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Top 9 Best OCR Software for your PC

OCR is an acronym for Optical Character Recognition. It is a process which processes pictures into readable documents and text. There is numerous software on the net which offer OCR services for free but it is always helpful to be alert when choosing this software. Hence, we here present you with the top 9 best OCR software available.

Top 9 Best Free OCR Software

The software works with your scanner to convert scanned images into recognizable computer format in the form of PDF or text files and documents. Some factors which should be kept in mind when downloading the software are:

  • The software should download and install easily and quickly
  • Have speedy operations and conversions
  • Have a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Do not have any hidden costs, upgrades or spammy links.

So sit back and take note as here are the

Top 9 Best free OCR software on the Internet

  1. Google Docs

What can be more reliable than Google? Its Docs application is one of the best OCR tools out there. You can convert and change large images and PDFs into simple formats in no time. Although, there is a limit on the quantity of documents that you can change you can still do good without reaching the threshold. The process is swift and smooth if you have a decent internet connection.

  1. OCR Concentrate

This one is completely free OCR programming software and offers some unique services. It allows you to transfer various formats of pictures and documents ranging from JPEG, BMP, PGM, PDY, PPM, TIFF and a lot more. There are absolutely no restrictions or limits of any kind on the operational scale. The installation is simple and quick and it also supports many languages. It is definitely one of the best Free OCR software.

  1. OCR Online

One of the most popular best free OCR software available on the internet available for free. It allows you to exchange examined pictures and PFD content into searchable documents. It supports over 153 languages making it readily accessible to people all across the globe. Impressive isn’t it?

  1. Free OCR

The software is completely free and unrestricted. This means that you have complete access to all its services. With over 25 languages in the interface the accessibility is also good. You can easily convert your scanned documents into readable documents with the speed being 10 images converted per hour on average depending on the size and quality of images.

  1. The Free File Converter

This is software which provides unlimited access to its services in the form of conversions and exchange of pictures into readable documents. You can also convert eBooks, audios and videos into clear text. How impressive is that?

This means that the tech and idea behind this software is comprehensive and allows you take full advantage of its potential and use the services to a maximum.

This definitely makes it one of the best free OCR software available out there.

  1. OCR Terminal

This software helps you to convert images and PDFs into a wide array of readable text and documents. You need to enrol to its records in order to utilize its services. There is a restriction though. You can only convert a total of 20 pages in month. That is kind of tough to handle.

  1. net

This is a cloud storage based OCR administration that allows you to transfer all pictures or records that you need to change over to archive in the meantime. The accuracy in character recognition is pretty awesome with this software. You will get detailed and sharp results. It converts the scanned documents into compressed zip files which you can download and extract easily.

  1. Simple OCR

It is completely free and I have to say that the accuracy is close to 99%, making it one of the top best free OCR software available for download. The setup and installation is quick and smooth. It has some unique features like the in-built spell checker which finds mistakes even on infographics while converting them. There is absolutely no restriction or constraint on the scale of your operations.

  1. Abbyy FineReader

This Software just barely makes it to the list. The constraints on accessibility and scale are taxing as it supports only 4 languages and you can transfer and convert 50 records per day. It may be more than some on the list but still not good enough as it should amount to a combined 10 MB and not more.

Here on this list, you will find some very excellent software for your conversion needs. There is no need to search the internet incessantly as many sites often provide spammy downloads and haphazard installs. So download the OCR software you fee best and take advantage of their services.

What OCR software do you like most? Be sure to mention in the comments.

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