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AlgoAffiliates Review: Is This A Best Performance Marketing Network?


Algo Affiliates Review

Name: Algo Affiliates

Description: AlgoAffiliates have been around for a couple of years now and have been constantly providing great services to both advertisers & affiliates. The platform has an international community of more than 150 brokers supporting over 25 languages and countries. They collaborated with reliable publishers and merchants in order to keep up with their reputation and are actively expanding the niche verticals offered by them.

  • For Publishers
  • For Advertisers
  • User Support
  • Reports & Tracking
  • Payouts


Not only Algo-Affiliates is the best affiliate network but has a global community of advertisers and publishers from all around the world, offers diverse niche options including dating, forex, and crypto, provides a dedicated manager, monetization and funnel optimization algorithms, advanced marketing tools, higher payouts, and conversions rates.


  • Expert Support
  • On-Time Payment
  • Accurate Tracking & Reporting
  • Fraud Prevention System
  • Funnel Optimization & Monetization
  • Free 30 Days Trial
  •  1,500+ multilingual offers
  • Traffic Monetization Algorithm


  • Few payment options

Affiliate marketing is definitely an effective approach to make money and is hardly considered an epiphany at this point. Whether you own a business venture (merchant) or promote the products or services (publisher) of some commercial organization, affiliate marketing provides solutions for both parties.


Algo-Affiliates has some of the best affiliate offers for a range of lucrative niches including finance, dating, health & beauty, home improvement, loans and much more. Algo-Affiliates is renowned for their industry-leading EPCs. 

In this Algo-Affiliates review, we will be discussing key aspects of the platform and rate it based on a number of factors. The topics covered in this Algo-Affiliates review include the onboarding process for both advertisers and affiliates, commission models, features, trending verticals, customer support and a final verdict.

About Algo-Affiliates 

Algo-Affiliates have been around for some years now and have been constantly growing and providing great services to both advertisers and affiliates.

The platform has an international community with more that 1,500 offers available in over 25 languages and countries. They have collaborated with reliable merchants in order to keep up their reputation and are constantly expanding the number of niche verticals offered by them.

You can rest assured that what you’ll be able to make more commission with Algo-Affiliates than any other network. You will have access to multiple offers and market verticals, optimized marketing content, on-time payments, tailored commission plans and around-the-clock customer support. Let us look at some of these aspects in more detail.

Algo-Affiliates Features

Algo-Affiliates boasts a range of professional features and services that make them stand out from the crowd.

Optimized Offers

The Algo-Affiliate network has no shortage of offers for a number of verticals including finance, dating, insurance, loans, home improvement, health & beauty, sweepstakes, and more. Each offer on the platform has a range of professional and optimized marketing content, from banners to landing pages, mailers, and more. Plus, each offer has been tested and optimized, so you can start promoting with confidence. Since publishers are not restricted to choose from only a few selected offers, they have the flexibility to test and try as many offers as they like.

In many of the niches, there are multiple merchant offers which is ideal for affiliates that focus on a particular niche and want to be able to offer their audience a selection of offers. This also allows affiliates to do A/B testing and find those offers that convert best for them without having to join multiple networks.

Outstanding Commission Rates 

Algo-Affiliates is known for paying some of the highest commissions to its members in a timely fashion. The platform is highly effective for people who want to indulge in CPA offers, plus the industry leading conversion rates to ensure that their affiliates earn well. However, the commission rates vary depending on the geographical location of the traffic and vertical type. 

Algo Affiliates Commissions

Multilingual Offers 

Even though English is the predominant language offered, the platform gives you access to more than 25 languages and therefore provides tons of multilingual offers for you to select from. It goes without saying that in order to maximize revenues, offers should be localized as this leads to better engagement and ultimately improved conversion rates. So, in case you want to promote campaigns other than in English, Algo-Affiliates is indeed a perfect choice for you. Another great feature of Algo-Affiliates is their Smartlink capability. This is a powerful tool that allows you as a publisher to implement a single link on your site and based on various criteria, the optimal offer is presented to the user automatically. Smartlinks drive up conversion rates and eliminate a lot of the hard, manual work that would be needed on your behalf.

Funnel Optimization & Monetization

As mentioned briefly earlier, Algo-Affiliates tests and optimizes all the offers and funnels, so when you start promoting, most of the hard work in terms of optimization has already been done for you. The team behind Algo-Affiliates have vast experience in building sales funnels that drive up conversion rates, reduce acquisition costs and ensure that their affiliates and merchants achieve superb ROI.

Prompt Payments & Choice of Methods

As an affiliate, your primary goal is to make money, so having peace of mind that you will get paid on-time, every time is crucial for your success. When you partner with Algo-Affiliates, you can be sure that not only will you be paid promptly but you also have a choice of convenient payment methods to choose from. Essentially, Algo-Affiliates wants their partners to focus on their marketing campaigns and not to worry about being paid.

Professional Support

Everyone seeks high-quality customer support before deciding on the platform and its services which is a valid point. Every affiliate is allocated a highly knowledgeable and professional affiliate manager who’s roles is to ensure you succeed and to resolve any queries you might have. Building a relationship with your affiliate manager is invaluable as they can provide valuable insights, optimization advice and even access to exclusive offers.

Algo Affiliates Customer Help

Algo-Affiliates For Publishers 

As a publisher there are a many criteria to consider when joining a performance marketing network like Algo-Affiliates. While many publishers tend to focus on the commissions on offer, there are many other factors that contribute towards success, and Algo-Affiliates checks all the boxes.

Why Publishers Should Join AlgoAffiliates

Why To Choose Algo-Affilites?

  1. Tons of offers – The platform has more than 1500 offers for all the trendiest market verticals including, finance, loans, home improvement, dating, insurance, health & beauty and sweepstakes, plus many more.
  2. Top-quality merchants – You get access to an immensely wide variety of high-quality, reputable and reliable advertisers and brands. 
  3. Marketing Tools – Plenty of marketing tools to effectively promote and advertise the products and services of any offered brand. You can use the available resources in order to highly optimize and monetize your ads or funnels which leads to greater conversion rates and revenue generation. Gain access to thousands of banners, landing pages, mailers and AI powered Smartlinks.
  4. Lucrative Commissions – The network provides highly generous commissions. When you combine this with the monetization algorithms and marketing tools that drive up conversions, you are sure to earn more with Algo-Affiliates.
  5. On time payments – It is important to be appreciated for your work by getting timely paychecks. Well, Algo-Affiliates does that for you. You will receive your commissions through any of the opted payment methods every month and on-time.
  6. Professional Affiliate Managers – Your personal affiliate manager is always on standby to provide advice and support.
AlgoAffiliates Publisher Features

Onboarding Process For Publishers 

Follow the steps given below in order to become an Algo-Affiliate’s partner. 

AlgoAffiliates SignUp For Publishers
  1. Click on the “Publishers Sign Up” button present on the Algo-Affiliates home page. 
  2. You’ll be asked to fill out three separate forms, starting with account details. Here you have to disclose information regarding the company, website, address, city, state, country, postal code, and phone number.
  3. Next up, you have to enter user details including email address, password, legal name, and title.
  4. Complete the last form by answering some really simple questions such as Skype ID, how do you produce traffic, which countries you produce traffic from, estimated leads generated in a month, URLs to your marketing content sites, and the niches you work on, etc.
  5. Then, agree to the T&Cs and click on the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page. 

Algo-Affiliates Customer Support

The platform provides impressive customer support, available round the clock. You can reach out to the support team in a number of ways including email, Skype and Facebook.

AlgoAffiliates Contact Page

Algo-Affiliates For Advertisers 

Advertisers are basically the businesses or brand owners that provide the products or services for the affiliates to promote. Algo-Affiliates is one of the best choices for advertisers as the network is capable of delivering large volumes of highly targeted, top-quality traffic to the merchants’ websites.

AlgoAffiliates Advertiser Features

Onboarding Process For Advertisers 

For advertisers or merchants to get started with Algo-Affiliates, it takes just a matter of a few minutes. In order to be able to list your offers and become a part of the Algo-Affiliates network, first you have to create an account. Here is a step by step guide: 

AlgoAffiliates SignUp For Advertisers
  1. Open the official Algo-Affiliates website and click on the “Advertisers Sign Up” button on the home page. 
  2. You’ll be redirected to the signup page where you will be asked to fill-up the form asking for details like company name, address, country, phone number, city, and zip code.
  3. After that, you need to fill out the “User Details” form asking for your legal name, password, email address, and title. 
  4. The final stage of the registration process includes an additional form where the questions have to be answered. You need to enter details regarding your website, VAT number, company’s name, Skype or Telegram username, pricing model, payment methods, tracking software used, countries and verticals you provide offers for, example of product URLs, payment terms, information about other networks if using any, etc. 
  5. Once done with the form, click on the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page to successfully complete your account registration. 

You must be wondering what is it that distinguishes Algo-Affiliates from other networks from the advertisers’ point of view? Well here are some aspects Algo-Affiliates excels in. 

Why Advertisers Should Join AlgoAffiliates

Market Verticals

It is pretty clear that publishers have access to take up offers that advertisers list for the various verticals. Let us take a look at this in a bit more detail.


Financial services have always enticed individuals worldwide. Now, more than ever, people are enlightened and taking more personal control of their finances and investments. Advertisers can list financial services like forex, cryptocurrencies, insurance offers, loans, and more. Algo-Affiliates boasts a massive base of finance focused publishers, which means you can start exposing your financial offers to a massive audience in a very short amount of time and reaping the rewards.


Are you from the dating industry? You can promote your dating platform or app with Algo-Affiliates as an advertiser. They have expert publishers working in various verticals connected with their network who can promote your platform or dating app easily. The best part is that you can focus on your products and services while the publishers work their magic, and you only pay for results.


These verticals enable visitors to sign up in order to win free coupons and rewards. The main benefit of using these kinds of offers is that it provides relevant and organized visitor data for companies. Sweepstakes can be grouped into two main categories CC Submit (Free Trial and Payments) and Email submission (DOI and SOI). Algo-Affiliates has plenty of Lotto and Sweepstakes publishers that advertisers can tap into.

Algo-Affiliates Review – Conclusion 

Algo-Affiliates is one of the best affiliate networks out there with a global community of advertisers and publishers. They offer a huge range of offers across diverse niche so you will never be short of lucrative opportunities. The combination of technology, generous commission plans, optimized marketing content, professional support and plenty more are testament to the quality of this performance marketing network. Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, you should certainly consider partnering with Algo-Affiliates.

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