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MIUI 7: Top Features You Should Know

A custom version of Android with over 150 million users worldwide just got a major update. I’m here to walk you through everything that’s new & improved, as well as details like beta testing & release date. Spoiler alert: the changes are awesome. UI, themes & wallpapers There are 4 new system UIs in MIUI 7 out of the box: Rosé, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze, High Life. That’s of course not the only theme options you get. Xiaomi said that

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How To Write A Perfect Resume For Your Job Interview

The very next step after completing the studies is securing a decent job. But it is not at all an easy task. Just ask anyone, who has a job. He/ she will tell you the difficulty of getting it. We are living in a revolutionized world. Every field is being undergone changes. But for a job aspirant, one thing has never been changed. What’s that? Any guess?? Don’t rack your brain. It’s nothing but the Resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae).

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Evolution of a Chennai Boy as the CEO of Google; Sundar Pichai’s Way

Chief Executive Officer aka CEO is the most lucrative position one can ever reach in a company. Now, the word CEO is doing rounds in every media. Guess why? Tech giant Google is getting a new head. That man is none other than MR. Sundar Pichai, who led Android team to new heights. He is an Indian by origin. Larry Page, the founder cum current CEO has broken the news on Monday. He stunned everybody by this sudden move. How could

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How to Download APK File from Google Playstore

It hurts when you realize that you are unable to install apps directly from the Playstore on your Android. How to get over this messy situation? Most probably, you opt out to search for APK files and install it right away. But how is it possible to know whether the file contains any malware or not? So, never do it. Install apps only from the trusted provider that is none other than Playstore. Oh, you can’t get access to it.

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Why you should download Sky Go Desktop to your PC

If you are a Sky customer and you opt to upgrade and purchase the Sky Go Extra package, then you can benefit from a number of various features. Sky Go Extra increases the device limit for customers from two to four, but also allows users to download their favourite television programmes and movies to their computer, mobile or tablet device. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons and we have taken a look at just a few of the

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How to Download Flipboard App for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

No matter how deep we have reached on the internet of things, but the world will always continue to see a new side of it. Recently I came across an app which is taking social networking to a whole a new level, even if it is more dedicated as a Reading app. Meet the flavor of all kinds of readers; Flipboard app. It provides you with a one stop shop for all the news, magazines and topics that you follow.

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How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge

Sales numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have exceeded those of the Galaxy S5 from 2014. So far, out of the 10 million units that Samsung has shipped to retailers in April, about 6 million units have been sold, according to research firm Counterpoint.   “The Samsung Galaxy S6 series has a chance to become the top selling smartphone of 2015 overtaking Apple’s iPhone 6 series, if production issues are solved,” said Counterpoint research director Peter Richardson.

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How to remove shortcut virus from Pen Drive & PC

Over a period of time you may get your hands on a number of documents and data that hold importance to you. It can be a scanned copy of your certificates or even a collection of timeless music or memorable photographs, but at times these backup soft copies can be threatened by sudden virus attack. Today I am going to tell you How to remove shortcut virus from Pen Drive & PC So stroll with me to find the inside

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How to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Each one of us is fascinated by the different lives that we see on TV and in movies. One such inspiration was Pirates of Caribbean which imprinted a timeless persona of a vagabond meant to sail the seas. The life of pirate is that of adventure, mysteries and political plots. But a pirate knows no rules. He sails where he fancies, plunders as he likes and sails as he sees fit. Today I will take you one such adventure with

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