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Lifebook Review: Is Jon and Missy Butcher Program Worth?


People in the world spend most of the time their lives in creating a career, and work-life but not taking some time for themselves and their personal lives.

It is good to hold the time to know how life is going on? Is it on the right path or to do changes if necessary?

These are the questions that every person should ask themselves and these questions are good as it brings changes in life. 

Lifebook review

If you’re stuck at the point and unable to move ahead means, it is recommended to go with Mindvalley Lifebook as it helps to stop, think, build a plan, and then proceed to fulfill your life.

In order to avoid regrets in life means, just choose the right and safe path, whereas this Mindvalley Lifebook review is for you to decide how to choose & move ahead in life to achieve what you want. 

✔️ What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that helps individuals to develop their personal growth and transform their lives. It is the best platform that teaches & changes the people who are suffering personally to achieve something in their life.  

Mindvalley Review

Mindvalley offers different courses on various topics that are structured in video lessons format and the instructors are world experts to teach you in an understanding way. The Mindvalley course explanations are the same as TED talks and it frequently updates the new courses.  

👊 What is Lifebook?

Lifebook hosted on Mindvalley is all about your lifestyle to change it by designing and planning according to what you want.

It empowers you to discover what you want to become in all dimensions to transform your life on your own. Create a personal Lifebook at Mindvalley and start the new journey of your life to achieve what you dreamt of. 

The MindValley Lifebook is a valuable book to capture your every dream, goal, and desire of yours and it helps to build your dream life.

Create a step-by-step plan with a clear vision of the person that you want to become in your life. Get to know how it works in this Mindvalley Lifebook review as it provides clarity on how it transforms students across the world. 

🤗 Categories of Lifebook on MindValley

Categories of Lifebook on Mindvalley

Life is not only about health, relationships, career, and wealth but includes enjoyment, happiness, success, and fulfilling dreams.

Mindvalley Lifebook covers all the 12 dimensions of a person’s life and empowers them to build it as they want. The 12 different categories that are available in Mindvalley Lifebook are:

  • Health and Fitness 
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional 
  • Character 
  • Spiritual 
  • Love Relationship 
  • Parenting 
  • Social 
  • Career 
  • Financial
  • Quality of Life 
  • Life Vision

Coming to the curriculum, after enrolling in the Mindvalley Lifebook course get video access of the orientation video. We covered all the 12 categories in our review, offered by the Lifebook program on Mindvalley, and learn the pillars of the course premise, vision, purpose, and strategy. 

  • First Week – Health & Fitness and Intellectual Life.
  • Second week – Emotional Life and Character. 
  • Third week  Spiritual Life and Love Relationship. 
  • Fourth week – Parenting and Social Life.
  • Fifth week – Financial Life and Career.
  • Sixth week – Quality of Life & Life Vision.

Mindvalley helps you to develop and get focus in every area of your life, from this you can gain a balanced life with success and happiness. If you want to climb more heights in your life, then the Mindvalley Lifebook course is the best thing to discover who you are.

😍 How does Lifebook Works?

How Lifebook program works

When compared to other personal development courses, Mindvalley Lifebook is quite different and the authors Jon & Missy Butcher structured a 6-month course. This course includes video recordings, workbooks, and everything that is provided to help to create a life that you wish. 

Create a Right Path for your Life

The Mindvalley Lifebook helps every individual to achieve success in their life on all the 12 dimensions of life.

Just sit and focus on all the goals that you want to achieve, and review the tools in Mindvalley Lifebook to give clarity and vision that assist to step ahead.

Till now, more than 2000 students across the world are transformed their lives with this Mindvalley Lifebook. 

Design a True and Real Life 

Give a break from the people who imposed on you different rules to become as they wish and now start living on your terms. With Mindvalley Lifebook, design, review, and achieve as a person that you want to be and live as you want. When the Lifebook transformational lifestyle design is with you then take charge of your life on your own.   

Develop your Personal Life 

Mindvalley Lifebook helps people to rise above the obstacles by providing clarity and personal power to them. It is a platform where one can reinvent themselves after facing some challenges in their lives like career failure, divorce, and other critical things. 

Strengthen your Mindset 

The tools of Mindvalley Lifebook are very useful for every individual that deals with everything about your personal growth. Learn all the 12 dimensions of your life into one action plan as it allows you to live life fullest and even to see the consistent growth in you.

Achieve Balance in Both Work & Life 

Do not sacrifice your favorite things forcible for the sake of others and at the same time do not neglect the goal and passion that you want to be. Instead of all sacrifices, design your own life in every dimension and especially where you want to grow to reach the vision. 

In Less Time Achieve Everything 

The habits, patterns, and lifestyle are the three segments that create more impact in your life either in good or bad. In order to overcome the bad habits, develop the courage within you through this Mindvalley Lifebook. Now, no longer waste time and utilize this course productively in less time. 

Discover your Interest Areas 

Avoid the things like lifestyle, relationships, work, and other choices that don’t give any joy to your life. Get clarity on what your goal is and develop it by spending most of the time achieving it, as Mindvalley Lifebook helps to reinvent yourself. 

Achieve your Goal for Lifetime

Don’t proceed with the traditional goal-setting methods, it will bore you and never get motivated to do something in life. Create a life vision that always excites you at any time and constantly motivates you to reach your goals with ease.

Even you can measure your progress by attempting the Lifebook assessments and from this, you can always stay focused on your goals. The progress of the course is one of the important parts where you can start examining the growth of your life and it is easy to achieve what you want.    

💜 Who are the Creators of Lifebook?

Creators of Lifebook

The creators of the Mindvalley Lifebook course are Jon and Missy Butcher, they are lovers, adventures, and serial entrepreneurs.

But the couple is not personal growth teachers of this Mindvalley Lifebook course and they found 19 companies together. Every year they travel to multiple countries and they are a rebel couple living life on their own terms. 

Jon and Missy Butcher traveled to nearly 100 countries in the world and they always believe that real-life experiences are the real education that they can provide to their children.

They don’t teach Live workshops but the couple always there for the people by attending the Mindvalley events and interacting with them. 

Mindvalley Lifebook is a Masterclass course that you’ll learn about wisdom in-depth, life hacks, and others to live a life in reality. It is a masterpiece course, where any individual can turn their life like never before and reinvent a successful life.  

✅ What you’ll Discover in Lifebook?

What you'll discover in Lifebook

Get all the guidance from Mindvalley Lifebook and review the tools to utilize in your real life to get the life that you want. Create your own Lifebook and become the own dictator of your own life instead of letting others come into life to dictate.

On the whole, with Mindvalley Lifebook one will have total control & freedom on their own lives and reach the destination. The key points that you’re going to discover in Mindvalley Lifebook are mentioned below.

Find Quality Score of your Personal Life

Get quality insight into your life by asking yourselves how quality life you are living at present. At the same time question yourself on what’s holding you back to reach the path that you want? And what to focus on first to reach the destination that you want. 

Get Out from Where You are Stuck

If you’re stuck at any point while finding the path for success in life, then first analyze the things why you stuck? Mindvalley Lifebook allows you to review and find out what are the things stopping you and correct them permanently. From this, you’ll get at least one of the reasons to step in for your future endeavors. 

Create Own Personal Mindvalley Lifebook 

Mindvalley Lifebook easily identifies the mystery of what you actually are and what to want to become in life. Along with that, it gives deep insights into how to get them on your own without interfering with others. No one is going to help you, so you have to discover yourselves to live on your own & write on your own terms to earn the important book for your future. 

Why Focussing on Wealth and Career is a Trap 

Today, most people around the world are spending their lives working to earn money and this is a big mistake they’re doing in their life. Instead of this, focus on all 12 dimensions of your life that include career & wealth, and achieve extraordinary success easily & quickly.  

How to Take Decisions by Eliminating Uncertainity

The common questions that arise for every person are, should you take that job? Is that the person to make a relationship with or move to the new city?

To get the answers for all of them, use a mind-hack trick that never again having second-guess yourself. Everything is in your hands and life is full of choices, so decide perfectly and become who you want to be for yourself. 

Everytime ask yourselves on What You Want

Jon and Missy Butcher guide everything for you, all you need to do is just sit back & get relaxed and go through the instant exercises.

By attempting all the exercises at Mindvalley Lifebook gives clarity to think into deep & reconnect to your soul and review them to make decisions on what you want to be in your life. The time it takes to attempt the exercises is just a few minutes and perform it well to give analysis on what you’re really here for.  

😋 Bonuses of Lifebook on Mindvalley

When you purchase and join in Mindvalley Lifebook course, get two bonuses and they are:

6 weekly Live Coaching Calls with the Couple Jon and Missy Butcher

Bonus-1  Lifebook

Mindvalley Lifebook offers a bonus to the people who purchased this course and it is you’ll be invited to a Live coaching class provided by Jon and Missy Butcher.

The couple guides you in every category and transforms you towards the Life goal. Even they address the questions and challenges in the live calls, as this program will be held on a series of weekly basis. In reality, they charge thousands of dollars, and this bonus will help everyone in every aspect and even one session is worthy.   

Handpicked Pages from Jon’s Personal Lifebook

Bonus-2 Mindvalley Lifebook

The students of Mindvalley Lifebook request Jon and Missy Butcher frequently about “Can I See What Your Lifebook Look Like?

The couple shared some of the pages of their Lifebook will all their students and these pages are about empowering strategies and visions. For instant inspiration, review the pages of Jon and Missy Butcher’s Lifebook and build a defining career for yourselves. 

❣️ Customer Reviews on Mindvalley About Lifebook

The students across the world of the Mindvalley Lifebook course have shared their experiences & reviews and tell how it helps in their personal development. Most of the students said that the course was helpful in all 12 dimensions of their life including wealth and career.

One of the customers wrote that “His Lifebook holds the special place on the mantel, above his fireplace.” Another one wrote that “ He Studied many personal growth programs in his life & the Mindvalley Lifebook is easily the most profound.

Customers Review of Lifebook

😇 Pros and Cons 


  • It is a six-week program
  • The course teaches on all 12 different areas of life
  • Videos are high-quality
  • Lessons are easy to understand
  • Provides exercises to check the progress
  • Discover what is your passion
  • Achieve the goal easily
  • Live coaching calls on a weekly basis
  • Amount is refundable
  • Easy to create your Lifebook
  • Helps to focus on your aim
  • Helps to make decisions on your own



  • Every topic is not suitable for every individual
  • The course does not access for a lifetime.
  • If the course is not for you, then ask to refund within 15 days

🎁 Pricing Plans of Lifebook 

If you want to get Mindvalley Lifebook online for free, then you have to look into the mission provided by the team. Mindvalley Lifebook course team has a goal to touch one million lives on the Facebook social media platform.

The actual pricing plan of Mindvalley Lifebook is $1250 and in a limited time, they are providing free access to the program. 

Pricing Plan

To qualify for the free access to Mindvalley Lifebook, they will first ask you to complete the entire program. The one and the only reason being it is the way to change your life on your own terms. It works in four steps and they are:

  • First, enroll in the program and begin the course and it is eligible when submitting $500 accountability as a deposit. This amount is refundable and it is the process the Mindvalley Lifebook encourages the students to begin and complete the program. 
  • In this program, you will go through the weekly videos and training to finish all of them. 
  • It allows you to watch the coaching calls provided by the course creators and couple Jon and Missy Butcher. 
  • After completion of the course, submit the full refund request and then your amount will be refunded to your account. 
  • Even if the program is not for you and that you can decide it within 15 days of starting the course, then the Mindvalley standard policy applies.

💥 Conclusion: Is Lifebook Worth it?

If you’re a person unable to find the path that you want to live, then the Mindvalley Lifebook course is the best option for you. In this course, you can discover the 12 dimensions of life including wealth and career to achieve anything. It is a complete lifestyle transformation design system that empowers you to do the best in your life.

Along with wealth, career, and relationships, you’ll shape in the areas like happiness, success, and dream fulfillment. Now, you’re not compromising for others because Mindvalley Lifebook is to develop your own life as you want. Just follow the strategies provided while training, and implement them in your real life and taste the success. 

Most of the courses only focus on goal-setting or how to earn money, but Mindvalley Lifebook is different from other courses. It teaches about how to balance both work and life in every aspect, as this course has transformed many people. Learn the course with a commitment and work on your goals to achieve the success that brings more positivity in your life than ever before. 

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 For whom Mindvalley Lifebook is suitable?

The person who is unable to take the decision in their life and who don’t have clear goals then they are eligible to pick and learn this course.

✌️ How much time it will take to complete your Mindvalley Lifebook?

The set up of templates and training of the Mindvalley Lifebook course is easy and takes 45 minutes for each chapter. It is your Lifebook, so you can personalize it with photos or else with a simple text as you want.

👊 What do we get in the Mindvalley Lifebook online program?

In the Mindvalley Lifebook program, get 12 dimensions that are required to improve in the key areas of life. To complete the course, one should go through the six weeks of video training, live coaching calls, and Lifebook design templates.

👍 How much time it will take to complete the Mindvalley Lifebook course?

It takes a period of six weeks to complete the Mindvalley Lifebook course, and after this, it completely depends on how much you will commit to this course.

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