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HyperSKU Review 2024: Is Dropshipping Easy With HyperSKU?



Dropshipping is a great method in case someone wants to do online business without worrying about inventory management. There are several portals present that help in dropshipping, and one of them is the HyperSKU.

Whilst other dropshipping alternatives take a lot of time in shipping and fulfilling orders, HyperSKU provides express delivery within 7 days of the order. It is a good alternative to AliExpress that usually takes a lot of time in shipments and delays the entire process. Their powerful system can tackle day-to-day dropshipping needs with the utmost ease.

What is HyperSKU all about?

HyperSKU Review

HyperSKU can handle everything from sourcing the products, doing the picking & packing, fulfilling, to tracking the shipments. Spend less and earn more once this portal is present by the side. They are present in the market for a while now and have some amazing features.

Let’s get in detail with Hypersku review:

HyperSKU is a whole new concept to dropshipping business. There are several people who sell products on Shopify and Woocommerce through the dropshipping method and there are even some brand owners doing the same. This solution is made by eCommerce veterans who have experienced every struggle of the field.

They integrate extensive resources and cutting-edge technologies in order to provide the best services to their users. Anyone who is in this field knows the losses that incur due to late delivery time and customers getting out of hand. HyperSKU uses express deliveries that take place in a maximum of 7 days from China to the United States. However, due to COVID-19, the deliveries might be delayed and may take up to 15 days sometimes.

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Get rid of the traditional and ineffective dropshipping methods that usually take a lot of time. Rather than contacting suppliers from China and managing everything on your own, sign into this tool and let them do everything. All that the users need to do is select the products they want to have and that’s it! Everything will be managed on its own.

They have a dashboard that includes everything and the user just needs to place a single click and nothing else. It is a very fast portal that takes barely any time and makes the entire task very easy to manage. Check out how it works below.

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HyperSKU Review: How Does it Work?

It’s not that it has one specific kind of work, but every option has a different kind.


HyperSKU Dashboard

The dashboard mainly lists the order summary and includes all kinds of orders in it. For example, if there are some of which the payment isn’t made, some are processing, ready to ship, or are currently in the shipping, then a user can see its details. Also, it displays any notification that the drop shippers need to know with regard to a product.

There is a graph present just below that displays the order history and also shows up the best selling products out of all those ordered. But for payments, a user can either top up or pay for the orders via Credit cards, Payoneer, and Paypal.


HyperSKU Order List

They display an entire list of orders made in the past few times so in case a user wants to replace the order then they can manage to do so with the help of order listings. They show data of all the orders placed so basically if someone frequently keeps ordering don’t need to worry about the data losses since they keep everything in a note. A great thing is that it shows everything such as:

  • Price of that shipment
  • Logistics i.e. the profit achieved on the same.
  • Status of the order i.e. it is delivered, in progress, or returned.

Order List HyperSKU

The data is very helpful as it helps in keeping a record of everything possible. Over here the users can also find out data in the form of all orders, pending payments, processing orders, ready to ship, shipping, delivered, order closed, and refunding.

One can also sync their orders in the database and keep them there for a longer time. Also, check out the Import files by entering the SKU number and get to know the quantity imported, price of each unit, order name, currency code, address of shipping, etc. to have in-depth details of the orders.


At times what happens is that the users want to have a certain product but despite HyperSKU’ huge database, they are not able to find it. But who needs to worry about sourcing it from any other place? Well, HyperSKU can source it for the drop shippers from AliExpress and yet deliver it in a shorter time-span.

Just enter the URL in the box mentioned below, at a time one can add up a maximum of 3 URLs and the sourcing will be put in progress by the portal! That’s it, no need to handle everything on own or move out in search of those products. Look out how to do it below:

HyperSKU Sourcing

Say, for example, we wish to buy a ‘car vacuum cleaner’ bulk shipment and we search it on AliExpress. Just copy the link of the one that’s wanted and paste it in this box. Click on save.


The product will new put in the sourcing list and will soon be available for ordering.


Product Sourcing HyperSKU

In order to check more, check out the smart sourcing box to know the progress below.


Under this, there are four options to track out A-Z things of everything. Check out what all it offers exactly below:

  • Search Products:

Hyper SKU Product Research

A dropshipper can search for the products they wish to sell under this option. There are products available from different categories available over here. They have a huge database that consists of almost all the products that are supplied from China. Add them up to the import list and order the desired number of pieces. Here are the categories it exactly facilitates:

  • Computers Office.
  • Wedding Supplies.
  • Home Garden.
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles.
  • Consumer Electronics.
  • Watches.
  • Mobile Phone Accessories.
  • Health & Beauty.
  • Sporting Entertainment.
  • Tablets Accessories.

One can also enter certain keywords for the products in order to narrow the search and find out what is exactly needed.

  • Private Products:

HyperSKU users can check out the private products kept by them under the dashboard. Filter out the prices from under 10 dollars to 50 dollars and above. Also, filter them out on the basis of the period of shipping i.e. from under 7 days to more than 14 days.

At times a person wasn’t to order and receive it ASAP but don’t know how long will the shipping take, therefore they can filter out the product shipping before finally deciding to import the same. This is a huge advantage for those dropshippers and brand owners who’d love to keep their products unique and different from others.

  • Import List:

Hyper SKU Import List

See all the products over here that were saved earlier from the search product area and check out all that is needed to be saved. Connect the Shopify or Woocommerce store in order to save it and that’s how the products can be ordered for the final shipment. One can connect more than one store in this option and add the products in them based on the niche.

  • My Products:

After connecting the stores, find the products based on the different Shopify and Woocommerce stores over here and know which area required to be ordered more or what are the products that are selling currently. This way, one can keep a note of the data and statistics of the entire product listing.


  • Fees calculator:

The logistics include the Fees calculator that includes everything from the product cost, shipping cost, and everything so that the user can determine the final price to keep before shipping it somewhere else. Rather than calculating and managing everything on own, one can just enter the data over here and check out all the required details.

  • Tracking:

Hyper SKU Tracking

Track the progress of the shipping since that is one of the most important things to do. The dropshippers aren’t importing it to their warehouse, but instead are sending it to other places since they are not supposed to be managing inventory. Therefore they can check where has it reached, what is the progress, and how long it will take. Just enter the shipment number over here and check out every single detail.


HyperSKU Application

If anyone wants to add any other app of HyperSKU through which they are working, then they can always add it up in this database. There is no limitation to any such kind of thing and one can add both the affiliates and warehouse application in the same as they want to manage everything from a single place.

Review of HyperSKU Features

1. Source Directly from top Chinese Manufacturers

Nearly all the products that are drop shipped are from China, and rather than banging up the head alone by contacting every manufacturer, then they can always trust this portal. One can easily source the products as they show everything from all major niches. Ordering and fetching products couldn’t become easier than this.

2. No portal charges

Unlike other such portals that charge a hefty amount of subscription fee, this tool has another kind of work. They do not charge even a single penny in the name of portal fee, but in fact, just charge a small percentage from the order amount and that’s it! So if someone puts the portal to use for orders, then only they need to pay something.

3. Across the globe shipping in 7 days

Rather than waiting for 10 to 14 days in order to receive the consignment, one just has to wait for a maximum of 7 days. HyperSKU understands the urge behind delivering each product, therefore they give their level best to ship the items under express shipping and make them reach the destination as soon as possible. However, due to the COVID-19, the orders might be delayed keeping the safety standards and lack of shipment staff in mind.

4. Only focus on selling the products

More than half of the people are tired of repeated copy-pasting of everything in relation to the orders and want something different from it. HyperSKU is a great AliExpress Alternative and provides the best outcomes by automating everything. A dropshipper can even increase their profit margins by a whopping 20 percent at once!

Hypersku Dropshipping Solution

5. Effortless Working

At times such portals are super techy and not everyone who uses online methods can understand it. But rather than wasting much time on such portals, HyperSKU lets the users perform all the tasks in a single click. So if someone wants to find out a mobile phone or a piece of jewelry, just search it and click on ‘Import to list’ and that’s it! Also, for final ordering, it just requires the dropshippers to click on save and it’ll manage everything. Quick work is done in the shortest time span with the utmost ease.

6. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve the satisfaction of the clients with the fastest possible delivery. Basically, dropshippers are the mediators between the bulk buyers and suppliers. So rather than troubling them with the horrendous amount of shipping time and tough to analyze profit margins, provide them the fastest delivery and best prices for all the products. This will keep them happy for a longer time and make them prefer the dropshipper at first always.

7. Better Quality Products

What if the bulk buyers receive an average quality product and whom will they contact in such a case? Well, in such a situation they’ll always run after catching the dropshippers since they are the suppliers for them. Provide these buyers highly qualitative products at reasonable prices with the help of HyperSKU. They make sure that every product has a good quality and has no defects or issues in the same.

8. An All-In-One Platform

There are barely any such portals in the market, therefore they are one of a kind. Even AliExpress doesn’t manage everything in this way and takes care of the logistics, express shipping, and affordable pricing. They are the perfect AliExpress alternative and also help in boosting the profit margins by 20 percent at a time. It includes everything from product sourcing, shipping, profit & fee calculation, and even takes care of the best selling products by showing the data in the form of intuitive graphs.

9. User-Friendly Interface

This tool is very easy to use and doesn’t require anything extra to learn. Unlike other such tools, it facilitates everything with a single click and the users don’t need to do anything much. Also, there’s no need to worry about the shipping and everything since they do such things pretty much on their own.

10. Choose the Shipping Option

There are several shipping options present over here that the users can use based on their requirements. Each of them depends based on bulk orders, a span of shipment, etc. Here are the shipping options available below:

Hyper SKU Shipping Option

  • Economy Shipping.
  • Standard Shipping.
  • Liquid Shipping.
  • Budget Shipping.
  • Bulky Shipping.
  • ePacket.

11. Detailed & Step-wise process

Just because they deliver the items in a span of just 7 days doesn’t mean that the work might be low in quality. They monitor everything before sending it to the destination and go through a step-wise process. Here are the measures they follow before shipping the final product to the customers:

Sourcing from factories


Quality Control


Packaging Customization


Fast & Trackable Shipping


Auto-Sync Fulfillment


Inventory Storage


Reship & Return Service (Return In case product not satisfactory)

12. Affiliate Program

Anyone who refers HyperSKU dropshipping portal to any other person gets a referral commission for the same. Only those who use the portal can refer to it and earn such commission and that too only after the other person joins the platform. This is a great way to earn some extra money apart from the entire process!

13. Warehousing

There are many people who work in only a specific niche and are supposed to one kind of product multiple times. For those, this option is pretty great and they can always stock up inventory on HyperSKU warehouses and scale their business. Rather than ordering it every once in a while, order it in bulk and stock it up in their inventory so that after every sale one can instantly ship those items even sooner!

14. Blogs and Case Studies

In case someone is not able to understand how to do the next thing that needs to be done, then they can always go for these case studies and blogs for some extensive learning. These case studies are real-time based and all the details are very helpful.

15. HyperSKU Support

In case the users are incurring any problem with order placements, finding the products, or any other thing, then they can always look out for some support. The support staff is present for them and they can contact them with the chat box present on the right side below to ask their queries.

14. Extra Offerings by them

Hyper SKU Extra Services

There are some extra things that they offer with the portal, those are:

  • Packaging Customization.
  • API Integration.
  • Quality Control.
  • Video Shooting.
  • Staff Account.

HyperSKU for Shopify & WooCommerce

In this, HyperSKU review we will explain to you how it works differently for dropshippers working with either Shopify or WooCommerce or even both! One can add as many of their accounts and stores over here in order to manage all of them + the products together. Rather than moving from one place to another, anyone can easily manage up to integrate their stores over here and manage everything altogether.

HyperSKU for Shopify and WooCommerce

Other platforms such as AliExpress don’t have any such feature and require the person to shift from one place to another from time to time. This is the best alternative for AliExpress and is an all-in-one platform. Here are some great benefits of using this portal with these platforms:

  • Reduces a lot of stress and tension:

As digital sellers, everyone expects to be tension free since there are not many tasks to do from outdoors, but in reality, it is very tough to manage. A dropshipper needs to maintain excel sheets, never-ending communication problems, and other tasks that are very hectic. Tracking the shipment is itself a difficult task since contacting the courier company, again and again, is very troubling. Why go through all such issues when HyperSKU can manage all of these. HyperSKU creates an order history database, product lists in ‘Import Lists’ keeps track of all further exports through Shopify, WooCommerce, and Shopline.

  • Seamless Integration:

They are ready to work on the backend of a dropshipper’s Shopify, WooCommerce, and Shopline. Increase the brand’s reputation with the best working and attract many clients at the same time with the best shipping facilities and other services.

HyperSKU for Brand Owners

HyperSKU for Brand Owners

HyperSKU helps big eCommerce brands to excel in their business whilst performing backend operations for them. This entire process takes place in the form of white labeling where the front-end operations are managed by the brand owners but inside and behind the scenes, everything is managed by HyperSKU. This format can reduce the tensions of eCommerce brand owners and also help them scale from the level of just sellers to big-time operation managers. Here are some of the ways in which it benefits the brand owners:

  • Steady Cash Flow:

Witness efficient sales and purchases and take a look at the steady cash flow. Steady cash flow helps in managing the entire business with great efficiency and lets it flourish. Build your business to sustainable levels with their extensive resources and outstanding services.

  • Earn More Money:

Make more money since this platform requires a lesser cash flow and fulfill orders with multiple orders on a daily basis. When a person spends less, one thing that’s definite is that the profit margins are going to be great, and they help the users in achieving them.

  • Worry less:

Improve customer satisfaction with even more timely deliveries and key everything brand integrated in order to improve the reputation. Without doing much of a thing, the brand owner gets to have a great number of benefits.

  • Let the brand go further:

Plan the reach of the brand to a greater extent since they help in bringing up a great brand scaling opportunity and boost its sales in numerous ways. This is a great thing since the reach of the brand can go further ahead with customized products & packaging, private label products, and just a bit of personal touch.

  • Some extra things that are done by them:

  1. Turn the original idea into the best selling products.
  2. Source from thousands of quality and vetted factories.
  3. Stock and shop the entire inventory from their warehouse.
  4. Customize packages & inserts to add brand legitimacy.
  5. Ship to the US customers directly from their US warehouse.

HyperSKU Pricing Packages

The portal is actually free of cost for the dropshippers! At first, it may seem like how does the portal not charge a single penny, but in reality it charges up a commission on every order. So it’s like the users don’t need to necessarily pay even when they’re not using the portal, they are only charged when they work on it. We analyzed other competitors as well & found they are charging very less commission, you can check below about pricing in this HyperSKU review.

Hypersku Shipment Process

Sign up for free over here and only pay once used and made a sale. Another astonishing thing is that they only charge a 2% handling fee which is the cheapest and most affordable price one can ever pay on any shipment. As of now, the 2% fee is also currently waivered, making the portal’s services available for free!

Let’s take an example to understand this:

  • Say I as a dropshipper find product worth $6 and the shipping charged on the same is 3 dollars.
  • I sell it ahead for 45 dollars, and I have to pay 2% of that to HyperSKU.
  • So my total amounts up to 47.25 dollars after adding up the commission.
  • After paying 2.25 dollars to the portal, and excluding the first 9 dollars, I still have a profit of 29 dollars!

It is efficient to work with them and a super affordable venture if we look at it! Here are the details of what’s they provide alongside the service fee:

Monthly PriceFree of cost.
Service fee2% on every order. (Currently Waivered!)
Stores10 Stores and After that, 10 dollars extra on every store.
3rd Party Website ProductsAvailable.
Updated ProductsAvailable.
Order syncAvailable.
Order fulfillmentAvailable.
Tracking syncAvailable.
Express ShippingAvailable.
Auto pricingAvailable.
Trends ReportAvailable.
Personalized RecommendationAvailable.
Dedicated Account ManagerAvailable.

Pros & Cons of HyperSKU

While there is not one thing that seems bad, there are both pros and cons of this portal:


  • Easy to use.
  • Very affordable.
  • It makes work easier for both dropshippers and brand owners.
  • Great features.
  • Everything takes place with a single click.
  • Qualitative products.
  • Can store in the warehouse on behalf of the sellers.


  • Slightly confusing on the Shopify Integration part.

HyperSKU Reviews & Testimonials & Appreciation

HyperSKU Testimonials

Although the platform is just new in the market, there are some great testimonials that are anonymous yet create a belief in the worthiness of the same. An anonymous review reads that the user, with HyperSKU, was able to find out products they were looking for, and was able to ship them really fast. He managed to ship to The USA within 5-7 days, which made it even more feasible and improved the image. At the price of ePacket, he had a better option with their shipping.

HyperSKU Testimonial Proof

Another anonymous testimonial reads that HyperSKU has a great team at the backend and has incredible customer support. Whatever they needed, the team went above and beyond in order to fulfill the same. Such testimonials prove the worthiness of the portal and show how efficient it is in reality.

Does HyperSKU better Then AliExpress Platform?

Yes, it is way more ahead of AliExpress, while the platform still doesn’t support some other things, HyperSKU tends to do that very easily. It is a great portal if we look at it and some features such as tracking and calculator work like icing on the cake. Another great thing is that they charge such a small amount of handling fee, therefore not making it too expensive for the dropshippers and brand owners.

Hypersku Cost Structure

Their express shipping also acts as a benefit and it’s not that the sellers have to pay too much money, but can decide according to their budget which method is preferable for them. After so much backend working, it seems impossible to have something that is so affordable, and they make it look like a cup of tea.

On the other hand, if the users are not able to find the product of their choice, then there is always room to switch to better products while it sources the same from other suppliers. The dropshippers don’t need to go back and forth in order to find out the product, HyperSKU will work on it accordingly. It has all the desired features that one is looking for and the users don’t need to change their platform every time, thank to its seamless integration feature. Overall, this portal works as a godsend for the dropshippers who are looking to scale up their business and dump all the manual tasks aside. We definitely recommend it and suggest to use it. Hope you like this HyperSKU Review.


What is the price of HyperSKU?

Well, there is no such price of HyperSKU, one can sign up for free. But with every order, they charge a 2% handling fee.

Does HyperSKU supply high-quality products?

Yes, before every shipping the products go through a quality check and they make sure that it is highly qualitative.

Are the shipping costs very expensive?

No, the shipping costs aren't too expensive, but it yet depends on the budget. But the bonus point is that the different shipping methods available on the affordability.

Where does HyperSKU source products from?

Nearly 90 percent of the products are sourced from real-time Chinese suppliers, and they supply it ahead.

Where do the sellers stock the products while using HyperSKU?

The sellers can stock up the inventory with the help of HyperSKU's warehousing option.

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