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Leo Privacy Guard: Protect Your Phone From Prying Eyes


Leo Privacy guard homepage

Smartphones are one of the best gifts to mankind by technology; it has made our lives much more convenient. From ordering food to booking a cab, from clicking beautiful selfies to ordering Groceries, everything can be done with the smartphones. There is no doubt that smartphones have made our life really easy, but loathing your smartphone with so many apps can make it really slow. When you are using your phone there are apps running in the background which makes your phone very slow and your phone might start freezing too. Also, these apps start creating a lot of junk files which start eating your phones storage space.

This is why optimizer apps are so important; it keeps your phone clean also stops app running in background from freezing your phone. One of the leading optimizer apps which also keep your phone safe is LEO Privacy Guard app. They are one of the leading optimizer and security apps. I have been using the LEO Privacy Guard app for a while now, and i have nothing but good things to say about it. It is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

Interface and Design

Leo Privacy guard interface

LEO Privacy Guard has very intuitive design, simple and easy interface. You need to enter your passcode or pattern you have setup, on their home screen you will see privacy protection, app lock privacy and settings tabs. Under these tabs you will find various features like level of your phones security, privacy control options for images, videos, text messages and call records. You can also choose beautiful and unique themes from their collection.

Backup Your Applications

Leo Privacy guard backup

Leo Privacy Guard gives you an option to backup the applications on your SD card, you can move the app from your phone’s memory to SD card which will save a lot of space and will not impact your phone’s high speed. You can backup images, videos, text messages, contact, and games, practically everything that is there on your phone.

Boost Your Phone

Leo Privacy guard phone boost

This feature will keep you from throwing your smartphone away, all the apps and games you have on your phone makes it really slow and irritating. Boost feature shuts down apps running in the background, releases memory and takes an extra load off your RAM and lets your phone work faster and perform better. When you download LEO Privacy Guard a one click boost icon is placed on the main screen of your phone, you can boost your phone’s performance just by tapping on that icon.

Security and Privacy

Leo Privacy guard privacy

We frequently use our phone to share videos and images with our friends and family. Though it is fun to share them, not all videos and photos can be shared with everyone, we leave our phones lying around; anyone can peep in our personal folders and see our personal data. The LEO Privacy Guard has one tap security solution, you can set up a security pattern and select the apps and vaults individually, which you want to lock and stop people from snooping around. There are various security features available in the app like fingerprint identification, app covers, it also calculates the level of security and give you tips to increase the security of your phone.

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