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Best PDF Converter and PDF Editor for Windows 2018- iSkysoft PDF Editor


Sometimes you really need to convert your pdf to some another format to get your goal. Now the important part is the what converter tool to use to convert your file, not all the tools available online are fully featured or gives you the best format. 

Here we are with the best PDF to Word converter “Windows 10 iSkysoft PE PDF Editor” which is the best editor of 2018 with all new wide features to work with. Which not only converts your files but also allows you to edit your pdf files and do what you want. 

It is desktop utility software developed by iSkysoft for windows. It not only converts your pdf files to the word file but also allows you directly edit the pdf file with the features split, merge and much more.

iSkysoft PE PDF Editor Review

It is a best PDF Editor for Windows that has an Interactive user interface to work with wide range of advanced features for editing your pdf.

Why iSkysoft PE PDF Editor?

It makes your task easy and provides all those advanced features that you require to work with i.e: Edit your pdf, convert your pdf, ocr pdf and the most interesting part it lets you the option to secure your pdf.

Edit & OCr iSkysoft

It converts pdf files to wide ranges of files right from DOCX, DOC, XLS, BMP, GIF and much more. It allows you to cut and merge pdf insert Images, Text, links and provides you to adjust the size and font too. Drag and drop option make it simpler.

When you use a software for some utility task you always need 100% from but sometime some fails to stand against your expectation and some fails to give you what you want. iSkysoft’s PE PDF Editor provides you wide range of feature for your best work experience and making it easier and less time consuming.

Adding, more advanced features it allows you to embed water mark to your work so that you can make your work look more professional and kind having a copy write on your work.

Markup & Sign

Everyone would like read and work with proper formatted text one would easily get confused with same style of paragraph and format for every single page so with its header feature give your each page a new identity and when it comes to header.

It also allows you to have footer for making a count of page and adding some extra specification to each page you have, Well sometime there must be some work where you have to gather some information or you are on to some survey so mostly you will be creating two separate files one for providing the details and one for getting everyone’s response but with iSkysoft’s PE PDF Editor your work is done with in a go in a single file.

It allows you to make your pdf more attractive by providing you to add check boxes radio buttons and digital signature which rarely pdf editors provide.

Its features are not limited to editing an existing pdf you can edit your scan documents, Isint its great? Keeping your scan files separately is a tough work and tougher than that is sorting it in a proper manner. Again iSkysoft’s PE PDF Editor helps you in keeping your scan files all together scan your documents put a header and start adding new files accordingly.

Have you ever thought of a pdf the form of a form? NO… do use these feature of iSkysoft PE PDF Editor it’s really a very killer feature where you can create a form in your editor and well you can collect all information and keep them.

Now you may be thinking that data has being been collected and how to analyze the data then stop thinking because iSkysoft PE PDF Editor also have solution to it have in built functions to analyze your data. I don’t think so you will be needing any other tools or utility software apart for iSkysoft PE PDF Editor to make your work done in a better way.

Well, once you have completed your work, you are all set but do you think your file is safe and no one can really harm it , possibly no so you again need some application to make your files to provide security. But, you don’t need one when you have iSkysoft PE PDF Editor, it allows you to secure your work files by providing security to them by providing password or signature making your files keep safe and your effort too.

Loaded with lots of features one can think it is a heavy software but let me tell you these is very light weight utility application which does not use much of our memory and processor maintaining your system work smoother.

iSkysoft PDF Reviews

How to convert your pdf to word using iSkysoft PE PDF Editor?

  • Open PE PDF Editor.
  • Select the Convert PDF option from the panel
  • Select your file.
  • Set the file type you want.
  • PE PDF Editor will perform its task and will give you the same in your desired file format.

With few easy clicks you can have your pdf converted to any kind of format you want for making your work easy. As I have already mentioned about it features iSkysoft PE PDF Editor also comes with a very interactive Graphical user interface.

So that users can easy so what they a want without wasting much time on exploring what to do and what not next.

iSkysoft PE PDF Editor Vs Other editors in the market




ADOBE Acrobat




Win 10/8/8.1/7

macOS 10.12/11/10

Win 10/8/7

Win 10/8/7

Win 10/8/7

Don’t support MAC and latest Windows System


$59.95 for standard version

$99.95 for professional version

$159.99 for full version

$299 for full version

$203.35 for full version

Free but sometimes payment is required for downloading

Conversion Speed

Convert 100 pages in 1 min

Convert 100 pages in more than2 minutes

Convert 100pages more than 2 minutes

Convert 100 pages in more than 2 minutes


Easy to Use






Keep Original layout






Keeping every advanced feature in mind and listing its very few features which highlight iSkysoft PE PDF Editor I advocate that you should go for it and download the software use its more features and make your work look more professional with efficient and effective working environment so that you get the best from it.

Don’t worry it also provide you a free trial of one full month sot that you can go through check it’s all advance feature and I promise you that after using its free trial you will love it’s working.


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