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Ecommerce is a big animal. With hundreds of billions of dollars being generated as ecommerce revenue each passing year, it is no surprise that more and more people are coming up with new and niche ideas to lure the customer in and make stupendous sales. Many succeed while many fail.

Amid the various categories of ecommerce genres, coupons and deals offer very exciting avenues for online shoppers. That is why they are hugely popular., is one such site. It is similar to groupon or snapdeal in some ways but on many counts I analysed that it had a great deal more to offer. Some of its ideas are very unique and may even go on to become hot ecommerce trends.


After thoroughly reviewing the site, here is what I think of it


The interface will seem impressive but only if you have a very speedy internet connection. Otherwise, the landing page provides full scale information about what you are going to get on this website. The entire catalogue of options is available for the user to choose and the layout is such that you will not notice the slight clutter of content if your connection loads it quick.

The login and sing up forms are quite simple with not much hassle. The one point they should be working on is syncing with other social media channels. Right now only sing up with facebook is available. Well, it is a new site and I am sure that they will be working on that soon.

Apart from that the interface does not disappoint on most counts.

Impressive Cataloguing

A customer always finds a well catalogued store more objectively informative. That is why he is attracted to it. With that being said, I state that the catalogue here is diversified and will attract your attention. I loved the representation of various categories in a very simple banner menu of black and white icons representing the classes like food and drink or travel. This brings out certain clarity in a better way than other commerce sites. Full points in the innovation and creativity department over here!

There is also an option of viewing all deals and coupons if your window of choice is undecided or vast.

Community Codes: An innovative idea

This is a very innovative idea and I am sure they will receive good points on that from any VC out there. In a way they introduced and executable barter system which has a lot of potential in the near future. One user can exchange a coupon with another based on the requirements of both.

For instance, you may have had a food coupon for long and not used it and someone might have a spa coupon but instead wants to take someone to dinner. Now if you want a spa, you can go on and exchange your coupon with him (given that they are of the same monetary value). Isn’t that great?

I will have to say that this is very good idea which has a lot of market potential. For instance, an algorithm can be created where the site automatically lists the people with their coupons who would wish to exchange it with you. This can generate a lot of traffic and engagement!

Competitions: taking customer engagement to the next level

The guys at have introduced another old idea in a new and imaginative way.

What if you did not have to pay for your coupon or deal? What if you could just win it by participating in a competition? That would be just awesome isn’t it?

You can do just that on this site! I believe this is a great idea as it can lead to exponential rise in customer engagement. I don’t mean to be offensive but who doesn’t like free stuff? After you add the thrill of competition into it, it becomes even more engaging.

Companies will love to invest in the idea because the more they offer such mild competitions through these platforms the more traffic they will get towards themselves. This will be due to increased attraction towards their brand.

Conglomeration of brands: More power to the customer

Another great aspect of this site was that the seller market is much diversified. This means more power of choice to the customers and visitors, which is always likeable. There are numerous good brands in almost every category available on the site. To add to that, they are also providing good deals which are bound to raise the interest of the customers.

All in all, I would say that with some minor tweaks in the interface, the website has a lot of potential and is definitely worth a try.

It may seem like other coupon websites in the beginning but trust me, it has a lot to offer in the form of very interesting and engaging activities for you.

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