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Bloomtech Review (Formely Lambda School): Legit Or Scam?


Online learning platforms are grooming the students in every aspect to learn the subject knowledge as well as to gain technical skills.

So far, we have seen many opportunities in technical fields like software engineers, IT professionals, data scientists, and others.Β 

Lambda School Review

If you’re looking to gain in the technical field, then Lambda School is the right pick that offers technical programs like full-stack web development programs, data science to learn.

Our Bloomtech review will give the full analysis to decide whether to invest the time & money to learn and also tells how it benefits the most in the career.Β 

πŸ’œ Student Reviews on BloomtechΒ 

Every day we’re listening that the Lambda School is a life-changing online education platform that helps the students by training the web development and data science courses with ease.

The students and alumni are giving reviews about the platform as it helped them to start the career that they dreamt of. Lambda School graduates are said to hired by many top companies across the world.

The Lambda School graduates shared their learning experience & success stories on their platform and you can see the review & testimonials below in the image & video, how it helped their careers.Β 

Student Reviews

😍 What is Bloomtech?

Lambda School

Lambda School is one of the online education platforms for the students to train remotely by exploring its courses. If you want to become a data scientist or web developer, or coding expert then Lambda School is the preferable choice. The best part of this platform is it does not ask to pay for the tuition until you get hired by a company.

The graduates of Lambda School are hired by all sizes of companies from startups to the top organizations across the world. Remote learning is the new activity loved by the students and Lambda School will provide classes in the right way.

Remote learning

Get Work Experience 

When you starting learning with Lambda School, you’ll gain real-time work experience and master in all technical skills by completing the real-time monthly group projects. 

Join Lambda School Growing Network 

With Lambda School, you can build a network with the team as learners, and by doing this all together can share knowledge, clarify the doubts, and introduce new opportunities. 

Does Not Ask to Pay Tuition Until You’re Hired

It does not ask the students to pay the tuition fee while learning, once the students get the opportunity or placed in a company and start making the annual income of $50,000 or more then only it asks for payment. On the whole, they recover the tuition payment based on what you earn and this is a big advantage for many students. 

Lambda School Help You to Find a Job

The team members or experts of Lambda School are there for you to guide you in every step that helps you to land in a job that fits according to your requirements and skills. 

πŸ‘ What do Lambda Schools Offer to us?

Lambda School is different from other online schools, as it covers the cost of the tuition when the students start earning $50000 or more and they pay for a period of 2 years. 

Lambda Covers 

  • Lambda School covers the student tuition fee until they start earning $50,000 or more. 
  • If suddenly the income you earned is dipped, then the Lambda School automatically pauses to take the tuition fee. 
  • The payments once you reach $30000, then the scheduled payment for the tuition ends.

Depth of a 4-year Degree

Lambda School 4-year degree

No matter what you want to become a Data Scientist, or Web Developer, or Coding expert, Lambda School is for you to create a new path for your future career. Today, most of the schools offer skyrocketing costs for the courses, but Lambda School is different and also provides a 4-year depth course at a fractional cost.

This platform interacted with the companies to know what are skills they prefer to hire in their companies. From this, Lambda School designed the remote programs to train every skill that is required for companies i.e., from the fundamentals to the theoretical knowledge.

Everyone can graduate by learning the skill and also build real-time projects as it is the path for your future success.Β 

πŸ˜‡ Pros and Cons of Bloomtech


  • A complete Data Science and Web Development program Education platform
  • Weekly assignments while training
  • Gain technical and professional skills
  • Huge community
  • Caring staff
  • Full-time & part-time programs
  • Curriculum is well-built and structured
  • Interview practice
  • Students Hired by top companies
  • Flexible Payment Structure
  • Covers the payment when the salary is $50k or more
  • Instructors are industry experts
  • Good success rate
  • Easy to use interface
  • Offers free mini bootcamp for coding



  • A large cohorts
  • Require high attendance
  • Requires long-term commitment
  • Price may vary according to the location

πŸ˜› Explore Lambda School Curriculum 

Lambda School Curriculum

The curriculum at Lambda School is designed to teach you the skills that are required, you have to review the things & master every skill that helps you to get hired in any company. If you’re learning remotely means you’re not alone, as the collaborative coursework will create an environment that you’ll work as a data scientist or web developer.  Everyone has to attend stand-ups with their account, build & complete monthly group projects with the team of other learners in the platform. The real-time projects that you build based on the skills you earned will help you out to do with ease at your workplace. 

To boost the skills of the students, every week Lambda School designed a specific agenda i.e.,  individual progress assessment. It is built in every corner of Lambda School’s digital program as it helps the students to learn the content in repeat mode until they get mastery in that field. The classes held from Monday-Friday for 8 hours/day. 

Large & Lively Student Community

You may be sit, review, and learn the course at home by using this Lambda School, but don’t forget there are many learners who are going through the same challenges as you. You have the opportunity to 

  • Meet in-person alumni and students.
  • Offers collaborative coding sessions to the students.
  • Brown bags that are led by the industry leaders.
  • Special interest channels on social media platforms like Slack for interactions.
  • Daily Slack standups with peers to earn the skill.

Career Guidance & Support 

The main focus of Lambda School’s online platform is to prepare the students by teaching them technical & professional skills and help them to place or hired in a company. This can happen when the students get career monitoring regularly and also to complete the career assignments on the weekly basis. So, from this one can enter into the job market after getting mastery with support from the team. 

🎁 Lambda School Courses Review

Lambda School Courses

Lambda School provides four different programs and among them, three are Live & the fourth course will be available soon for the students. 

Data Science 

One of the top job opportunities is created by many companies in Data Science, as its computational techniques help the companies in changing the development and growth. Data Science helps companies from self-driving cars to dynamic business insights and it took a keen role in the development of companies. If you have an interest in mathematics and to make certain decisions you use data then the Data Science course is for you. 

The Data Science curriculum is designed to teach both professional and technical skills for the students and it is more useful for hiring managers. The industry experts will train the industry-current tools online and also learn how to analyze various types of data.  

If you pick a Data Science course, then can be a data analyst, machine learning engineer, business analyst, data engineer, IT system analyst, data analytics consultant, and digital marketing manager. 

Full Stack Web Development 

Full Stack Web Development

Today, many businesses are running online, no matter whatever the business is, it must need a website or web application. Web development is growing rapidly and it will increase more in the coming years, so there is a lot of scopes to have many opportunities in this field. No matter where you live, the web developer role is likely to increase opportunities in every part of the world. If you have more interest in solving puzzles, then Full Stack Web Development is the right choice to choose. 

The industry experts at Lambda School will train technical & career skills, and also teaches the full stack web app development with the help of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Develop the web servers using SQLite, PostgreSQL, Node.js, and RDBMS. With the team of students in Lambda School, you have the opportunity to build real products. 

If anyone chooses the Full Stack Web Development program, then they could be a front-end developer, web developer, app developer, software engineer, back-end developer, full-stack engineer, and mobile developer. 

Free Coding Bootcamp 

Free mini bootcamp

Join Lambda School for a free mini code Bootcamp, even if you’re new to coding build real-time projects with the help of instructors and industry experts. Review the course plan and learn code through live classes at Lambda School as at each Livestream class build new technical and professional skills. Attend a free mini code Bootcamp, then:

  • You’ll get live help and guidance given by the instructor or industry expert from Lambda School. 
  • Everyone can participate in live Q&A sessions and also submit the questions in live and get clarification by the answers given by the instructors. 
  • It provides self-paced learning access to the modules and this will help you a lot in practicing new skills. 

In this Bootcamp everyone will get coding classes 100% free with live instruction, join this program from anywhere, this Bootcamp is built-in flexibility. Each live class will be covered with a new technical learning module and you can complete the course with ease. 

Backend Development (Coming Soon)

To train the backend engineers, Lambda School is creating a nine-month full-time program and the students will learn the course to land their dream jobs. No matter what the company size is, students can join the company in an entry-level software developer role. The curriculum of the Backend development program is co-created by Lambda and Amazon. 

The Backend development program at Lambda School is coming with 1400 hours of hands-on experience and also provides the practical skills to the students. This help them to recruit in top companies like Amazon, without requirement of 4-year degree. The curriculum is included with basic elements of programming & problem-solving skills, Java Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Software Engineering, Testing, DynamoDB, Concurrency, and Interview preparation. 

πŸ‘Š Working of Lambda School 

Working & Timing

The Lambda School admission process is mentioned with a detailed review, have a look into it. Lambda School offers both full-time and part-time programs for the students, and so you can learn at any time based on the schedule.

The full-time programs are scheduled from Monday to Friday and the timings are from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time (PT) for a period of six months.

The part-time programs are compulsory to attend the classes from 6 PM to 9 PM (PT) and the program will be conducted from Monday to Thursday.

Along with that, one weekend afternoon is included either, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, it is your choice and it will take 12 months course program. Even the part-time schedule students have the opportunity to select an alternative schedule to take the courses whenever they want.Β 

Below steps are provided to know all about the application process.

  • Firstly, you have to create an account on the official website.
  • Next, fill out to complete the application.
  • Then, everyone should complete the entrance tests or pre course work
  • Finally, in the last step sign enrollment documents and pick the date to start the course.

πŸ€— Lambda School’s Tuition Options

Tuition options

Lambda School offers a wide range of traditional tuition options for the students, once review those options who want to start their career as these tuition options are accessible for everyone. The list of tuition options are tuition installments, deferred tuition i.e., California retail installment contract, or an Income share agreement. The total details of tuition options provided by Lambda School are: 

Income Share Agreements

The Lambda School’s Income Share Agreements is a form of deferred tuition where the students agree to pay 17% of their salary for a period of 24 months to this platform. The students have to pay when their salary is $50000 or more per year, and it means it covers the payment for two years is $30000. If you will not be hired by any company after completion of the course means, you don’t need to pay any amount to them. 

When you will work in a qualified position in an organization, then you’re supposed to pay the tuition amount to Lambda School. The qualified position is nothing but the course that you participated in on this platform and get the job with their guidance. If the salary is less than $50,000 then Lambda School will wait until your salary becomes $50,000 or more. Once you getting a salary of $50,000 or more, then it is compulsory to pay them 17% of salary for 24 months.  

California Retail Installment Contract

For the California residents, the Lambda School tuition costs $30,000, and now it is up to you to review & select to pay in installments, the tuition upfront, or deferred tuition until you make $50k with the help of the California Retail Installment contract. It allows the students to pay the amount of $30k through your income of 17% for Lambda School tuition over time. 

California Retail Installment has the protection for many students of Lambda School like as Income Share Agreements including neither accrue interest nor upfront payments. The difference between Income Share Agreements and California retail installment is the students of Lambda School who sign a Retail Installment have to pay $30k how many payments it takes no matter months or years. 

For this tuition option, the student must be California resident as well as US Citizen, at the same time he/she must be permanent resident or DACA recipient. One thing to remember is, the student must not have any other active Retail installments or Insurance Agreements. 

Tuition Installments

Tuition Installments

The students of Lambda School who are not likely to pick California retail installments or Insurance share agreement then they have other option i.e, upfront tuition in three installment procedures. The amount and the payment schedule may vary, as it completely depends on the state you live in. $30k is the tuition fee for the students who are living in California, Georgia, Washington DC, and Texas, and for the students who are living in other states as well as other international countries is $15000. 

If anyone enrolled in the course and picks the tuition installment payment plan, then an email invoice will be received for every installment due. The payments are possible through Wire Transfer, ACH, or Cheque. 

Upfront Tuition 

Upfront Tuition

Lambda School students who are not likely to choose payment installments or not to defer tuition fees then they can go with the state’s full tuition amount upfront. The students who liven in Washington DC, Texas, Georgia, and California are supposed to pay the amount of $30,000 and the students who belong to other states and other international areas have to pay $15,000. 

All you need to do is just enroll in the payment mode and choose the upfront option, then you’ll receive the invoice to your email to pay the amount in Wire Transfer, Cheque, or ACH. If anyone picks the payment mode ACH, then they have to pay through the link provided in the email. If anyone likely to pay the amount through Cheque or Wire Transfer, then they have to follow the instructions provided in the email. Even it allows paying the amount multiple times as long as the amount is reached the total tuition fee by the deadline provided in the enrollment. 

The refund policy of Lambda School may vary and it is based on the state where the student lives & the tuition option picked by the student. If you want more details of the refund policy for your state, then you have to check the enrollment agreement. 

πŸ’₯ Pricing Plans & Cost of Lambda School 

Lambda School Pricing Plans
CS DegreeLambdaBootcamp
Full-time Coding Hours800+900+450+
Total Cost$80k-$150k$0-$30k$16k-$26k
Cost if Unemployed$80k-$150k$0$16k-$26k
Time Commitment4 years6 Months3 Months
Practical Skillsβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Group Workβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Up-to-Date Curriculumβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
CS Fundamentalsβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Modern Languagesβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

πŸ”₯ Conclusion – Yes, Lambda School is Legit & Worth It

Lambda School is one of the online education platforms where the students can learn Full Stack web development and Data Science programs. The best part is that it doesn’t offer the tuition payment and also they will cover it when the student is hired in a company and starts earning $50,000 per year. 

If you’re likely to become a full stack web developer or data scientist, then this platform is the pick and the instructors will train the programs with ease that helps the students to understand easily. The programs at Lambda School offer both full-time and part-time schedules. 

At Lambda School, the students will just not only learn the subject knowledge but also will gain technical & professional skills that help them to use the skills at their workplace. While training the programs, you’re going to build real-time projects and the instructors will teach every concept to make you to understand easily and quickly. Overall Lambda School review states that it is a completely different online education platform compared to other schools and so give a try & earn more career skills.

🀑 Frequently Asked Questions

🀞 Does Lambda School helps the students to get hired in a company?

Lambda School will do everything for the students, the team helps them to prepare a resume, portfolio, etc, and all you need to do is just apply, give an interview, and land on the job.

✌️ Is Lambda School platform is accredited?

No, Lambda School is not an accredited online education platform and it is regulated as a state level post-secondary education instituition.

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