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Builderall Review: Legit or Overhyped? (4.0 Version Truth)


The most successful marketing platform for online businesses is Builderall and the main focus of this platform is to transform the businesses to get profits through digital marketing. It means, all the marketing activities can be done online under one roof, and it does not disappoint any business as Builderall offers a sheer number of features. If you want to know how to get successful with your online business, there here is a complete Builderall review.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing and web page builder tool that helps to grow your business in online. The tools at Builderall will work efficiently and effectively to help & to reach your business goals successfully across the globe and this will save your money, time without investing extra efforts. Messenger chatbots, SMS messages, emails, webinars, affiliates, and other tools are available in Builderall that helps to manage in promoting the products and services. The features that are required to run an online business are available in it.

Builderall Review


The pricing to pick this tool for your business is tempting as the cost is cheaper and the people who are at their business with fewer profits than Builderall is the solution. Without any hassle, you can manage and promote your business easily with the Builderall marketing platform and very suitable for beginners. If you have a decent digital marketing strategy then this review on Builderall will make your marketing easy.

Features of Builderall

Builderall is for everyone who runs an online business, no matter what skills you have as this is an intuitive platform with extensive support material. With the help of Builderall, you can learn quickly to design your website, how to manage and sell the products and services online.

Builderall Features

The features that are mentioned are available in the Builderall Business plan and also it offers different packages that help to build a digital marketing strategy. In every package of Builderall, you have to check & review the tools and features that it offers as per requirement. From this, you need to pick the right plan to run your online business smoothly.

Let’s look into some of the features that Builderall offers to us

Dedicated Servers

Builderall Superfast CDN Errors

Builderall has dedicated local servers that can host your websites, videos, webinars, sales funnels, and other elements to create and publish. The CDN network in Builderall also boasts servers in five continents ensuring high uptime and fast loading speeds.

Builderall will take care of your hosting solutions, all maintenance, and the backup issues and so it makes it easy to focus only on your business. In each plan, there is a possibility to register up to 15 domains with unlimited bandwidth.

Drag and Drop Website Builders

Builderall Drag and Drop Builder

Builderall offers Cheetah website builders like Drag and Drop pixel perfect builder, Drag and Drop responsive builder, and Mobile first drag and drop builder.

The drag and drop pixel perfect builder enables the creation of the website in three different formats to compatible with tablet, mobile, and desktop. With this, your website can be fully responsive & mobile-friendly which can appear on all the devices with no issue, and to do this you won’t spend extra time. From this feature, you can design the webpage layout for each appliance with ease.

Once you design your website, the Builderall will take care of the responsiveness of your website on all devices with the help of the Drag and Drop Responsive Builder feature. Both builders will work on the same process and style, at the same time allows the users to drag and drop elements around the page, change text, colors, etc. Even you can add extra elements to it if you want.

The Mobile-First Drag and Drop Builder feature allows the user to build mobile-friendly landing pages and it provides a user-friendly interface to use. So, without taking any help of codes you can build a mobile-friendly website easily.


Builderall Templates


Builderall offers a wide range of templates and it is an impressive thing for the users. No matter what you create like a whole website, a standalone landing page, a sales funnel, or anything else, it provides fully optimized and attractive templates to design for your final piece.

The templates at Builderall cater to a wide assortment of industries or niche categories and you can review those templates while creating events, travel, music, education, news, health & beauty, and design agency.

After selecting a template for your website or landing page, it can be fully customizable with one of the Builderall builders. These templates are very useful to the person who is lacking in web designing and web creativity. The users can scratch their creativity because Builderall also provides blank templates and the users can design as they want.

Sales Funnels

Builderall Sales Funnels

Builder Canvas is an app provided by Builderall and this allows you to build the sales funnels as it offers various sales funnels and from any of them, you can review & pick as you want. There are different themes inside each funnel and it is for themes of funnel pages. The sales funnel in Builderall works like as Clickfunnels funnel Cookbook. You can get a canvas funnel builder when you select a template and each template is to increase conversion rates.

The sales funnel offers a lot of options like integrations, two or three-step checkouts, and at the checkout, you can allow cross and up-selling. For beginners, it may be a little bit confusing but once you watch the tutorial and go with the process then everything will be easy.

Design Tools

To create an impact with your images, videos, and other visual elements, Builderall provides a number of design tools and features. The design tools are

  • Design Studio can create amazing images, videos for your website courses, product videos & more.
  • Photo Studio is to edit your photos, text, add effects, and backgrounds to the website.
  • You can create attractive 3D images for your products with the Builderall image spinner.
  • You can produce animated text and videos and publish them with Video Editor.
  • You can grab the attention of the audience with attractive videos and you can design simple videos with Floating videos.


You can sell your products online by creating an eCommerce store with Builderall. In the Builderall marketplace, simply add your products and then choose the payment method and delivery options. It allows the users to access eCommerce features like adding coupons, discounts, pop-ups, checkout processes, and more.

Builderall allows you to set an affiliate program and the affiliates can sell your products too. If you have expertise in marketing then you can also create an Affiliate website for yourself with Builderall to promote products and earn commission instead of building your own product. This affiliate program feature is available in the Builderall Business plan.

Mobile Perfection

Mobile devices are playing a keen part for online businesses in marketing the products and services through a website or sharing content on social media platforms. Most of the traffic for a website comes from mobile devices which is up to 90% and so it is easy to create a beautiful website in mobile version with the help of Builderall.

Bump Sells, Upsales, and Downsales

Builder Bump Sales


From each customer you can get the most by offering and configuring bump sells, upsells, and down sales for what you create an offer to your audiences.

Page Loading Accelerator

Page Loading Accelerator

The loading speed of your website with the most powerful page accelerator will get more reach and conversions. If the loading speed of the page takes more time then you can lose the conversion. You can build the website with Builderall and you can review the insights how much time it is taking to load the page in Google pagespeed insights.

Smart Popup and Website Sharing

Builderall offers smart popups, where you can easily configure, and display exit intent, scrolling popups on every page of your website.

It allows you to share the website pages with your partners, clients, customers, and friends with just one click.

Full SEO On-Page Optimization

It helps to get the best possible result on Google, make sure that your website is working with perfect On-page SEO optimization for Google Bots.

SSL Certificate

It is compulsory today, that a website should have an SSL certificate and with Builderall you can get it for free.

Website Daily Backup 

Builderall Website Daily Backup

Losing a small fraction of data may cost a lot to any business and to prevent all these kinds of problems, daily backup of your data is necessary for businesses. With Builderall, all your data is safe because it offers automatic data backups. 

If you are using WordPress & looking for the best automatic backup plugin, try UpdraftPlus.

DDOS Attack Prevention

Builderall prevents all kinds of DDOS attacks on your website just like a bank and it is not necessary to worry about your online businesses when you have Builderall.

Social Media Live Streaming

Builderall Social Media Live Streaming

With Builderall, you can engage your right audiences anytime on Facebook, YouTube by going Live. And with the Builderall Live Webinar feature, share the screen and bring the guests.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

With the help of the Builderall CRM app, you can follow, tag, and automate the actions for each step of your visitors to take in your funnels.

Blogging APP

You can build the blogs, and grow your authority with Builderall. At the same time, it allows you to monetize the visitors online. With an ads-friendly Iframe app in Builderall, you can monetize all your blogs, websites, and directories with ease.

Build Your Website Agency

With Builderall, you can easily build and manage the website agency on your own and this feature is exclusive for premium users.

Builderall Marketplace

Builderall Marketplace

In this huge Builderall community, you can sell your products/services and also you can buy products/services with special discounts.

Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder 

To capture the lead, you can discover all the possibilities for any niche with Builderall and also deliver the content with the best style to attract more visitors to the website.


If you want to create lessons and courses and manage teachers, students with the eLearning app, Builderall has this tool to create video classes, design quizzes, produce tests, and upload course materials.

You can sell unlimited courses and tutorials in Builderall and it is a great pick to the one who wants to grow their online eLearning business.

Membership Websites

With Builderall, it is easy to turn your website into a membership website. You can start a profitable online business with unlimited membership areas by using this Builderall page builder and also you can share your knowledge with the audiences. It is an effective way to monetize the website and charge monthly subscriptions from your subscribers.


If you want to connect to your targeted audience, running webinars are the easiest and effective way and the webinars will always encourage the audience to visit the website again and again. A webinar tool is provided by Builderall to create high-quality videos which can engage a greater number of audiences. Builderall offers the features like uploading content to social media platforms, schedule webinar starts times, enable chat, password protect webinars, monitor webinar statistics, and integrate with Mailing Boss. To promote your products and services, you can quickly record high-quality webinar videos and it will help to increase sales and conversions.

Email Marketing

Builderall Email Marketing

The email marketing autoresponder in the Builderall is named Mailing Boss and with this, you can create unlimited email campaigns, which allows you to send unlimited emails to an unlimited number of recipients. With Mailing Boss, the users can add new subscribers manually, can track the new subscribers through landing pages or website, create email campaigns and monitor the email campaign analytics and statistics.

It is easy to set up new email campaigns with Mailing Boss and to design professional eye-catching emails, it will provide templates and pre-designed elements to you. Target your particular group of audiences with Mailing Boss as per the interest and even it can help to send personalized emails to your subscribers that will lead to increase the conversion rate through these campaigns.

Analytics, Heat Mapping, and Split Testing

Builderall allows you to perform A/B Testing or Split Testing of your website, sales funnels design, and landing pages. By doing this test, it can tell you about your potential customers to achieve more conversions to your product or service.

Click Map is the heat mapping app on Builderall, and it enables you to see from where your audience is coming and also helps to know how your visitors are navigating & behaving on your website.

Builderall integrates with Google Analytics to monitor and track your visitors and also you can review how the audiences are behaving, engaging with your website.

Integration with other platforms

Builderall integrates with other platforms like Amazon S3, PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, Aweber, and Cloudinary. No matter, what your business is, you will be able to use any of these that work best for your website.


To set up a website, sales funnels, email campaigns, and more, through Builderall, there are over 400+ videos and tutorials to learn and implement. Builderall is available on all social media platforms to provide tutorials and also to answer user queries. You can share ideas, discuss problems, ask questions, and take help to grow your online business. The Builderall support team will review & respond to all of the queries as soon as possible.

Other Features of Builderall

There are some extensive features list of Builderall, and let’s take a look

  • To analyze your SEO content with important keywords, Builderall SEO OnPage Report Tool will help to optimize for all search engines.
  • Blog Builder to add blog posts.
  • To promote events, webinars, videos, Browser Notification System.
  • The builder can create automatic conversations on Facebook with Facebook Messenger chatbot integration.
  • You can schedule your posts on social media with Autopost.
  • To give great insights to the audience, Facebook Pixel can be added to the website.
  • For presentations, Presentation Builder and for scriptwriting, Script Generator Tool to produce a strong copy of webpages, letters, emails, and more.
  • Share Locker is to block access to certain pages of your website until your content on social media shared with the users.
  • Social Proof tool can share the info to the recent customers who purchase the products to your checkout page.

Elements Review of Builderall


Builderall Colors

The color palette at Builderall is friendly, exciting, fun and you can simply apply the whole color palette or else copy the HEX color codes.


Builderall Typography

For the exceptional readability of the content, Builderall offers different font styles for titles and remaining text. For the logo, Bariol regular is preferred by Builderall and if you want more fonts you can review and apply from it.


Builderall Images

Builderall offers various images and you can use those pictures on your website by downloading them.

Facebook Cover

Builderall Facebook Cover

If you want a professional cover page for FaceBook, then Builderall offers various cover images as they are specially developed to use cover images. You can download and use them on your business Facebook cover page.


Builderall YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel and want images to use in your YouTube Channel, then Builderall is for you. It has various YouTube images and you can download them to use.


Builderall PowerPoint

If you want to deliver exceptional presentations for your projects then don’t worry Builderall allows you to give excellent presentations with a standard presentation slide template. It never disappoints you in providing professional touch for your work.

Business Cards

Builderall Business Cards

If you want success for your business offline the Builderall offers professional business cards that make unforgotten impressions in all aspects to your right customers.

Facebook and Instagram Posts

Builderall for Facebook and Instagram posts

Social media is one of the finest way for your to reach more audiences and with Builderall you can add some flair to the pre-designed images you want to post on Facebook and Instagram.  You can download and use them from the Builderall website.


Builderall Flyers

You can organize all your events successfully with Flyers in Builderall. By using Flyers, you can announce, inform, and invite people in various styles.

Pros and Cons of Builderall

When we are going to use any software or tool that helps the business, we have to review the pros and cons along with details & If you want to pick Builderall for your online business then the list of pros and cons may help you to know more that it is good for your business or not.


  • It offers a free plan with no support for custom domains and limited bandwidth.
  • The premium plans are affordable even for small business owners.
  • It has dozens of tools such as eLearning platform, social proof, script generator, webinar, app creator, FB messenger chatbot, telegram funnels, web push notifications, eCommerce store, etc.
  • It has a feature that helps you to set your own affiliate programs by integrated payment processors.
  • You can host your content with proper bandwidth by dedicated servers.
  • It offers an integrated marketplace so that you can sell and promote others product and service to a relevant affiliate program
  • Frequently updates with new features, improvements, and tools.
  • There are over 30 tools that can be used under one roof.
  • You can connect with the team easily as it has an active FB community even the founder may respond to your queries.
  • The integration with WordPress will be possible with the help of embedded codes
  • If you rely on virtual assistants, it has access to the option called VA access.



  • Builderall has quite a steep learning curve with the availability of tons of features.
  • UI/UX is quite minimalistic and can navigate easily
  • It does not offer live chat support
  • Builderall offers three different types of page builders and these are quite confusing to the new users.
  • It has limited support channels and focusing on adding various tools to it.
  • It is better to have the tools and interface more professional way.
  • There is an inconsistent user experience between the tools.

Pricing Plans of Builderall

Builderall offers a free trial for seven days to check & review exactly what features it offers to us and the demo funnel plan and in the free plan, the users can experience limited features. The Builderall builder plan is $29.90/month for one domain, five subdomains, 5GB storage disk space, and 2000 subscribers.


Builderall pricing plans

The premium plan of Builderall is $69.90/month and this plan includes all tools and automated approval as a basic affiliate. You can get 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, 10GB disk space, and unlimited subscribers for this plan. In the funnel club version, the first payment costs $199/month and the next $99/month is payable with the inclusion of all tools, all templates, funnels, and automatic approval as a PRO affiliate. 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, 10GB disk space, and unlimited subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 What is Builderall 4.0?

Builderall releases the new update Builderall 4.0 and the total tools it raises to 37. The importance of the Builderall 4.0 feature is it added the Cheetah Drag and Drop builder. This cheetah Drag and drop builder is one of the most advanced website builders in the market and it is user-friendly. The new features in Builderall will help to increase the loading page speed and also to boost the rankings in all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

🤔 How to integrate Builderall with WordPress?

Builderall allows you to create a page for your website, and when you creating a page, you’ll be presented with an embed code. From this embed code, you can integrate a WordPress site.

🤔 How many Funnels can you build with Builderall?

You can create unlimited funnels with Builderall.

🤔 How to add the Facebook pixel to Builderall?

It is very easy to add the Facebook pixel to Builderall, at first go to your site settings, and then give a click to script settings. Under the script settings, you can able to add Google Ad Pixel, Facebook pixel, and many more.

🤔 How to Configure Builderall’s Mailing Boss?

It is very easy to set up, when you install Mailing Boss for the first time, it’ll ask for your details and information like your email address or else your business info, and you are almost done.

Builderall Customers Review

The Builderall customers are thousands in number and most of them achieve success by using this page builder. Most of the digital businesses are recommended to use Builderall page builder as it satisfies the need that requires by attracting every day new customers to sell their products and services. There are many page builders, but Builderall deals with many features, integration of apps, emails to the inbox, with lot many tools that makes wonder to use as digital marketing and page building platform.

The main reason to pick Builderall for many online businesses is it provides the best customer support, builds faster websites, and offers better prices. Here are some of the Builderall reviews given by the users and from this, we can understand how it shows the impact on why every online business is switching to Builderall.

Builderall Facebook Mentions


Final Words on This Builderall Review

If you’re seeking an all-in-one marketing solution for your online business, then Builderall is for you to deal with everything. The tools in Builderall will launch your business to be successful without spending extra effort, time, and money on standalone products. According to the user needs, it always stays UpToDate as it is a popular landing page builder for many websites.

The Builderall users use this as landing page creation, email marketing, product selling and promoting, etc. The other features webinars, eCommerce is proving as master of all platforms. Overall, you can save a lot of money & time by using this platform.

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