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iSkysoft TunesOver Review: Must Tool for Mac/iPhone/iPad/iPod Users


There are tons of things that contribute to Apple’s brand value; a fan less physique of Mac, a state of the art feature in iPhone, top music quality in iPod and so on. But, when it comes to converting live photos or transferring media files, iTunes could be a real pain in the business. Switch to TunesOver today and enjoy the best of live photos and data exchange.

Let’s tune into this baby product of iSkysoft and see the multitude of functions it can perform.

iSkysoft TunesOver for Mac Backup to iTunes Library

Instant GIF conversion of live photos

Live photo is the latest addition to the iPhone 6 and 6s model, which captures 4K videos as short memories. At the heart of it lie an unbeatable 12MP photo quality recorded with A/V. This fascinating technology is possible due to a fusion of MOV and JPEG format. So, if you play it on any other Apple device, it just sits there as a still image.

However, the motional effects of a live photo fade into a still image, when exported to other Apple devices or shared online. To keep these photos alive, TunesOver smartly converts these live photos into an animation enabled GIF format. That way, your live photo can run seamlessly across iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices supported by iOs 5 – 9.

Most importantly, it doesn’t require you an Internet connection for executing the gif conversions.

Follow this link to download the iSkysoft TunesOver on your Macbook and work along the mentioned steps.

iPhone 6/ 6s live Photos to GIF format

  1. Connect your iphone 6 or 6s to the computer. Since they are the only models that can record live photos.
  2. Launch the TunesOver application on your system and click on ‘Photos’.
  3. Now, select the ‘live photos’ option from the revealed set of actions.
  4. Verify the live photo you wish to convert and click on ‘Convert GIF’.
  5. Save the GIF images either to your Mac or on your iPhone. It’s your option.

Convert Photos/Videos on iPhone/iPad/iPod to GIF

Videos and photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be converted into GIF images as well. The final appearance of the processed image/ video can be further manipulated at microscopic levels like frame rate, image resolution and its storage location. Although, the images and videos are similar in process but they vary at some distinct points. Follow the below steps to convert images/ videos from your system.

  1. Connect the Apple device with your Mac computer;
  2. Click either Video or Photo option in the sidebar;
  3. Choose a video or Photo in your Apple device, and click “Convert GIF”.
  4. Save the result GIF images to your Mac or on your Apple device directly.

Convert Photos/Videos on Computer to GIF Images

  1. Connect the iOs device with your system and launch the TunesOver simultaneously.
  2. In the left sidebar, click the Toolkit option, then select “GIF Maker”.
  3. Select either “Photo to GIF” or “Video to GIF”. If selected “Video to GIF”, after uploading the video, you need to set up the duration of the video.
  4. Click “Create GIF” either convert photos to GIF or Video to GIF.

   iSkysoft TunesOver for Mac Backup to iTunes Library Review

1 Click to Copy Music to iTunes/Computer

Install TunesOver for enjoying its 1 click to copy mechanism. It lets you send songs from iPhone, iPad and iPod to iTunes Library in your computer or other Apple device. As long as their OS falls anywhere between iOS 5-9, the devices remain covered for instant data transmission. Just connect the two Apple devices with a Macbook and you can begin transmitting data.In case if the transferred data already exists in the system; TunesOver will infiltrate duplicate results and prompt you for quick action.This option is really a great feature for users who need to build a new iTunes Library.

  1. Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod with computer via a USB cable.
  2. When connected successfully, there are options: To iTunes, TO Computer, To iDevice; Select the one you need.
  3. Wait for a few seconds. It’s done and done.

Selected Songs/Videos/Photos from Mac/ iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes/Computer

If you only want to copy several songs, videos and photos from iPhone, iPad, and iPod to iTunes Library or computer, iSkysoft TunesOver should be the best option. It lets you select the files you need and decide where you’d like to save them.

Put Songs/Videos/Photos  to Apple Device without iTunes

If you need to put songs, playlists, videos and photos from computer to any iPhone, iPad or iPod, you might be afraid of data erasing . iSkysoft TunesOver gets you through the whole process without putting any of your data into risk. You just need to click the “Add” button, browse your computer and add them to your Apple device. Never mind of the incompatibility issue. When songs and videos are added, if they’re not in the Apple device friendly format, the software will convert them for  you.


iSkysoft TunesOver for Windows testimonials

I found TunesOver to be one of the best hacks in your everyday Apple usage. Its Technology is modern, fast and undeniably catchy. Users will certainly fall for its approach with live photos and sleekness with data transfer.

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