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Booster Theme Review (v5.0) + 15% OFF Discount Coupon March

If you’re looking for best Shopify theme then Booster Theme is one among them for dropshippers & e-commerce store owners.

Check this Shopify Booster Theme review that provides deeper insights on the features, design, pros & cons, etc.

Booster Theme has many more theme designs, so review the designs and pick that exactly suits your business, it offers amazing features & marketing tools that can boost your sales and conversion rates.

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Shopify Booster Theme Coupon

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💜 Pros & Cons of Shopify Booster Theme 5.0


  • Easy to use interface
  • SEO Optimized
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Themes fit for any business
  • Increase sales and conversion rates
  • Multi language support
  • No monthly charges
  • Free Trial is available for seven days
  • Complete control on design and layout
  • Boosts average order value
  • Upsell collections or products
  • Converts currency
  • Direct to checkout
  • One click theme updates
  • Great Page speed
  • Optimized cart page
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free + Shipping optimized



  • Price is bit high
  • No more cons

🤗 What is Booster Theme?

Design and style your Shopify store with attractive layouts & elements that attract your customers then Booster Theme is the best solution and also it helps to build sales funnels that bring more conversions for your business.

If you’re selling products, then it provides all categories of theme designs related to your products.

Shopify Booster Theme

Now, with Booster Theme it is easy to build a store in no time and so you can happily spend more time on selling the products because the Booster theme has a lot of marketing tools to build a store as you want.

The Booster Theme review is given on all the features & tools it offers and from this, you’ll know how it works to unlock the sales for your business.

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Yes, Booster Theme is offering some deals on all its pricing plans, and today we can see it offers three different pricing plans. No matter, what plan you pick, just apply the code and get a discount.

Shopify Booster Theme Coupon

Shopify Booster Theme Coupon Code 💥 15% Discount

GET 15% OFF on every plan of Booster Theme. Apply the coupon to avail discount, Verified & 100% working coupon code.


The Coupon code is BID……, to use at the checkout process to save up to 15%. For a single site, the pricing plan is $179, for 2 sites license the plan is $297, and for 5 sites license costs $497. The coupon code is valid for all these plans. All these pricing plans are charged for one year. 

After getting the discount, the functioning of all the features will be the same without any changes, and also carefully check the time period and all other important things.

Simply apply the code and get save your money, as the modified cost is available on the checkout page and independently you’ll get to know how much price you saved. 

How to Use Booster Theme Coupon?

A complete guide is provided on how to use Booster Theme Coupon and see the below steps. 

Step 1: Click on the “Show Coupon“, after this Booster Theme website will open in your new tab.

Step 2: Copy the Coupon Code shown in the box.

Step 3: Click on “Get Booster Now” & select the license as per your requirement. (Refer the below image)

Select License

Step 4: Enter The Coupon Code & Apply it.

Enter Coupon Code
Coupon Applied

Step 5: Click on Edit Order, Enter your details & click on “Next”

Step 6: Next, enter the card details to proceed with the payment and make the payment.

Step 7: All done, Enjoy the Shopify Booster Theme for a low price by applying the code. 

Demo + Features In Video

Booster theme is comprised of a lot of functionalities and in the 5.0 version, they made different changes and improvements in product page design, new product reviews integration, improvement in the testimonial section design, new sales notification design, new action bar on the home page, new header style, currency converter integration, new header strip functions, new badges on the collection & product pages, and new custom HTML section on the home page.

👊 Features of Booster Theme 5.0

The main reason to prefer the Booster theme for your Shopify store is its ease of use, features, awesome designs, easy marketing, funnels, and also saves your time so that you can invest your valuable time in selling the products.

Themes For Multiple Business

Multiple Themes Category

Shopify Booster Theme comes with various different theme designs that fit every industry and it is nothing but like 100 themes in one. Booster theme has more layout options when compared to any other themes that are available in the market.

The themes available on the Booster Theme are suitable for various categories, review those themes to pick according to your business niche, at last apply to your website.

When we have Booster Theme, it is easy to create the store as we want by using the designing tools it offers us. The themes available in Booster Theme are of different categories like Kitchen, Home, Snowboards, Bike Shop, Yoga Store, CBD Shop, Pet Store, Coffee House, and Jewelry store.

Attractive Designs

Multiple Designs

Now, it does not need to spend a lot of time to design your Shopify store as a Booster Theme will help you to do it within minutes. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to create a store with awesome design by selecting from one of its presets by using the Booster Theme Manager.

All you can find is everything on the left side of the portion, you have to just select the color, add your branding (logo), and done. Now, you’re ready to sell your products to the right audiences and boost conversion rates.

100% Mobile Optimized

Mobile optimised

Booster Theme platform is designed according to the mindset of the user interactions and also with the ever-going trend of the mobile users. This made sense that the Shopify store created with Booster Theme provides a great mobile user experience. It comes with

  • Sticky “BUY NOW” button
  • The Page speed score is always 90+
  • It has a separate desktop or mobile settings and styles

Working of Booster Theme

Working of Shopify Booster Themes

Booster Theme has many more functionalities and features when compared to other themes that are available in the market.

The Google PageSpeed score is high that reaches up to 91%, flexibility is 10/10, it accesses all apps & features, Presets, comes with Google page experience ready, it is ecological, and it offers free upgrades to the users.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Shopify Booster Theme comes with the required marketing tools to boost your sales and each marketing tool will help you to unlock the true potential for your Shopify Store.

  • Boost the average order value instantly by showing the items of frequently bought together bundles on the screen. When the audience notices this in the store, then there are many chances to buy the products together.
  • Sales Notifications – With Booster Theme, create social proofs for your store for example customer reviews, ratings of the products, then it will build trust to get new customers and also increases the trust to the visitors.
  • Upsell Pop-up – If you seriously want to increase your net profit, then all you have to do is just offer complimentary items to the visitors.
  • Lookbook – Improve the user experience of the store by easily navigating the product images & more, this is the major part that helps in the improvement of the sales.
  • Facebook Messenger Chat – Get connected with the customers or new visitors to clarify their queries and also provide the services they want, as this will build a huge trust of your store.

Booster Themes Built-in Blocks

Built-in Blocks

When you have Booster Theme in your Shopify store, then there is no place to restrict the ideas as this has no limitations in creating a store with great designs.

Yes, it is very easy to create a Shopify store that you dream of today with a Booster Theme. No matter how many amazing ideas you have, put all the things together and create a Shopify store as it gives complete power over your store on how to look and feel according to the visitor’s point of view.

Awesome Speed – Fast Like Lamborghini

Theme Loading Speed

The Page speed is creating a great impact to stay the visitors on your website to buy products from your store, if the loading speed of the page takes a long time then the audience will quit.

In order to avoid this, Booster Theme is designed by keeping in mind Page speed. You can also check & review the Shopify Booster Theme page speed score & performance on Google PSI.

In Booster Theme, there are fewer server requests, zero dependency policy, and moreover all it is built with the latest technology by following all the required best practices. So, you can start selling all your products with ease when your store is created with Booster Theme.

Fully SEO Optimized

SEO Optimized

Booster Theme takes SEO seriously because it is mainly focused on Google’s Page speed insights and the reason behind this is the page speed score is the primary thing to consider as a ranking factor by Google. Among the top hundred other ranking factors, a score of page speed plays a key role.

Booster Theme comes with the best Google Page speed scores, at the same time, it is expanded with rich snippet support, respecting all Shopify’s native SEO functionality, semantic usage of HTML tags, and many more.

😇 Extra Features of Booster Theme

We can see here some of the interesting features that are provided by the Booster Theme and now catch up with every feature review including its details.

Extra Features

Countdown Timer

The countdown timer feature in Booster Theme is to show automatically offer timers on blocks, pages, or on product cards. It means to show the urgency of the product like

  • Limited time offer.
  • Provide a reason to buy the product now.
  • Convince your visitors to buy the product.
  • Don’t miss the offer and make people react immediately.
  • And more like this.

Free + Shipping Products

The Booster Theme will automatically review & detect the price of your products that are available in your Shopify store and appropriately customize the call to action like the BUY button.

  • Use most powerful words like Free.
  • Customizable button like Free offers.
  • Otherwise, use to get the email of the visitor by Subscribing on the page.

GDPR Booster Theme Cookie Bar

It gives notifications about the details of the use of cookies or any other notifications to the users. This gives clear information to the visitors, to accept the cookies or not when it displays on the screen.

Stock Left Bar

Booster Theme has a Stock Left Bar feature which shows a dynamically decrease bar of “left in stock” this means it review all stock & gives the information of the products that how much stock is left in the store.

For example, the product is with few stocks left, or else the product is Not in stock, at the same time it shows “Number of stock left” to the visitor. This is optional & you can disable it as well.

Personal Recommendations

To increase your profits, one of the popular tricks is to show frequently bought together items which are showed exactly by other eCommerce platforms. By doing this, visitors will attract to the other products to buy at the same time all together.

Currency Converter Based on Location

Booster Theme allows the customers to buy the products anywhere in the world whereas it has the feature autodetect country to convert the currency according to the location. It has the capability to convert the prices of almost 180 locations.

  • Automatically adjust the currency for buyers to purchase the product.
  • This conversion feels easier for the visitors and customers.
  • Helps to Increases sales and trust.
Location Based Features

Count on Number of People Watching

With the help of a dynamic people-watching bar, you can track the number of visitors to the store, and their locations. From this information, you can see the activity of the people to analyze the reason behind why they left the store without any purchase.

Showcase Related Products

Based on Shopify’s AI, provide user-tailored recommendations like if a visitor searches for shampoo in your store, then recommend them to buy the products like hair conditioner, hair serum, etc.

This literally works and it is one of the techniques to follow for the increase in sales & conversion rates for your business. As it is followed by other big eCommerce platforms like Amazon.

Based on Location – Language Detector

Booster Theme has multi-language support, and so its main priority is to purchase the product from any part of the world. It auto-detects the country and provides native Shopify translations for the visitors to understand easily.

Direct to Checkout

Most of the customers get irritated with the long process of checkout but the Booster Theme is designed to convert the visitor into a customer as fast as lightning and it let the users go to the checkout page directly in fewer steps.

  • This will save time for the users.
  • Increase sales and less bounce rates.
  • With Just a click to reach the checkout page.

Smart Mega Menu

Booster Theme is the only one in the market that offers a mega menu option to create with sales products inside and you can setup it easily.

By using the Booster Theme Smart Mega Menu option, make navigation which makes a great experience for the visitors of your online store. It means your products and categories are easily visible and the better design of the store is responsible for higher conversions.

Empty Cart/Search Collection

Booster Theme showcases the collections of the products in the cart that the customer wants to purchase and even remove or delete the product from the cart if do not buy them. Even the products that visitors added to the cart are available in all search pages of the store.

🎁 Booster Theme Pricing Plans

The Booster Theme is available in the market & you can start store without paying any development cost or hiring a high cost developer.

It offers seven days free trial period so that you can analyze its features and how it helps to build a Shopify store.

Pricing Plans of Shopify Booster Themes

The pricing plan of the starter version is $179/year with the inclusion of one booster theme license and every feature announced and it’s a no-brainer.

  • All future updates
  • All current and future apps
  • Theme installer and manager
  • Customer success team

The pricing plan of Double vision is $297/year with the inclusion of 2 booster theme licenses and all the features.

  • Every updates
  • All current & future applications
  • Theme installer & manager
  • Customer success team

The pricing plan of the High five version is $497/year with the inclusion of five booster theme licenses and many more features.

  • Regular updates 
  • Present and upcoming applications
  • Theme management and installations
  • A successful customer theme

🤠 Customer Reviews

The customers of Booster Theme provided their review testimonials and experiences, one of the users said that it is an absolutely brilliant theme that is available with lots of functions for Shopify stores and it is hyper-flexible.

And other user shares their experience on using this theme for their business and refer to the image below to see their testimonials here.

Customer Reviews - Shopify Booster Reviews
Customer Reviews of Booster Themes

Discussions On Reddit

🔥 Bottom Line: Shopify Booster Theme 5.0 Worth it?

The main concern of every online business is to impress the audience with its attractive store or website and it must be according to the visitor’s point of view. Shopify Booster Theme is for you to create an online store as it provides all features that are required and the visitor can experience the store like never before.

The interesting part is, Booster Theme offers different themes which are suitable according to the business categories and it is the only theme to provide all such kinds of business themes to use while creating an online store. With this, you can witness an increase in sales and conversion rates for your business.

The price of Booster Theme is a little bit expensive but worthy to invest and it does not offer monthly charges or any additional charges as it has in-built features.

Overall with Booster Theme, your pages are SEO optimized, mobile-friendly and that brings more customers & sales. Now create a Shopify store with Booster Theme and all you need to do is just start focusing on the product research to find the best profitable products to sell.

🤡 Frequently Asked Questions

👍 Does Shopify Booster Theme is available for free of cost?

No, Shopify Booster Theme does not offer any free version to use but it provides a free trial period for seven days. All the pricing plans are charged for one year.

👊 Is Booster Theme is worth purchasing?

Yes, Booster Theme is worthy to invest even though expensive but the advantage is you don’t need to invest in any other Shopify apps as this theme has everything required for an online store.

✌️ Does Booster Theme provides any refund after purchasing any pricing plan?

Yes, Booster Theme offers 14 days money back guarantee and if you are not satisfied, then just give a complaint. The support team of Booster Theme will contact you and gives your money back.

🤞 How much time Booster Theme support take to respond the queries?

The average reply time to consider is less than 12 hours and sometimes it may take 1-2 business days for a response. The support team of Booster Theme work based on the Eastern European Zone from Monday to Friday.

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