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RedTrack Review: Is It Worth To Buy Ad Tracker? or Hype?


Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways of internet marketing.

The growing popularity of affiliate marketing in the last decade has led to the development of various tracking and analytics solutions.

I’m going to show the best Ad Tracking software, which helps to STOP bot traffic & track every single conversion.

RedTrack Review

In short: If you want Ad Tracker that manages, and optimizes all devices, channels & platforms then you’ll love this review + guide for RedTrack.

Let’s Get Started:

With customers in more than 107 countries, RedTrack started as a small team of developers who wanted to offer an ad-tracking solution with a customer-centric approach.

As a result, many of the functionalities RedTrack offers have been developed from customer requests and feedback.

For Whom RedTrack is?

Media Buyers

If you are a Media Buyer or an affiliate, RedTrack offers extensive ad tracking and automation capabilities. Known for handling billions of events every month, the solution offers real-time data and helps you gain valuable insight into your affiliate business.

RedTrack Media Buyers

One of the best RedTrack features for affiliates is the auto-rules. RedTrack was the first ad tracker to bring automation in traffic management right from the tracker interface.

Today, you can connect your RedTrack account with 20+ API integrated sources, like Google Ads, Facebook, PropellerAds, MGID, Taboola, etc. and automatically perform various actions.

Create auto-rules and update your traffic source cost automatically, or blacklist ad placements, or auto-pause poorly performing campaigns – all that from the RedTrack dashboard.


RedTrack Publishers

Publishers can greatly benefit from the features RedTrack has to offer. According to RedTrack, it helps publishers “stitch the funnel” and connect inbound clicks to outbound conversions.

In case you are wondering if you need to change your existing traffic generation process, the answer is no. RedTrack provides you with the technologies that seamlessly fit your current marketing and advertising flows.

Ad Agencies

RedTrack helps ad agencies to track and analyze every performance channel to understand the results of each one for their business: paid advertising, affiliate marketing, media buying, influencer marketing, referral, etc. – all in one tool.

RedTrack Ad Agencies

Their SaaS platform makes use of state-of-the-art big data ready technology which can easily scale under high workloads.

This ensures that digital advertising agencies using RedTrack will never struggle with real-time data analysis ensuring their organizations always make informed decisions.


RedTrack Advertisers

With RedTrack’s all-in-one ad tracking solution, advertisers can easily keep a tab of their most successful campaigns. The software also helps you analyze which marketing campaigns, landing pages, and banners are working for people from all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if your traffic is paid or organic, RedTrack can easily consolidate it and show all relevant data in one place. What is even more important, RedTrack follows iOS 14 and Google Chrome updates and provides timely and accurate tracking solutions.

Why To Use RedTrack?

Known as one of the best ad-tracking and marketing campaign analysis tools available in the market, RedTrack is fairly easy to use.

Known for its robust ad-tracking capabilities, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you can easily make use of RedTrack to make the most of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

RedTrack Features

There are a lot of features RedTrack has developed in the last few years. Some of the unique features RedTrack has to offer are:

RedTrack Features

Enhanced Traffic Management & Automation Suit

RedTrack allows automated traffic management, meaning no matter which source(s) you use to generate your traffic, the software can easily manage all of it without any complications.

With more than 20 traffic sources API-integrated such as Google, Facebook, Taboola, RedTrack is one of the most comprehensive solutions when it comes to traffic management.

You can perform various actions using the various integrations offered by the software. Some of the actions you can perform using automated rules include:

  • Auto Pause campaigns based on desired CR, ROI, EPC, and other metrics

All you need to do is set a rule with the desired KPI for a particular campaign. If the rule is violated, the campaign will be automatically paused, saving you valuable time and money.

  • Performance-based Traffic Distribution

Just set rules for various aspects of your campaign such as offers, landers and creatives, and RedTrack will automatically distribute traffic depending on the performance of each element of the campaign.

  • Blacklist Ineffective Placements

Another useful feature is the ability to automatically blacklist ineffective placements. This will save you tremendous time and money in the long run.

  • Rule-Based Alerts

One of the features which make RedTrack stand out from the competition is the ability to notify users if ROI is not met and send an email or webhook alerts

  • Funnel Auto-Optimization

Many trackers also name this feature smartlinks. RedTrack offers advanced technologies that analyze the performance of the elements of your funnel and automatically redistributes traffic to the most performing ones.

Cookie Free Tracking Services

With more and more users opting out and denying the browser the ability to use cookies, tracking users is becoming an incredibly difficult job. RedTrack offers a tracking solution that doesn’t rely on 3rd party cookies.

This feature will help you smartly track every user who has come across your website. As a result, advertising agencies and media buyers are easily able to track visitors and convert them into customers.

RedTrack Collaborate & Share Results

S2S postback

RedTrack is one of the few tracking solutions which has adopted this cookie-free tracking solution. Instead of using cookies that can be blocked by users and ad blockers automatically, every visitor’s information is instead saved on the offer providers server, RedTrack’s server, and an Affiliate Network you choose.

RedTrack has also managed to make the feature usable with GoogleAds and GoogleAnalytics. This flexible solution lets you track every unique visitor no matter what device or browser they are using with absolutely no limits.

Customized Dashboard views

RedTrack offers users a centralized place to view all the relevant statistics. One can easily customize the dashboard to view metrics such as detailed performance logs for conversions and clicks.

This greatly enhances a business’ tracking and reporting capability. You can also drill-down your reports and analyse the performance of your campaigns even more granular.

In-depth analysis of data

Users can easily track and follow certain attributes for every unique click such as offers, campaign, lander, geolocation, browser type and location, device information, IP address, refer, source, and even the click date and time.

Using the above information can help companies understand where their visitors come from and which marketing campaign is the most effective to maximize business efficiency.

Support for various Affiliate models

RedTrack has inbuilt support for various affiliate payment models such as CPC, CPI, CPA, and CPM. No matter what model you are using, RedTrack can easily work with it.

Fraud and Bot Detection

Although not available in the trial version of RedTrack, the company has teamed up with FraudScore, a well-known fraud detection company, to help users deal with frauds and detect bot clicks. The feature is available to users for a small fee and provides you with the holistic review of each click on botness. Stop losing money on non-human clicks and automate the block of fraud traffic.

Smart Caps For Your Traffic

Conversion cap allows you to set a limit for a particular offer daily.
Click cap works by limiting the number of clicks on a particular offer.
Visitor cap, the most used feature, lets you limit the number of times a certain user can see an offer for a set time period.

No-Redirect Tracking

If you are a power user, RedTrack has developed a script that lets you track organic traffic with no data losses and also view reports on the individual traffic source.

Impression Forwarding & Tracking

This is a very useful feature for ad agencies and affiliates alike. If your company is working with other eCommerce organizations, Impression forwarding is a very welcome feature.

Affiliate/Publisher Management Panel

RedTrack is the first ad tracking solution to provide access to an affiliate management panel which includes access to the affiliate publisher portal.

So instead of using separate tools for tracking your internal media buying and managing your affiliates/publishers /partners – you can unite these all in one tool. Create white-labels and manage your affiliates and partners with ease under one roof.


RedTrack Pricing

RedTrack currently offers 4 plans for which you can pay on a monthly or yearly basis. That being said, you do save some money if you decide to go for the yearly subscription. If an annual subscription seems to be too straightforward, RedTrack team also provides their users with a special deal for 6 months as well.

That being said, a special custom-made plan is also available for users who do not wish to opt for the above plans. In case you want to test the waters, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial without having to enter your credit card credentials.

How to create a campaign using RedTrack?

Setting up a campaign using RedTrack is quite easy according to testimonials by users from all over the world. The 5 steps of creating a campaign are:

  1. Set up a traffic source
  2. Set up an affiliate network or source of your choice
  3. Customize offer settings
  4. Create and configure the landing page
  5. Create an ad campaign

Pros and Cons


Robust ad tracking

The ability to oversee and manage traffic directly and based on your personal preferences is something RedTrack excels in. They offer several advanced features such as fraud detection, integration of various traffic sources as well as no-redirect traffic tracking.

Useful Automation Features

The automated rules provided by RedTrack prove to be quite useful in saving money and optimizing your ad campaigns. Being an early adopter of the technology has enabled them to analyze the needs of their customers and develop their algorithm accordingly.

Great customer support

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started with ad-tracking, RedTrack offers a number of tutorials backed by a vas knowledgebase that will easily let you learn all functionalities offered by the software. The customer support is also highly responsive and knowledgeable. They provide support via emails, in-platform live chat, personal onboarding, and trainings.

Reasonably Priced

The basic plan, which starts at just $49 per month makes it easy for small and medium businesses to make use of the software. The competitive pricing attracts more users to the platform.


Hard to find some functions

Since RedTrack offers a ton of features, some of them might be hard to find for new users. Novice affiliates might also find the learning curve to be too steep. Even people using the platform for quite some time can face troubles in finding the right feature for their needs.

RedTrack Resources

Final Words (Conclusion)

RedTrack has successfully established itself as a leader amongst various ad-tracking solutions. The number of features the software has to offer makes it extremely competitive in the niche.

It is also very reasonably priced, with the basic plan priced at just $49 per month, which means small businesses and even individual affiliate marketers can make use of it.

RedTrack offers a robust feature set to affiliate marketers, advertisers and media buyers. If you happen to own one of these businesses, then RedTrack will surely offer you something unique your existing tracking solution cannot.

Since they offer a 14-day free trial, give RedTrack a try and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to invest in server infrastructure?

A: No. Since RedTrack is a SaaS-based platform, you don’t have to spend a dime on server infrastructure.

Q: Will I experience any performance issues or downtimes?

A: The company is known to make use of big data and has clients in more than 107 countries. The company claims to have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that offers fast performance and almost instantaneous load times.

Also, with more than 7 million clicks every day, it has a record uptime of 99.99% in the last year.

Q: What if a user exceeds the number of clicks included in the plan?

A: The first thing RedTrack does is inform (via email) that their click usage has reached its limit. However, the tracking does not stop even if the limit is exceeded. However, in order to make more clicks, you will have to either upgrade your plan or they can be made in the next subscription payment.

Q: How do I transfer my campaigns from another Tracker?

A: RedTrack will assist you with the campaign migration process. Just contact the customer support and they will help you get started right away.

Q: Is tracking limited by my plan?

A: No, RedTrack offers unlimited tracking irrespective of the plan you opted for. However, higher priced plans offer additional services aimed at data sharing, automation and user management.

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