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StepsApp Review: Best Step Counter & Activity Tracker App


Feeling motivated for your health, eh? I am sure you must have scheduled that jog for the next morning and have the shoes waiting at their spot. But, how good are you getting each day? If you really wish to know that your regime today was better than yesterday, then hop on the StepsApp. It is the latest feather in Apple’s hat, present exclusively to iOs users.

What is this Steps App?

Nowadays, we have an app for almost every purpose, then why not have one for our health? In an attempt to support the fitness freaks, Apple launched this all-in-one pedometer. It serves as a single platform for monitoring all your physical activity tracking and chart out a plan of improvisation. Walking, jogging, running or hiking; StepsApp has got it covered.

stepsapp review

What makes it special?

Being an Apple-exclusive product, you can totally rely on its accuracy and stay updated with its host of features. Here’s what I am talking about:

Easy peasy

The simplistic interface of StepsApp is an un-complicating experience for any Apple user. The pedometer can count steps taken, calories burnt, floors climbed and smartly tally them with previous recordings. StepsApp comes with a special Today Widget, allowing it to run a comparative analysis of your overall performance in simple swipes.

stepsapp features


StepsApp is meant to be compatible with iPhone 5s onwards, only due to the absence of motion sensor in previous versions. Apple Watch users will find its companionship to be all the more intriguing. You can check your readings for the day with the same Today Widget, in a glance. On the watch, its Notification Center fetches you with the two main values of distance covered and calorific losses.

Even when the app is closed, it continues to track your physical activities around the clock. It’s that smart!


If you are using iPhone version 6 or above, then tracking your adventure gets way more advanced. Hourly, daily or weekly, every single data waits by the swipe of your hand. You can switch between the micro and macro values to determine your latest achievements. Chart fancy people can go straight to the bottom of the screen to look for fluctuations.

stepsapp-main-screen feature


Gymming, running or any other activity that indulges you to reach your physical paramount is a matter of facing hardship. That’s the point where mental support from friends could keep you pushing. Share your achievements directly on social media with the ease of StepsApp.

Once you are through with covering those extra miles, sharing it on Facebook is only a tap away. If you follow any other popular platforms, then you are only needed to change the default media for posting. With an option of 6 beautifully handcrafted colors, the charts can be swiftly modified to capture the drama and presented on your wall.


StepsApp is a compilation of many features, out of which the pedometer and step counters are freely available. However, if you really wish to look deep in your perseverance, then I would suggest the StepsPro. This premium version unlocks colourful themes and upgrades itself to track your calories as well.

It’s like a shopping cart for health seekers. Make in-app purchases and StepsApp can create the perfectly balanced study, inferred right out of your physique. When you punch in factors like age, sex, height and weight; step counting becomes way precise. At a mere budget of $3, you can know and improvise yourself across all essential points.


StepsApp iOS app review

A wise man will always prefer his health in order to make more wealth. If the idea truly appeals to you, then I am sure that the StepsApp will please you even more. The app is simple and easily adaptable to help you become your superior self. Download it for free or crunch numbers with paid version, StepsApp won’t let you down.


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