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5+ Best Affiliate Marketing Forums Of 2024: [Free and Paid]


An affiliate marketing forum is a place where the affiliate community comes together to help each other, there are 1000’s of affiliates who are earning 9-Figure or 7-Figure from the affiliate industry.

You can also learn from the top affiliates who have good experience in this field, interact with them, and grab some quality information. #affiliatemarketing, #laptoplifestyle

Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

You can learn by taking paid courses, or by reading blogs and articles & videos. If you want to make your affiliate business in the long run so, learn it with those peoples who have done it and learn from their mistakes.

😍 What is Affiliate Marketing Forum?

Affiliate Marketing Forums are a type of community where thousands of marketers are joined for topic related discussions, problem-solving ideas, and much more.

This forum is filled with some threads which include in-depth information, questions & answers, guiding to some tools, and much more.

affLift Case Studies

There are no. of affiliate forums are available on the internet but not all of them is good because some of the forums have a bad reputation or their service is not good but there are some good forums that offer the best services and have a good reputation among people.

❣️ List Of 5+ Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

Now, move on to the top 6 affiliate marketing forums and the list is mentioned below;

  1. StackThatMoney (STM)
  2. AffLIFT
  3. Affiliate Fix
  4. Warrior Forum
  5. Wicked Fire
  6. Black Hat World

Let us review all of these Affiliate Marketing Forums:

1. STM Forum (StackThatMoney)

StackThatMoney Forum is also called STM Forum and it is currently holding the top position when it comes to affiliate marketing forums.

This forum is started by a group of affiliate marketers, Stackman, Lorenzo, Green, and Besmir in the year 2011. STM is very popular and this has been in the market for a long time.

STM Forum Affiliate Community

This affiliate forum helps many affiliates to achieve their goals in affiliate marketing. The forum is divided into different sections which are related to affiliate marketing and you can use them as per your requirement.

It is a very big forum because of a huge number of participants, a huge number of organized threads that have in-depth information and answers to all questions.

After joining STM Forum, you have access to different sub-forum, which can help you to interact with other participants, make relations with others, and much more.

STM Forum Helps To Make Money Online


  • It has 10+ years of experience in this field and working since 2011 withholding a good reputation.
  • STM Forum is best for newbie affiliate marketers who just started and don’t know what to do next. You will find a dedicated sub-forum for newbie’s so, that they can also take advantage of it.
  • STM Forum does not only provides you case studies and simple guidance but also industry reports, video training, and much more to give you full knowledge.
  • Get in-depth information on different traffic sources such as Push notifications, pops, native, Facebook ads, and many more. You will get some tips and tricks and questions related to traffic sources.
  • Get access to different tools in the form of bonuses worth is $1652 such as Adplexity Spy Tool, FunnelFlux Tracker, Voluum Tracker, The Optimizer – AI Automation, Propeller Ads, and many more.


  • You have to pay $99 to STM Forum to access all the advantages of it. Many newcomers will not able to pay that much amount in their starting edge.
  • Sometimes, new comers are failed to ask questions and fail to get information because some newcomers are getting lazy.
About STM Forum

2. AffLIFT Forum

AffLIFT is also one of the best forums in the field of affiliate marketing and it is one of the most active forums in affiliate marketing.

It is started by Luke Kling in 2018 and it is a director of Peer Fly, a platform that is devoted to affiliate marketing. He is a programmer, a marketer, a web designer, and social media expert.

affLIFT Forum Review

Many experienced affiliate marketers such as Nick Lenihan, Servando Silva, and Luke Kling are always active in the forum and reply to questions asked by beginners or newbies.

The forum is filled with 40,000+ messages which can help marketers to get their answers.


  • In this forum, you will find extensive case studies related to affiliate marketing which are developed by a team of affLIFT, and they heavily invested to build these type of case studies.
  • Teaches you to various methods of traffic generation and how to increase traffic to your website.
  • They will provide you the guidance of tracking tools such as RedTrack, Binom Tracker, Voluum, AdsBridge, Thrive Tracker, Kintura, CPV Lab Pro, etc.
  • AffLIFT will help you to build the landing pages of your website and how to increase traffic for them.


  • AffLIFT is new in the market but still, it is holding a good number of participants in the forum and providing plenty of information to newcomers.
  • Just like other forums, here you also have to pay some money to take advantage of it worth $20 and I think this is very much fair as compared to other forums.

3. Affiliate Fix

Affiliate Fix is also the largest affiliate marketing forum in the world and the brain behind this is Oliver Kenyon who created this forum where peoples can help each other in their affiliate marketing journey and over time Affiliate Fix has become the largest platform for free and honest communication between affiliates marketer.

Affiliate Fix Forum

The community of this forum is business-oriented and focuses on industry-related news, case studies, follow along and threads which include questions asked by newcomers or newbie.


  • The main benefit of this forum is, you will get all the information for free with zero cost. Yes, you heard right, this forum will give you plenty of advantages at no cost.
  • The platform is newbie-friendly and communities are welcome to all newcomers.


  • Most of the feature of AffLIFT is free but some features are only available to those members who will upgrade to a paid subscription.

4. Warrior Forum

Founded by Clifton Allen in 1997, Warrior Forum is well-established marketing forum that is known for the newbie-friendly interface. You will find information related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Optimization), Copywriting, and also related to marketing.

It is also a leading affiliate marketing forum in this internet world to provide information related to affiliate marketing and many more.

Warrior Forum


  • This forum has earned a reputation as newbie-friendly where new-comers can easily learn and gain knowledge.
  • The forum is providing you a study toolbox where you can learn through industry experts through online sessions.


  • The forum is working in this field for a while and the warrior forum has made many experts in affiliate marketing because of this, many of them just try to sell their courses and all but you have to be aware of this.

5. Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire is created in 2006 and the purpose behind this creation is to create a platform where only valuable and informative information is available and everyone can exchange their ideas freely.

Wicked Fire Forum

Here, you will get information related to affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, strategies related to startups and businesses, and much more.


  • Wicked Fire is providing you a place where you can talk and interact with market players, professionals or experts.
  • The forum is not only providing you information related to SEO and SEM but also related to other information such as business strategies, etc.


  • Due to the increase in competition, the wicked fire has lost some popularity but still, it is a leading player in the market with lots of followers.

6. Black Hat World

Black Hat World is a forum with lots of information related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Specialized in White and Black Hat SEO, this forum can help you to build your affiliate marketing business with the help of SEO.

You all know, if you have gained more traffic to your landing page then, you have to do SEO with proper technique, and the black hat world is providing you this benefit.



  • You will get to know about all SEO-related topics and also keyword research, market analysis, etc.
  • Find various blogs, downloadable materials, social network resources, and much more which can surely help you.


  • This forum is majorly focused on black hat SEO and you know very well that this type of SEO is not good for the long run so, it might be not good for your affiliate marketing business in the long run.

💥 Should I Join Affiliate Marketing Forum?

If you are an affiliate marketer so, you must have the skill that is willing to learn something new from anywhere. This is because you have to upgrade yourself in every moment by learning something new in your field.

If you gained much more knowledge of this field or gained some experience so, this doesn’t mean that you know everything. You have to improve yourself by gathering industry-related new information & applying it.

affLift Forum Threads

Sometimes, you will be stuck in such a problem when you won’t understand what mistake you had done and, in this situation, taking suggestions from those who know the solution of it is s a better way to solve a problem. Because they are the only people who can understand what’s your problem and how to solve it.

Well, it depends on how much are you serious about your affiliate marketing business because if you just thinking that it is an easy task then, you might be wrong. After all, it’s not easy and also not complex. It depends on how much would you able to devote to work in this field.

🤗 How Do Affiliate Marketing Forums Work?

The structure of all the affiliate marketing forums is much more similar and interesting but still, it is important to know how is the structure of all these forums.

STM - Affiliate Marketing

1. Moderator:

Moderator is a person who is responsible to maintain the forum’s atmosphere and well-being of the forum and it is employed by the forum owner. They were responsible to build relationships among all participants by checking and analyzing the thread of affiliate marketing and analyze how participants are interacting with each other.

They continuously keep an eye on participant’s content quality and quantity so, that no one can break the rules and regulations of the forum. They also reduce the spammy affiliate marketing threads of the forum. They are the only ones who make the content organized and making sure that threads are located in specific thematic divisions created by users.

2. Admin:

An admin is a person who can assign a user to become a moderator of the forum. He has the right to make and change the rules of the forum, creating sections, change the interface of the website, etc. If you want to know, who you’re interacting or dealing with in the forum?

Just check the user description or in a name and profile picture section. From that, you will know when the exact user has started or join the forum based on the expertise they have like, newbie, expert, and senior.

The Moderator and Admin are an important part of the forum because they have more responsibility for the forum and how to make them more interactive.

🏆 Final Words On Best Affiliate Forums

You had read this post till the end and I think you have a good amount of ideas about different affiliate marketing forums and how much they are beneficial, right?

Customer Reviews on STM

All the affiliate marketing forums which we covered in this post are good and beneficial and the only matters is, which one you will choose and on which basis? See, some of the forum is working in the affiliate marketing industry for a long run and some of it started earlier.

So, choose the forum wisely and start your journey of affiliate marketing and achieve them. I hope our post will help you to find out your answers.

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