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Pixova Lite Revew: Stunning Free Parallax WordPress Theme


A theme is what makes your website beautiful or bland, companies put a lot of effort and time in choosing the perfect theme. You cannot just pickup any theme, upload a bunch of pictures and content and hope that your website will leave a long lasting impact on the visitors.

A website can be quite effective; it can make masses aware about your business and get can also act as a funnel by which prospective customers could contact you or anyone from your organisation. This is why you need to put in extra effort while deciding the look of your website, which majorly depends on the theme you choose.

It is very important for the theme to fit the nature of your company and help you define your aim.

Pixova Lite review homepage

You can find countless designs readily available to be downloaded and used; but one design which is getting  a lot of attention lately is Parallax. Most of these designs are created by adding layers of images and setting up each layer at different speed and time, whenever a visitor scrolls down your website, it gives an illusion of moving images.

Parallax designs are getting lots of love and attention, developers are creating stunning web pages employing parallax themes, it has brought creativity to a whole new level, every brand wants its target audience to remember them, and they go to extents of advertising and marketing to accomplish that, Parallax designs are one way to achieve that goal. free parallax wordpress theme.

Pixova Lite review themes

 Pixova Lite is one of the best parallax theme available in the market, it is a responsive theme developed by Macho Themes, Pixova Lite has grown to be quite popular among businesses as well as corporations, for the reason that it enables them to provide the actual communication in a very imaginative as well as unique means which leaves quite an impression on the website visitor.

Browser Compatibility

Pixova Lite review browser

Browsers makes it possible for us to access the internet, without browsers, it is impossible to go on websites and carry on our operations. Though all browsers are meant to do the same thing but not all browsers are designed in the same way. This is why some websites perform better on chrome than on Firefox. But this is not the case with Pixova Lite, It is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox and all the major web browsers out there, visitors will not have any problem while accessing your website they can use any browser they want without any trouble.


Pixova Lite review resposivePeople have become dependent on smartphones more than ever, which makes it a primary choice of people to access the internet. Over 50% traffic on websites are of mobile and tablet users. This has made responsive themes a hot commodity, because of its ability to resize itself according to the device Responsive themes have become very popular. Pixar Lite being a responsive theme will re size the images and content of your website and give your visitors a sleek, hassle free and memorable experience


Pixova Lite review woocomerce

WooCommerce is one of the best plugin available for e-commerce websites; it is best suited for small and big online merchants, it gives full control to sell anything you want from anywhere they want. Even developers love this plugin as it is an open sourced platform. You can get this plugin for free while activating the Pixova Lite theme.

Fast Installation

Pixova Lite review installation

Installing Pixova lite is very easy and fast, you can download it from there website for free and extract it. Content, images, videos, widgets and Menu can be imported just by one click. There is a tutorial video available on how you can install Pixova Lite and add content, images and other things.

Customer Support

Pixova Lite review customer support

A prompt customer support is very important; your website is majorly dependent on its theme. The speed of website, navigation, and responsiveness are influenced by the theme. This is why I recommend Macho themes as they have a prompt customer support and their support teams is very patient, helpful and knowledgeable. You can reach their customer support team via Email, and ticket support; they also have a phone number on which you can give them a call.

Pixova Lite review support testimonial

Support on the phone is a great thing as it is the quickest way to get your issue resolved and communication is clear. You are able to explain your issue clearly and understand the solution easily.

If you want to raise a ticket you can do so by going on their website, you need to enter your name, email id, and the url of your website, they will reply to your ticket with an hour. They also have an email id on which you can mail them your issue.


  • Gives a unique and beautiful look to your website
  • Leaves a great impression on the visitors
  • Increases the conversion rate
  • Adds credibility to your businesses website
  • Makes visitors curious
  • It is updated regularly
  • Generates call to action

Some tips for the website owners

  • Do not make your website too complicated or confusing
  • Use it only if it suits the purpose of your website
  • Highlight your CTA


Pixova Lite review statistics

Pixova Lite review testimonial

Pixova Lite is something you should go for if you are trying to show people a creative side of you, it gives your website a unique look so it stands out from the crowd of competitors; it makes your website memorable and gives a positive impression the minute someone visits your website. In addition, it adds credibility to your out of the box thinking. There’s no control on the imagination, you are able to virtually do magic as well as generate stunning webpages. I propose Pixova Lite as it will help an individual mature your small business as well as assist you in building a network and following.

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