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uKit Website Builder Review: Easy Drag and Drop


Gone are the days when you had to hire a web developer and spend hundreds of dollars to create your website.  Now you don’t have to sit down and code each and every page every time you want to make some changes. Thanks to drag and drop websites you can create your own website the way you want. Creating website using these DIY website builders is fairly easy, simple and fast. They save us lot of time and money.

This review is regarding one such website builder called uKit.  Created by the Russian and Ukrainian team who also created Ucoz, ukit is one of the most promising website builders available in the market.

uKit focuses on providing business related features. And provides everything you need to build a successful E-commerce business. After using uKit’s beta version I can say that it is the next big thing among website building tools.

uKit review

Impressive Themes

There are n numbers of impressive templates present in ukit. They are categorized into three ways FREE THEMES, PREMIUM THEMES and PERSONALIZED.  There are lot of free themes which you can use and modify according to your wish. You will have to pay for premium themes. Also you can create your own theme by uploading pictures and using various tools.

If you don’t like the theme you have been working on, you can leave it then and there and use a new one. The templates are mobile friendly. Each and every theme of uKit is responsive. You can check how your website will look on different devices like mobile, tablets.

uKit review

Use and Simplicity

These DIY websites are made for people who are not tech experts this is why they have to be very simple to use. Creators of uKit have done a tremendous job in keeping everything simple and easy. uKit has a smooth drag and drop editor that lets you modify and personalize your website very easily. It has a very well structured interface. All the keys are self-explanatory. The drag and drop editing system will let you add widgets, pictures and other things within seconds.

There are three working modes Site pages, Builder, and Design. You can see the preview of your website as soon as you make changes to it. You can also check the preview on different devices as I told you earlier.

uKit review

Customer Service

Unlike Ucoz which is known for its impeccable customer service, there is not much information available regarding uKit’s customer service. Though you can get e-mail support and talk about it on uKit forums and blogs.

Impressed? Keep Reading to find out about it’s amazing features

uKit review
uKit is full of web design elements and widgets. It includes tools like titles, sliders, separators, images, content blocks and lots more. You can create static websites using uKit. You can also start a blog and synchronize various dynamic and interactive widgets.

Creating a blog with uKit is very easy. When you are adding a new page select ‘New’ instead of ‘Page’ and experience smooth and fun way of blogging.

uKit review

uKit has collaborated with Ecwid, one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. If you have an existing Ecwid account you can integrate it or you can also create a new one through uKit. This collaboration has allowed people to sell their products all over the world. There are over 40 payment options available and more than 45 languages supported. This partnership between uKit and Ecwid will prove to be a boon for small and medium scale business owners.
This E-commerce module of uKit will provide the tools and infrastructure which small businesses cannot afford at very low price.

uKit review

You also get email marketing widgets like Mailchimp.  Those will take care of your email marketing needs. There are more excellent features like LiveChat, Google Maps, Email Forms, SoundCloud and many more.

uKit’s pricing policy is very simple. No hidden fee, no additional charges, no bull crap. You just have to pay $5 a month. And if you opt for 3/6/12 month package, you will receive a descent discount. This monthly fee does not include Ecwid subscription. You can get an annual subscription just for 48$.


You can use free sub domains while you are creating a website. And once your website is complete and ready to be published, you can make the payment and book your domain.

There are not many drawbacks regarding uKit. At least I didn’t find many. Few things which are lacking is custom code due to which you might not be able to customize and personalise the website to the extent you want. Also lack of customer support is something which concerns me.


I strongly recommend uKit to business owners out there. I can confidently say that uKit is one of the best Website Builders available in the market. No other website builder is so easy to use and has so many impeccable features. It has everything you need to build your website available at a very reasonable price. You don’t have to be a tech genius to use this website builder. Any tech noob can use this tool and do wonders.

It is one of the best tools available to build an E-commerce website. Availability of E-marketing tools makes it one of the most desirable website builders in the market.

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