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Why You Should Buy InWatch Z Waterproof Smart watch

Smart watches are perhaps the next best thing in the market. The revolution was started by Samsung with their range of Samsung Gear Fit and then was taken up by Pebble with the Pebble Steel. Even Apple has decided to join the bandwagon by releasing a smart watch later on this year. The technology is far from perfect on these watches but nevertheless, they are becoming quite popular and with every passing year, they are becoming better.

inwatch z

The inWatch Z comes with complete smart phone functionality.

The user interface is customizable in the watch and a dual core processor powers the device, clocking a speed of 1.2GHz. The watch is a perfectly wearable one and does not compromise on any aspect. It has a high quality silicon strap attached to it along with an aluminium frame. This makes the watch strong and light in weight. It is available in three colours- orange, white and black. Despite the bands being long lasting, they do not look as premium as the steel strap on the Pebble Steel. Wearing the watch would mainly be for the novelty quotient and not the beauty of it.


WiFi Connectivity & Bluetooth

The watch has Wi-Fi connectivity in it using which you can connect for receiving notifications about your Facebook and Twitter account. Bluetooth connectivity has also been provided in the watch for networking with Bluetooth devices. You can play music from the watch in your Bluetooth headset without anyone knowing! A file viewing and calling facility has been enabled in the device, which is not there in most smart watches.


1. The inWatch Z has been enabled with a capacitive TFT touchscreen with a resolution of 240X240. The watch has a display size of 1.63 inches. The display appears bright and seems to have high resolution for it is made of transreflective sapphire which is the same material used to make the iPhone 6 display unit.

The watch has a 5 megapixels camera on top of the screen which you can use for capturing selfies and HD videos with a resolution of 720p within seconds. You can make use of the watch when your smartphone’s battery is dead as it has a 500W pixels sensitive camera. Compared to the cameras in the Samsung devices, this performs much better.

2. The watch has a 3D graphics for hardware powered by the Mali 400MP which produces the stunning visuals in it. You can also get to know when your smartphone is buzzing through the voice controlling system for smart voice dialling. Various menu functions can also be accessed through voice control. Once charged, the battery in this smart watch can last you 120 hours, equivalent to 5 days. The watch has an ability to function independently as a smart device because it has a micro SIM card slot. The slot can be used for accessing applications, messages on the smartphone and also for making phone calls. A bone conduction earpiece has also been provided for easy transmission of sound. The waterproofing done in the watch is very superior for it has an IP 57 coating on it. It can stay active at a depth of 30 feet almost. Those of you, who love wearing watches even when showering, would rejoice at this.


Android Jelly Bean

The InWatch Z is a smart watch that is powered by the Android Jelly Bean, unlike the Samsung Gear 2 Fit which is powered by a Linux based operating system of Tizen.

This makes the device suitable for pairing with other smartphones which are powered by Android. Samsung smart watches on the other hand can be paired with only Samsung Galaxy S5 devices. The processor in built is a Cortex A7 MTK6572 which enabled the watch to run multiple applications at the same time. The device has an internal memory of 8GB where you can store music downloaded and the pictures taken. The RAM is a 1GB one which ensures that your smart watch never slows down. The watch supports GSM networks and has GPS in it which allows you to navigate through the watch. It has support for EDGE/HSPA/GPRS modes of transfer apart from Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.


The watch is available with the Google Play Store where from you can download several useful applications. It has a photo viewer pre-loaded which can be used for viewing GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP images. A media player has been installed too which plays AMR,WAV, H.264, MP3 and H.263 files along with a document viewer which supports TXT, PPT, XLSX, PDF and Word files. You can view all important documents through your watch and do not need to carry around a smartphone or tablet with you.

Some Limitiations

Compared to the Samsung Gear devices, the watch misses out only on the health apps such as pedometer, accelerometer and gyroscope, pulse rate measure and sleep tracker. However, this need not be termed as a loss for the device as the apps did not function that well.

Most of the apps functioned below standard pedometers and health apps. Also, they failed to record the data correctly on the smartphones they were connected with. In Samsung’s line of defence, these apps were meant for fun and not to be taken seriously.

Despite the technology being far from perfect, if you are looking to buy Android wear devices, then the in Watch Z Android 4.2 Waterproof Smart Watch is a good buy. The device comes at a price tag of $386.95 which is a little higher than the Pebble Steel or the Samsung Gear Fit. However, you could get good discounts on it. The device is great for everyday use and is highly functional. It is free from the bloatware loaded in most of Samsung’s Gear devices and you can connect it to different Android smart phones or make it function independently. The strap colours are also varied to go with the different shades of your personality. The quality of these straps is quite good so you won’t look quirky even if you wear an orange coloured watch. Strap it on your wrist to turn heads around you.

Like the Watch? What is your favourite wearable?

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