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SlideModel Review: Best PowerPoint Templates & Slides



In this post, I’m describing my experience with, a provider of business presentation templates. The vendor has a catalog of designs that includes themes, backgrounds, diagrams, layouts, charts, dashboards and popular business models that are provided as presentation templates.

They can be easily edited to prepare a final presentation with little effort and no design skills. The presentation templates are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and OpenOffice.

According to the vendor, the content catalog of templates combines the highest quality in the market plus a very good level of creativity and beautiful styles to help presenters make visually appealing presentations.

The vendor aims to help presenters save time. Templates are 100% editable as content is provided with text placeholders; editable themes and color palettes. Furthermore, illustrations are created using built-in shapes as vectors. In this way, the designs can be easily customized in PowerPoint to match the presenter’s needs. This is one of the key differentiators providing endless opportunities to presenters with tight deadlines and who want to focus on the presentation content.

SlideModel Features

SlideModel provides access to a constantly growing gallery of PowerPoint Templates. Users can subscribe to different plans to fit their templates needs. Each plan provides different features, like the number of download credits, support options and storage options (download to local computer or saving to cloud accounts, for instance Dropbox or Google Drive).

Once subscribed, users can download templates individually or create lists to download them together. SlideModel license is perpetual, this means that when users download their product they can continue using it, even their subscription expires.

I started navigating the categories (created to contextually group templates). The business themed templates cater for presenter needs like no one else. Whether you need to make a BCG Matrix, SWOT analysis, data analysis curve, a complex business diagram or just a nice presentation to impress your audience, SlideModel has a template for you. The Business PowerPoint Templates include slide designs that have been made for specific types of business presentation topics and management frameworks, as well as template designs that are simple enough to accommodate any type of business topic.

To experience quality and effectiveness of SlideModel, I downloaded and used a few templates from the website. Using and analyzing these templates for my own presentation needs, I can say the slides are easy to edit, customize and use and they never compromise on quality.

Since they are completely customizable, these templates can be used for a variety of purposes, as you can change, color, the size of shapes and lots more. The user does not need to know special design skills or complex PowerPoint features, just drag and drop shapes, use Copy & Paste or replace text placeholders with your content and you are ready to go.


SlideModel’s PowerPoint templates have helped presenters create impressive slide decks at the most elite events, from lectures and educational slides to sophisticated business plans and Pitch Decks. Their support team is always ready to help their users. If for some reason a template you need is not in the gallery, or requires a special last minute modification to fit perfectly, you can open a ticket and request the change. A team of professional designers is ready to tackle any challenge.

The gallery representation of SlideModel is growing fast. Its main categories are:

Shapes For PowerPoint

If you want to include innovative shapes, icons or clipart then SlideModel offers several options for you. Hence if you are looking for chocolate shapes, trees, 3D designs, button, currency shapes, pencil, life buoy, anatomy structures, educational point, windmill, cloud designs and more then this is the perfect place to find it. The designs are one of a kind. For instance, you can use mobile shapes to make a presentation on The Future of e-commerce or similar. Hence from energy meters to speedometer or gauge designs, everything you ever wanted to include in your PowerPoint presentations can be found here.

Data Structures

If you are to include statistical information and serious data points for your presentation, without being dull and boring, then SlideModel data charts are a pretty innovative option that you can use. Waterfall charts, triangle shapes, circular charts, creative waves, pie charts, data dashboards, S-curve charts, BMI structures, bar and radar charts, cylinder and world map charts and many such chart constructions are provided. Each is required for many different presentation needs and can be combined together to finish your presentations with visually appealing graphics. Used together, the editable graphics  can provide a unique touch to your PowerPoint presentation.


Maps And Tables

Maps are very important for presentation slideshows. Right from focusing on global issues to pointing out market trends and even weather joints, these maps and tables are unique and extremely informative. Maps for North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania are provided so that you can indulge in all kinds and categories of national and global representation. Text and table representations are necessary if you are on the boundary of providing a PowerPoint presentation that is unique and reflects the seriousness of the topic as well.

At last, I would like to conclude that if you want to fight Death by PowerPoint and make beautiful presentations, PowerPoint template providers such as can help to achieve these goals. Use this online website as a presentation resource to get access to a growing catalog of PowerPoint templates and slide designs and make your presentations more visually-appealing than the ordinary designs provided by default in PowerPoint. It can be used either by business people but also by students or teachers requiring to make engaging presentations for their lessons with attractive designs.

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