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Voluum Review 2024: Is It The Best Tracking Software?


If you are an affiliate marketer or someone who works in the marketing industry and are looking for tracking software, try using Voluum. 

In this Voluum review, we will be rating the software solution on the basis of various factors such as key features, pricing plans, integrations, customer support, and more. 😉

Voluum Review


Voluum is a cloud-based industry-leading ad tracker for media buyers. The software solution allows you to track, analyze and optimize your affiliate campaigns and view the progress and profitability from one single integrated place.

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It is an advanced, real-time SaaS analytics platform that is designed for performance marketers and self-serve advertisers. Voluum is powered by its own in-house state of the art database technology which processes a massive volume of real-time data requests quickly.


With the help of Voluum’s dedicated cloud network and database technology the risk of click loss is significantly reduced and enables high-speed redirects. 

With Voluum you have access to a wide variety of features such as Impression tracking, Postbacks for custom conversions, Custom conversion tracking, Direct tracking, PPC campaign tracking, Multiple offers and landers in a campaign, Cookieless Tracking, Organic traffic tracking, Bot Filtering, Lander Scanning Tool, Traffic Distribution AI and more. 

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Getting Started With Voluum 

In order to run your ad campaigns and track them, you first need to register yourself for an account. Follow the steps given below in order to do the same. 

Voluum Sign Up
  1. Head to the official Voluum website and click on the “Sign up now” button. 
  2. Next up, you will be redirected to a registration form.
  3. Choose any of the available pricing plans and click on the “Sign up now” button again.
  4. You can either choose to sign up using your email or Google credentials. 
  5. Enter your phone number, select the T&C checkbox to confirm. 
  6. Once done click on the “Create my account” button.
  7. Your account will be successfully created and will be automatically signed in to your Voluum account.

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What All Integrations Are Supported By Voluum?

Voluum supports both full API as well as basic manual integrations. Some of the supported third-party applications are as follows; Taboola, Propeller Ads, ExoClick, Outbrain, Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok, Yahoo, Bing Ads, Adcash, Admixer, Adnium, AdSupply, AdOperator, ADSpyglass, Adsterra, Advedro and more. 😇

Voluum Integrations

Control All Your Traffic Sources With Voluum Automizer

One of the latest features of Voluum is Automizer, which lets you seamlessly connect all your traffic sources via API integrations. It enables you to manage and perform multiple actions on your campaigns 24/7 such as the following from a single interface. 

  1. Create auto rules triggered to take actions instantly once predetermined conditions are met
  2. Bid changing
  3. Exclude non-converting sites or zones
  4. Manage the whole optimization process
  5. Automatically update your traffic source costs
  6. Activate and deactivate your ad campaigns
  7. Make whitelists and blacklists of various dimensions
Voluum Automizer

Key Features 

Affiliate marketing dashboard – The marketing dashboard lets you easily monitor your ad campaign performance as well as handle all of your affiliate conversion trackings. You can analyze a variety of metrics like clicks, costs, visits, and profits. 

Custom conversion tracking – This feature enables you to track your visitor’s journey along with the different types of conversions. With the custom conversion tracking, you do not need any additional custom affiliate software to do the work.

Voluum Features

Organic traffic tracking – You can very easily track customer visits directed from other web pages or search engines instead of direct tracking URLs.

Redirect webhook – You can override the default campaign flow in case your defined conditions are met. Every time a visit occurs the server gets a notification which in turn replies with a suitable offer.

Redirect tracking – Voluum allows you to track ad performance and more through HTTP redirect. This tracking method can be used without the need of any third-party cookies. Tracking scripts are available even for the most complex tracking solutions. 

Voluum Tracking Modes

Direct tracking – Direct tracking lets you track as well as analyze the paid and organic traffic with no redirects. It is a great feature when it comes down to GEOs with slow connections. 

Multi-step funnels – With the multi-step funnels attribute you can extend the capabilities of a standard campaign funnel. You can develop additional landing pages, create complex paths, and more in order to maximize conversion rates. 😍

Templates – Voluum supports and offers a library of more than 50 different traffic source and affiliate network templates to work with. You can customize and create new campaigns using these templates to save time and effort instead of going for manual setup.

Voluum Create Templates

Landing page protection – The platform provides you the ability to block access to certain visitors or programs from accessing your landing pages if they didn’t come through a specific campaign URL. This method ensures that your competitors cannot copy or use your lander or offers.

Lander scanning tool – Instead of rummaging through your entire landing page setup to find faults, Voluum offers a Lander scanning tool. You can use this feature to discover all the errors present in your landing pages very easily.

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Optimization Key Functionalities

Data grouping & drill-down – It lets you navigate through different levels of your collected data in order to discover actionable insights.

Site Content – This functionality lets you optimize your campaigns depending on the context of the websites. Whenever your campaign is active, Voluum DSP automatically differentiates and categorizes all of the purchased web traffic to provide real-time reports. With the help of real-time insights based on the performance of specific segments, you can bid down, bid up, or pause non-performing content.

Voluum Site Content

Trend analysis tools – The affiliate analytics tools enable you to monitor as well as deeply analyze your ad campaigns’ performance. You can view the difference in results occurring week after week due to the optimization inputs.

Auto Optimization – Powered by machine learning, auto optimization is an in-built algorithm of Voluum designed for native advertising automation. This feature allows you to optimize your campaigns to reach your specified performance goals. It collects and learns the gathered data followed by investing 80% of the budget to buy traffic deemed optimal. 

Voluum Auto Optimization

Multiple Users – The Multi-User attribute of Voluum allows you, an account owner, to invite partners and other users to collaborate with you. You can customize their access to the specific one of the three available roles, namely, Admin, Worker, and Read-only user. 😚

A/B split testing – Wanna know which campaigns are successfully bringing the visitors while which are drilling holes in your pocket? Use the A/B split testing feature to figure out which offers and landing pages perform best and bring in the profit.

Pricing Plans

The platform offers its ad tracking services on both a monthly and yearly basis. You can select from three available Individual plans and three different business ones. The details regarding the same are as follows. 

Individual Plans 

Discover – The plan offers basic ad campaign tracker features and can be bought for $89 per month when billed monthly and $69 per month when billed yearly. You have access to features such as 40 Active Campaigns, 3 Months of Data Retention, 1 Custom Domain  & 1 SSL Dedicated Domain, Up to 1,000,000 events, Real-time reporting, A/B split testing, Multi Currency support, Tags, Mobile app, Proxy reports, Markers in reports, Error log and more. 

Voluum Indivdual Plans

Profit – You can subscribe to the Profit plan if you want to use AI and automation features to maximize your results. The package costs $149 and $119 per month when billed on a monthly and yearly basis respectively. With the “Profit” plan you have access to additional characteristics like 1-hour onboarding call, 6 Months of Data Retention, Traffic Distribution AI, API access, 3 Custom Domains, 1 Dedicated Domain, Up to 3,000,000 events, Auto-rules & API Integrations, Traffic Distribution AI, Rule-based Traffic Distribution, One Big Data Reports and more. 

Scale – The subscription plan allows you to expand your ad operations and can be bought for $299 or $239 based on monthly and yearly tenure respectively. In addition to “profit” features you have access to the following; Anti-fraud kit, chat support,12 Months of Data Retention, 5 Custom Domains, etc. 

Business Plans 

Start-up – The plan costs $499 and $399 per month when invoiced on a monthly and yearly basis. You have access to features such as 1 week onboarding, 12 Months of Data Retention, Cookieless Tracking, Auto-rules & API Integrations, Traffic Distribution AI, Rule-based Traffic Distribution, Five Big Data Reports, Two Additional Users, Anti-Fraud Kit, Shared Reports, One Read-only User and more. 

Voluum Business Plans

Agency – The “Agency” plan can be bought for $299 or $239 based on monthly and yearly basis respectively. In addition to the “Start-up” package, you have access to attributes such as VIP Account Management via Skype /email/ Zoom, 18 Months of Data Retention, 4-Dimensional Reports, VIP Servers, 12 Big Data Reports, 5 Additional Users, 10 Read-only Users and more. 😊

Enterprise – The “Enterprise” plan can be subscribed for $1999 or $1599 based on monthly and yearly tenure respectively. In addition to the “Start-up” package you have access to 30 Big Data Reports, 24 Months of Data Retention, 10 Additional Users, 50 Read-only Users, White Label Shared Reports and more. 

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Customer Support 

The platform provides ample resources and ways to contact them in case you struggle with issues. 

Voluum Contact Support

You have access to a pretty extensive documentation consisting of detailed articles, a Beginner AM Guide, Webinars, Video Tutorials, Case Studies, and Trackers Comparison.

In addition to all the mentioned self-help tools, you can also assist blog, affiliate networks, change log, resellers programs and educational resources. 

You can reach out to the customer support team by sending a support ticket, live chat or contacting them through online communities like STM forum, afflift and affiliatefix.

You can also join other users through Telegram and Facebook communities. You can connect to Voluum social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Skype, and Facebook to remain updated on all news. 

Voluum Help Center

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. One of the most affordable and reliable tracking software for the media buyers.
  2. Voluum is a cloud-based platform with easy navigation and a beginner-friendly interface.
  3. Voluum offers various API & Manual Integrations with third-party applications, supports A/B testing, detailed tracking pixel, collaboration tools and more. 

👎 Cons

  1. The only downside to Voluum is the absence of a free package trial.
Voluum Ad Tracker

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Our Opinion About Voluum

Wrapping up our Voluum review by presenting our honest opinions on whether the ad tracker software is worth investing in or not. 😘

To conclude in short, Voluum is one of the most used and accurate ad trackers. You have access to different pricing plans and tons of insightful features and tools. The customer support along with the self-help resources provided by Voluum are satisfactory and beyond. 

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