ClickMagic Review: How Clickmagick Helped to Boost 38x ROI

Tracking the traffic source and quality is the most important thing for any advertiser and ClickMagick is a great affiliate tracking tool for building up a good clientele. Traffic analyzation is not an easy thing and takes a lot of algorithms to do so, therefore it can’t be done manually. With this ClickTracker, it is easy to know that the campaign is working or not and the tool can scale the ones that provide results & effectively work on them. Whereas on the other hand, Clickmagick guides towards discarding the ones that aren’t providing effective outcomes.

ClickMagic Review

The ClickMagick tool often written as ‘ClickMagik’ or ‘ClickMagic’, is the most popular option in this industry. To know more about it, Check out this ClickMagick tool Review.

What Is ClickMagick All About?

ClickMagick is exactly a SaaS-based tool that helps in optimizing and tracking marketing campaigns. It helps in determining conversion rates of ongoing campaigns which is important for having traffic on the offers. For beginners, it is very tough to begin and specifically focus on the traffic at the same time. In such a situation, a tool such as ClickMagick will work as a savior. Not only for beginners but for people who are experts in this industry, it’ll be a great addition for them. There are various features that facilitate the tracker functioning and nearly 90% of these features are only found in Clickmagic. It has some unique cherry on the cake features such as split testing and cross-device tracking which are particularly very helpful.

Features Review of ClickMagick

ClickMagick Software Features

There are many features of Clickmagick, some of the best ones are:

1. Automated and Intelligent Split Testing

Also known as ‘Bucket Testing’, it compares two types of campaigns in order to determine which one is better than the other. Once it is set up, their proprietary algorithms alert the user when it witnesses the best campaign and diverts all the traffic to the winning variation automatically. Manual split testing takes a lot of time to monitor & also costs a lot of money if done separately. But if there’s ClickMagick tracker, then this entire process will be very affordable and feasible, providing the alternatives as soon as possible.

Steps for working with the Split Testing Tool

Add files in Split Testing Lab


Define the desired amount of traffic


The outcomes will be present in a few minutes

2. Optimizing and Tracking Sales Funnels

ClickMagick is the most powerful tracking tool in the marketing industry to track each outcome that’s why we have written this ClickMagick review. It has a ‘modern tracking solution’ which facilitates smoother and faster tracking solutions to monitor the progress of the sales through which campaigns can optimize to get more sales & visitors into the funnel. Set up Geo-Targeting and select the country in the links tab in order to attain clicks from the targeted audience & expand whilst sitting at a place. Add up a backup link in case the primary link of the product is down or the IP isn’t acceptable in any country.

Clickmagick also finds out the new visitors and second-time visitors with Clickmagick as it displays both unique clicks and total clicks. Several exchange companies use it as it helps in fetching out details related to clicks, IP addresses, and determining the traffic quality.

Steps to operate the link tracking and sales funnel

Open the links tab in the tool


Create a ‘new link’


Monitor visitors and handle activities throughout the funnel

3. Organic Tracking

Clickmagick tracks the visitor details and traffic quality coming on the website through clicks. Embed the organic traffic pixel and it displays all the details about the audience. Clickmagick identifies the inorganic traffic and blocks it so that no referral spoofing takes place. Say, for example, there is a visitor coming from Youtube, then the data won’t arrive in and it’ll say ‘unknown’. Safe traffic arrives and the tool uses a secure protocol to identify such details.

4. Multi-mode Rotators

This is a very handy feature in case someone wants to have a single master URL and wishes to have a test between different offer links at the very same time. Attain multiple users at the same time with ads as the tool rotates alternative links.

Add up all the targeted links with the help of the spillover rotator mode. The traffic gets evenly distributed and these can be paused or activated based on the outcome. Keep monitoring ads with extreme precision with Clickmagick by specifying URLs and get the users what they truly require. There are four rotators in the option, namely Sequential, Spillover, Fulfillment, and Random. Users can always specify which way the traffic should be distributed between the links.

  • In the case of Spillover, traffic will spread out to the next present link in case a URL is blocked in a country.
  • Random works with distributing traffic across a few links added just randomly and one can also shuffle these links every 15 minutes for effective optimization.
  • When entering the links for the rotator, there are many options such as controlling the traffic coming from Tier 1 countries, mobile traffic percentage, start/end time with the help of a scheduler, etc.

7. Easy To Integrate Tracking Codes

When it comes to integrating the tracking code with third-party applications like WordPress, Leadpages, Instapages &, etc. it is very simple & easy to integrate with ClickMagick. Tracking tools can’t track the data without Inserting tracking code to the destination website or webpage & it looks very difficult who don’t know much about technical things but not in the case of ClickMagick, Users can easily integrate tracking code to any webpage or third party application hosted websites.

8. Measuring Traffic’s Quality

The ClickMagick tool can identify the traffic quality and instantly blocks the unauthentic traffic or coming from bots. The quality is checked every second and there is no room for any malicious or fraudulent traffic. The tracker tool automatically blocks the bots in an instance and makes sure the traffic comes from real-time users. These bots can be both innocent and malicious, therefore it reduces the presence of traffic scammers and lowers the ad cost, targeting the right audience. The ClickMagick Tracking tool analyses and processes a million links at the same time, making no chance for bots.

9. Affiliate Marketing Tools

The ClickMagick tool also features various affiliate marketing tools, which can help in handling even a million-dollar business. Made with complete care, they promote affiliate links and take care of sales processes that the users cannot manage. The Automated Split Testing Tool lets effortlessly optimize landing pages and affiliate promotions. There is another feature, an Automated Postback Builder that helps in integrating with every major affiliate network and gets a lot of advantage in comparison to other affiliate networks.

10. Ad Compatible with Both Facebook and Google

The users don’t need to bother about Facebook and Google Ads since the ClickMagick Tool analyzes traffic quality and ad outcomes for both Facebook & Google Ads. A user can build custom targeting audiences and link it with Google’s Retargeting Platform to boost the advertisement. Once, the target audience details are linked to Google’s platform, the ClickMagick tool quickly works to fetch out the statistics about those advertisements.

11. ClickMagick Help and Support

No matter how harsh a person’s online experience is, there’s always room to improve with the help of Clickmagick They make sure that they are always available for their users if they’re facing any issue and solve it out at any moment. There is a ‘help’ button present right next to the options, which will help ClickMagic users to learn more about the tool. They have the best support team that is always there for assistance. There are FAQs, Support Tickets, and Video Tutorials present to learn more about how Clickmagick works. Although there is no phone-call support as of now, the above present methods are also really helpful.

12. Cross-Device Tracking

Targeting the same visitor on different devices might be a hectic task. As visitors keep on switching from one device to another, then it might be nearly impossible to track activities from other devices of visitors. But with the ClickMagick Tracking Tool, it is easy to get a person into the funnel. Visitors usually tend to make a purchase from their PCs after a long time of stalking it out on their phones or iPad. They provide data analytics that is very tough to find out about visitors with multiple devices and lets the tool users target them in every possible way.

Pricing Packages of the ClickMagick Tool

ClickMagick Tracking Software Price

There are three pricing packages for the tool, namely Starter, Standard, and Pro. A person can look at the facilities provided in each package and decide which one suits them the best. There is also a free 14-day trial present for this tool which anyone can take in case of any doubt. In the case of buying the Clickmagick access yearly, anyone can always save around 30% every year. But it is advised to get a monthly plan first and then if the results are satisfactory, then a person can update anytime they want. Check out the Pricing Plans:

  • Starter Plan-$27/Month:

6 months of data retention present. This is the least pricey package on this platform and is great for beginners. Clickmagick can easily suffice the needs of most basic marketers and can come up with approximately 10,000 clicks a month. There are many features linked to the Clickmagick web-based platform where starter-plan Clickmagic users can connect more than two custom domains to the platform. Also, in this plan, it can track up to 1 funnel and provide complete control. There is an option of 2 custom domains over here.

  • Standard Plan-$67/Month:

This package is for growing businesses that can scale up quickly. 1 year of data retention present. This plan can come up with around 100,000 clicks more, 10 times more than the regular package. In this plan, users also get 1 hour of additional support from the ClickMagick team. All it needs to do is create a support ticket and get the reply within an hour or so. With this option, there’s always room to bring the experts together in the mix. All core features are included in this and it comes with 5 tracking funnels. Users can track 10 custom domains without any hassle or issue. Live chat support and onboarding calls are also available.

  • Pro Plan-$97/Month:

Users who want a Pro Level Marketing Platform and want to learn more about it, then this plan is definitely for them. There are up to 1,000,000 clicks available in this package, every month. Unlimited conversations can take place with the support team and all core features are present. The cross-Device Tracking feature is also available in this package, and unlimited Funnel Tracking is present. Room for unlimited custom domains and 2- year data retention. Live chat support, one-on-one onboarding call, Expert Academy support is always present, throughout the packs lasting without any issues and hassles.

Pros and Cons of the ClickMagic Review


  • Works Worldwide.
  • Easy tracking of sales funnels.
  • Geo-Targeting and Mobile Optimization.
  • Great speed and accuracy.
  • Live chat and support.
  • Increase Conversion Rate.
  • Lower the Ad cost.
  • No Server Required.
  • Easy to create funnels.
  • Rotators & Cross-tracking feature.
  • 24/7 Live chat support.
  • Free 14-day trial.


  • It requires to be learned at first.

Pros in detail:

  • Works Worldwide:

As many tools are limited to a particular area’s reach, that’s not the case over here. In this case, the tool can advertise and track on any platform without any issue. in case a link doesn’t work at a place, then there’s a room for backup URLs that can be used in case a site isn’t working for people.

  • Easy Tracking of Sales Funnels:

Unlike other tools taking the time and a bit of manual process involved, the ClickMagick tool works automatically and tracks sales funnels without any issue. It saves a lot of time, developers cost, and makes the work a lot easier.

  • Geo-Targeting and Mobile Optimization:

ClickMagick can target audiences based on the location and it can also optimize the advertisements along with affiliate offers based on mobile phones. There are no limitations of any kind when it comes to mobile optimization.

  • Great Speed and Accuracy:

Unlike other platforms take some time in tracking and optimizing, that’s not the case over here. Clickmagick is really fast and brings out all the results and outcomes in a jiffy. Also, this data is no way twisted and 100 percent accurate.

  • Live Chat and Support:

There is a 24/7 live chat support available in case of any problem. So, there’s no need to rush down or panic in such situations if the tool is present in case of any issue.

  • No Server Required

ClickMagick is a Saas based tracking tool so there is no need for server or VPS to purchase & install on it. It provides everything to the user in an easy way, everything installed on their server.

  • Free 14-day trial:

There is no need to particularly buy the product for once and then test it, anyone can go for a 14-day trial to make sure that the tool is worth it and may be very useful for them and their businesses.

Cons in detail:

  • It requires to be learned at first:

This is the only disadvantage of this tool. No matter how automated it is, one has to go through its video tutorials and guides to learn how this tool works. But once who learned, then it causes no issues and troubles and works smoothly.

Testimonials: Users Review About Clickmagic

ClickMagick Testimonials Proof

Various people claim that Clickmagick has an ‘awesome’ service that helps in tracking campaigns to optimize ads and making funnels to make more profit. Clickmagick has helped many people in boosting their online business and bringing them great results as well. One ClickMagic review also claims that this is an ‘All-in-One’ tracking tool, check out the above images that show such great reviews of the Clickmagick tracker tool!


Final Verdict- Worthy or Not?

Tracking isn’t an easy task, and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Tracking, monitoring, and testing the results is the best way to track the marketing business’s growth and for that, a cloud-based tool like ClickMagick is very handy & affordable at the same time. The dashboard has every feature present and any user can operate it very easily. The tool conducts tests and brings outcomes on the basis of geo-targeting, device targeting &, etc. to provide the best results of all time. The platform runs in a synchronized manner and the user doesn’t get mixed in between the features. There is also 24/7 support and a person can talk to them for as long as an hour. Fast link redirection, rotators, and cross-device tracking are some of the most helpful features here in order to target the audience and attain high-quality traffic. Overall, Clickmagick is a great tracking tool and every user would love it!


Is ClickMagick Value for money?

Yes, it is totally worth the money, more than you pay them you earn out every month. So, it is a worthwhile investment.

Is there any refund policy for Clickmagick?

Yes, there is a 30-day refund policy for Clickmagick but with their amazing features, one might not need a refund. They have everything one may need and even after the trial is over, anyone can ask for a refund who don't like it.

Can ClickMagick do Cross-Device Tracking?

Yes, the tool can perform Cross-Device Tracking and it can target a single person on various devices.

Which plan should a person take for the first time?

Suggestively, they should begin with the Starter Plan. It is because the limited features and beginning steps will help them understand more about the ClickMagic tracking tool.

What if a person faces any issue with the ClickMagick?

In case a person faces any issue, then there is chat support available for them throughout the day and week to help them out. Also, the support team is there so just fill out a support ticket and the person will get the response in an hour.

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