitor the Inventory

Oberlo notifies the dropshippers every time the product inventory levels are low or if the prices are dropping down. A dropshipper doesn’t even need to worry about the inventory since they update it every time. There is no need to manually keep a track of the products in any case. Users can easily monitor, track & review the Oberlo inventory.

12. View the sales

With the help of their sales dashboard, track the source’s success statistics. Can Keep tracking of what products are doing well and what is the store’s current status. At a glance, one can see anything with the utmost ease and also find out what needs to be kept and what should be avoided. Monitor all the sales and best-selling products in no time.

13. Add multiple users at the same time

Having a big team working for the same dropshipping business? Provide the team access according to the user roles of the e-commerce store and also don’t pay anything extra. The tool lets the dropshippers add as many people as they want to in the business and also tackle all the errands on an everyday basis. The owner doesn’t only need to work, they understand the importance of division & teamwork.

14. Bulk Orders

How awful does it feel when one has to order everything separately and tackle the suppliers? A dropshipper can place multiple orders at just a single click, without any such issue. Not many tools provide bulk ordering options in a single click, but apparently they do. Also, want to order the same product again and again? Automate the tool and let it do the rest as soon as the inventory is low.

15. Oberlo in the language you want

There are several languages present on this platform, dropshippers don’t have to worry about something they don’t frequently use. The languages present over here are English, French, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

16. Captcha Solver

The tool’s captcha solver gives its level best to sort the issues the users might be facing in any case. It saves time and energy in some greatly efficient ways while placing the multiple bulk orders together at just a single click.

17. 24/7 Customer Support

With the help of Oberlo’s customer support team, users can get help any time facing issues with orders, delivery, or store management. Ask anything at any time and they’ll sort it as soon as possible. They have a very dedicated and hardworking support staff to help the users out.

18. Affiliate Program

Why not earn something extra whilst using Oberlo? Recommend it to friends & fellow dropshippers and earn a good commission. The commission is paid by AdmitAd and one just has to create an affiliate ID to earn something extra.

19. Free options

There are several free tools and learning resources present on the platform, such as the Oberlo Youtube Channel, Success stories, Blogs & Articles, etc. that help in knowing something extra on how the platform works.

Oberlo Dropshipping Tool Pricing Packages

Oberlo Pricing Packages

There are three plans available & we’ve covered the full review of Oberlo, out of which one is free of cost. Check out what these plans offer below:


Product Limits 50010,00030,000
Unlimited Monthly OrdersPresentPresentPresent
Oberlo Chrome ExtensionPresentPresentPresent
Automated Product PricingPresentPresentPresent
Product StatisticsPresentPresentPresent
Inventory UpdatesPresentPresentPresent
Import ListPresentPresentPresent
Sales reportsPresentPresentPresent
Order Numbers SyncPresentPresentPresent
Variant Mapping-PresentPresent
Bulk Orders-PresentPresent
Real time orders tracking-PresentPresent
Affiliate Program-PresentPresent
Orders fulfillment monitoring-PresentPresent
Captcha Solver-PresentPresent
Multiple Staff Accounts--Present
Monthly PricingFree$29.90$79.90


Pros & Cons of Oberlo Dropshipping Tool


  • Very facilitating.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free Starter Package
  • Jam-packed with features.
  • Reduce lot of manual tasks.
  • Different Pricing Packages.
  • Automates everything possible.


  • It only works for Shopify but not on other CMS or e-commerce platform.

Testimonials & Appreciation

Whilst there are several testimonials, Oberlo is already well known in the market for the dropshipping purpose. A testimonial claims that the best thing they like is the possibility to explore many products at the same time and how many products they’ve been able to sell. Also, another testimonial claims this for those people who wish to make thousands of dollars every month just out of dropshipping with the help of Oberlo. It exists mainly for big-box retailers and helps them in learning some greater aspects of the industry.

Final Verdict- Oberlo Review

Oberlo is present in the Shopify marketplace already itself proves that it has a great demand in the market. It is a great dropshipping app & tool to go for since it has everything a person may want for in their business. Whilst other platforms just promise, they intend to fulfill it and give their level best. It removes the troubles dropshippers face on an everyday basis and helps them extensively search products with the utmost ease. The dropshipping platform is jam-packed with features and from bulk orders to multiple suppliers, it facilitates everything possible. It works in any language one wants to use and there are no limitations since it works worldwide.

Their support staff is dedicated and working for the users throughout the day and ensure they don’t face any problem. Though the only con is that they don’t work for any other platform apart from Shopify. Overall, it is a great tool and one must definitely go for it. Hope you like this Oberlo review


Does Oberlo fulfill the requirements?

Name one thing, and they already have it. Oberlo has everything a person may ever need in their dropshipping platform.

Is there any free trial for Oberlo?

There is not only a free trial, but they have a completely free package. This is a great thing since the users can try it for as long as they want to with the utmost ease.

How does Oberlo work?

Oberlo dedicatedly follows the concept of zero efforts made by the dropshipper, and they also make sure that they are able to manage everything in a single click.

Where does Oberlo source products from?

Oberlo sources products in two ways, either from AliExpress or from Chinese suppliers.

Is Oberlo value for money?

Yes, Oberlo is worth every single penny, and also if we see, it is very affordable and has everything that the dropshippers may want.

Is It a Sponsored Review?

No, This Oberlo review is not a Sponsored review, we personally used it & even using it from a long time.

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