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Advendor Review: CPA Network For Affiliates & Advertisers


Advendor is the fastest-growing CPA affiliate network which is also known as the number one leading affiliate network available in the market.

It supports CPA (Cost per Action) model throughout the company which offers publishers to earn through a partnership program with the advertisers and pays for the user-targeted action on the website of the advertisers.

Advendor Review

Advendor is one of the easiest and reliable CPA networks for beginners too as it provides advanced tracking systems and account dashboard to their users where they can check all the clicks (traffic), leads, sales, and earnings in real-time.

Advendor CPA network provides a wide range of offers from the most popular verticals that include Gaming, Crypto, Casino, Gambling, Forex, and Dating. Advendor has also partnered with many reputed brand advertisers who have a great success story.

💙 All About Advendor: Complete Review

Advendor CPA Network is ready to help with creating and promoting worldwide personalized affiliate programs for its clients.

Advendor is the company that developed and introduced the first ever CPA affiliate program for an ICO world, starting with a project named ‘Polybius – A Future Crowd-funded Digital Bank’.

Advendor About

The introduction of the CPA model allows the most effective cooperation between advertisers and publishers. The affiliates of the company have access to continue growing and updating all the offers in the database.

  •   For the Advertisers – The budget will be spent only on target actions (it is a flexible and affordable way to work with the system).
  •   For the Publishers – It offers an opportunity to enhance the profits from the attracted traffic (lead generated by the partners costs will be much more as compared to ordinary view or click).

👊 Advendor History (BackGround)

It will be great to know the journey of Advendor from Start-up to Success:

  •   Advendor was founded by Maksim Jevsejev in 2015 and launched its services in the same year. Since 2015, Advendor is the technology-driven affiliate network which operates globally.
  •   In 2016, the Company formed a team and got the first international appearance at Gamescom, Dmexco, and Kinza.
  •   In 2017, the Company launched the world’s first-ever ICO offers on a cost-per-action model and became #1 traffic provider for the greatest crypto companies worldwide.
  •   Later on, in 2018, it reached over 200 offers for the different verticals in Advendor’s catalogue.
  •   In 2019, the team of Advendor visits 70+ conferences and gets the 1st place award in different categories that have a proven record as the best affiliate network for the advertisers.
  •   Finally, in 2020, Advendor released their in-house development with a full operational tracking system.

Advendor Progress By Years

😍 Why Must Join Advendor Affiliate Network?

Do you have an online presence like a website, blog, or any social media page? Are you using the affiliate ad network, but not happy with it? If yes, then Advendor will be the right option for you. If you are finding that your current affiliate ad network is not generating profitable revenue or not suitable for your site, then you should have to join the Advendor affiliate network.

Advendor is one of the best CPA networks which provide high-payouts and better converting CPA offers which will help the users to monetize the traffic so that they can increase their revenue.

Advendor Offers

Advantage of Advendor Ad Network

  •   High-quality traffic
  •   In-house developed software
  •   High conversion rate
  •   Dedicated account managers
  •   Supportive staff (available 24/7 to assist customers)
  •   User-friendly, fully customizable, reliable, and trusted platform
  •   Everyday profit 
  •   Timely pay-outs
  •   Highly optimized CPA network that guarantees the advertisers’ campaign success
  •   Effective and efficient tool for traffic monetization

💥Advendor for Affiliates

Advendor is the right platform for an affiliate or publisher with a blog or group in social media that could generate quality and stable traffic. Advendor network allows the affiliates or publishers to find the right proposal from the advertisers.

Advendor For PublishersHow Advendor Work For Affiliates?

Advendor provides an opportunity to monetize the traffic with maximum effectiveness. It offers highly optimized tools to their affiliates so that they can configure the advertisements as per their choice.

Once the configuration is done, the traffic will generate the leads that will convert into valuable profit.

You can check out the profit figures which are directly proportional to the number of target actions. The entire details and the analytics can be seen on the Advendor Publisher’s Account Dashboard.

Advendor Affiliates Features

Features of Advendor for Affiliates Network

  •   Simple registration
  •   Quality based offers
  •   Accept publishers from all over the world
  •   Agrees with all GEOs and verticals from all over the world
  •   Offer high payouts in the market
  •   Payments are always on time
  •   Ideal for small affiliate or publisher
  •   24/7 live chat support
  •   Advanced tracking tools to track the sales and leads
  •   User-friendly account dashboard

🔥 Advendor for Advertisers

Advendor For Affiliates

Do you want to boost your sales? If yes, Advendor will be the perfect solution for all your needs. It acts like a helping hand for advertisers by improving the business and enhancing sales.

With the help of Advendor, advertisers will be able to create the advertising campaign in a couple of minutes and they will deliver the ads to the targeted audience.

How Advendor work for Advertisers?

Advendor helps advertisers and affiliates to find the most effective way to collaborate and work together from all over the world.

It is a leading CPA network with a comprehensive list of affiliates that will boost the business of its advertisers. Most importantly, it will bring maximum profit to the advertisers.

Advendor Advertisers Features

Features of Advendor for Advertisers Network

  •   In-house developed software (secured, reliable, and user-friendly platform)
  •   Flexible approach for the integration
  •   Provide high-quality and targeted traffic, leads and sales from different parts of the world
  •   Dedicated account managers (provide assistance to start your campaign and throughout the process)
  •   Pay only for conversions (advertiser pays for the campaign)
  •   Help to get real traffic and leads
  •   In-house media buying (experts will launch an individualized advertising campaign for advertisers)
  •   Live campaign tracker which helps advertisers to track live clicks, leads, and sales
  •   24/7 live support to the advertisers
  •   Test your campaigns with Advendor with a small budget

😇 Advendor Packages

Here are the different packages offered by Advendor:

  •   Promo – In this package, the advertiser pays only for completed targeted actions on the website (like purchases, orders, registrations).
  •   Exclusive – All organizational and financial issues are handled by a single partner i.e. Advendor comes under this package. Advendor promotes an advertiser’s offer in the affiliate marketing environment, manages the program, engages in optimization, monitors performance figures, and represents the brand at international seminars.
  •   Individual – It includes all the “Exclusive” features along with individual promotion. It is conducted through selected promotional channels by a team of deeply specialized professionals in Advendor’s media house department.
  •   Personal Affiliate Program – Advendor develops brand affiliate marketing programs for advertisers which includes a description, promo materials, search for publishers (webmasters), program promotion, control and optimization, program management, placement in the biggest and most trusted media sources in the affiliate field and brand presentation at relevant international conferences.

😛 Advendor Customer Support

Advendor provides 24/7 live support to their affiliates, publishers and advertisers. The Company has a team of experienced account managers who can help the advertisers to launch the ad campaigns with ease and also provides assistance to optimize their ad campaigns in order to get better ROI, relevant traffic and quality leads.

Advendor Feedbacks & Reviews

🎁 Final Verdict On Advendor Review

Meet AdvendorAdvendor is a fully-customizable, trustworthy, safe and secure platform that is an ideal option for advertisers and affiliates through which they can monetize their ad campaigns in a perfect way.

For more details about Advendor, you can visit the official website of Advendor and learn more about the services they offer.

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