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Adplexity Review 2024: Is It Legit Ad Spy Tool Or Overhype?


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There are a number of Ad spy tools claiming they are the best….is it TRUE? 😀

Of course not, Only a few of them can help you to figure out successful campaigns.

My favorite one is Adplexity 🔥🔥🔥…. which one is yours? Let’s go deep into this review.

Adplexity Review Best Ad Spy Tool

Adplexity is one of the most leading tools to spy on advertisements & to audit from across the world. It is a competitive, intelligent, and easy-to-use platform.

Here’s The BIGGY:

Looking for a discount? Use the Adplexity coupon code to get an instant 30% discount lifetime.

Adplexity covers desktop ads, mobile ads, native ads, push ads, e-commerce ads, adult ads, and carrier advertisements. It can get every inch of detail about the world’s most profitable advertising campaigns.

Before performing the split testing, campaign research, and designing the ad copy, it is good to find out the successful ad campaigns that’ll give a better idea on how to finalize a campaign.

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It isn’t easy to find these advertisements if one looks for them randomly or through other modes, but this SaaS-based spy tool helps in finding them.

Advertisements that are spied by this tool help in taking over the traffic and boost product or service sales.

🔥 Why You Should Choose Adplexity Ad Spy Tool 🔥gif rocket

Adplexity can search for advertisements from a whopping amount of 75 countries. It can bring forward a million advertisements from these many countries in a few seconds.

There are filters such as the ‘received most traffic’ tab present in the right upper corner that help in finding ad campaigns according to most traffic received to ads or offers.

Adplexity Reach

This way, the user will be able to spy on various campaigns right on their device. If there’s an advertisement in another language, then the user can translate by One-click translate option & search for it.

👀 Lets See:

There is also an option to spy on advertisements by searching the right keywords.

For instance, if you search for an advertisement with the keyword “win iPhone” or with the name of “Win Gift Voucher”.

You will get results according to the keywords as you can see in the image & you can spy on advertisements for any keyword.

It can search hundreds of affiliate networks’ live campaigns at the same time and fetch out the right campaign for anyone. 

It targets 5 most used devices & OS: PC, Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. The tool can spy on approximately 120 carriers and find ads that are hidden in mobile network traffic across every part of the world.

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These advertisements arrive in front of the user in a fraction of a second, and one just blinks the eye, they’ll have it right there in front of them.

😊 Type Of Tools Offer By Adplexity

Adplexity has 8 platforms with different spy tools, Desktop, Mobile, Push, Native, Carrier, E-commerce, Adult & Enterprise. Let’s take a look at those & dig into each tool step by step.

1. Adplexity Desktop 😘

With the help of the Adplexity desktop platform, one can find various advertisements just by filtering the traffic, keywords, advertisers, and affiliate networks.

Adplexity Desktop Tool

Whatever you look for, you’ll find it on Adplexity easily because it can review the entire data & provides refined results.

If you are a digital marketer or in this field, with Adplexity you can do wonders in your business. It provides detailed stats on the number of advertisements existing on this platform.

It can filter each & every ad as per your entered keyword which is currently live on the web or you can also find the old ad campaigns with proper bidding history, per day traffic, source, destination & more.

There are various ways to spy with the Adplexity tool, via keywords, URL, domain, &, etc.

Adplexity Spy Desktop Campaigns

Also, an option is there to download landing pages in the form of a zip file & after this upload it on your Webhosting then you will get the same landing page on your domain.

You don’t need any full-stack developer. In last you only have to change the affiliate link with yours if promoting any affiliate offer.

Adplexity can fetch & evaluate desktop ads from over 75 countries and no kind of advertisement is left behind in this.


  1. Advertisement trends.
  2. Targeted devices and browsers.
  3. Easy To Clone Web-page in Single Click.
  4. Spy Publishers Ads.
  5. Popup advertisement data.
  6. 15 exchanges of mobile app web data.
  7. Powerful and easy to use interface.
  8. A filter that helps to search the newest offers running on the platform.
  • Price: $199.00/month.

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2. Adplexity Mobile 👍

Adplexity Mobile really works well if looking to spy mobile advertisements.

Adplexity Spy Mobile Campaigns

With the help of this platform, one can search for the ads that generated the most traffic and use it as the marketing beneficiary.

A person can analyze various ad campaigns according to advertisement trends, targetted devices, and browsers, and also the various publishers. With the help of the option ‘Outgoing URL’, the tool can find out a particular ad’s landing page.

Users can easily spy on campaigns running on mobile popup traffic. With the support of 120+ carriers, the Adplexity tool can spy the carrier mobile traffic popups so that a person can find all types of advertisements.

Adplexity mobile

  • Features: 
  1. 15+ exchanges for mobile display web ads data.
  2. Popup advertisements data.
  3. Android application ad data.
  4. In addition to everything, there is 24/7 chat support.
  5. Desktop display advertisement data.
  6. After all, easy to use interface.
  7. Filter with the option of the newest offers running.
  • Price: $199.00/month.

3. Adplexity Push 💥

As you may know, push ads arrives on the phone’s notification panel or in the right bottom of the desktop’s browser, or in MAC OS, this feature comes in the top right area.

Adplexity Push Tool

With the Adplexity push tool, users can find & review the Advertisement trends, top publishers, redirect chains, funnels, creatives, traffic sources, bidding cost, targeted countries, device, Operating System &, etc.

In addition to that, one can find profitable campaigns & can copy the same ad creative, targeting, landing pages & traffic source for guaranteed ROI. 

It lets users spy on Push advertisements from over 82 countries and search for advertisements promoting affiliate orders. The tool also finds Push notifications ads running on the carrier traffic that is supported by more than 90 carriers.

Overall, there is no Push advertisement that can hide from this tool, and it is a mindboggling way to search for amazing Push ads that’ll help in attaining profits.

Adplexity Push

  • Features:
  1. It shows 100 percent genuine and accurate push advertisements.
  2. It helps to find profitable Push advertisements for the affiliate.
  3. Easy to filter push ads according to affiliate-networks.
  4. Detailed campaign insights.
  5. Can filter the running longest offers.
  • Price: $149.00/month.

4. Adplexity Native 🤠

With the Adplexity native tool, over 32 countries’ data can be spied based on the requirements. Adplexity searches on every possible landing page where Native ads can be available.

Native Tool

In addition to that, anyone can download all the landing pages as a zip file. There’s an option to analyze ad trends, publishers, targeted devices and browsers, and the traffic source used.

With this tool, users can fetch out all the native advertisement campaigns out for their business and check if they’re worthy for them, be it from affiliates to advertisers. 

  • Features:
  1. Easy to spy profitable native ad campaigns.
  2. Great Filter options like:- Most traffic received, Operating System, browsers & device, traffic source &, etc.
  3. Easy to find profitable advertisement campaigns with targeting, creatives & landing page &, etc.
  4. Easy to find the Newest advertisements & offers running on the web.
  • Price: $249.00/month.

5. Adplexity Carrier 🤗

This is very similar to the Adplexity mobile, you can spy mobile campaigns lying in network traffic sources. It lets users to spy as per carriers like 3G and LTE proxies so that one can analyze the right advertisement for them.

Carrier Tool

Adplexity Carrier tool can spy & review advertisements based on Carrier, there are various ways of marketing & carrier-based ad promotion is a great way to promote affiliate offers, lead generation & to advertise products.

There are various filters available like Search via keywords, Received most traffic, Newest offer running, Days running, Device type, Country, Carrier, Language &, etc.

It can show Live Conversion Flows, Carrier Specific Offers, Real Landing Pages, Dynamic Callouts & Live Banners, and also it can bypass cloakers to display the exact data.

Adplexity Carrier

  • Features: 
  1. Spy Carrier-based Advertisements
  2. Carrier Specific Offers
  3. Can See the full Conversion Flows.
  4. East to test dynamic callouts on landing pages & check live banner placements.
  5. Bypass Cloakers
  6. Spy Real Landing Pages
  7. It can also filter advertisements with the help of ‘Longest Running offers’.
  8. Easy to download the landing page in a .zip file in just a single click.
  • Price: $149.00/month.

6. Adplexity eCommerce ✌️

If you are into the e-commerce business then why not to work only with the winning product?

With Adplexity e-commerce you can spy all the winning products & you just have to review the best product according to you for promotion. 

Adplexity Tool

It provides insights of all the online stores & can show every detail of targeting, promotion method, landing pages, redirect chain &, etc. There are so many options that you may have to sort through approximately 7 crore products.

Pretty huge, right?

A user can search for advertisements with stores and products as well. It gives the product information and product strength points which is 100% genuine.

Along with it, Adplexity provides recommendations for similar products and shows the Facebook ad copy & landing pages. 

Adplexity eCommerce

  • Features:
  1. Search by store option.
  2. The filter of finding the longest-running offers.
  3. 24/7 chat support.
  4. Option to find detailed product information.
  5. Spy Facebook ad campaigns & creatives.
  6. Download the landing page with just one click.
  • Price: $199.00/month.

Get Adplexity E-commerce at $149/month after applying the coupon code.

7. Adplexity Adult 😇

If someone’s business is somewhat related to adult then they can check the most running advertisements on this platform.

Adplexity Tool

You can find the most valuable and crucial data related to adult campaigns in a fraction of a second with Adplexity Adult. It also let’s find adult pop-up campaigns running on the carrier network.

The tool has advanced research options so that a user can find out about anything particular. 

Find out popular running campaigns on adult traffic sites with a filter based on a particular device.

At times many other tools fail to provide details for such advertisements, but the Adplexity tool stands out with such features because its AI can hunt & review maximum advertisement on the web.

  • Features:
  1. It has advanced filtering option.
  2. Find profitable campaigns on adult traffic sources.
  3. 24/7 chat support.
  4. It can find every kind of adult advertisement.
  • Price: $199.00/month. 

8. Adplexity Enterprise ❣️

If you want to build your own tool like Adplexity then there’s an option in the Enterprise plan in which you will get API & with the API they allow you to share all data insights on your website, a kind of white label.

For this, you have to contact them & ask for pricing for the Adplexity Enterprise plan after that they will review your application & approve it.

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😊 Pros and Cons of Adplexity 😊

Let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of Adplexity:


  • Easy to Use.
  • Get a hundred percent genuine insights.
  • Spy Ads with targeted browsers, device type, Operating System, traffic source, tracker & etc.
  • Easy Filter Option.
  • Access to 75+ countries Ads data.
  • Easy to Find Profitable Ad Campaigns.
  • Easy To Download & Clone Landing Pages.
  • Spy for Native ads, push ads, desktop, mobile ads, pop ads, eCommerce.
  • API Available.


  • No trial option.
  • Bit expensive

#6 Key Benefits Of Adplexity

  • Easy To Use: You may think it has a lot of hassle and won’t be easy to use, but once you use it for even 10 minutes, you’ll find out how easy it is to go through this & spy ad campaigns. It has a very simple and intuitive interface.
  • Hundred Percent Genuine insights: Adplexity bot reviews & spies all real-time insights without any spoofing or wrong method. Find out which advertisements are trending throughout the world with the help of Adplexity, anytime and anywhere. All one needs is its membership!
  • Spy Ads: When it comes to narrow targeting various things depend on browsers, device type & etc. and with Adplexity it is easy to spy the ad campaigns based on the targeted browser, device type, OS, resolution &, etc.

it also shows an insight report of the particular campaign that is targeted most & for how long it is running.

  • Easy Filter Option: Users can filter ads based on Keywords, advertisers, publishers, trackers, Most traffic received, Newest Running, and affiliate networks, these topmost filters are both easy to handle and hunt the desired output.

If someone knows an advertisement’s placement or Widget ID, then they can also enter that. 

  • Access to 75+ countries Ads data: Want to advertise or promote your offers in different countries but how can you spy advertisement data from other countries? Having a connection to more than 75 countries at the same time is a huge thing in itself.

Then on top of that, out of those countries’ data, Adplexity can fetch out your desired advertisements in the blink of an eye. Huge, isn’t it? This is one of the biggest advantages of Adplexity.

  • Easy To Download & Clone Landing Pages: You don’t need a full stack developer to develop & clone the competitors landing page because Adplexity allows you to download any landing page in .Zip format & you just have to upload that file to your Webhosting & extract those files, then the same landing page will be on your domain but yes, if you are an affiliate don’t forget to replace your links.

Looking for a tracker for your campaigns? With the help of Voluum, you can track your campaign performance & even you can manage campaigns on one platform. To know more you can check our complete Voluum review.

😡 Type Of Problems With Adplexity

No trial option:

For someone who wishes to try the tool first, there is no option as it has no free trial available. But this isn’t much of a con, because the tool is too amazing to just be tried out. It is a worthwhile investment. 

Bit expensive:

It is slightly expensive to invest this much amount every month. But if it provides you way more profit than it costs you, then why not go for it? A little bit expensive but totally worth the hype.

🔥 What Is Our Personal Opinion About Adplexity? 🔥

If you ask me about Adplexity is good or not? I’d say it’s the mind-blowing tool. The way it works, the way it provides the results, if used right it can boost a business’s profits by at least 50 percent.

In other words, this tool works indirectly in the direction of affiliate marketing for the respective business.

yes gif

In addition to that, it works very efficiently so that one can sort out advertisements for themselves. It will confuse one, in the beginning, thus read this full Adplexity review to know more its features, pros/cons & how to use it.

After all, I’ve known about this, and if having to review it I’ll give it a good 9/10. I’d definitely recommend anyone to get this tool for their businesses as its truly very, very helpful.

🤜 Why Adplexity is the Best Ad Spying Tool? Is there any Alternative 🤔

You’d definitely have thought about why just Adplexity. Well, it isn’t wrong and genuine to have such thought in as there are many amazing benefits to know about.

Adplexity is AMAZING! It is a game-changer for affiliate marketers and even regular online businessmen.

Adplexity best push ad spy tool

There are opportunities that one wouldn’t have thought of genuinely existing. Surely there are many products in the market that promise and don’t deliver, but this isn’t the case with Adplexity. 

The tool doesn’t use any spoofing or phishing methods but is honest and genuine. There isn’t any hidden thing behind this tool and is 100 percent original and transparent.

Founded in 2008 in the United States, this tool is now popular throughout the world and many people prefer to use it. The kind of features Adplexity has, not many can even compare to the same. 

Their customer support team is always available for their users 24 hours of the day and solves their issues without an extra charge.

Be it their users facing an issue, having a query, or troubleshooting problems, the support team is there for them.

However, the only hindrance is the mode of connection. Their contact details are present on the website & you can e-mail your query anytime.

In addition to every feature and service provided them, the best part is that even after being a bit pricey, one saves a lot of money.

Rather than go for manual testing and spending a lot of time & money to find winning & profitable campaigns, users can hunt profitable campaigns with Adplexity & work on the same profitable ad campaigns which are already giving a good profit to others.

❣️ Adplexity Pricing & Return Policy

Totally Yes, Every of its product cost around $149 to $199 except for the Native product which costs around $249. If you are thinking of spending this much money on this tool, they should consider it an investment in their business.

You can use various affiliate marketing and advertisement techniques similar to the ones present in the advertisements you find on Adplexity and boost up business profits.

Adplexity Push Pricing

The best part about the Adplexity Tool is its genuine service. They provide real insights that are 100% original and are very easy to use.

Another great thing is their customer concern, Not many companies work in this direction, but they are there for each of their users.

😊 Conclusion – Final Verdict

It takes a lot of time and money when offers & campaigns are selected manually to promote & to make some profit. Out of many campaigns, some can be profitable because it is all about the A/B test of offer campaigns.

In testing & analysis, we need to spend money on each campaign of at least $50 to find out which campaign can be profitable or not.

Even it is not assured that a single campaign can give profit but it can be done in a smarter way by spying the campaigns of the competitor & other advertisers in the market who tested many campaigns.

Adplexity customer review

These advertisers have spent a hell lot of money & time before selecting a profitable campaign. The probability can be more to get profit & risk will be less because if things are already working then why not make a profit from there.

Adplexity saves your valuable time & money be it if a person is in native ads, push ads, Pop ads, Desktop ads, Mobile ads, or Carrier & Adult it can spy everything for you & you can spy on competitors.

There is also an option to download the same landing page, and creatives, find affiliate networks from where they are promoting, tracker, for how long the campaign is live with which traffic source & more.

🔥 Why You Should Buy Adplexity?

A Gem tool named Adplexity can spy & explore each and everything which finds profitable live offers for sure, then why not invest money in Adplexity?

It is a totally recommended tool if you want to get a BOOM! in your business & to get things profitable without wasting money & time on heavy research.

🎁 FAQ’s

🤗 Is there any free trial of Adlexity?

No, they don’t provide any free trial but you can get upto 30% Off by applying discount code.

💥 What type of ads can Adplexity spy?

Adplexity can spy native ads, desktop ads, mobile ads, push ads, pop ads, carrier-based ads, e-commerce ads & adult ads.

🤔 What is the Adplexity refund policy?

Yes, they offer a refund only if you request for refund within the first 24 hours of purchase.

👊 How accurate is Adplexity for spying ads?

Their spying technology is very unique & they have very good accuracy to show the exact advertisement data which is live on the web or maybe in the past.

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