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Niche Scraper Review + (75% OFF) Discount Code {NICHE75….


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Hunting TOP SELLING Products is not an Easy Task. πŸ€”

The Best Part? πŸ˜‡ ..πŸ˜‡

Niche ScraperIn this article, we will review best niche scrapping tool for dropshippers (of 2024)? Plus its Benefits, Price & How to use it?

In Simple words: If you want to “UNLOCK” 7 or 5 Figure product secret then it’s Niche Scraper. 😊

Let’s get started.πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

Niche ScaperΒ is a great product spying tool and has some amazing features for dropshippers, check out our Review for more details present below! πŸ‘

Niche Scraper Review

Niche Scraper tool is made by sellers who themselves have experienced the product research problem and for sellers who dedicatedly want to work hard for their business.

πŸ‘€ Look:

For such businesses, Niche Scraper does the need full. With this product spy tool, one can find winning Shopify products that bring profits and a high Return on Investment. Manually finding products seems like a very hectic task and also takes a lot of time.

πŸ‘Š Niche Scraper Discount Code {100% Working}

Apply the promo code on the Niche Scraper website while purchasing the package, there are 2 paid membership plans & the discount code is applicable for both plans.

Niche Scraper Annual Pro Membership $99.99

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Dropshipping Rules

Stuck in the manual system of dropshipping business?

Delay in Delivery? No time to manage products & discuss with the sellers? Have a Look at the HyperSKU review to know its amazing services & make your business easy at a very low cost.

It is a tool ideal for those people who wish to create a business from scratch and have a successful venture. Tons of people are making good money through Shopify, but how do they choose the winning products?

How To Apply Coupon Code on Niche Scrapper

Step 1: Firstly Signup with your E-mail & create an account.

Step 2: Click on the “Upgrade” button on the top right Nav menu.

Step 3: You will land on the “Select Plan” page, Select the plan.

Step 4: You can select the Annual Plan or Monthly Plan.

Change plan on Niche Scraper

Step 5: Click on Have a discount “Enter it here” and paste the code & apply it.

Enter Discount Code on Niche Scraper

The discount will be applied instantly.

Niche Scraper Discount Applied

Step 6: Enter the billing information & click on the “Subscribe” button.

You are Done! Enjoy the discount.

What is Niche Scraper?Β Complete Review πŸ’œ

Niche Scraper is a reliable tool that helps in finding winning products that are going to bring efficient and effective profits. Its advanced research bot can search every product and one can find some amazing opportunities for their dropshipping business.

Niche Scraper Winning Product

Basically, Niche Scraper is a dropshipping tool that helps dropshippers in finding the products they want to sell on their Shopify store.

Best Product Earning ReportFind trending products that are sold by top Shopify stores from all over there world and one can also easily find some of the best and most trending items and can also use the tool for market analysis and marketing.

It is super easy to Import a product that one has found on the niche scraper tool. There are some amazing features of this tool, check them out below.

πŸ€— Features of Niche Scraper Tool

1. Product Scraper πŸ‘Š

The Niche Scaper’s product scraper tool comes in its product discovery section so that a dropshipper can review the products. This is the main feature of this tool and it shows some of the hottest and trending products on the platform.

Niche Scraper Product and Store Research

It has two options to find the winning products, namely from Shopify and AliExpress. There are filters present to narrow the search and make it easier for the dropshippers, these filters are:

  • Sort by:

Niche Scrapper Sort ProductThe dropshippers can sort with options such as AliScore, Competition, Growth Rate, and the Recent Orders. AliScore is the trending product’s score on AliExpress. With the growth rate, users can analyze how well the product is moving on the basis of efficient sales.

Also, with Recent Orders, identify how well is the product sold ahead by AliExpress.

Further ahead, this filter works differently for Shopify. For finding Shopify store products, one has to sort with the help of filters namely Relevance & Store Popularity. With the Relevance filter, find out the stores selling the products from the same niche, and with the Store Popularity filter find out which store sells the best and winning products.

  • Category:

Find products that are running really well in the market across different kinds of traffic. In the AliExpress Section, the number of categories present over the tool is mind-boggling. The categories present over there range from women’s clothing to as wide as pet products.

On the Shopify side, there are a few lesser categories, but it still can’t be considered lesser enough. It is the store niche that is included in the same. Find data across different store niches without even a single pinch of problem.

  • Weekly Orders & Business Type:

With the weekly orders filter, find out the selling base of products that you are willing to sell as a dropshipper. Many people like selling after review the sales frequency, and they can find this AliExpress data in just a few seconds with the help of Niche Scraper.

Find all the stores or one can also filter for just verified drop shipping stores present on the Shopify platform. Using the verified store’s data seems better since their sales are the highest of all for several products and it might be a good choice to sell those products for a lesser amount and get clientele.

  • Price:

Pricing is the most crucial part for anyone who wishes to sell their products ahead. For better profit margins, finding products that are affordable seems like a great option to go ahead. Search the products that fit in the budget by entering data for that on the tool filter.

Whereas for finding the selling price at which the competitors Shopify stores are selling is also possible. Select the product price that ranges between 0 to 300 dollars. This way, one may have an idea of selling the products at better prices in comparison to the pre-existing stores.

  • Product Added (Only In Shopify):

Niche Scraper Handpicked Products

Find when did the stores added the same product or similar to it in their e-commerce store with the help of the product added filters. One can find products added between the span of a week to a year ago. Filter out data and find whether it is a unique selling product or is pre-existing for a while now.

  • Keyword Search:

This is the option that nearly everyone uses for their first preference and wishing to narrow down the search results. This filter is present for both AliExpress & Shopify sides and one can easily search & review the product from keywords with the Keyword Search filter of Niche Scraper.

2. Hand-Picked Products πŸ˜‡

Want to find products that are really made for the dropshipping business?

Then this Hand-Picked Products feature helps in finding the winning ones that guarantee efficient and effective profits. View Product information in detail and then finally make the decision whether if it’s worthy or not.

Niche Scrapper Hand Picked

It provides data such as:

  • Product Cost and Ideal Selling Price: Find out data on what is the product cost and what is the selling price it can have.
  • Orders & Customer Engagement:Β How many orders are coming for the product and are it having efficient user engagement.
  • Profit Margin: Both CPA and Net Profit is visible alongside the gross profit.
  • A number of FB Ads:Β Example Ad Copies for which kinds of ads one should make for Facebook.
  • Targeting options: Example targeting of the product for better ideas.
  • Links available:Β AliExpress Supplier, Amazon, Store Selling this product, etc.
  • Videos:Β Interactive videos present for the product that one can use for better sales.
  • Reviews: Check out what the customers are thinking of the product before finally becoming ready to sell it.

3. Store Analysis 😍

Niche Scrapper Store Analysis

Browse literally thousands of stores on Shopify that are having great sales and are amazing at what they do.

If someone doesn’t search for something specific, then Niche Scraper shows the best sellers in the following stores, and the list is huge. But, for searching, there are filters such as business type, relevance, and store search.

Niche Scraper Store Analysis

For searching the store, either enter the name or the Shopify URL for quick outcomes. It also shows the Alexa Rank, and the amount of traffic & revenue their selling page is able to generate.

4. Facebook Video Ad Generator ✌️

Niche Scrapper Video Maker

Chosen the product that is perfect for the dropshipping business? Placed the orders?

Why not move for marketing ahead. Posting Ad videos on Facebook already seems like a great option and this tool helps in creating ad videos in an instance.

Creating such videos usually takes a lot of time and not everyone knows how to do it, therefore by just entering some data like images & text, this tool helps in creating the best and most efficient advertisements.

Niche Scraper Facebook Video Ad Generator

One can create ads with the following steps:

Fetch some images of the product by adding up the Shopify URL.


Have you got some images of your own? Add them up too!


Add up some music in these advertisements as it has Royalty-free music available.


Now coming to text options, add up the top bar text and bottom bar text that must be in the advertisements.


Add up the ending screen text such as the brand name or company name, only if there is a need to do so. This is completely optional and if someone wants to add, then they can.


There are some advanced options available such as deciding the time per image in the video and setting up the aspect ratio.


Click the Generate button and that’s it! The advertisement will be processed and reach to the dropshippers shortly.

5. Getting Started & Advanced Tutorials 😘

Niche Scraper Tutorials

There are some great tutorials, to go through the tool, and if someone isn’t able to understand how Niche Scraper works, then they can always go for it. It has everything prepared to take one step at a time and from getting started to 7 rules of dropshipping and even Facebook ad tutorials, it has videos for everything that the users can learn from. This is a great thing and anyone new to the entire business can get some extra idea of it.

6. Affiliate Program ❣️

Why not make something extra apart from just using the dropshipping/spying tool? Anyone who wants to make some extra money by joining the affiliate program is provided a link and if someone joins via the link within 30 days of sharing, then they get a whopping 40% commission. This is some real-time amazing earning for those who never settle and always wish to have great profits.

7. 24/7 Support πŸ‘

If anyone faces any kind of issue with the tool, then they can always contact the team for support. The team is always there for the users and help them to sort the problems as soon as possible.

Niche Scraper Pricing Plans 😍

There are 2 pricing plan of niche scraper available for now, and out of that one is absolutely free! Check out what all it includes below:

1. Current Pricing Plan-Free:

  • All tools in the sidebar are available for free apart from the Product Scraper.
  • Has very limited access.
  • Partial Access to the Facebook Ad Generator.
  • Slight access to the Dropshipping guides.
  • It cannot block everyone from spying the store.

2. Pro Membership- $49.95/Month:

  • Niche Scrapper PricingDiscover the trending products on AliExpress.
  • Unlimited access to the Facebook Video Maker Tool.
  • Scrape a store’s best selling products.
  • Reveal estimated revenue of the other stores.
  • Unlimited access to handpicked products with Facebook Ad Reports, Targeting Suggestions, AliExpress Reports, and Suppliers.
  • Monthly subscription.
  • One can cancel anytime they want to, no limitations.

Don’t forget to use the Niche Scraper promo code given above.

Pros & Cons of Niche Scraper πŸ‘

Whilst there are several things amazing in this Spying tool, there are also some things that we didn’t like. Check out the pros and cons to know more about it.


  • Easy to use.
  • Quick Product Research.
  • Several Filters for Product Research.
  • Affordable tool.
  • Extra tutorials to learn from.
  • A free package to try things out as long as they want to.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.


  • No free trial for Product Scraper.
  • Limited for advanced dropshippers.

Is it Worth to Buy Niche Scraper? πŸ‘Š..πŸ‘Š..πŸ‘Š

There are a thousand products present in the market, but not all of them provide great results. Personally, I think Niche Scraper is a good tool for any beginner who wants to have a nice start to the business and wants to review the products with the utmost ease.

βœ”οΈ Niche Scraper Testimonial & Review

Niche Scraper Testimonial

There are several testimonials on its Facebook page and some people have even posted their successful outcomes.

A review from Samwell reads that there is no app that works like the Niche Scaper. 😘  He says that it gives the option of finding some winning products, creating video advertisements, and all whilst spying on the top sellers.

Niche Scraper Testimonials

Another review from Vanessa reads that Niche Scraper is an amazing tool. 😍 It has helped her in generating some amazing Facebook ads, amazing prices, and that’s all she ever needed. She is very thankful for the service and truly loves Niche Scraper.

✌️ Final Verdict On Niche Scraper Review ✌️

There are some great filters available for both AliExpress product research and Shopify product research. 😘 Without spending much of time, one can create some of the most amazing Facebook Advertisements, and rather than creating videos and spending time on it, why not just do some market analysis and find the recent trends?

But, in case someone wants to try it out for Product research, then sadly all the options are available apart from this. πŸ‘Š Also, it is a bit limited and for advanced dropshippers, this might not be the right choice. If we see overall, it is a good tool for product research, marketing & dropshipping but, mostly beginners & Intermediate should go for it.

Whenever you have a doubt on fact of whether it’ll work for you or not, check out our Niche Scraper Review and find all the information related to this tool!


Is Niche Scraper value for money?

Yes, Niche Scraper is worthy of every single penny, and besides that, it provides all the features at a very affordable price.

How much does Niche Scraper Cost?

The Niche Scraper tool package costs $39 every month and includes all the features that the tool has.

Is there any free trial for Niche Scraper?

Yes, there is a free package available for Niche Scraper, but sadly there is no free trial for product research.

Does Niche Scraper let search products from AliExpress?

Yes, Niche Scraper lets the users search products from AliExpress with the utmost ease.

What is Niche Scraper all about?

Niche Scraper is a spy tool for dropshipping that helps in finding the winning products of all time. It scraps on several Shopify stores and sources products from AliEexpress for the users.

Niche Scraper Review
Can Niche Scraper be your go-to for spying on products?
Niche Scraper is an amazing tool that lets the dropshippers spy on winning products anytime they want to, with the utmost ease. It is a great tool and one can definitely go for it.
Ease of use
Final Outcome
Winning Products
Store Analysis
Video Ad Maker
Hand Picked Products
Product Scraper
Reader Rating1 Vote

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