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PPC Entourage Review: Is This Amazon PPC Tool Worth To Buy?


It’s not easy to promote brands on Amazon as there is a lot of competition in the market, but Pay Per Clicks advertising software can help us to promote our products. But how does one do it? It isn’t an easy thing to do, and PPC advertisements aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Now, what to do? How to get sales on Amazon?

PPC Entourage Review

PPC Entourage Tool/Software is there to help a seller and that too not in one way but in various ways and it effectively optimizes & expands Amazon sponsored campaigns. PPC Entourage tool is a great way to increase sales and profit, it boosts the product ranking.

PPC Entourage is packed with features and is affordable too! Check out more about it in our PPC Entourage review.

All About PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage has a great record of getting a boom in sales and lower the Amazon advertising cost as much as possible. Manually, It takes a lot of time in boosting sales and bringing the products to a higher rank, but they do it as fast as possible. The Sales Driven automation feature works on lessening the stress of managing everything on own.

Their analytics are straight to the point and generate mega-clicks on the advertisements. Another amazing thing is that a person can create multiple versions of an advertisement at the same time. With just a couple of buttons, it can optimize everything for a seller and their work barely fails. Let’s check out the software’s features ahead. They take everything seriously and hence as a result, no guesswork takes place.

Features Review of PPC Entourage

1. Takes full note of every dollar spent

Before making any advertisement, it’s important that a person knows where their money is spent. At times advertisements take up ‘too much’ and in the end a person regrets but this tool makes sure that it promotes a lower ad cost and gets the best outcomes out of an advertisement. It takes care of every dollar spent and always notes where every penny is spent. Cost-effective outcomes look great, don’t they!

2. Gets alerted to changes of every profit margin

If there’s any problem with the product’s profit margin, then the team reverts back immediately. Say, for example, you’re a seller, and you set up the pricing to 12 dollars and the same product is sold at 8 dollars by the competitor, it’ll every back as soon as possible to change the profit margin. This way, a person will also get the competitor idea and will know what is the best profit margin for their business.

3. Makes better decisions about which product to maintain

At times a person gets many products in their inventory and then puts them up on advertisements. PPC advertisements work on the basis of every click and the software monitors which ad is clicked how many times. This way, it helps in deciding which products are selling fast and which proud acts are bringing a lower conversion rate. Following this, a seller can make their mind on which products they want and which ones are better left.

4. No Guesswork

It works with the help of pinpoint and accurate analytics, with nothing being guesswork. The tool knows that any such guess won’t be good for business, therefore it works with keeping everything in mind. It uses specific proven strategies that they have learned from their experience and each business has its own unique one. This makes everything even better since there is barely any chance of any hoax.

5. Increased Organic Visibility

The platform has thousands of keywords running under their platform and it can easily find the best keywords for you. A product can’t gain attention without the most searched keywords, but this software makes sure that there are the best opportunities. With this, a person can increase their product’s visibility. It also figures out the competitor’s keywords for better results.

6. Saves countless hours with sales-driven automation

A lot of time goes into fixing advertisements that are related to a specific product, but with this, the entire process becomes easier. It automatically tracks the product’s progress and decides how much attention does it need. The tool then creates the best advertisements keeping everything in mind. The keywords with content are top-notch and generate a good amount of traffic.

7. Organic vs PPC Comparison

PPC Entourage Features

It shows a comparison between organic traffic according to the PPC campaign. These reports are detailed about how well the campaign is doing on the platforms and how many clicks is it generating. This way, a person can estimate their product sales and stock up the product according to that. It also gives the level best to improve products that aren’t doing good, else asks to eliminate them.

8. True ACoS and Profit

The software shows a hundred percent true and genuine cost that’ll be going in the advertisement. At times various Softwares show different pricing and end up adding some or the other thing, but PPC Entourage shows everything clear. All prices on the threshold basis are inclusive of how much it’ll cost per click. Also, it doesn’t hype up the profit outcomes to attract users and show the right amount that’s coming on the selling page.

9. Advanced Reporting Metrics

Its reports are way more advanced than other Softwares and show everything with the whelp of bar graphs and charts and that too for every such campaign. A person can check out the weekly statistics and adjust their bids according to that. This way, the advertisements are well optimized with the best bids and keywords possible at the moment and boost the clicks.

10. Advanced Autopilot Mode

Anyone can set the software on autopilot mode in case they’re not able to spend time on it. Not many people can dedicate enough time to advertisements but still want to have then for their business. Also, many people don’t even know how to use these Softwares. With the autopilot mode, anyone can just set up and it’ll update all the bids and keywords as per the requirement.

11. Automatic Daily Bids Adjustments

The tool adjusts bids accordingly without any issue. Also, if there’s a massive difference between the new and the old bid, then it notifies before changing it. if someone can’t monitor the bids on a daily basis, then this is a savior for them. It sets up everything in the best possible way and brings out the best outcome.

12. Automatic Negative Optimization

PPC Entourage Campaign Optimization

At times some keywords have a negative outcome, and those bring up a bad outcome in the sales. The tool analyses all the keywords used before a person has accessed their software and immediately removes anything negative present on the platform. These keywords harm an advertisement and product sales a lot, so its best to get rid of them as soon as possible, which this tool does.

13. Negative Phrase Match Finder

After removing the negative phrase, the first thing this tool does is finding something that matches it but doesn’t have a negative impact. It turns the entire negative phrase into one good line with the best keywords present. This removes the hassle of searching and optimizing everything on their own.

14. Optimizes Bulk Campaigns at a time

The tool multi-manages various campaigns at the same time and provides great clicks on them. Not many Softwares run multiple campaigns at the same time and this is the issue for many. But over here, a person can run advertisements for every of their product and fetch out some great traffic on their selling page!

15. Tracks keywords and rankings

This is another great feature as the PPC Entourage not only finds out the best keywords for the user but also review the keywords of competitors to show the best results. It then comprises of these two keywords in the ad campaign to make a good one. Also, it looks at the user rankings to predict how is the product selling on the brand and also looks at the competitor ranking for better insights.

16. Access to blueprint strategies

Every user, be it from any pricing package gets access to their blueprint strategies for better insights on how the entire thing works. These strategies are very helpful since anyone who doesn’t know how to optimize their campaigns can just follow it and get the best outcomes. The tool cares for every campaign and makes sure that every user should get the benefits for it.

17. PPC Fundamental Course

The course is included in every package and the platform doesn’t charge anything extra. Over here, a person can learn the entire PPC Concept and understand how to implement that on their campaigns. The course acts as a great guide to the entire tool and helps in knowing what it’s all about.

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Pricing Packages

The tool has 4 packages, based on every user. These packages vary on the number of SKU’s, but all of these have access to each and every feature. The platform charges $29.99 for every user not belonging to the United States which makes it slightly expensive to use. But overall, here are the packages:

1. Successful Seller-$47.00/Month:

PPC Entourage price
  • 2-5 SKU’s.
  • 1 Country Permitted.
  • Includes all features.

2. Advanced Seller-$97.00/Month:

PPC Entourage Price Package
  • 6-21 SKU’s.
  • 1 Country Permitted.
  • Includes all features.

3. Leveraged Seller-$147.00/Month:

PPC Entourage Pricing
  • 22-52 SKU’s.
  • 1 Country Permitted.
  • Includes all features.

4. Strategic Seller-$247.00/Month:

PPC Entourage Pricing Package.
  • 52+ SKU’s.
  • 1 Country Permitted.
  • Includes all features.

Pros and Cons

Before buying the tool, check out its pros and cons:


  • Easy to use
  • It has amazing features.
  • Various pricing packages.
  • Very affordable.
  • Great reach.
  • Bonus course and strategies.
  • Free 14-day trial.
  • 1-year moneyback guarantee.


  • Charges $29.99 extra for users not belonging to the USA.

Pros in Detail

  • Easy to use:

The tool is very easy to use and is pretty facilitating as well. The best part is that any newbie can also understand how it works without any issues or problems.

  • It has amazing features:

The tool is jam-packed with features and has pretty much everything that is required. There is barely any tool in the market that has so many features and is available at such prices.

  • Various pricing packages:

It has four pricing packages based on every type of user which makes it even better to use. Not everyone has the same requirements and the team understands that.

  • Very affordable:

The pricing is very affordable and no one has to spend a fortune of money to have access to its facilities. Given thought to the features, it is impossible to think that it can be so affordable, but apparently it is!

  • Great reach:

The tool can reach a whopping number of 9 countries which makes it more fun to use. Anyone from these countries can access this platform and target users in various places.

  • Bonus course and strategies:

Someone who is new to the entire advertisement thing can go through this course and the strategies to understand how it works which makes it even better to use.

  • 14-day trial:

In case someone wants to know what are the tool’s outcomes and how does it work, then they can always have access to the 14-day trial and confirm their mind for the same.

  • 1-year moneyback guarantee:

Although it’s affirmative that everyone will have great outcomes, if someone still isn’t satisfied with the results, then it is willing to return their money back within one year of their subscription. It understands that everyone has their choices and isn’t after the user’s money.

Cons in Detail

  • Charges $29.99 extra for users not belonging to the USA:

If someone wants to add an additional country, then it won’t charge much for the United States, but it becomes slightly expensive for those who want to add non-USA countries. This is the only con present in this platform since the price is too much according to expanding the marketplace.

Testimonials and Appreciation

PPC Entourage Clients

Several people are thankful for the platform as it has helped them in boosting their sales like a pro. The PPC Entourage review claim that it has saved them a lot of time and money that used to go in setting up advertisements.

Here’s a testimonial from Jessica de Z. who is using PPC Entourage for 7-8 months now. She says that the tool has helped her in managing every campaign’s pricing and just takes barely 1-2 hours per week. This has helped her in keeping her campaigns to par and bring out great profits from these ad clicks. She says that its an amazing tool and has saved her so much time.

PPC Entourage Testimonials

Next, there’s a review from Brandyn J. who is using PPC Entourage for around 6 months now. He says that it has made such a great difference in his life and has especially helped him in managing the European Market. He says that he operates his business in 5 markets but doesn’t know all the 5 languages, but this tool automatically sets up the campaign of his choice in those particular languages. Brandyn says that the tool has made it very easy for him to pull out words based on the language and paste them on the campaign. Just like his case, there are various testimonials present on the website that claim that the software is the thing of their lifetime and is very helpful to boost their business.

International Reach

The platform reaches out to a total number of 9 countries, but it’s always better to check if it’s working in your country or not. In case if a person buys and it doesn’t work, they’ll regret spending the time gone in knowing about it and will at first also feel bad for the money invested, regardless of the fact they can get it back. The countries it operates in are:

  • The United States.
  • Canada.
  • Italy.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Spain.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • India.

Final Verdict: Go for It!

The tool has helped people in various ways, and it has boosted people’s lives in ways one can’t even think of. In today’s times when people are running in the race of being on top, it is very important to have a tool that works well and provides great outcomes for the business. The PPC Entourage tool keeps up with all these things and produces the best keyword and content outcomes possible for the product.

Unlike other tools, it gives its level best and provides the best possibilities for a product. It also helps in analyzing which tool is doing good in the market and which isn’t. A person can then remove those products that no matter how much one tries or keeps ads for, they won’t sell.

This tool requires just one to two hours a week and a person is set to focus their minds on some other tasks. In other ways, it lets one boost their business in certain unpredictable ways which makes it even better. The thing we liked the most is the multiple pricing packages that let a user spend only as much as its required, nothing more. Overall, we’d definitely recommend PPC Entourage to every Amazon Seller as it’ll help them build their businesses’ ranking.

In Conclusion

There are millions of sellers on Amazon, but the sad thing is that barely 20 percent realize the importance of PPC Campaigns. These clicks are something that brings a good load of traffic on the selling page and that to at a very minimal cost. At the last of this review & keeping everything in mind, it will be a great decision to invest in the PPC Entourage software is pretty good and it’s also very affordable in case one thinks that they do not want to spend extra money. Other Softwares cost a fortune but with PPC Entourage, everything in advertising becomes very easy to handle.


Is there any user contract with PPC Entourage?

No, there is no specific bond that a user has to due to the particular tool for a required span of time. After the 14-day trial, a user can cancel at any time and if continuing to use, then there will be billed on a monthly basis, nothing else.

What if a user isn’t satisfied with PPC Entourage after buying?

After the trial version and buying the tool if anyone isn’t satisfied with the tool, then they can always ask for a moneyback within one year of purchase. They understand that every user has their own choice and works accordingly.

Can a person control multiple accounts under the Software?

Absolutely! Anyone can use as many accounts as they want to without any issue. However, for adding an account from other countries apart from the United States market will cost $29.99 extra.

Is PPC Entourage value for money?

Given the price, it is impossible to think that the tool has such amazing features and is so helpful. It is definitely worth every single penny.

How does one manage Multiple ASINs under one software?

Regardless of how many Child ASINs and Parent ASINs a person has, this tool lets them optimize as much as they want to without any limitations.

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